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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 16 : the goblin and the elf.
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“I never saw it coming,

Wouldn’t of suspected it,

I underestimated just who I was dealing with.”

Taylor Swift



“What the fuck is wrong with you, are you completely insane?”


“I didn’t mea-“


“You didn’t mean to what?, send a fucking bludger to your best friends head.”


“James!” shouted the shocked voice of Freddie Weasley.


That was James?


All of a sudden I remembered.


I remembered the look of hatred and loathing on Dom’s face as she barged into me.


I remembered the sharp blow as the bludger hit my head.


I remembered the disgruntled scream leave Lily Potters mouth as I fell.


I opened my eyes, and looked around at the mixture of enraged/worried faces, glaring and glancing at each other, only one noticed me, Freddie, who was leant over me, supporting my head, I gave him a shut-up-and-be-quiet look.


I glanced at Dom, her face pale, tears streaming down her face, then at James, who was staring at her furiously, his face red, and his eyes narrowed.


Deciding I’d had enough, I attempted to sit up, only then realising we were still on the muddy ground of the Quidditch pitch, I groaned slightly, as I began to see black spots in vision, my head was pounding and without meaning to I felt a cry of pain leave my mouth. My hand shot up to a spot on my head, feeling a lump and something wet, I brought my hand back into my eyesight, noticing the wet substance was in fact blood.




All at once they began shouting and asking if I was okay.


“Elle, thank god!” said a worried looking Roxanne Weasley, as she raised her head from her hands.


“You gave us a right scare.” Said Freddie, giving me a smile, I smiled back noticing the look of concern in his eyes.


“Elle, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened, I didn’t thi-“ Dom, began a look of pleading on her pretty face.

“What?, You didn’t think it would hit her?, grow up Dominique.” James Potter’s voice rang out in anger and rage, not once have I heard him talk to a member of his family with such ferocity, and not once has he ever called Dom by her full name, he was pissed.


Dom gave me another apologetic look, before wiping away a tear then turning and running from the pitch.


“I’ll come see you later.” Whispered a distracted Roxanne, I glanced in her direction, noticing a lone figure in the stands, watching.


I nodded slightly before wincing at the pain from moving my head.


“Come on, to the hospital wing.” James said softly, it was the first time he’d looked at me, his brown eyes were filled with genuine concern and protectiveness.


I felt his arm snake around my back softly, as his other slowly slid under my knees, he gently lifted me off the ground as I laid my head on his shoulder.


He was strangely quiet, all I could hear was his footfalls on the stone floors. My head was gently bobbing up and down as he took step after step, I winced in pain, I wouldn’t tell him it hurt, I liked being in his arms.


Reaching the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey cam bustling out.


Cor she’s old.


“What happened?.” She asked concern on her face,


“It happened at Quidditch practice.”  He began, his face slipping into a frown remembering, “My cousin, Dom, She-“.


“She accidentally flew into me.” I butted in, giving James a look.


He set his lips into a hard line, and his face went stony, he looked away from me and stared at the floor.


“Right, well I’ll give you something to take away the headache, but you’ll have to let me take a look at your head, I have some cream for bruises somewhere and-“ she said, then began to walk off, muttering to herself.


I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding, then sat down slowly on one of the many beds.


“Why did you cover for her?.” James’s voice rang out quietly.


I raised my eyes to meet his, “I must have done something awful to deserve that, and lets face it, I should of told her about the date, she’s supposed to be my best friend.” I replied softly.


“You don’t blame her?.” He whispered, his hazel eyes boring into mine.


“Unfuckingbelievable.” He muttered.


“She could’ve killed you, you know that right?, if Ayden hadn’t caught you-“ he began, his face full of anger.


“Ayden caught me?.”


I was surprised to say the least, I thought I’d hit the floor, but if Ayden caught me then why am I injured?.


James seemed to read my mind.


“He caught you, literally just before you hit the floor, but he didn’t know that Freddie was already flying after you, they collided and you hit your head.” He said carefully, wincing, at remembering the accident.




Then I remembered something, Dom’s face before she barged into me, contorted into anger, that wasn’t Dom. Well it was her obviously, but she wasn’t in her right mind, I know, no matter how mad I made Dom, she could never, ever purposefully hurt someone like that. Then I remembered, the person, in the stands who stood watching, who was that?, I needed to find Roxanne.



A couple of hours later, after much debate from the rest of friends, we were sta in the common room, in front of the fire.


I was sat on the couch, my legs thrown over James, with everyone else sat around me.


“-So then the goblin said to the elf, I’ll take the gold, HAHAHA.!”


Yeah, Freddie’s shit at telling jokes, but I found my self laughing anyway.


I felt a tap on my shoulder, so I turned and noticed Evie.


“Can I, er, talk to you please?.” She said, kind of awkwardly.


I James nudge me slightly, before glancing back at her.




I got up and followed her up to our dormitory, were to my surprise was Dom. Only it was the kind, free spirited Dom I was used to seeing.


The girl in her place, well, she was a wreck, her normally sleek, straight blonde hair, was wet and matted, her usual stunning blue eyes, were dull and blank, and her normally perfect make-up was smudged, and was slowly running down her face, with her tears.


I glanced at Evie in shock.


“I don’t know what happened, we past you in the hallway, then all of a sudden she said she needed to do something, when I asked her, she wouldn’t tell me, but she wasn’t herself, she was on edge.” Evie said nervously, fumbling over her words, “then I ran into her again, and she was like this, but she just kept mumbling to herself, that she didn’t have a choice.”


I glanced at Dom, a lump in my throat.


“So what, you think she was threatened?.” I replied, pulling at my clothes, I felt on edge for some reason.


“I don’t think so, this is Dom were talking about, she’s not intimidated easily.” She whispered.


I again glanced at the broken girl on the floor.


What happened.


I cautiously approached her, kneeled to her level, and spoke.


“Dom, what just happened?” I whispered.


“Ellie?, she croaked back, “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did it, I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t, and then you were falling, and I couldn’t move, and-“ she broke off, sobbing. I lunged forward, and pulled her into a hug.


What the fuck happened to her.


I stood, and faced Evie, “I’m going to get James.” I murmured.


She nodded.


I walked past her slowly, just exiting through the door.


“Ella.” She called.


I turned to face her.


“I’m sorry.” She said, looking me in the eyes.


I knew she wasn’t talking about Dom, or that I fell, she was sorry about before.


I nodded, “Me too.” I replied, smiling a little.


How ironic, I get one friend back, after losing my other.

I went to exit again, before noticing, a red faced Rose Weasley sprinting up the stairs, her hair, fuzzy and her eyes wide.


“I knew it, I knew I’d seen it before, my mum told me, that when she was at school, this happened to someone she new, it’s someone else, getting Dom to do their dirty work.” She panted.


“What?.” Both me and Evie said simultaneously, slightly confused.


“Don’t you see, the signs are all there.” She said, clearly irritated that we hadn’t figured it out.


Well not all of us can be geniuses.


Rose sighed impatiently, “She’s been put under the imperius curse.”.




Why the fuck would someone want to do that?.


Then we heard another set of hurried footsteps, and Roxanne Weasley entered the room.


All heads turned to her.


“I know who it was.”



A/N sorry for taking so long to update, college work is getting to me!


I’d like to thank ms4aisa and horseyrosyrb for the awesome reviews! J

I’d also like to thank anyone that’s reading my story!


Anywhoo, if you have any questions/suggestions, don’t hesitate to review J




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