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When Life Takes Over. by carellio
Chapter 6 : vi.
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My goodness, my life is pathetic.


Like, insanely so.


I woke up so early this morning that not even a single person is sitting (or standing) in the Great Hall when I make my way down here.


Not even a single Ravenclaw is down here yet; and getting up early is, like, their secret religion.


Nor is there any breakfast even being served, which actually says a lot. You’d have to be up super early to go to breakfast when breakfast hasn’t even started yet.


Wow, I feel like a loser.


I walk over to the Gryffindor table and sit done on the cold, lonely bench, drumming my fingertips and whistling absentmindedly, because that’s just what you do when you’re sitting by yourself at an extremely inappropriate time of the morning and no one is around to mock the shit out of you...



I think I can safely say that the reason I was unable to sleep last night and why my heart is currently beating a mile an hour at the thought, is because of nerves, and the fact that I will have to talk to actual boys today.


Cue the hyperventilation.


I knew I would have to do this sometime, but I really can’t picture myself actually doing it...



“Bella?” Someone asks in a surprised voice, “Is that you there?”


No, i’m actually a fucking carrot.


...I can get in pretty shitty moods when I’m tired. Just ask Rose, she has to endure it nearly every day when she wakes me up.


But she loves me really...


I turn and look up at Scorpius, his blonde hair is sticking up in every place possibly and his blue eyes are regarding me with pure amusement.


How can someone look so cheerful at this ungodly hour?


I take a swift peek at the Hall clock and – MERLIN’S PANTS, its only 6 o’clock!?


What ze fock?


I haven’t been up this early since that one time when Rose thought the castle was on fire and went around screaming like a freaking possessed ghoul (...can ghouls be possessed? Eh. It’s too early for me to even think about it).  That was until someone (ahem, me) ‘accidently’ stupefied her.


That was actually a fun day, minus the early morning.


 Due to the near heart attack Rose gave us, the Professors let us have the day off to make sure Hogwarts was in fact ‘safe.’ Rose was also knocked out for that whole day and we didn’t have to endure her whining about no school.


Which was a double bonus.


To this day she doesn’t even know we got off. I wonder how she’d react if she knew she was the reason that we did...


“Hello Scorpius,” I say quietly. With my no sleep status starting to catch up with me, I lay my head on the hard surface of the table.


Surprisingly, it’s pretty comfortable. Although I’m pretty sure I could have just curled up on pile of nails and be able to sleep right now.


“Bit early for you.” He muses as he sits next to me.


Scorpius Malfoy is a Slytherin. Therefore I used to not like him. ‘Used to’ being the keys words there.


I started liking him when he started dating Rose.


Seriously, it was insane how much of a transformation he endured. Back in first year all the way up to the end of the middle of fifth year, Scorpius was known as ‘Hogwarts biggest jerk.’


Like legit, that’s what people would call him.


If I was a Muggle and actually knew how to make a website, on an actual computer; I would make my very own website about how much of a jerk he was.


Just because I’m that cool.



It would be called:


I’m sure you’re amazed at my originality...


Anyway... I used to hate him, but all that changed when he made a very public declaration of his love for our Rosie. (It was at lunch in the middle of the Great Hall. Ah, so romantic...).


We were all super angry (and surprised on my part. Everyone else was just too busy going insane to be surprised) when Rose actually agreed to go out with him.


You know, I didn’t actually speak to her for a week; the longest we’ve ever fought. But my disgust for her decision diminished when I notice how different Scorpius was.


Whoever said love can’t change a person?


He became tolerable, he stopped hexing kids for the sake of it, he would wear a smile instead of a scowl and would actually talk to people without yelling at them.


I actually don’t mind having him around anymore; he’s honestly grown on me, and I guess somehow, I could call him my friend.


Also, it’s obvious to any idiot how much he adores her, so if he makes Rose happy then I’m happy as well.



...But what if she’s not actually happy?


I’m still worried that something is going on between Matt and her. Not that it wouldn’t be cool for them to get married so I could have a super awesome sister... But I don’t really want to see Scorpius get hurt.


I’m just caring like that...


Unless he hurts her, then I’d bash his balls in.


...or something like that.


“It is.” I agree and ignore the mocking look he gives me, “But I couldn’t sleep so I came down early,” I mutter truthfully, letting my eyelids droop slightly.


Scorpius is quiet for a moment and I expect him to make some stupid comment like ‘your mum came down early,’ but instead he says very seriously, “Is this about Aiden?”


