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Lost Potters 5: Nothing Really Changes by HP lookalike
Chapter 21 : Angry
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 There are some things in life that you cannot predict. There are some curveballs that you can never see coming because they’re just so unexpected that they never occur to you. One such occurrence might have been Rose Weasley standing up at the breakfast table and announcing that she was dating a fifth year, although to Lily, this was no great surprise, even if it was to everyone else at the table, including apparently, the fifth year she was dating. However, one thing Lily could always rely on, no matter how long she had to wait for it, was that Kelly and Hugo would be arguing. Over the course of their relationship, Lily had noted how fractious things had become at times between them. Hugo had always been quiet and Kelly boisterous, but at times this had led to real issues between them and more than ever, Hugo was being dragged out of his shell and Lily could feel the discomfort he was feeling whenever Kelly was around. How on earth they had been able to hold on their relationship this long, into the middle of February was beyond her. Lily had known it from the start; Kelly and Hugo would never last. It wasn’t something she was happy about; it was just the way things were always going to go. And, sure enough, they were arguing again.

Lily had heard them raging, but had dared not say anything and, as a result had left them to it, knowing that, this time; it would probably be the end for them. Their arguments were never properly resolved, merely ignored and the building up of problems was always going to lead them down a dark path. Lily sat in the common room, awaiting Kelly’s return, for she was sure it would be Kelly who returned first. Hugo wasn’t the storming away type. Lysander was sat beside her and, just as she was starting to relax, his hand was on her thigh. Lily glanced at him, her eyebrows raised and he quickly withdrew his hand apologetically. Lily couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as Lysander smiled at her. Whilst things had been good between them lately, part of her had been perturbed by what Lorcan had said. As a result, she had been treating him with more suspicion than he deserved and she felt bad for it.

Lysander was about to say something to her when, just as Lily had predicted; Kelly came storming through the portrait hole, steaming towards Lily with a furious look on her face. Lily groaned as Kelly pointed her finger angrily at Lily, who for the first time realised that Kelly was crying. Lily was stunned.

“Your cousin is an arsehole and a hypocrite Lily!” she yelled, before charging up to her room. Lily stood up and went to follow her before deciding against it. Pulling out the Map from her pocket, she scanned her eyes over it, looking for where Hugo was. She detected him within a few moments and grabbed her cloak, knowing it would be cold.

“Do you want me to come with you Lils?” Lysander asked, making to stand as well until she shook her head and he sat back down.

“No Lys, don’t worry about it, this is something I have to handle on my own,” Lily replied, smiling falsely. It was easy to fake smiling, Lily had become very good at it. “If Kelly comes looking for me, tell her I’ve gone to go and shake down Hugo. Use those exact words or she’ll think I’m siding against her; she’s very fickle like that.”

Lysander nodded and reached over to kiss Lily as she made for the door. Lily managed a real smile as their lips met and then she was off, checking her watch quickly to reassure herself that she didn’t need the cloak. It wouldn’t be dark yet. She made her way down the stairs, passing various people, some she recognised, some she didn’t. She dodged a flying water balloon hurled by a Slytherin and skipped three steps. A quick check of her map told her that Hugo was still where she expected him to be, just outside the greenhouses. The days were starting to get longer and the sun was just clinging to life over the horizon as Lily stepped out into the grounds. She found Hugo easily enough; he was sat under an old oak tree near Herbology, just as she had predicted. She sidled in alongside him and for a minute they sat in silence, just watching the sun slowly set. Eventually Hugo turned to look at her and sighed.

“I suppose you’re here because of Kelly?” he said quietly and Lily nodded, looking back at him with a caring yet quizzing look. “Well I suppose we had a good run. I don’t know if we’re still together or not, but I think I really hurt her. We’ve been arguing so much, it would be stupidly ironic if the one time it’s my fault is the time that we broke up.”

“What did you do?” Lily asked gently, not rushing Hugo, but equally wanting to know exactly what had led to this latest of arguments.

“Well I screwed up,” Hugo replied. “Big time. I mean I couldn’t have screwed up worse if I tried. I took her out on a stroll and then when we were missing around I shoved her in the lake…for a laugh. You know, just to get her back for all the times she’s messed around with me…”

“Um Hugh,” Lily’s face was horrified as she took in what Hugo was saying. “I hate to be the one to tell you this and, judging by what’s happened, a tad too late, but Kelly can’t actually swim. Worse than that, she’s absolutely terrified of drowning.”

