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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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Alright here's Chapter 9 I hope you enjoy it!

It was around seven am and Hermione had barely slept at all she crept out of the room she shared with Ginny and into the living room of Grimmauld place. She sat down and sighed what could she do? All her books were in her trunk at Hogwarts so she decided to look around Mrs. Weasley definitely hadn’t come back as no one had expected her to. She scanned the old book case in the living room and picked up a couple sitting down cross legged on the sofa and began to read one of them.

Lost in her book she didn’t hear anyone come down stairs but sensed someone sit next to her out of the corner of her eye she could tell it was George. George grinned to himself and lay down on the sofa resting his head on top of the book sat on Hermione’s lap. Hermione smiled at him, “George, I can’t see my book,” Hermione told him.

“Yes but what you can see is a lot better looking than that book,” he winked at her.

“Maybe so but I’d still like to read it,” Hermione said.

“Ah, so you admit you think I’m good looking.”

“No, I said I think you’re better looking than parchment and black ink.”

“Okay not as flattered anymore,” George forced a frown.

Hermione smiled down at him, he clearly had no intention of moving. She began to drift off in her thoughts biting down slightly on her lower lip when a thought concerned or upset her.

“Alright spill Hermione,” George said.

“Huh? Spill what?” she asked.

“What are you thinking about?”

“The War that’s coming.”

“Stop it, you’re torturing yourself by thinking about it just focus on now the present and just be happy.”

“Be happy? Happy when one of my best friends is miserable? Happy when a friend or someone I think of as family is attacked? Happy when my sanctuary becomes my hell?” she asked him.

“Well err no...” he said awkwardly when he’d spoken he’d intended to be comforting clearly that went wrong. “But you have to at least try, giving up isn’t the answer and if you’re happy and strong then you’re being happy and strong for those you care about when they’re weak,” George smiled up at her.

“You should be a motivational speaker, George the help, the advice, the comfort you bring in your words is just amazing.”

“Just one of my many talents,” George grinned.

“Yes I agree you’re very talented. You’re such a great friend and I’m so lucky to have you in my life,” Hermione said these conversations they shared only made her love and appreciate him more but they also made her feel less and less worthy of him because in her eyes he was perfect but she was miles away. 

“Thank you, you’re a great friend too and I’m twice as lucky to have you as a friend,” George said as his smile widened and he became lost in her brown eyes and she in his blue. George began to wonder if it really was possible she felt the same or maybe her words were just friendly and kind. Perhaps he heard and saw the love because he wanted to hear and see it. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him but laying there his head resting in her lap felt so right to him and he couldn’t help but wonder if it felt the same to her.

They were just sat there in comfortable silence both of them wondering what the other was thinking but neither wanting to break the moment. It was then they heard footsteps coming downstairs and both frowned the spell had broken and what had seemed a magical moment was over and their eye contact broke. As Hermione looked away she blushed furiously wondering how she became so lost in his eyes and why he had such an effect on her.

George reluctantly sat back up and Hermione closed the book he’d been resting his head on. They smiled at each other as Sirius entered.

“Hermione Granger,” Sirius smiled.

“Sirius, it’s great to see you,” she smiled as she stood up and hugged him.

“Well nobody but the Dementors would see me if it wasn’t for you,” he told her, he never gave up telling her how thankful he was for her and Harry saving him.

“When are you going to get over that? All we did was save the life of an innocent man, all we did was the right thing,” Hermione said.

“Either way I owe you my life,” Sirius said to her, “Fre...”  Sirius began to say speaking to George however he didn’t continue not completely certain which twin he was.

“George,” he told him.

“Sorry son I can never tell you apart,” Sirius apologised.

“It’s fine, Mum can’t even tell us apart.”

“Sorry about your father, I wanted to visit him but I can’t appear in public without being locked up and stuck back in Azkaban.”

“It’s fine he was asleep when we arrived so we just came back here,” George told him.

“And your association how’s that coming along?” Sirius asked Hermione.

“It’s great I honestly feel like we’re doing the right thing and Harry’s just amazing he’s been such a great teacher. Sirius I think you really need to talk with him he doesn’t want to be weak but he can’t always be strong either,” Hermione told him.

