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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 13 : Inexplicably Horrible Sounds, Screaming First Years and Rubbish Practices
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 “Don’t say a word.” Rose glares at me, knowing I desperately want to tease her about her and Malfoy. To be precise, I want to tease her for denying her love for him for years. I really, really want to leap up, do an embarrassing dance and chant:


But I won’t.

Because I’m such an amazing friend.

I sit on the edge of my chair, lips tightly compressed, practically bursting with excitement and the urge to sing. Dom sighs and rolls her eyes. She holds up three fingers and counts them off.



Rose slams her hands over her ears and begins yelling at the top of her voice, “LALALALALALA!” desperately trying to sing over my chanting. I continue screaming my song even louder over the top of her voice. She then raises her voice, so I raise my voice, so she raises her voice and so on until we can’t go any louder.

The product of this?

An inexplicably horrible and shrill screaming sound that sounds sort of like a Mermaid singing above water, a cat being strangled, and James attempting to sing “Don’t stop believing” all at the same time.

And considering we’re sat in the middle of the Common Room, we receive several death glares and several scared looks.

We continue doing this for a good few minutes as Dom doesn’t seem to mind (wait, she’s got those magical earplugs that block out everything  or replace the noise you’re trying to block out with a sound of your choice- her Uncle George created them). Then, quite suddenly, a First Year jumps up from where he’s trying to play Wizard Chess with a mate and shouts (even louder than our screaming- and that’s saying something):


We stop abruptly and stare at the First Year. Everyone does. Dom even takes out her earplugs to hear what’s going on. The First Year is breathing heavily, he chest heaving with anger. Then he realises everyone is staring at him and he turns beetroot red.

“Alright, love. We’re shutting up.” I say, looking at him disbelievingly.

“You could have just asked,” Rose raises her eyebrows at him.

“Yeah, no need for the foul language,” I add as Rose tuts and nods. The boy splutters, embarrassed and annoyed. He sits down, muttering something incoherently. Everyone returns to what they were doing before Rose and I’s outburst, acting normally.

They’re used to it.

Rose reaches it her rucksack and yanks out a ridiculously heavy and huge book. It’s title is: “The Diet of a Jarvey”.


One book, one huge book (I’d say, 1000 pages, give or take 500) on the diet of one animal.

Holy mother of Merlin.

Rose looks offended at the way I’m staring disbelievingly at the book. She blushes slightly and mutters, “What? It’s a fascinating read!”

“I’ll take your word for it…”I murmur back. Rose picks it up and opens it at the page she marked it with (with a muggle magnetic bookmark, might I add) and begins reading like it’s the most interesting read, ever.

A faint tapping sound on the window interrupts Rose’s reading. She leaps up and flings the window open before anyone else can even look up. Snatching the letter, she shoos the bird back of the window, and practically runs back to her seat.

“Jesus, Rose. You would have thought someone was going to steal that letter,” I laugh at her. She ignores me and reads it eagerly. Once she finishes, she looks up from the letter, eyes shining with excitement.

“It’s from the Healers. My extremely late ten week scan is on Saturday,” she whispers quietly, grinning.

I grin back. “You get to see the baby!”

“I know! I wonder if I will get to see the sex?” she ponders out loud.

“I don’t know. In the Muggle world, it’s normally around twenty weeks or so, but I know some Muggles can find out as early as fifteen weeks. Who knows what the Healers can do with the spells and potions and shit?” I reply. She nods slowly.

“I’m going to reply to them now!” She tells me, smiling and standing up. I stop her quickly.

“Wait. How are you going to sneak out without telling Flitwick or Madam Pomfrey? And isn’t it the Hogsmeade Christmas trip then?” I ask her, frowing a little. Rose hesitates for a fraction of a second.

“Aberforth.” She breathes simply, with a smile. “I’ll leave as soon as you’re able to go into Hogsmeade, nip to his place and he’ll let me through and ask no questions.”

I grin back, proud of my sneaky Rose. It’s perfect. Of course, you’re allowed to leave for Hogsmeade from 10am, and we’re not usually up on weekends till 11…

At that very moment, James bursts through the Common Room portrait, wild eyed.

“Quidditch practice in…” he looks down at his watch. “…Two minutes!”

I groan loudly but Owen Sloper and Fred- who were playing Exploding Snap in the far corner- jump up looking excited. James heads over to us.

“We’ve got a match after Christmas. They were planning on having it the day before the end of term, but the Hufflepuff captain got hexed so badly he ended up in Mungo’s. They’ve postponed it. Which is excellent- we’ll have more time. But we’re so behind already…” James tells me quickly, looking worried.

“James, it’ll be fine. It’s only against Hufflepuff. We’ll win. And it’s ages away- we’ve got plenty of time!” I whine, pouting a little.

“I want to win every match, Kat. It’s my last year. You. Don’t. Understand,” he replies, punctuating each word with a punch to his free hand.

I blink at him, slightly scared, “Ookay…”

I did NOT realise James is a maniac.

I have wicked choices in boyfriends.

James turns quickly and runs up to his dorm to get changed. I turn to Rose and speak to her quietly,

“Can you play? You know, in your state?”

She nods and whispers back, “I researched it. Yep, up until about six months, apparently.”

“I doubt it! By next month, you’ll be getting fat. By five, the broom won’t be able to hold you up!” Dom interrupts, laughing tactlessly. Rose’s eyes well up a little, and I bang my head on the coffee table in front of us.

“Oh Merlin, Dom. You are so thick sometimes.”

