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The Perks of Being Best Friends by helpwillalwaysbegiven
Chapter 1 : The Prologue
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Chapter 1 - The Prologue

It was a crisp autumn day in Godric’s Hallow and as the two six year olds ran home from school, the leaves crackled under their pounding footsteps. The two mothers trailed behind, each pushing a pram. The ginger mother carried another small dark haired boy in one arm.

“James, slow down!” the ginger mother yelled after her other boy.

“Katerina, ralentir!” cried the blonde Veela mother in French.

“Okay mum!” the two dark haired children replied together without slowing down in the slightest.

The children's rucksacks bounced on their backs as they ran down the cobble stone sidewalk. They ran until they came to the end of the street where two large, beautiful Victorian-looking houses stood. The dark haired boy ran to one house whilst the young dark haired girl ran to the other. Each dropped their rucksack on the doorsteps to the elegant homes and started to run once again, this time to their backyards.

“Kat! First one to the tree gets the swing!” the cute boy screamed at the top of his little lungs.

The girl followed the boy round their houses and through their backyard field that was scattered with tall trees. Her cheeks flushed pink and she struggled for breath as she began catching up to the boy. The boy sensed his friend gaining speed behind him so he ran towards the tall oak tree in the distance as fast as his legs would let him.

“First!” he yelled joyfully as he hugged the tree in excitement. Then he jumped onto the hanging wooden seat and began to swing, immediately enjoying the cool breeze.

“Jamesie!” she cried in protest as she reached the tree only seconds later. “I was so close today!”

“Fine, Kat,” he said as he surrendered the swing, pouting slightly. He sat with his back against the tree’s trunk, but his pout immediately vanished when he began crumpling a small handful of golden leaves, laughing at the sound.

With that, the girl began to swing happily in the brisk autumn air and every time she swung into the sunlight, her dark curly hair shimmered red. The young girl smiled delightedly as she watched her friend throw leaves into the air. Hours passed with the two kids laughing and playing, and soon enough, the sun began to set behind the trees in the distance.

“Rina, James, dinner! It’s late you two!” a booming male voice called from the houses. The girl leaped off the swing and started to skip to her house in her adorable skirt and jacket when the boy called her to come back to the oak tree.

“Whaaattt Jamesss, I’m hungry!” she turned around emphasizing the first two words.

“Look!” he said pointing to the tree bark.

The girl came closer to see that he had carved “JAMES” on the tree’s trunk rather sloppily.

“Hey, I’m going to put mine on too!” she said, picking up a stone and messily writing “RINA” slightly below the boy’s name.

“Mine's better!” he said immediately.


“Yes it is!”


The two kids happily ran side by side towards their homes to see that both their dads were waiting to take them in to wash up for dinner.

“Bye, Jamesie!” the little girl giggled as her tall dad picked her up in his strong arms.

"Byeee, Kat!" he replied gleefully.

Ten Years Later...


Hello! We're Maysie and Jenny, and we're bffs 4 lyfe. This is the first ever fanfic that either of us have written. We both love HP (that's an understatement) and we've both been reading HP fanfics for ages now, so we finally decided to write one. Also, we'll be writing fanfics together as well as separately, so keep an eye out for those!

But enough about us. What do you guys think of the story so far? Got any feedback for us? We'd love to hear some!

Just a couple things to note:
- ralentir = slow down
- Rina's full name is Katerina, but everyone calls her Rina, with James being the exception. He calls her Kat, something he's made a habit of since he and Rina were little.

We hope you guys follow & enjoy this fanfic!

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