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It must be Love by FutureMrsBlack
Chapter 1 : Where it all began...
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 Izzy's POV

I ran through the barrier to get to the Hogwarts Express, eager to see my friends again. As soon as I got on the platform I was mobbed. 

"IZZY! I missed you over the summer! You barely owled me! You promised!" Lily shouted at me but she was laughing at the same time. "I can't believe we're third years now!"

Lily is probably the brains of the group. Me, her, Laura and Marlene are the Fab Four. The Fab Four are us four girls who don't get asked out by anyone because they're scared we might turn them down. Our rival prank group, the Marauders, think differently. Lily is probably the prettiest but she thinks otherwise. She has long red hair that she puts in a ponytail and green eyes. I mean like really green. I can see why James supposedly 'fancies' her.

"Hey Lils. I missed you too. Sorry I didn't owl. Me and the family had to go to Spain and I couldn't really take Piper with me," I explained to Lily. She just nodded her head. Me and Lily are exactly the same. We're Muggleborns and proud of it. 

"Let's get on the train and find Marls and Laura." Lily nudged me. "Izzy... Izzy... Wake up what are you staring woman?!?" She waved her hand in front of my face.

"Huh? Whazat? Oh nothing... I'll tell you on the train," I said blushing.

I was staring at Sirius Black, my best guy friend. He had got taller and well... fucking hotter over the summer. He's probably huge compared to me now. I'm a average 5'5, Lily's 5'7, Marls is 5'8 and Laura's 5'6. Yeah I'm small... I know. Sirius has long silky black hair up to his shoulders and these sexy stormy grey eyes. I just stood there thinking when Lily hit me.

"Aaaahh. Lilster what was that for?" I pouted at her.

"Get a move on Izzy. All the compartments will be gone," she replied with a glint in her eye. "We need one so you can tell me what you were staring at."

FUCKING CURSE YOU MERLIN! Why did you give me the bloody genius best friend?!?


Lily's POV

I dragged Izzy on to the train peering into all the compartments. As soon as I found an empty one, I dumped my stuff on the floor and turned to Izzy.

"Ok. Tell me who OR what you were staring at?" I said grinning. 

"Well... umm... you see..." Izzy stuttered. She obviously didn't want to tell me.

"I'm waiting. Hurry up bitch!" I moaned tapping my foot.

"Waiting for what my beautiful Lilyflower? For me to sweep you off your feet? Well you only had to ask." James Potter walked into the compartment smirking. 


Izzy's POV

Oh no. This could be trouble. James just walked in and started proclaiming that he 'loves' Lily. 

"POTTER! GET OUT NOW!" Lily shouted going red in the face. 

"But my love, what about you? About us?" James said pouting. It's obvious to see he's acting. 

"There will NEVER be us Potter! Just leave before I make you!" Lily growled. 

"Well Prongs mate. You have to pick the freaking feisty one, don't you? I'm more of a daring, cheeky stunning girl myself." Sirius said as he slouched into the compartment.

"Hey Izzy. Grown anymore babe?" he asked smirking.

"First don't call me babe. Actually I have grown but at least I'm not as tall as a freaking troll Black! Oh and I don't look like one either!" I shot back grinning. James looked shocked that I could come up with a comeback that fast and Lily was just laughing. 

"Take that back Semmé or I'll make you!" Sirius glared at me.

"Oh will you now Black? That sounds... interesting." I glared back. 

He pulled out his wand but I had mine out faster.

"You hex me Black and I will send you to hell... the hard way!" I put my wand under his chin.

Then he did something unexpected. He swung me up over his shoulder. 

"BLACK! PUT ME DOWN NOW! I'M DEAD SERIOUS!" I shouted pummeling my fists into his back. 

"I don' think so. How about I feed you to those Delightful Slytherin relatives of mine?" he said to me sarcastically.  I moved slightly and smacked the back of his head.

"Put me down Black or I swear to Merlin, I will hex you into next year. Lily wouldn't mind helping me, right Lils?" I said feeling slightly dizzy. 

"No problem Izzy." Lily started to walk towards Sirius menacingly.

"Padfoot. Put her down. We've known her long enough to know that she will hex you bad and so would Evans here," James said looking annoyed. "Let's go find Moony and Wormtail."

"Fine. You're just being the peacemaker to impress Evans." Sirius snorted and I burst out laughing because James had gone a classic tomato red and rushed out the compartment.

"Sirius you know he's gonna kill you for that," I said still laughing.

"Yep. That's exactly why I said it," he said with a smirk. He stalked out the cabin grinning. So much drama and the train hasn't even set off yet.  

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