I pause, his serious note putting me off guard. It’s not one you hear regularly. “Yes and no,” I reply tiredly after a moment.


“Did he do something to you?” His voice suddenly turns defensive and angry, obviously no longer feeling very cheerful.


My head shoots up from the table and I instantly feel more awake, “What? No!” I laugh slightly awkwardly, “I was talking about my brother and Albus, they don’t like Aiden much.”


 ‘Much’ might be putting it lightly.


“Oh.” Scorpius chuckles at his actions. He gives me a small, sympathetic smile, “Look Bella, I’m sure they’ll get over it. If he makes you happy, then eventually they’ll just suck it up and let you be happy. Life’s too short to waste on the dramatics.”


Did that just come out of Scorpius’ mouth?


I eye him with amusement and try to hide a smile, “That was deep, Scorp. I didn’t know you had it in you.” I tease.


He smirks at me and ruffles my hair in a childlike way. I hate it when people do that, “Well, what can I say, I’m just a wise sort of guy.” He flexes his arms in the air.


You know, Albus should take tips from him and flex his arm muscles in the air. Now that would be a yummy sight, not that Scorpius isn’t yummy and all though, because I must say he is very healthy in the looks department but still –


Okay, and this is when I cut off my brain. Please don’t even pay attention to my sleep deprived rambles.


 “You can start kissing my feet now.” Scorpius gives me a serious look.


I give a snort type of laugh and hit him so he’ll stop posing. People were beginning to walk into the Great Hall and were giving us strange looks.


Nothing really new there I suppose.


“Nah, I’ll pass on that, thanks.” I smile at him. I forgot how easy it is to talk to Scorpius, we hadn’t actually spoken in ages. Not with all the time I had been spending with Aiden.


Actually, now that I think about it... I hadn’t actually been spending any time with any of my friends.

I could honestly say I missed them, even if they drove me insane at times.


He shrugs, “Your loss.”


With that typical conversation ended, we sink into a comfortable silence. This is something I liked about Scorpius; he wasn’t one of those people that felt the need to enforce small-talk.


“Holy crap,” I nearly yell but remember it’s only early in the morning and people would probably get cranky at me, so I only just stop myself from screaming.


Scorpius looks quite startled and gives me a look that clearly shows he’s worried for my sanity. He waits for me to continue, but when I don’t and just carry on smiling like an utter loophead, he prompts me, “Um...What?”


“I just had a conversation with you!” I say, like that is completely obvious and I’m not currently getting strange glances from people around me. My face is lit up with absolute glee and it’s kind of hard to contain my excitement.


“Yeah... so?” He eyes me a little worriedly, “We have conversations all the time...”


Oh.My.God! We do!


I think my brain has turned into moosh from my lack of sleep. How could I forget that Scorpius and I talk all the time?


He is around all the time due to Rose and we usually end up talking at some stage.


Ah, this is so exciting!



“That’s true.” I turn down my excitement and pause in thought, “Hm.”


“Penny for your thoughts?” Scorpius asks in an old grandpa voice.


Okay, seriously? Did he really just ask that?


But he looks truly intrigued, so I let the comment slide.


“Well... I just realised I can talk to both you and Aiden comfortably but I can’t with any other boys besides my brother.” I say in a rush.


No point holding back when he already thinks you’re crazy.


I expect him to laugh or mock me, but he doesn’t.


“Huh,” His forehead crinkles and he thinks for a minute, “maybe you’re immune to Slytherins.” He says teasingly, but I can hear the faint seriousness in his voice.


I laugh awkwardly and nudge his shoulder with my own, trying not to show just how much that statement bugged me.


In the back of my mind I can’t help but register that statement as true in some way. I can talk to Aiden and Scorpius. They’re both in Slytherin.


It’s seems reasonable enough, but that doesn’t help that Albus is in Gryffindor.


Therefore, cannot talk to him.


Fingers crossed I can talk to Aiden’s friends because they’re Slytherins...



Well, speak of the devil.


 “Hey Bella!” Aiden says and sits down next to me, giving me a swift kiss on the cheek to keep up appearances for those around us. “Scorpius,” He gives a nod of acknowledgement to him when he notices who is sitting beside me.


Scorpius and I had shut up with conversation as soon as Aiden had sat down and now there was just an incredibly awkward silence hanging around us as we all groped for something to say.


Scorpius broke first, “Well, I s’pose I should leave you two alone,” He stands up with a smirk. “Good luck Bella,” He adds as an afterthought. He pats me on the head, winks at me and walks over to the Slytherin table.