“I realise that now,” Hugo groaned. “But she was screaming. Hell she was petrified. When I got her out she was so angry, I thought she was going to explode. She was frozen and I was really worried that she was going to drown when she went under the water…”

“Hugo, it wasn’t your fault,” Lily interrupted. “If you’d known how scared she was then it would’ve been a different story, but you can’t blame yourself when after all the things she’s put you through…”

“That’s just it Lils,” Hugo sighed. “The sun is setting now, but I think it’s been set on our relationship for a long time. As much as we’d like to pretend we could just shrug off mishap after mishap, the truth is: we don’t know each other. We’re not alike at all and both of us should’ve worked out from the start that this relationship was never going to work out. And don’t lie to me Lily, you’ve known since the beginning.”

“I had my suspicions,” Lily admitted. “I care about both of you Hugo, but I’ve doubted since before it ever happened whether you two were right for each other and more and more I’ve seen it heading all one way and it was never going to end well. I’m only sorry that I wasn’t wrong and that things didn’t work out between you. Does she know it’s over?”

“She’s not as…intuitive as I am,” Hugo sighed. “I suppose the only way is to make sure she knows, or she’ll just keep coming back for more. It’s better I kill it now, while we both still have some dignity left.”

“Hugo,” Lily said in a low voice. “It doesn’t have to be over if you don’t want it to be.”

“I want what’s best for both of us,” Hugo sighed. “And whether she’ll admit it or not, Kelly knows that this will never work out in the long run. And as it can’t even work out in the short run…”

Lily knew Hugo was right and every word that had come out of his mouth had been true. But, she doubted Kelly would take it well and, knowing her friend the way she did, she feared for Hugo’s safety. Both in the short run and the long run. And as she glanced up once more over the sunset, she knew that when the sun came up again, her best friend would be single.

Upon returning and finding out Lysander had gone to bed, Lily took the smart option and went to bed herself, directing Kelly back down to the common room so she and Hugo could finally end things. Lily had known Kelly wouldn’t take it well, but the explosions sounding from the common room made her worry for Hugo’s safety. Fortunately, the younger boy survived the episode unscathed and within a few days, Kelly was back to her usual, bright, violent self. Lily knew she, as Kelly’s best friend, had to stick by her in the phase where she wanted nothing more than to spend every second with Lily, forgetting all about Hugo and enjoying her return to single life, but she couldn’t help but want to spend more time with Lysander, who she was feeling, was becoming increasingly frustrated. However, it wasn’t until Lysander attempted to slide his hands down her jeans one evening whilst they were in the common room that she realised quite how frustrated and in what way.

“Lys!” she hissed, pulling him to one side angrily. “I told you, I’m not ready for that kind of thing? Why would you do that?”

“I’m sorry Lily,” Lysander held his hands up and smiled. “I never meant to be so…forward. It’s just, I’ve waited for so long to have you as my girlfriend and you’re so beautiful I just, I dunno. I’ve got no excuse.”

Lily bit her lip. She wouldn’t, couldn’t let Lysander push her further than she was willing to go. She could tell that he wanted something more than he was getting. Whenever they kissed he always moved his hands up and down her body with ferocity that she was unfamiliar with. Lily knew if she didn’t give Lysander something, then things would die between them and she found herself softening under his smile.

“Okay,” she whispered, smiling deeply into his eyes. “But nothing more understand?”

“Lily,” Lysander said gently. “I would never try to push you into something you didn’t want, you know that right?”

“Of course,” Lily replied, her courage and strength growing by the second. “I want this, I want you.”

Lysander took her away from the crowds and they went up to his room, where things were quiet. Lily sat down on the bed and he sat alongside her. Their kiss was as tentative as ever, but quickly Lysander accelerated it and for once Lily let him do it, her inhibitions floating away as his lips met hers. Lysander’s eyes met hers and they sparkled. His hands were meshed in her hair and she kissed him back with a passion she had never done before. Then his hands were gone and suddenly she felt them skating down her back towards her bra. Lily wanted to complain, but her lips were engulfed in his and she let him take off her shirt and then her bra. Lily felt exposed, but Lysander made it okay and he kissed her more gently now, whilst caressing her. She winced at his touch and he pulled away, but Lily didn’t want him to and before she knew it she was the only kissing him, putting his hands around her waist. Lysander’s hands slipped down and Lily gasped as the door to the dorm flew open; Dom and Lorcan locked in a climatic embrace. Dom groaned and then they span and she caught sight of the two on Lysander’s bed and pulled away from Lorcan, uttering an apology before rounding on the pair.

