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A Snow Dance by elephant828
Chapter 1 : A Snow Dance
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“I wish it would snow,” a rosy-cheeked Lily Evans said while sitting next to the Black Lake and a messy-haired, bespectacled man named James Potter.


The air was cold and they were both bundled up in their cloaks and scarves, huddled close in an effort to keep warm. Their breath came out in little clouds and the lake was covered with a thin layer of ice.


A thoughtful expression crossed James’s face before he stood up and threw his cloak onto the ground.


“What are you doing?” Lily asked, looking up at him.

 “Preparing for a snow dance, naturally. Do you care to join me?” he smirked.


Lily stood up, accepting the offer.


“You’re going to have to help me, James,” she said, smiling. “I’ve never done a snow dance before.”


“First of all, you have to take of your cloak.”

Lily raised an eyebrow at this.


“I promise that’s the only item of clothing that I’m going to tell you to take off!” James huffed. “I can’t believe you would even think that I would be teaching you to do the snow dance for my own selfish purposes!”


“Because you would never take advantage of me for your own selfish purposes,” Lily said while tossing her cloak into the grass.


“I’m glad we have the same understanding.”


James wasn’t very good at picking up on sarcasm.


“Now, this is a very simple dance,” James began, looking into Lily’s eyes. “You start out slowly swaying your arms above your head.”


Taking his own advice, James began to sway his arms in the air.


Lily stared at him doubtfully.

 “Do you really believe that I’m going to sway with you?” Lily asked.



“Of course! How else do you think we’re going to get it to snow?”



His arms were still swaying in the air, and as silly as it made her feel, Lily forced her arms in the air and waved them from side to side.



James smirked, knowing that he had won this argument.



“The second step?” Lily demanded, embarrassed with herself.



“We have to spin around seven times, singing for snow as loud as we can.”


Lily nodded, knowing that she had nothing to lose, as she couldn’t look any stupider than she did now.


“We’ll go on three,” James started, eyes glinting mischievously, “One. Two. Three.”






They both sang as loud as they could to the sky, though Lily was struggling a little as she couldn’t keep herself from laughing.


After spinning around seven times (or maybe eight, it was easy to lose count when you were spinning so fast), they stopped, panting.



“The third step?” Lily asked, breathless.



Through all of their spinning, James and Lily had drifted close to each other. Too close, Lily normally would have thought, but for once, she was enjoying it.


“The last step,” James smirked, “You have to kiss the person who taught you the Snow Dance.”


“Who taught you the Snow Dance? Was it Sirius?” Lily grinned.


“No!” James said indignantly. “No one taught me the Snow Dance!”


“Are you admitting to making the whole thing up in order to take advantage of me?”



James sighed. He had been caught. That’s what he got for trying to trick such a smart girl.



“Maybe just a little.”



“Well, you’re lucky you caught me in a good mood,” Lily said, “and that I want snow so bad.”



James felt his heart begin to race in his chest. He had wanted this for years, and it was finally happening. Lily Evans was going to kiss him.


She leaned up and pressed her lips softly against his. It was a sweet kiss, innocent and quick.



It was the best kiss James had ever had.


Lily stood back, blushing slightly. She couldn’t believe that she had just kissed James Potter. She always said that she never would, but she actually did it.


 She glanced at James, who had a stupid smirk on his face. Then she glanced up at the sky.


It still wasn’t snowing.



This was uncomfortable. Lily couldn’t believe she had messed up the friendship she worked so hard to create with him.



“I guess it didn’t work,” she said awkwardly. “I’m a little cold. I think I’m going back to the Common Room.”



She began to walk away, towards the castle. She had gotten too caught up in everything, and she had kissed him. And he probably didn’t even like her.


Stupid James and his stupid snow dance.



“Lily wait,” she heard from behind her.



She was so embarrassed with herself that she continued walking, waving her hand casually over her shoulder.



“Really, James. I should be getting back.”


“But Lily─”


“I’ll just go and sit by the fire and read or something.”



“If you would just─”



“Maybe I could conjure some snow in my dorm─”


Lily felt a hand wrap around her wrist, stopping her babbling. She turned around, slowly, to find James looking at her.



“You don’t need to conjure snow, Lily. It’s already snowing.” A smile was forming on his face as he said this. 


Lily looked into the sky and found that it was, indeed, snowing.



“It worked!” she exclaimed, throwing her arms around James. “That stupid snow dance you made up actually worked!”


She pulled out of the hug and took a step back. She had almost forgotten who she was hugging.



“Don’t I get a thank you?”



Lily’s face flushed crimson, a color she knew would clash horribly with her hair.


James reached out and pulled her gently towards him before leaning in and placing a light kiss on her lips.


Lily felt like someone had cast the Jelly Legs Jinx at her. Her embarrassment about making things awkward had dissipated. It was instead replaced by giddiness. How could she even have thought that James didn’t like her?


“Since that dance worked so well, maybe we’ll have to try it again in the future,” James whispered into her ear.


She nodded her head and grinned at him.


“That sounds like a very good plan.”


A little One-Shot I wrote while praying for a snow day. REVIEW (please?)

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A Snow Dance: A Snow Dance


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