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Illusions of a Perfect Marriage by alicia and anne
Chapter 12 : Complicated disaster
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“What is wrong?” Fred asked looking at James who was jabbing his fork at the table angrily, “You have been acting like this all day. Have you had an argument with Amelia or something?”

“Something like that,” James grumbled as he continued to stab with his fork.

“You’re going to hurt yourself or someone else if you carry on with that,” Fred snapped as he grabbed the fork, James refused to let go of it and the two were having a tugging war with the fork.

After a couple of minutes of tugging and a cheating kick by Fred into James’s shin, Fred gained control of the fork and he hid it next to his plate, James glared at him before he reached forward and attempted to grab for the spoon, Fred quickly snapped that up and James huffed loudly.

“What on earth is going on?” Fred asked James as he shielded all other items on the table from James’s grasp.

James shook his head as he slouched back into his seat, he needed to tell someone and he knew it. It was eating him up inside and had been for a while.

He took a breath as he looked around the room to make sure that they were alone.  Sure enough they were, he leant forward and whispered to Fred

“I need you to promise me that you will never tell anyone else what I am about to tell you.”

Fred leant forward as well as he said, “Have you got her pregnant?”

James scowled at him, “I’m trying to be serious here!” he said leaning back and crossing his arms haughtily, “But if you’re not going to listen then...”

“Come on James,” Fred said apologetically, James stopped scowling at him, “I’m here for you. You know you can tell me anything I’m your best friend.”

“I thought Albus was your best friend,” James said his arms still crossed and an eyebrow raised questioningly.

“Oh him!” Fred spat seeming slightly angry, “I’m not talking to him, he’s a jerk.”

James was surprised, he had seen them quite chummy yesterday whilst they were having dinner but James knew that things could change quite drastically. Yesterday between him and Amelia was a prime example.

“What did he do now?” he asked uncrossing his arms as he prepared to listen to Fred’s story as he tried to think of a way to explain exactly what was going on between him and Amelia without him sounding like a complete and utter dick, he was sad to say that there wasn’t a way.

Fred waved his hand as he told James, “it’s not important. Now what is going on?” he had such a serious look on his face and James knew that for once Fred wasn’t going to joke about anything and was actually going to offer his advice if he could give it, James found this incredibly weird but he chose to ignore it.

“The thing going on between me and Amelia is ....” he shifted slightly in his seat as he leant forward and rested his arms on the table as he looked down at his hands, he couldn’t bear to look Fred in the eyes as he told him what he had done.

He didn’t think he could take the disappointed look again. He shifted again as he coughed slightly, this was harder then he thought it would be, he scratched his head as he kept his eyes on the table. “We’re not together anymore.”

“Did you break up yesterday?!” Fred cried shocked as his eyes flew open at his cousin’s words, but James shook his head.

“We broke up back at the start of the year... because I cheated on her,” James closed his eyes as though it pained him to admit it, and it did hurt, it felt like a dagger to his heart, regret instantly filling his head as his mind thought back to that fateful night and the hazy details his brain remembered.

It kept replaying daily in his head; his guilt had made sure of that.

Fred let out a “dude...”

James nodded slowly as he fiddled with his fingernails just for something to do to break the uncomfortableness of this conversation “Yeah” he muttered unsure what else to say

Fred gave a confused frown, “But then if you’ve broken up how comes she’s still here? How comes you two seem like normal?”

“Because I asked her to come to Uncle Ron’s party so no one would know what I done. I promised her that I would tell them after the party but then the holiday happened and - I just couldn’t face my parents and have them tell me how much of a disappointment I am when I know already.”

“James,” Fred said leaning forward and resting his hand on James’s arm comfortingly, “you’re not a disappointment. Sadly these things just happen -  What does Amelia think about being here?”

“She hates me,” James admitted, “she doesn’t want to be around me. She hates having to lie to my family.”

Fred looked at James’s depressed state for a moment before he spoke agai,n “Are you sure that she’s pretending?”