“Lily Luna Potter?” she gasped angrily as Lily tried to cover up. “Come with me right now. Sorry Lorc, another time.”

Lorcan glared furiously at his brother as Dom dragged Lily away from Lysander and out into the corridor. Once Lily was dressed, the two headed up to Dom’s dorm, which was thankfully empty, where she turned to her younger cousin, furious.

“What the hell were you two doing?” Dom hissed. “Lily, you’re 15 years old! You’ve never tried anything with a guy before and just yesterday you looked uncomfortable when Lysander put his hand on your leg! For Merlin’s sake Lils, is he forcing you into this?”

“No,” Lily said defiantly, but knowing in her heart it was true. “I just wanted to make him happy Dom. He’s given me so much love and care and he’s been so patient with me. I was always going to have to move forward eventually, it was just a case of diving in and…”

“Lily,” Dom scolded. “You can’t hurry things like this, especially not when you’re young, inexperience and definitely not ready. Promise me you won’t do anything like that again Lily, because there’s no way in hell you enjoyed it.”

“I just wanted to make him happy,” Lily said quietly and Dom kicked herself mentally, making a note to castrate Lysander at the very next opportunity. “I mean he was so cold and it felt really bad and yet so good at the same time.”

“You’re a little girl Lils,” Dom said gently. “As much as you want to try to grow up to impress your 17 year old boyfriend, you’re 15. Don’t you dare let him push you into sex and don’t even try and deny it. It feels wrong because it’s not right. And you can’t let him control you because he’s frustrated. I’m going to have words with him, but what would James say? Not even he would advocate this.”

“I love him Dom,” Lily could feel tears coming. “Why can’t I just find a way to make this work, when I love him so much and I feel like it’s all too much?”

“It’s not your fault sweetie,” Dom soothed as she felt like a mother. In truth, Lorcan had made a mother of her, watching over all her cousins as their relationships buckled and twisted. Maybe that’s what they needed. Rose, Roxanne and Lily, she’d helped them all over the last few weeks and months. She smiled to herself. At least she and Lorcan didn’t need help.

“What do I do Dom?” Lily asked, looking up at her cousin.

“Nothing Lils,” Dom replied with a smile. “I’ll take care of Lysander and you go get some rest.”

“Lysander Newton Scamander!” Dom roared, kicking open the dorm door and stunning the five sixth year boys inside. “What the fucking hell were you playing at?”

Lorcan groaned and buried his head under his pillow as Dom turned to his twin brother, her eyes dancing with fury and her hair wild. Lysander opened his mouth, but no sound came out as he struggled to make words. Dom looked at him in disgust, her fury unrelenting as she grabbed him by the collar.

“Listen here Scamander,” she growled. “I’m warning you and this is going to be your only warning so I suggest you heed it, or there’ll be trouble. I don’t know what kind of stunt you thought you were pulling tonight, but if you try it again, I’ll rip your hands off, so you won’t even be able to touch yourself, let alone anyone else, understood? Now if you screw with my cousin or push her or hurt her, you’ll have me to answer to, so no funny business. Got it?”

Lysander nodded, terrified as Dom threw him backwards onto his bed and stormed out of the room, as all the boys stared open mouthed.

“Lorcan mate,” Frank muttered. “Your girlfriend is fucking crazy.”

“Her?” Lorcan snorted. “She’s a pussycat really.”

“Lorcan!” Dom raged, kicking open the door again. “You’d better be down in the common room in twenty seconds with that pack in your bedside table or so help me God…”

She was gone again and all the boys looked at Lorcan in awe as he stood up and wrestled through his cupboards, flying for the door like a lunatic.

“Someone’s getting angry sex tonight!” Craig grinned.

“Lucky fucker,” muttered Lysander.


A/N: Hi there everyone! Bit of story development here, wanted to finally put Kelly and Hugo's relationship to bed and also go deeper with the Lily/Lysander struggle. Keep reading, things are going to get mental in the next chapter ;) HP

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