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Sitting Here in Front of Me by HPotter949
Chapter 1 : The Not So Prestigious Event Of Hogwarts
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 Fred was sitting alone on the window sill of the sixth year’s dorm of Gryffindor tower. He sat staring down at the grounds of Hogwarts. The moon was shining brightly and was casting large black shadows of the trees from the Forbidden Forest. It looked so peaceful.

It had been hard on Fred since Angelina had dumped him at the Yule Ball, especially since it was in front of everyone who had attended. He still had no idea why. He thought he had been really caring and loving towards her. He was obviously wrong. Then again, he hadn’t had much time to think of reasons, as he had been in his dorm some six minutes. Yes, the Yule Ball was still taking place six floors below him in the Great Hall.

The door to the dorm suddenly creaked open. Fred slowly turned his head to see George looking at him sympathetically. He knew that he could rely on George to understand. 

George walked over and sat on the other end of the window sill and looked down at the Forbidden Forest.

“Anything interesting happened tonight?” He asked.

Fred knew he meant about the break-up, but made out it was about the forest. “No, not really. Although I just saw Hagrid leave the castle with Madam Maxime.”

“Nice” Replied George.

They sat in silence for several minutes, looking at the ever darkening grounds outside. They could hear other Gryffindors’ coming back from the Yule Ball. 

Fred turned to look at the clock beside his bed. It read 11:30. That would be right. He thought. I spend the most prestigious night of my Hogwarts schooling in my dorm, with my twin. Just great.

George couldn’t take the silence anymore. “Look bro, I’m really sorry about what happened with you and Angelina. I’m here for you, you know that?”

Fred looked up at his twin. He could always rely on George whenever he needed someone to talk to. Not because he was his twin, or his brother, but because he could feel and understand how Fred was feeling.

“Yeah, I know George. Thanks. I’m just still trying to work out why this all happened and why she had to do it in front of everyone.” 

“Don’t worry about it mate, I’m sure Angelina is feeling the same way. Who would want to dump someone like you?” Smiled George.

Fred couldn’t help but smile. George always knew what to say to make him smile.

“You know what George, I think you’re right.” He got up and walked to the door, leaving George sitting on the window sill staring after him.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” He asked.

“Going to find someone to test our Wrist Cracking Wiz Fizz out on” Replied Fred as he picked up a suitcase with the initials WWW on it.

“Good idea Fred. I’ll join you.”

Fred and George walked down the staircase to the common room. Not many people had come back from the Yule Ball yet, but there were plenty of first and second year students to try out their new product on. 


“Hermione, what happened? What’s wrong?” Ginny had just caught up with Hermione as she stopped in front of the fat lady. 

“Pumpkin Pasty” Hermione told the fat lady. The portrait swung open and she climbed through, completely ignoring Ginny. She walked past Fred and George on her way to the staircase. Unknowing to her, but to George and Ginny, Fred checked her out. Ginny stopped, stared at him for a split second, and then kept following Hermione.

When Ginny reached Hermione’s dorm, she found her lying on her bed, the moonlight shining through the window cast over Hermione’s face and showed Ginny the tears starting to flow from her eyes. 

“Hermione, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Ginny asked as she walked over and sat down on her bed.

“It’s Viktor; he thinks I have a thing for Ron. I told him that nothing was going on. The worst part was that he has been insisting this for weeks, so I began to yell.  He looked quiet hurt from what I said. I think he thought I was breaking up with him or something. Anyway, I just told him to leave me alone for a bit. I started to walk off and that’s when he got up and ran in front of me. He thought I was going to see Ron, which is impossible because he was still on the dance floor with Lavender and you and Harry. I told him I felt nothing for Ron, that we were just friends. He didn’t believe me and then started confessing his love for me; he was carrying on like a jerk. I kept telling him Ron was a friend. That’s when I slapped him, told him to stay away from me, and walked off.”

“So then why are you crying? You dumped him”

“I don’t know Gin, it happened so fast. Maybe I just feel bad for the way I ended it.” 

Ginny looked at her best friend. She could understand how Hermione could feel that way. “Look, tomorrow is a Hogsmead visit, why don’t we leave Harry and Ron to themselves, and just go have a girl’s day out. What do you think?”

“That’s sounds like a great idea Gin.” Hermione thought she could do with a day out with her best friend. It had been a while since they had spent time together, just the two of them. They had both been off with Harry and Viktor, and had only ever really chatted at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It wasn’t that bad. Hermione had had a lot of fun with Viktor. He was really interesting and really understood her. Now she thought he was the biggest jerk in the world.

“Hey, why don’t you get changed and come down to the common room with me. I saw Fred and George experimenting on the first and second years and I’m sure that Harry and Ron would be back from the Yule Ball by now.” Said Ginny.

“Good idea. I’ll see you down there in five minutes” Hermione went and changed out of her dress. What a waste. She thought. My parents send me a beautiful and expensive dress and I’m only in it for three hours. She changed into some trackies and a jumper and walked down the staircase to the common room. She looked around. It was getting quiet crowded now that most of the Gryffindors were back from the Yule Ball. She scanned the room a few times before seeing Ginny sitting with Fred, George, Harry, Ron and Lavender. She had grown to like Lavender since she had starting dating Ron. Hermione walked over and sat down next to Ginny.

“Hi Hermione, Ginny told us what happened. I hope you’re alright.” Said Harry.

“Me too. If Viktor ever does that to you again, I will hex him back to Durmstrang” Said Ron. He had always been protective of Hermione since they broke up two years ago. 

“Thanks guys. I’ll be alright.” Replied Hermione. She didn’t really like being in the spotlight for too long. She was so used to Harry being the one who got hurt. “I saw what happened between you and Angelina Fred. I hope you’re alright”

“As they say, ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea’.” Replied Fred. They sat and chatted for a few hours. It was 1:00 when Harry and Ron thought they would go to bed. Ginny and Lavender weren’t far behind them. It wasn’t long before it was just Hermione and Fred left sitting in front of a dying fire. 

Hermione could feel Fred’s eyes on her, but when she looked up he looked into the fire.

“Look at us. We have come back from the most prestigious night in our Hogwarts schooling and instead of spending it with Angelina or Viktor; we spend it with each other.” Hermione said as she too looked into the fire.

“What’s wrong with me?” asked Fred sarcastically. He looked at Hermione and smiled, she smiled back.

“You know what I mean Fred” She smiled.

“Yes, but that doesn’t answer my question, does it?”

“Well there is nothing wrong with you Fred Weasley.” She smiled. He smiled back at her. “I’m off to bed. See you in the morning Fred.” She got up and started walking back to the staircase.

“Night Hermione.” Said Fred as he watched her climb the staircase to her dorm. For some reason, Fred Weasley couldn’t take his eyes off Hermione Granger.

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Sitting Here in Front of Me: The Not So Prestigious Event Of Hogwarts


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