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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 5 : Quidditch Practice, Showers and Creating Spells with HER
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5) Quidditch Practice, Showers and Creating Spells with HER


“Wow, that sucks Hippogriff dung,” was Prongs’ reaction when we told him what had gone down. Needless to say, Mayfield and I were not happy troopers. “Well, you were still late, so double laps.” I swore, and Mayfield gave him the middle finger. So we began our 6 laps round the gigantic pitch.


We were lightly jogging, knowing it would be stupid to try and sprit the first few laps and use up all our energy. After a few minutes of silence, she spoke.


“You okay?” she asked. I rolled my eyes at the typical question.


“I’m over the fricken’ moon,” I droned.


“Ha, fucking, ha,” she replied sarcastically.


Too much sarcasm for me- we had only done one lap yet and it seemed like years had passed!




We decided to do the next 4 laps in silence, to my dismay. Silence was something I despised. We were about to start our last lap, when I decided to break the horrible state of quietness that was upon us- the rest of the team was waiting in the changing rooms discussing tactics and skills with Prongs.


“Sprint the last lap? We can’t exactly race though…” I murmured, jangling the hideous pink handcuffs. She nodded glumly, but I took that as acceptance. We got to the hoops where we started the laps, and we glanced eath other, myself winking at her once.


“Ready to witness the Speed of Sirius?” I smirked, and she grinned smugly back.


“In your dreams, Black.” And with that we ran.


It was quite interesting, you see, because whenever one of us sped ahead, they were pulled back by the other because of the handcuffs, but we were both pretty even in speed.


We were panting heavily by the end, but I had achieved my quickest lap yet. OH YEAH BABY.


“You’re finally done,” deadpanned Prongs, and I glared at him, when we entered the changing room.


“Yes, we are.”


“Good, let’s get ready to play. Team, out on the pitch, now,” ordered Prongs, and the team moved their arses to the pitch. Whooptee-fucking-doo.


“Em, Captain, how are we gonna fly on separate brooms more than a metre apart because of these things on our wrist?” asked Mayfield, and I nodded agreeing, never thinking about that. Then again, I don’t think about a lot of things.


Prongs grinned maliciously, frightening me. “I’ve got something different planned.”




“Since you two are terrible at working together, I have set up this for you.”


“What do we do?” Currently Mayfield and I were standing in the middle of a circle of around 20, I think Muggles call them, baseballs.


“These Muggle baseballs are enchanted to fly at you from any angle. You have to use your beater’s bat to deflect them,” explained Prongs, and I shrugged.


“Doesn’t sound too hard,” I muttered and Prongs smirked while waving his wand.


“Oh, I’ll let you judge that for yourselves…” And with that he left.


“What do we do?” Mayfield asked. I was about to reply, when a baseball whizzed towards my face from nowhere. From my years on the Quidditch team, I luckily deflected it in time but it was a close call. Mayfield also hit one, that was aiming at her shoulder.


Soon enough all 20 of the balls were in game, and Mayfield and I were just swinging our bats around madly in hope to hit as many away as possible. However, every time we hit one away, it always came back. We probably looked like mental patients.


In my moment of thought, I had stopped moving my bat, and a ball slammed straight into my nose.


“YEOOOOOOUCCCHH!” I squealed. A manly squeal of course. But it still fucking hurt, yet I couldn’t stop moving my bat otherwise more would hit me.


“Why are you screaming like a little girl Black?” shouted Mayfield, as she carried on deflecting the baseballs with me- we were back to back.


“Because a ball broke my nose!”


“At least one thing good came out of this!”




“You’ll never have a perfect face again!”


“Excuse me! Madame Pomfrey can fix it to perfection!”


“Sure, you’re just frightened your nose will never be returned to its perfect self or have a perfect face!”


“Ha, you admit I have a perfect face!”


“I said you did- past tense! And watch out, ball going for the top of your head!” I swung my bat just above my head to hit it- that was a close call.


“FUCKING HELL!” I screamed, shrinking to the ground.


“What now?” replied Mayfield, irritated. How does she get to be irritated? I’m the one in agony!


“A ball just hit me in a certain area!” I whined, curled up on the ground, but my right arm in the air, because it was being held up by Mayfields left arm.


“Oh grow up!”


“You don’t know how much it hurts!”


“It can’t hurt that much! That’s only in the movies.”


“I swear to god that baseball was hard and going at a gazillion miles per hour!”


“Stop being so overdramatic and hit some BASEballs!”


I felt like going all Meme on her and shouting WHY U HAVE NO SYMPATHY?




“I fucking hate you Prongs,” said Mayfield and I in unison, when Prongs finally decided to let the balls stop whizzing towards us an hour later.


“That was horrible.”


