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007 by limwen
Chapter 2 : Meeting the Potters
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*UPDATED 6/9/2014*

We popped up right outside the Burrow, apparently this is the place the Weasley/Potters have their family get-togethers. I kind of wish I could meet his family on neutral ground; it would make my escape quicker if anything goes wrong.




“Well, this is it. Are you ready?” James looked a little nervous, which is understandable. I could only imagine his parent’s reaction when he told them he had a girlfriend that he has been dating for 3 years and just forgot to tell them. Yep, this should be very interesting.




“Ready.” I said with as much confidence I could muster. I will admit that I’m kind of freaking out a little.. Okay, maybe a lot. But who wouldn’t? I’m meeting Harry freaking Potter! He saved the Wizarding World, in case you live under a rock somewhere and didn’t know! I’m allowed to be nervous.




Wait. Breath. Pull. Yourself. Together.




We started to walk towards the Burrow, it looked very homey, I could hear laughter radiating from the house, and I couldn’t help but smile at the sound.




We were a few steps away from the house when the door opened to show a tall red headed girl; she wore a little light pink sundress (its October, but who am I to judge), and wore her straight red hair down. She looked like a Weasley.




“James!” The red headed girl screamed as she saw us, her face lit up as she looked at our intertwined hands.




“Lily!” James greeted the red head I now know to be his younger sister. James let go of my hand to hug his sister, I just stood there smiling at the siblings standing in front of me, and it made me miss my brother. My parents and brother think I’m dead; it was one of the many things I had to give up in order to have this job.




“I missed your lazy ass,” Lily mumbled against James’ chest, James released his sister from his bear hug and turned to look at me.




“Lil, this is my girlfriend, Elara Sanders. Elara, this is my little sister Lilly,” James looked from me to Lilly as he did the introductions. Lilly smiled at me and then looked at the hand I offered her to shack, then before I knew what was happening I was engulfed in a hug with my soon to be sister-in-law!




I laughed and hugged her back; I looked over at James to see him smiling, obviously happy to see his sister and his fiancé getting along.




“It’s lovely to meet you; I still can’t believe James never told us he has a girlfriend!” Lily told me and gave James a playful glare.




“Hey, I didn’t want to scare her off, you guys can be overwhelming at times.” James explained to his sister, I could tell that this would most likely be the main topic of the evening, fun.




 “OK, no need to get all defensive,” Lily sighed and then turned to me, “come on inside, everyone is thrilled to finally meet you”




“Mhmm” was the only thing I said as I grabbed James’ hand, we intertwined our fingers and walked through the front door together.




As I stepped into the burrow I was shocked to see that the inside was larger than the outside, I guess they would have to charm the inside to make room for the abundance of Weasley/Potters. We were in what appeared to be the living room; Lily went to go retrieve everyone. After seeing how nice Lilly was I got over most of my nerves, James seemed to calm down as well.




“I like your sister, she seems nice,” I told him as I looked up at him and smiled, he looked back down and smiled back.




“She seemed to like you too,” He informed me with an even bigger smile, if that’s even possible.




We stood there for a few minutes, I was looking at some of the family photos that where on the wall and over the fireplace, there was one of a four year old James with a boy (who looked to be about seven years old), they were in a sand box. James was only wearing a diaper and the other boy had shockingly pink hair.




“Who is this?” I asked as I showed the picture to James, he looked at it for a second and then he smiled.




“That would-“he was about to tell me but was cut off by someone else.




“Teddy Lupin,” said a deep voice from beside me. I turned around to see the same shockingly pink hair only on a much older man, probably 28 years old.




“You must be Elara Sanders, James most elusive girlfriend,” Teddy said with a smirk on his tanned face.




“It’s lovely to meet you,” I said as I shook his hand.




“So why have you remained elusive for so long?” Teddy asked with a raised eyebrow. Wow, I haven’t even met his parents yet and the dreaded question is asked.




I was going to answer with a quick lie but before I could an elderly red/gray haired women came into the room followed by some other people from the Weasley/Potter clan.




“James!” The elderly women said with a warm smile on her face.




“Gran!” James pulled his grandmother into a hug, I smiled, grateful for the distraction from the question. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see (who I assumed to be) Ginny and Harry Potter.




“Hello dear, I’m James’ mum, Ginny and this is my husband Harry,” Ginny said with a warm, welcoming smile as she gestured towards Harry Potter. 




“Hi Ginny, I’m Elara,” I informed her as she pulled me into a hug.




“Can I take your coat, miss?” I looked down to see a rather elderly looking house elf, I was most definitely did not expect to see a house elf (mainly because James’ aunt Hermione works in the department of magical creatures, head of S.P.E.W). Personally, I’m freaking scarred of house elves. Trust me, you do not want to know why. So seeing how this one unexpectedly popped up out of nowhere, I made a very unattractive sound. But as luck would have it no one heard me. Score one for me!




