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Hermione needs Strength. by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 1 : Books and Fake Names
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What happened that year was the last thing on either of their minds. From getting some detentions to getting locked in a potion closet. Now sure it may have been the best thing ever to happen to them, but they would never admit to it. But to know how anything started we need to go back to the start of the year.

"KIDS! KIDS WAKE UP! BREAKFAST THEN DIAGONALLY!" Mrs. Weasley could be heard all through the new Weasley's house.

Hermione rolled over and let her eyes unblur to see the time. Her clock that sat on her bedside table only read 6:30.

"Only Mrs. Weasley." Hermione laughed under her breath.

She rolled herself out of bed and shuffled her feet into the bathroom that she shared with the boys. She quickly locked the door and turned the hot water on for a shower. She slipped out of her clothes and hopped in letting the warm water run over her.

When she got down to the kitchen after her shower everyone else was down there in the middle of eating. She walked over to the chair she always sat in while at the Weasley’s. Ron put his fork down and excused his self from the table.

“What’s been up with him here lately?” Hermione whispered to Ginny.

“No one knows. Ever since we told him you were staying for the rest of the summer. That’s when he started to act funny.” Ginny whispered back.

Hermione smiled and thanked Mrs. Weasley when she handed her a plate of food. Hermione ate slowly and very little. Finally everyone was done.

“Hermione, dear, are you okay?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Yeah. I’m just trying to take my time. You know to be able to taste all the food.” She lied.

Mrs. Weasley nodded and gave her a concerned look. But shrugged and walked up to her room. After she was for sure that no one was coming back in the kitchen she walked over to the trash and dumped the food.

“Okay everyone has their letters right? Good everyone go ahead and get your supplies you need and we will all meet for food later.” Mr. Weasley yelled over all the talking.

Everyone when their own way and Harry looked at Hermione.

“So anyone want to head over to the joke shop?” he asked.

“Well I have a book that needs to be picked up in about 2 minutes. Maybe I’ll come back after I get done.” Hermione said and disappeared in the morning crowed.

Hermione turned into the bookstore’s door. She walked up to the front to the counter and dinged the bell. Within seconds someone poked their head up.

“How can I help you?” the women asked.

“Umm I have a book I need to pick up under Vivian Darkbloom.” She said.

“Oh yes the book pack of 3. Be right back with them.”

Hermione smiled and turned around only to come eye to eye with Draco Malfoy. She jumped back shocked, Draco smirked.

“Miss. Darkbloom?” he asked smirking even more.

“Here you go, Miss.” The bookkeeper said coming from the back with her books.

Hermione smiled and gave her the money for the books and left. Draco followed her out into the street.

“So what’s with the fake name?” he asked when she stopped to get something out of her bag.

She jumped and turned around.

“Why do you care? Wait why are you following me?”

“I’m just wondering Vivian why are you needing a fake name to get some worthless books. That you can get under your name.”

“That’s not any of your business. What I do and how I do it is my business. Not yours in the little bit.” Hermione said coldly and stormed off.

A/N: Short I know but just to see if you readers will like the way it starts. So leave something and let me know what you think. Always be honest I love that. It helps makes it better.

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Hermione needs Strength.: Books and Fake Names


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