“It was frickin’ torture!”


“You can’t let your best friend go through that sort of shit!”


“It’s an abuse of power!”


“Oi! Shut up. As Captain I have the right to do whatever the heck I want with my team.”


We had slowly made our way to the changing rooms, and Mayfield and I were lying, bruised, on the ground.


“Yes, but that was over the line,” I moaned. He looked thoughtful.


“I guess that was pretty tough. Plus, you can’t do much in that state. You need to fix it. I’ll give you 2 weeks to fix it, or I’ll get reserves.”


“But Prongs!” I exclaimed. “The first match is still 2 months away.”


“Exactly. I hear Slytherin’s working hard this year- their captain is McAffy, he’s quite good and our main competition cause we know they play dirty.”


“Fine. We’ll sort this out. Heck, I can’t go 2 weeks attached to him anyways,” agreed Mayfield, I sighed deeply and wondered since when I had become the logical one on this planet. Isn’t that a joke. Hilarious. Me, logical? Never.


We stalked out the room with as much energy as we had left and somehow made it to the Gryffindor boys dorms.


“How are we gonna sort this?” I asked.


“No clue.”


“We need a shower don’t we.”






“I know.”


“What do we do?”


“I don’t know. There’s no hangings is there?”


“Nope. Fuck.”


“Tell me about it.”


We both thought about it. Who needs a shower anyway? But smelling my pits and looking at my mud and slime covered skin it was needed.


“Idea!” I shouted. Mayfield looked shocked. I’m not surprised, it’s very rarely I get an idea. “We shower in our underwear! It’s the best we can do.”


“I guess…” muttered Mayfield.


“What’s wrong?” I questioned curiously. I thought it was pure genius! But then it clicked. “Boyish Mayfield is too embarrassed to go shower in her underwear, because she’d look bad against the sex god Black! Don’t-“


“Oh no,” she snarled. I think I’d hit a soft point. Oops. “I’m fine with it Black, I’m just worried you won’t let your hormones get the better of you,” and she winked. Mayfield. Winked. That girl has just achieved a new level of respect in my eyes.


So we grabbed two towels, and I vowed to make this as quick as possible to save Mayfield from getting overcome by my ravishing surfer abs. The modesty in me is evident, no?


We made our way to the bathroom, and stripped, leaving only our underwear on. I turned around expecting to see nothing special, but what I saw astounded me. It was… magnificent. She was fit.


“Sheesh, Mayfield, what have you been hiding under there?” I gave a low whistle, but no, she doesn’t blush, she just glares at me, but I can see her lips tugging into a smirk.


She sauntered, no jokes- swished her hips and everything to the shower, and I followed her in a bit of a daze. I snapped myself out of my reverie, and got back to the focus. Quick, COLD, shower, then out.


We switched on the shower, after getting in the large tub with a shower as well, and I jumped about 5 feet in the air when the freezing water hit me and screamed. Mayfield was laughing her head off, holding her stomach. I narrowed my eyes, and flicked body wash at her.




It soon became a war of the soaps and we circled the tub somehow considering our hands were attached, shower forgotten, armed with Muggle rubber ducks (which I didn’t know why we had – probably Peter) and various body wash and shampoo.


“Oi, don’t finish all my conditioner. That stuff works-“ but I didn’t get to finish before a huge dollop of that conditioner was in my mouth and Mayfield was in hysterics. I smirked evilly, and her eyes widened, as I pounced on her. The tub was filled with soapy water as we hadn’t taken out the plug. I pushed her under the water, before she rolled around stuffing me beneath the water, and I gurgled at the disgusting  taste of soap on my tongue. I pushed my head above, and we both broke out into laughter, sitting on the bathtub floor.


I purposely ignored the fact her undergarments were now practically see through, and more focused on how awesome she was. I hadn’t really seen this side of her.


“We should invent a spell…” thought aloud Mayfield, and I turned to her.


“What kind of spell?” Surely she didn’t know about the spells they had invented? Like for the Marauder’s Map?


“A soap spell. To clean the mouths of filthy Slytherins who have started saying shit like ‘Mudblood’…”


I gaped. “That’s brilliant Mayfield! Pure brilliance!”


“Really?” she asked, looking quite chuffed. I eagerly nodded.


“Let’s get the shower over quick, dry off, then start on it!”




For some reason, the shower lost its awkwardness. It seemed normal to be hanging around Mayfield. We began on the spell and were actually getting somewhere with it.


“Maybe we should make the bubbles pink? Just to make it even more horrific and humiliating?” smirked Mayfield, and I grinned.




So, we went about testing various wand movements and ways. Turns out Mayfield’s incredible knowledge of every jet colour and width helped with creating it, as she could calculate what movements produced what width, and what words produced what colour. We decided to make in non-verbal and quite a complicated movement so hardly anyone could figure out how to do it. Of course we would most likely share it with the Marauders.