Oh, wait, James heard me. That must be why he is cracking up. Bloody hell, lady luck must have it in for me today.




“Um, sure,” was my answer to the house elf who I noticed was still standing there, waiting, looking at me with its big creepy eyes.




James was still laughing; remind me again why I love him?




“What’s so funny?” one of the many red headed boys in the room asked James, James looked at me, I glared. If he even thought about telling them about my fear of house elves I would leave him lying in some dark, rat infested alley, half dead! And I’m usually not one for torture.




James fell over he was laughing so hard, I don’t see why he finds it so funny; I mean everyone’s scared of something!




I decided I would just threaten James to stop or I would tell everyone one of his many, not so manly, habits. So I handed my coat to the house elf, wincing slightly as it’d dry hands touched mine, and went to help James up off the ground.




“If you don’t stop laughing right now, you can kiss yourself tonight,” pulling him up as I said this in my sickly sweet voice. He stopped laughing as soon as I said it. I’ve trained him well.




“Well,” James started to say before he cleared his throat “This is my girlfriend, Elara Sanders, Elara this is everyone. I see you’ve met my parents already, right?” He added as an afterthought.




“Yes, we introduced ourselves to Elara, since you where to busy laughing for no reason.” Ginny informed her son with stern look on her face, I could tell I was going to like this woman.




“Right,” he said looking at me like he was going to burst out laughing again; I narrowed my eyes as a warning, which shut him up.




I take pride in my manhandling skills……… That’s not as dirty as it sounds, I swear!




“Well, dinner should be ready soon, James why don’t you take Elara outside,” Ginny said as she made her way to the kitchen, dragging Harry along after her.






They had a huge picnic table right next to the garden in the backyard, as James led me over to it I could see some red heads mixed with black haired people and blondes.




We were almost there when I heard a buzzing sound coming towards me, and sure enough I turn to my right and I see a buldger coming right at me, so using my handy dandy ninja skills I ducked just in time. But since I used my ninja skills it was way cooler than just your average duck, I also did this cool roll thing. But sadly I forgot for a moment that I was at my boyfriend’s house, not on some top secret mission saving the world, or whatever. So now everyone’s staring at me. OH CRAP!




“Wow,” one of the red heads at the table said, it kind of looks like Ron Weasley, I think.




“I’m so sorry, are you ok?” I heard a frantic voice coming from the direction the buldger came in, I turned to see the last person I EVER expected to see.




Your most likely wondering who it could possibly be, well that in itself is a very long story, so I’ll just summarize it for you. When I was 16 I joined the department of myth (after 6 years of training) and when you join you need to fake your death, so my parents and older brother think I’m dead. But before I joined I had a VERY serious relationship with David Hangling (tall dark and handsome, with bright blue eyes), he attended Hogwarts and that is where he was when I “died”. So if you haven’t guessed it by now, it is David Hangling standing in front of me with a beater bat in hand and looking sexier than ever.




“Abby?” David said with a look of disbelief; Abigail Johnson was my name before I died.




“Who the hell is Abby?” James asked as he helped me up off the ground, I was hoping that David didn’t recognize me; I mean I used to have blonde hair, and I am much older now.




“I think you have me confused with someone else.” I stated simply, I know lying is a really bad trait to have, but I it Is really helpful.




“Yeah, sorry about that, you just look like someone I knew,” He said giving me a small smile, damn his attractive smile!




“It’s ok,” I said giving him a reassuring wave of my hand. But I knew that he did not believe that he made a mistake, he knows too much about what I was in training for when I “died” to believe that I’m actually dead.




“Isn’t Abby that girl you dated while we were at Hogwarts?” James asked David with a sad look on his face, most likely because that person died.




“Yeah,” David told James, but he never took his eyes off me.




“Oh, well this is my girlfriend, Elara. Elara, this is David, my best mate,” James informed the both of us.




“It’s nice to meet you,” I said as I reached my hand out for him to shake.




“Yeah, you too, sorry about the buldger.” David said, he’s still not convinced.




“Its fine, it didn’t hit me,” I said as I let go of his hand.




We took our seats at the table, James to my left and David across from me, I also met James’ uncles, Charlie, Bill, George, Ron, Percy, some of his aunts, Hermione, Audrey, Fleur, Angela, and some of his cousins who names I can’t even remember. There was just so many.




“That was really impressive, the way you avoided that buldger, where’d you learn to do that?” James’ uncle Ron asked me, he looked a little confused, I don’t blame him. I mean I am supposed to be working in the Department of Magical Transportation.