“What?” James asked looking up at him in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“Well you’ve obviously been pretending to still be together and she’s willingly done that for you instead of just saying from the start that you’re not together, if she didn’t want to lie, she wouldn’t have done it.”

“Because I begged her not to tell anyone,” James told him as Fred removed his hand from James’s arm and sat up straight.

“I’m telling you that if she hated you as much as she said she does then she wouldn’t have gone along with this, deep down she must still like you.”

“She won’t,” James said with a shake of his head, “she’s never going to forgive me.”

“But she still feels something for you James, I’ve seen it. Hell, we’ve all seen it,” Fred said waving his arms around indicating the absent family members, "the way she looks at you is exactly how you were back when you first got together. I know she’s not that good an actress James.”

James nodded as he fell into thought, telling himself not to get his hopes up just so he could have them destroyed when he reminded himself of what she had said to him earlier.

“But we have a problem Fred,” James looked back up at his cousin who looked at him in question, “she’s told me that she wants a divorce when we get back.”

Fred became stunned again but recovered himself quickly, “you need to fight for her.” Fred said as though it was obvious.

“I can’t Fred you don’t understand the predicament -”

“James do you love her?” Fred said interrupting James’s statement. James looked Fred in the eye as he nodded and said,

“More then I could ever love anyone else in this world.”

“And do you think that she loves you back?” he asked, James hesitated.

“Sometimes I think that she does.”

“Then you need to fight for her, if she’s staying here willingly with you maybe she’s waiting for you to fight for her.” Fred said simply. James fell back into thought as he processed Fred’s words.

Sure he had been fighting for her, begged her for forgiveness and she had ignored him. Not giving him a chance to explain himself. But how exactly was he going to make her see how sorry he was if she wasn’t willing to talk about it.

Fred watched his cousin who had become deep in thought and stood up slowly knowing that James would be like that for a while yet. He just hoped that he could help them somehow work through their problems.

At first he had been a little disappointed at the fact that James had cheated and hidden the fact from his family for so long but he could see just how scared he was to admit to them what had happened and how with one silly action he had destroyed the one thing that had made him happier then Fred had ever seen him. 

Fred knew that James was extremely sorry for what he had done to Amelia and having Fred telling him just how much of an idiot he was wasn’t going to help him in anyway, so the only thing he could think of was just to offer his advice.

He walked out of the room and turned back to see his cousin still in the same place as he had been left, Fred let out a sigh at the troubled look on James’s face and turned back around, he was going to go to his dad for advice on this he knew he would be able to help James out.


George Weasley watched his nephew from the other side of the kitchen as he sipped on his hot chocolate quietly, James had been sitting with his head in his hands for the past ten minutes without moving and George couldn’t be sure if he had fallen asleep.

“Why don’t you go and talk to him?” Angelina asked her husband in a quiet whisper as she nodded over at James. George sighed as he whispered back at his wife from behind his cup.

“But I’m not sure what it is I can say to him.”

Angelina let out a small sigh as she placed her drink on the side and looked over at James feeling a certain sadness fill her.

Back when he was a little boy and was upset over something Angelina knew that just by giving him a big hug and a bar of Honeydukes finest she would see the cheeky grin fill his face again and he would instantly be cheered up, but she knew that that wouldn’t work this time.

This time the matter was bigger than any bar of chocolate Honeydukes could ever produce.

George and Angelina’s eyes flickered up as two figures entered the room, Amelia and Lucy had walked into the room and had stopped talking to each other, Amelia and Lucy gave them a warm smile but George and Angelina could tell by Amelia’s eyes that she was hiding the fact that she was upset.

James’s head rose up off his arms as he looked over at Lucy and Amelia, Lucy gave him a small smile and wave before she walked over to the back door and leaving to go out into the garden with Amelia following.

James’s eyes following Amelia as she walked passed him but he looked away once she had walked behind him, George and Angelina watched as Amelia got to the door and hesitated for a second as she looked behind her and saw the back of James’s head, they noticed that she had a look of hurt fill her before she shook her head and quickly walked from the room.

Angelina felt her heart fill with sadness as James went back to looking down at the table in a depressed state.