“So, how we are going to test it? Do you mind?” Mayfield asked.




“Not really, go ahead,” I replied, and smacked myself mentally.




Thanks, me. God, now I’m talking to myself.








Fabulous. Just fabulous.


But I didn’t have more time to talk to Capsy (he and Mayfield voice should hook up- stupid voices in my brain), as I was distracted by the most revolting taste of soap in the world, and looked down to see pink bubbles pouring out my mouth at an incredible speed. Mayfield’s eyes widened and she quickly stopped the spell.


“Maybe that was a bit too strong…”


I let the last of the bubbles pour out like vomit. “Ya think?” I groaned, wiping my mouth, and spitting to the side of my bed once for good measure.


She shrugged. “You did agree to be the tester.”


“It was a moment of insanity I tell you!” I defended. She rolled her eyes and I shot a glare at her.


Oh woes, of woes.






What is it now Capsy?


I looked at my watch. It was 3-fucking-AM. And Mayfield had just gone to bed after another one of her talking sessions. She had mentioned her mum again. She’d also mentioned her dad- how he ran away. I didn’t know why, she didn’t tell me that, but I had a feeling that as long as I was attached to her, the secrets would carry on spilling out.








Whatever’s up in the life of Capsy.


He’s right you know. We’re all one fucking person. Our lives aren’t all that different.




I will punch you.




But I can get Sirius to punch himself, effectively punching you.


Can you please shut up? Is it too much to ask from two voices in my bloody brain!


Why of course.




Oh go away Mayfield Voice and Capsy, and let me sleep in peace.


Alright then.




Finally. Peace.


“Sirius,” came a quiet voice from my side, that was more welcome than those two voices.


But still, seems like I’m not going to get any sleep tonight, and with that I wrapped my arm around Mayfield’s waist, and stroked her hair soothingly, thinking that for some reason, when our hands were no longer attached, I would miss these nights.




A few more days had passed, and we were stuck in the same situation. Prongs even shoved me into the library- he was that afraid of why it was taking so long for the handcuffs to simply do it’s magic and unlock.


So here we were, Mayfield and I, pouring over spell books in the common room. I heard some girls laughing in the corner, and saw it was Iris and Holly. I missed them- we hadn’t really hung out with them much, and I got the vibe that Mayfield and them didn’t really mix.


I looked at them pleadingly and they winked at me, walking over to us. I faced Mayfield to gage her reaction, but turns out she had fallen asleep over the books.


“Hey Sirius,” they greeted, pulling up a chair each and I grinned at them both.


“Hey girls, what’s up?”


“Well, where have you been? Hanging out with that boy over there?” grinned Holly, and Iris laughed while I looked at them confused.


“What d’ya mean?”


“Well, everyone’s heard about how you thought she was a boy. It’s been the talk of the school for days- everybody’s been laughing their arses off about it.”


“I thought they’d be annoyed- you know, letting a girl on the team.”


“They just think that she’s so boyish that you let her on. Plus, everyone knows she hasn’t had a relationship with any guy, so we had this theory that… well… you know… She’s lesbian! She’s been getting tons of stick for it,” giggled Iris. I laughed, but on the inside I cringed. That was horrible. How did I not notice people doing this to Mayfield?


“I feel so bad for you, Sirius. I mean staying with that thing,” muttered Holly, pointing her eyebrows towards Mayfield’s sleeping form. “What do you do at night?”


I thought I’d keep Mayfield’s night escapades a secret. “She sleeps on the floor, I sleep on the bed; her left arm stays in the air, my right arm pulled to the ground.”


“I bet she’s so annoying to be around. What, her being so boring and geeky… I don’t get how anyone could be that ugly, geeky and moody at the same time. You agree, don’t you, Sirius?” she asked, and I was about to reply with a firm ‘no’, when I was pulled out of my chair, my right arm tugged up.


“Out. Get the fucking hell out, alright?” yelled Mayfield. Guessing she heard everything then… The two girls put their hands up in the air in mock surrender before scurrying up to the girls’ dorms.


“I can’t believe you laughed when they were taking the mick out of me. And I thought you weren’t half bad,” murmered Mayfield, and a wave of guilt overcame me. “Anyways, I can’t blame you. I hate who I am. Who I have to be.”


“What do you mean, ‘have to be’?” I asked curiously. Who had to be anything?


“Look,” she sighed. “I need to show you something… It’ll probably change the way you think about me, you may remember some stuff, or you might hate me, I don’t know. But I need to show you this…”


A/N: Dum dum dum! What’s she gonna show our little Sirius?


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