“My dad was an Auror, he taught me everything he knew,” I informed him with a sad smile, I never liked talking about my parents, even if they are still alive, to me they are dead.




“I don’t recall a Sanders ever working in the Aurors Department at the Ministry; did he work for a Deferent Ministry?” Ron asked.




“Yeah, he was an American. We moved to the UK after my mum died nine years ago, my dad died shortly after that.” I figured if I just slipped in the fact that both my parents are died Ron would get the hint I don’t want to talk about it.

But of course he didn’t.




“Oh, do you have any siblings?” Ron seemed oblivious to the fact I don’t want to talk about this, I feel really bad for Hermione he must be a pain to live with!




“Y-No.” Bloody hell I almost said yes, that would have been a disaster!




Ron looked like he was going to ask another question but Hermione elbowed him in the gut, I mouthed thank you over to her, she just nodded.




After about 10 minutes of meaningless small talk James’ parents and grandparents and some other cousins came and took a seat, the food magically appeared on the picnic table.






“So, David, how does Puddlemere United look this year?” James asked David.




“You play for Puddlemere?” I asked, but I of course already knew that, Puddlemere United was, and is my favorite Quidditch team.




“Yeah, I tried out mainly because it was my girlfriend’s favorite team, but she died before I got the chance to tell her.” David had the SADEST face on, I wanted to cry, I knew my “death” would affect the people I love, but I never once had to deal with the aftermath of what I did 9 years ago.




“Do you like Quidditch, Elara?” James cousin (I think) Louis asked me, I could tell he was a huge Quidditch fan because his eyes had this sparkle every time anyone said the word Quidditch.




“Yes, I do, what’s your favorite team?” I asked him, he looked to be about 16, blond hair like his mum, but brown eyes like his dad.




“The magpies, and you?” He asked. I debated whether or not to come clean about my love for Puddlemere, I mean what if that’s the missing piece that David needs to know for sure that Abby really isn’t dead.




“I think the magpies are pretty good, but I think Puddlemere United would have to be my favorite.”




After what seemed like hours talking about Quidditch, shampoo (Dominique wanted to know), and my (fake) job, dinner was over and I told Ginny I would help in the kitchen, but as luck would have it David also agreed to help.




“Do you want some help with that?” David asked as I tried opening the door with my arms full of plates.




“Um, sure,” I said, not sure if I really wanted his help, lord knows he is as stubborn as a Hungarian Horntail! He will eventually bring up the fact that I look a lot like his dead girlfriend, it’s only a matter of time. And he most likely will put the pieces together, I mean he knew that I wanted to work for this top secret Department, he knows I would never be as careless as to get hit by a car, he knew me too well.




“Sorry about mistaking you for Abby,” He said not looking at me, I really wanted to hug him. I never realized before just how much I missed him. He was my best friend, the only person I was ever really comfortable being myself around.




Don’t get me wrong, I love James, and I am myself around him, he just doesn’t know what my job is, or he thinks he does, but he doesn’t.




“It’s ok, everyone makes mistakes.” I was trying to make him feel better. I really wish I could apologize for not telling him I wasn’t dead. Not that I could, but that does not stop me from feeling guilty.




“I forgive you Abby.” David said, he was looking at me know, and I knew he knew, there was no way for me to convince him otherwise.




“How is everyone?” I asked him, not looking him in the eyes.




“They’re fine. Your dad was devastated, your mum cried for months, your brother punched a wall, and I knew all along you were alive.” David said, still not taking his eyes off me.




David walked over to me, brought his hand up to my face, and wiped away a tear I did not realize was on my face.




“You can’t tell James,” I was worried now; I didn’t want James to find out, because then I would have to leave him, and that is something I can’t do.




“I won’t tell him,” He said giving me a reassuring smile, after a couple of minutes with us just standing there he walked back over to the sink and started putting dishes away, “So is Adam still around?” David asked.




“Yeah, we are actually partners,” I informed him as I started scrubbing some dishes.




There was a long silence after that, David looked like he really wanted to say something, but he kept his mouth shut. So there was just silence until he stopped putting the dishes away and just looked at me.




“I still love you,” he said just above a whisper, I could barely hear him. I wish I couldn’t.




“I-“ I’m not sure what I was going to say but before I could say it the kitchen door opened and James came strutting in. He smiled when he saw me and I tried to smile back, taking his hand in mine.




“You guys want to play some Quidditch?” He asked after he kissed my cheek in greeting.




 “Sure, sounds like fun!” I said with more enthusiasm then I felt.




“Yeah, I’ll be right there.” David said.




As James led me out of the kitchen, I chanced a look at David, he looked crushed.




This was going to be a very interesting Quidditch game. . .



AUTHERS NOTE: Hello! Thanks for reading this chapter!

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