“You look nervous,” Aiden observes, bringing my attention back to him.


I narrow my eyes at him, “No shit,” I say deadpanned.


Idiot. Of course I’d be nervous.


He grabs my hand and gives it a squeeze, “You’ll be fine.” His voice gentle and soothing.


If only I could believe that.


I honestly don’t know much about Aiden’s Slytherin friends. I’m just hoping that they are as nice as Aiden can be.


My heart pounds like a sledgehammer as four boys walk through the entrance door, their loud obnoxious laughs bouncing off the walls and crashing in my ears like a tsunami.


The way their eyes flicker around the room with a glint of mischief in them and the way they strut of to the Slytherin table in a way they think is ‘swagger,’ makes me believe these boys will definitely not be as friendly as Aiden.


...And cue the panic attack...


Oh dear lord, I can’t do this!


Aiden notices my horrified stare and turns his head towards his friends who all catch his glance and wink and wolf-whistle at us.


Wow, they’re so mature.



“You ready for this?” Aiden asks turning back to me and squeezing my sweating hands.


“Um...No!” I exclaim in disbelief as to why he could actually ask that.


“It’s fine B.” He repeats with a charming smile on his face. He stands, “Remember, I’ll basically do the talking.”


He holds a hand toward me and I stare at it like it’s diseased.


“Come on.” He rolls his eyes in annoyance and yanks on my arm to lead me over to the Slytherin table. It only took a few seconds, but I’m already out of breath.


From the corner of my eye I see Scorpius giving me a sympathetic look.


At least someone has the decency to feel sorry for me.


Aiden’s friends all stopped talking when we had neared them and they are now all leaning forward with curiosity, but it’s the amusement on their faces that is starting to irk me.

I actually have no idea what their names are – oh wait, that’s a lie. I think the one with the blonde hair and brown eyes is called...Dave?


“Hey guys!” Aiden greets them all in one. “This is Bella.” He gestures towards me, and I just stand there awkwardly and don’t say anything.


I can just see this going splendidly...



Aiden then turns to me and my throat starts hurting. “Bella, this is,” He points towards Dave, “Darryl,” So...that’s not Dave... Meh, I don’t really care.


Darryl waves and gives me a polite smile, “Hi Bella, you’re in my Transfiguration class, aren’t you?”


It takes me a second to comprehend that he was actually asking me a question. Ugh. I knew this was a bad idea.


“Yeah,” I whisper so low that the word is only just audible for my ears.


Darryl’s amusement increases and the edge of his lips twitch like he’s trying very hard to fight back a smile. “I’m sorry?”


My eyes widen ever so slightly and I flush in embarrassment. I open my mouth to answer again but no words come out. Hoping no one really noticed, I simply close my mouth and nod like a bobble-headed dog.


Darryl at least stays silent after that, probably sensing my unease. His other friends aren’t as thoughtful though and let out a stream of full blown laughter.


Thanks guys.


I look to Aiden in concern. He looks a little lost at what to really do and is biting his lip, probably trying not to laugh.



“Um...yeah...” He mumbles. He gestures with a hand, “So...uh. This is Hayden Scott.” He gestures to a big burly boy (man? I don’t really know what to call them at this age) with blonde hair and green eyes, who smirks at me, but thankfully doesn’t ask anything.


He continues to gesture with his hand, “Jason Henry.” He points to the guy sitting next to Hayden, who is less muscular than then but still undeniably attractive with his curly brown hair and matching eyes.


“Hello Bella,” Jason says slowly like I’m illiterate, “nice day isn’t it?”


Hayden and another boy with red hair and blue eyes (who Aiden later introduces as Drew Manderson) break out into fits of laughter.

Fucking jackasses.


I can feel tears spring to my eyes at their rudeness, but I stand my ground and don’t let any fall. Through the whole time they continue to laugh at me, I wonder why Aiden hasn’t bothered to back me up or tell them off.


I turn to him with worried eyes, which instantly turn to anger, he’s fucking laughing!




“So, how did you two meet?” Hayden rattles on, gesturing between us with his hands.


Thankfully Aiden steps up this time, “We met by accident actually. I was ‘studying’” His friends nod, obviously understanding the meaning behind that, “and she kinda just stumbled into the classroom.”


Drew turns his eyes on me, “And why did you stumble into that classroom Bella?”


I seriously want to murder every single one of them.


