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Fairy Lights by LilyFire
Chapter 1 : 01
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A/N: Summary credit goes to MargaretLane and orderofthephoenix over at the HPFF forums :D Aren't they awesome?

Her blonde hair was blown back from her face by the wind. She squinted her eyes, trying to see the figure approaching. She smiled and waved at the dark haired man, who waved back. Astron grinned when he made it to her. "Hi Luna."       

"Hello, Astron."

"I was told you had proof of a new species?" Right to business, as always. His brown eyes found her grey ones, and he could tell she had. "Which one is it you've found?"

"I've found a nest of Nargles," she told him. "We can't distrube it now, but soon they will hatch and be ready. I made a sketch of the nest." She pulled the sketch book out of her bag and showed him.

Astron shook his head. "This is a regular birds nest. These aren't Nargles, Luna." He wondered how it was she had became such a revered naturalist. Most of what she said and believed was nothing more than fable. He even said as much.

Keeping the dreamy tone in her voice, she answered him. "We're fables too, aren't we? Myth and legend to the Muggles?"

Astron shook his head. He didn't like working with her, he never had. "I'm done, Luna, I can't do this. We haven't had a find in nearly six months," he said, as if finding new species happened every day. He Disapparated and left her in the field where she had found the Nargle nest.

She shook her head. This was not surprising, but she was still disappointed. Still, she wasn't sure he would be able to leave their partnership that easy, since he was the only person who hadn't been her partner.

When she first started, her senior partner had requested her, probably because of the fame the war had brought. But when she hadn't been the person he had fantasized her being, he cut her loose. Since then, she had been partners with most of the people in the office.

Not that the office was very large. She had had about three partners, including Astron. She worked in a subsection of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She sighed, resigning herself to what the Head would say.

She Apparated to the Ministry and made her way to her office. She had no more sat down at her desk than the Department Head, Atkins, knocked on the doorframe.

"Luna, I don't know what we're going to do with you."

"They really are Nargles," she said. "They aren't birds. He didn't even look at the curious pattern on the eggs that made me give them a second look."

"I believe you. We're here to investigate. Astron is just…" Atkins sighed. "This isn't even where he wants to be. He wants to work with the vampires, he just hasn't gotten the training yet. He'll be gone soon enough. But you need a partner, Luna."

"I know, I do try to explain it to them, you know." It didn't matter anyway. She filed her sketch under the Nargles part of the cabinet and sighed. This was something she cared about. She just didn't know how to make them see she was serious. She knew some things didn't exists. She had even convinced her father that crumple-horned snorlacks weren't real. What more could she do?

She gritted her teeth as another knock came. But she put on a smile anyway and turned to see who it was.

"Luna Lovegood, right? I'm Rolf Scamander, your new partner."

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Fairy Lights: 01


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