George placed his cup down on the counter next to Angelina’s and walked over to his nephew, taking a seat next to him, he clapped him on the back and said, “How are you feeling James?”

James looked up at George and then to Angelina before he let out an annoyed groan as he immediately knew that they knew about him and Amelia. He felt quite annoyed at Fred and the fact that it seemed to only take a mere hour before he starting blabbing to the family James’s biggest secret. “Oh great Fred told you.”

“Now don’t be harsh on Fred,” George said defensively, “he came to us in confidence and asked for our advice on how he could help you out in this situation. He won’t reveal your secret to anyone else but he thought that maybe I could help you out.”

James looked to his uncle for a moment as he nodded slowly before he rose his thumb to his mouth and began chewing on his nails absentmindedly.

“And I’m here to tell you that I know exactly how you feel,” he rubbed James’s shoulder reassuringly. Angelina sent her husband a hard glare

“Oh do you now? And how do you know how he feels?” she enquired. George felt the colour drain slightly out of his pale face as he saw the dark look in his wife’s eyes.

“What I mean was - er no reason - ”

He turned to James, “but believe me this is the worst of it, things can only get better from here.”

James shook his head, “Things seem pretty sucky right now, and I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon.”

“You just need to believe in my advice James; I was popular with the ladies I know what I’m talking about.”

“And how popular was this?” Angelina snapped, George nudged James in the ribs.

“Pretty popular,” he said with a wink before he turned to face his wife and told her seriously and quietly, “but not that popular.”

Angelina glared at him for a moment and James saw his Uncle swallow nervously as he said slowly, “I love you.”

Angelina rolled her eyes as she turned to James and spoke to him gently, “You’ve got to make her see how sorry you are James. You won’t know until you try and if you don’t try before the end of the holiday then you may never get your chance to again and I know you’ll regret it forever. Because you have a chance to save your marriage -”

She then turned to George the glare falling back onto her face, “- and you won’t have a marriage if you carry on this way.” She stood up as George swallowed nervously again and walked out of the room. James turned to look at George who smiled weakly back at him.


Having Amelia avoid him all day was starting to cause him more heartache, as soon as he began walking in her direction she would shoot up and rush off away from him, so often that James gave up. Lucy could only shoot him apologetic looks before she would follow Amelia.

Why was she being so damn stubborn about this all? She was the one who told him that she wanted a divorce, he should be the angry one but now she was the one avoiding him and acting like a child.

“Had another argument?”

James looked around at his brother Albus who had clapped James on the back before walking forwards, his hands going into his trouser pockets as he looked around the garden.

“Yeah, listen I need to talk to you about something,” James began; he knew that Albus would be able to help him out a lot more then Fred ever could.

Albus was the smartest person in the family, smarter even then Rose, which no one liked to mention through fear of being turned into a frog by Rose.

But Albus was extremely arrogant and sarcastic which was why people generally never went to him for advice or help, but James for once needed his brother’s help.

Albus waved his hand to silence him before he walked away calling, “We’ll chat later on ok? I have to rush off.”

“But Albus this is important!” James called after him but Albus carried on walking, James let out a frustrated groan, Fred appeared next to him in an instant.

“What’s up?” Fred asked him James shot him a glower.

“I’m not talking to you go away!” he snapped angry at Fred for telling Uncle George and Aunt Angelina the secret Fred had promised to keep to himself.

“Oh come on I was going to them for advice, they’re not going to say anything to anyone ok? They promised me.”

“Yeah sure! Give it a few days and everyone will know what I done. They will know that Amelia and I have broken up,” James snapped.

“What is going on here? What do you mean you and Amelia have broken up?” came a voice from behind them. James felt the colour drain from his face and fear filling his veins as he cursed himself in his own head.

He slowly turned around and came face to face with Rose Weasley, her hands were on her hips and she had a stern look on her face as she looked at him. James was instantly reminded of Aunt Hermione.

“Rose you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone.”



A/N: Thanks everyone for your reviews so far, I love all of them! I'm not sure how quickly the next chapter will be out as I'm only about halfway done with it, but I will try and update quickly.

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