“I will talk with him, don’t worry,” Sirius said.

George became slightly angry when Hermione said about Harry being great and amazing but tried to tell himself they were just close friends.

One by one everyone woke up and slowly surfaced until everyone was up. Hermione and Ginny made breakfast and once everyone was finished cleaned up. Everyone got ready and Hermione got dressed her hair still dripping wet after washing it. She sighed, she was out of Hogwarts so was not allowed to use her wand, her muggle hair dryer was in her trunk which was probably on the Hogwarts express that very second and so the only thing she could use was a towel which was proving useless.

Once she was dressed in her jeans and shirt she walked out of the room and across the hall knocking on Fred and George’s door.  

“Who is it?” she heard the two identical voices call.

“Hermione,” she called back.

“Oh, Fred it’s Hermione,” she heard George say.

“Hermione? Okay, umm tell her we’re busy,” she heard Fred say the twins were talking purposely loud.

“Alright, Hermione we’re busy,” George called.

“Ha ha very funny boys. Please can I come in I need your help!” she called again.

“What d’you say Freddie?” George asked.

“Oh fine let her in.”

“Hermione, you can come in,” George said.

She opened the door and walked in the twins just grinning at her. They hadn’t meant anything by the conversation through the door the only point was to mess with Hermione.

“And what can we do for little-miss-know-it-all that little-miss-know-it-all can’t do for herself?” Fred asked.

“I need you to dry my hair for me,” they looked at her like she was insane.

“Please guys, my muggle hair dryer is in my trunk and I’m not allowed to use magic outside of school,” she said.

“And what do we get in return?” Fred asked.

“I already said I’d help with your paper work,” Hermione pointed out.

“Fine, what spell?” George asked. Hermione gave him the spell and he dried her hair for her.

“Thanks,” she said, “We going to head over to St. Mungos then?”

“Yeah, if everyone’s ready,” Fred said.

Everyone gathered and they all flooed back to St. Mungos. Mr. Weasley was awake and everyone greeted him excited to see him looking better.

“Oh, Ginny stop fussing I’m fine,” he told her as she shot question after question at her father.     

They stayed at the hospital until six in the evening when they finally allowed Arthur to leave.

“Ginny, d’you have any plans for tomorrow?” Hermione asked.

“No, why?”

“I still need to go Christmas shopping,” Hermione said.

“Me too, so Diagon Alley?”

“Yeah sounds good to me,” Hermione answered.

“I’m in,” Harry called from across the room.

“Us too,” said Fred and George.

“I’ll come,” said Ron.

“Sure invite yourselves,” Ginny said rolling her eyes.

 “We just did Ginny,” Fred said.

“Hermione, we need you tomorrow,” George said.


“Because this place we’re looking at for our joke shop is in Diagon Alley and you,” he said gesturing to her, “have to make sure we,” he said gesturing to himself and his twin, “ don’t get tricked into anything,” George told her.

“Fine, what time?”

“2:30,” Fred said.

“3:30,” George said.

“No it’s 2:30, I remember,” Fred told him.

“Come off it Fred, it’s 3:30,” George said. 

“No trust me it‘s 2:30.”



“Boys, why don’t we go for 2:30 if the salesman isn’t there we leave and go back at 3:30,” Hermione suggested.

“And that is why she is the smart one,” Fred pointed out.

“I would have thought of it,” George muttered.

“I’m sure you would have but she thought of it first,” Fred said sticking his tongue out at his twin who repeated the gesture.

“Ugh, so immature,” Ginny said. 

“Yeah and you’re so grown up you’re even starting to look like Great Aunt Muriel,” Fred laughed.

“Fred that’s offensive... to Great Aunt Muriel,” George added laughing with his twin.

“Oh shut up you idiots,” Ginny hissed at them angrily.

“You two leave your sister alone, come on everyone dinner,” Molly called.