I open my mouth to respond but the words get stuck in the back of my throat. What comes out instead is an extremely unattractive gurgling sound. I close it again and repeat the gesture, giving me the appearance of a freaking goldfish.


All the boys, including Aiden, snicker at me.


That’s when I decide I can’t take it anymore. I hate humiliation and what’s worse is that Aiden’s just standing there letting them laugh at me.


Hell, he’s even joining in himself!


I give them all (especially Aiden) the best glare I can muster and storm away, not even caring when I almost knock down some third year Ravenclaw.


I vaguely hear their hyena laughs from behind me.


“Bella!” Aiden yells after me but I ignore him and shoot him the bird as the tears I had held back begin to fall from my eyes.


Damn it. I hate crying. My eyes go all puffy and my cheeks get really red. It’s not an attractive sight.


I’m almost at the Gryffindor Common Room when he catches up to me. I’m kinda surprised he hadn’t when I first walked out. I can’t say I’m much of a runner.


Tears are still streaming out of my eyes, making my vision blurry; I stumble to keep my footing.


“Bella,” He says gently and grabs my arm. I shrug away from his grip and he gives me a hurt look, “What’s wrong?”


I nearly punch him.


Is he serious?


“What’s wrong?” I say a little hysterically, “What’s wrong?” His expression shows he is clearly concerned for my sanity, “Are you serious?” I ask in a high pitched voice.


“Um...” He shifts a little uncomfortably and takes an absentminded step back, “yes?” He asks like he’s scared to answer incorrectly.


Damn right he should be.


“Are you a fucking idiot?” I ask him quite seriously.


He looks a little surprised at my language but it quickly changes to hurt and straight to anger. “Hey! You have no fucking right – “


“Shutup for once in your life!” I scream in his face, my anger getting the best of me.


Quite surprisingly he actually stays quiet. Good choice on his part.


“You really don’t know what you did?” I ask him after a moment of studying his face which was filled with absolute confusion and well, anger.


He gives a quick shake of his head and I give a short unamused laugh.


“You just let them humiliate me!” I scream at him and catch the attention of some students walking passed. They give us curious looks, obviously pondering the idea of gossip between the Gryffindor and the Slytherin couple.


Aiden must have noticed this too and he quickly grabs my arm and rushes me inside an empty classroom, all before I can even bat an eyelid.


I scowl at him.


“You let them humiliate me!” I scream again. He opens his mouth to say something but I hold my hand up to stop him, “How could you?” He opens his mouth again, obviously not grasping the fact that that wasn’t actually a question I wanted him to answer.


“You knew how I felt about this. You knew I didn’t want to go through with it and talk to them and you let them humiliate me.” My voice was growing low and menacing, “You said I’d be fine. Well guess, what? There is no fucking way I would call that fine.” I spit at him.


“Look Bella, I know I should have – “


“You said I’d be fine.” I repeat and I can tell he’s getting pissed at me for not letting him finish a sentence. Well, I don’t really give a shit.


He sighs, “Yes, I said you’d be fine and I should have said something to the guys...” Damn straight you should have.  “I’m sorry okay?”


I glare at him, “Sorry, but I can’t accept your apology.”


He snorts at me and rolls his eyes. “You’re so immature.” He informs me and steps towards me.


“I’m immature?” He nods, “You have got to be fucking kidding me! Are you so – “


I suddenly jerk away from him as he begins to lean his head towards me, “Don’t you dare try and kiss me.” I threaten him and slap him across his face, feeling completely satisfied when his cheek begins to redden.


He cringes at the impact and looks like he’s about to try again, but makes the better choice to lean away, “Bella...”


I can feel my eyes beginning to fill up again, and I have no idea why. I make towards the door before he can see me cry. Again.


“Bella,” He says again but I’m already half way out the door.


“Just stay away from me.” I say exasperatedly, before slamming the classroom door in his face.




Author Note: Hiya there!

Okay, so first I would like to say how sorry I am at how long it is taking me to get chapters out for this story. But school is really tight at the moment. I have five assignments all due in the next two weeks, along with tests and preliminary exams :( It took me awhile to even edit this chapter, so please bare with me. I will write the next chapter as soon as I have time, but right now, school is my priority.

Secondly, I may be going back and doing some revisions for this story, and that may come before the next chapter. But I haven’t actually decided yet, but it will be happening some time. :)

Thirdly, I would like to give a massive thanks to those who have taken their time to review this story. Also, like always, thanks a million for reading :)



 [Edited: 14/March/2012]


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