“Shit! No- Rose, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it- I mean… Bad joke!” Dom hisses hastily, patting Rose on the back, cursing under her breath. Rose straightens up, laughing.

“Got you!” she giggles before running up to our dorm to change. Dom and I exchange a look.

“She’s ruddy mental, that one.”

“POTTER!” James yells, hovering lazily on his broom.

Both Al and Lily turn to James and call back simultaneously, “WHAT?!”

“Oi, James! How many times do I have to tell you to call us by our first names? It gets too ruddy confusing!” I shout at him. He nods to show me he heard.

“ALBUS!” James screams. Al turns to frown at him. “Actually concentrate, Al! You’re just staring off into space, AGAIN! Are you a Seeker or what?” James yells at him. Albus shakes his head bitterly before whizzing off, attempting to catch the snitch.

We have a few more minutes of throwing the Quaffle to each other and chucking it at Rose, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Practice has been crap. The weather has been shit- pelting it down the whole time. Rose can’t catch the Quaffle; James, Lily and I keep passing badly; Fred has already almost killed me with his bat at least three times and Sloper just isn’t working hard and Al has lost the Snitch.

Which is unlike him. He always catches the Snitch eventually. Even at really bad practices and through weather like this.

Tensions between us are running high: we’re all getting too frustrated at each other. We’re not meshing or connecting like we used to. See, that’s why we play so well: we work great as a team. Since we’re mostly a family (excluding Sloper and I) we get on well and know each other’s strengths.

Other teams have great players that can’t work together. It’s never been a problem for us.

Until today.

Suddenly, Al speeds towards the ground and leaps off his broom. He chucks it on the floor and it splatters into the mud before storms off into the changing rooms.

It’s been extra tough for him today- having to work with family that, at the moment, kind of hate him. James has been extra hard on him, putting pressure on him. Lily, Rose and Fred have ignored him the entire practise, and Owen followed their lead.

I haven’t been ignoring him exactly, I just haven’t looked at him.

At all.


Not even at his feet.


OKAY, maybe I looked at him once or twice. And melted a little when his hair was blown wildly around his face when he flew extra fast.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Shut up, Katrina. You have a boyfriend.


Al’s brother. Al…

James blows his whistle, looking tired and frustrated and wet (and hot. Think sexy James, Rena. Sexy JAMES.). “Practise over, guys. Go get changed.”

Lily whooshes down, looking relieved. Rose looks on the verge of tears, angry at the way she played. She pulls at her sopping wet hair in frustration. Fred throws his bat irritably before charging into the changing rooms. Owen follows him, and takes his bat and broomstick in for him. James heads to the ground, staring after his angry team sadly. He looks up at me, who’s still hovering in the air, and gestures for me to come down. I shake my head and gesture around the pitch, indicating I want to fly and relax for a bit. James nods shortly, understanding, before heading indoors.

I fly around the pitch a few times, changing speed and doing loopdiloops. All my anger and worry evaporates, and I end up having fun. I swerve around the posts for a good fifteen minutes, not caring that the rain is becoming steadily more rapid and strong. The wind, too, is becoming harsher.

Suddenly, I see a glint of gold to my right.

The Snitch.

I swerve quickly, attempting to catch it. It glides out of my reach easily, soaring across the pitch. I chase it, squinting through the rain. Then, I’m right behind it- it’s just a few centimetres from my grasp. Not hesitating once, I stand up on my broom, despite the strong winds, and reach out for the Snitch.

It soars downwards towards the ground, and I follow it. Just a few metres above the ground, I propel myself from the broom, my hand closing over the snitch. I laugh loudly.

Then I realise that, oh hey, I’ve got nothing to hold me up!

I’m falling!

Screaming, I tumble to the ground, summersaulting head over heels until my butt hits the floor.

“Oof.” My bum hits the ground, hard. Then I laugh, realising I just caught the snitch. My broom lands clumsily next to me. With a bruised bum, I stumble up and carry them in, spotting Al’s broom too. I take it in with me, unsure with what to do with it.

I shower quickly, still clutching the snitch so it doesn’t fly away. I dry my hair with a simple spell and get dressed into my normal clothes. I think to myself, about Rose and Scorpius, and about James.

About Albus.

Mentally, I make up my mind. I need to start making up Al and I’s relationship. I miss him, as does Rose and Lily and even James.

It’s hurting his family.

Worse, it’s hurting the Quidditch team.

I stand up and grab his broomstick. I make my way to the boy’s changing rooms, half hoping he won’t be there.

He is.

Al is curled up on one of the benches, head in his hands, shaking a little. I’m guessing James and Al had a fight.

Silently, I move closer to him. Suddenly he looks up, shocked by my presence. He blinks back angry tears. I place his broom by his right side. I take his hand and uncurl his tightly bunched fist. I place the fluttering Snitch inside it, and close his fingers around it. I smile at him, and he gives me a weak one of his own.

Then I leave the room.

It doesn’t seem like much.

But it’s a start.

A/N    Thanks for reading! I love you all :D

Sorry for the long wait, my cousin deleted the entire story, but I’ve managed to save it! I don’t like this chapter much, but it’s a start in Al and Kat’s renewed friendship. I like the next one more!

Keep reading and please review!

Disclaimer: the “Jarvey” is a creature J.K created, it’s entirely her own.

Disclaimer: “Don’t Stop Believing” is not my song, it’s Journey’s song, and no, Journey is not mine. They’re a band. An awesome (*cough* old *cough*) band.


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The Abundance of Potters: Inexplicably Horrible Sounds, Screaming First Years and Rubbish Practices


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