Hermione sat opposite George with Harry and Ginny on either side of her. Harry was pushing his food around his plate occasionally touching his scar which was an obvious sign he was in pain. Hermione rested a hand on his shoulder his head snapped up, “Harry are you alright?” she asked.

“Ye...” he began to say, “No.” He admitted honestly.

“Is there anything we can do?”

“No, I-I’m just going to go lie down I think,” he said standing and leaving.

Hermione looked after him wondering if he needed a friend or wanted to be alone she didn’t have to think long after Sirius said he’d go and check on him.

Hermione didn’t really feel like eating anymore either and every time she looked up George was staring at her questioningly. He was wondering if she really had feelings for Harry and it was killing him that the more he thought about it the more likely it seemed.

“Are you okay George?” she asked.

“Yeah, just fine,” he said angrily through gritted teeth.

Both Hermione and Fred looked at him and strangely both of them knew he was not fine and yet neither said another word, Hermione not wanting to make him say what was bothering him and Fred deciding to speak to him later.

Dinner went on and conversation was scarce and after everyone was finished dishes were washed, the table was cleared and Hermione went to her room.

 She sat alone in the room she shared with the Ginny and finally took time to think about everything going on. She thought about the war, she thought about school, she thought about the DA and she thought about George but her thoughts never seemed to be a happy place. She was a young girl, she was smart, she wasn’t bad looking, she had friends, she had family and she was filled with love and yet with every happy thought came a shadow of uncertainty and cloud of sadness. It didn’t seem fair but nothing did anymore.

“Hey George,” Fred said walking into their room.

“What d’you want?” George asked him irritably.

“Whoa, easy mate just thought I’d see what was bothering you,” Fred said.

“Sorry, I’m just kind of frustrated,” George sighed.

“Yeah I got that from the attitude but what I’m not getting is why you’re frustrated.”

“I think Hermione likes Harry,” he muttered.


“And? And you’re a bloody retard if you can’t tell why that would frustrate me,” George yelled at him.

“Okay one, if you call me a retard again you’re dead. Two, I know why it frustrates you. Three, I do not think Hermione likes harry as anything more than a friend. Four, even if she did Potter is no competition for a Weasley twin. Five, stop being frustrated and listen to your twin.”

“Sorry, so you really think there are no feelings between them?”

“Yes, I really think that and like I said if she did have feelings for him all she needs is a little persuasion,” Fred smirked.

“Very true, thanks again,” George grinned.

“It’s cool, now can I ask you for advice?”


“How do I make my twin stop worrying and ask out the girl he likes?”

“Oh shut up! It’s going to happen soon, but it seems like every time I try we get interrupted,” George told his twin.

“No time like the present, my twin,” Fred smirked at him.

“Now? No, not now it’s just not the right time, don’t give me that look- I’m not afraid, I’m just going to do it when I want,” George said.

“Uh-huh, so you’re not afraid?”


“Good to know,” Fred said walking out the room. He came back a few moments later accompanied by Hermione. “Hermione, George has something to tell you,” Fred said still smirking.

“Fred!” George hissed.

“What George? I mean you said it yourself, you’re not afraid.”

“I err- I um. I was wrong I think it is 2:30 for tomorrow,” George covered.

“Is that it?” she asked disappointedly.

“Yeah, I um I have issues with admitting that I can be wrong,” George lied lamely.

“Alright well see you guys,” Hermione said leaving.

“You’re truly pathetic. Issues with admitting I’m wrong?” Fred asked shaking his head.

“I know but I can’t help it, it’s Hermione she just has that effect on me,” George told him.

“And I never expected you to be so in love,” Fred said.

“I didn’t expect it either, but your one to talk when every other word out of your mouth is Angelina.”

“Alright so we’re both as bad as each other then, I still never saw this day coming.”

“That’s because we’re shit at Divination,” George laughed and Fred joined him.

So go ahead and leave a review and tell me what you thought! Please reviews mean the world to me and I really want to know anything you have to say about the story!

So far I've had some amazing reviewers and you know who you are and I cannot thank any of you enough because when writing is giving me a headache you're reviews encourage and inspire me to keep writing! Thanks to all my readers I really appreciate it! Jenna :)

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