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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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 I know the last chapter was a bit dull, I promise this makes up for it ;)







"What do you want for dinner?" I called out from the kitchen putting down the cookbook and looking at my watch which now read 6 o'clock


"What?" questioned Malfoy from the living room


I got up and headed into the living room, Malfoy laid across the sofa his arms beneath his head, he looked deeply involved in some chat show on the tele.

My eyes lingered on his perfect shape once again, my eyes focusing on the v neck of his shirt I wanted to trace my fingers across his collar bone, I quickly shook that thought away and tried to remember why I came in.


"Uh what did you want for dinner?" I muttered blushing and looking away from him, why am I behaving like such a little girl around him lately? all his compliments and winks are working on me, I need to ignore him this is no doubt a game he's playing.


"I don't mind really, those noodles you did the other day were nice" he replied in that perfect voice that sent shivers down my spine.


I sat down on the other sofa and finally turned my eyes back to him, he looked so stupidly gorgeous, I really need to stop thinking about him like this.


"I was thinking something like sausage and mash with gravy?" I mused 


"That sounds better than noodles" he laughed, my eyes lingering on his pale face smiling brightly, he needed to smile more at Hogwarts it made him look like a normal happy student, not just some evil Slytherin.


"Ok, well I'll go make it then" I said in a final tone jumping to my feet and heading out the archway.


I was about to leave the room when I felt Malfoys grip on my wrist, his skin on mine sent butterflies through me, I turned to look down at him my face turning scarlett, he looked up to me with his perfect silver eyes


"Do a lot, I'm starved" he said coolly and letting go of me 


"Uh ok" I stuttered and swiftly leaving the room and retreating to the kitchen.


I picked up the cook book and headed over to the oven and opened it to the correct page, I hastily gathered up everything for the meal and began to prepare the food. Cooking mash wasn't as hard as I had thought.


I stood at the counter my mind kept drifting to Malfoy, thinking back to that first night when I pulled the sheets off of him and how good he looked, I wish I hadn't gone to sleep downstairs, I wish I had stayed in bed


"No" I muttered under my breath, I can't keep thinking like that, it's not right.


I carried on preparing the food and placing the sausages in the oven and turning the hob on to boil and mash the potato's.

I tried to keep myself busy and to keep my mind off of the blonde in the living room just laying there in his typical nonchalant manner.


I fished mashing the potatoes and headed over to set the table, I was unsure why I felt the need to make so much effort and yet at the same time I knew exactly why, but I was trying to shrug it off.


I set two plates and cutlery on the table, checking the sausages were done I carefully pulled them out of the oven and served them on our plates shortly followed by the mash.


Heading back to the counter and swiftly stirred up some gravy granules and I was done.


I poured the gravy over the food and placed all the washing up by the sink.


I looked over my freshly cooked meal feeling stupidly proud of myself, this was the best meal I'd ever made.


I headed towards the living room to see Malfoy fast asleep, I smiled to myself at the peaceful sight,  crouched down to him and gave him a gentle prod


"Dinner" I whispered gently


His eyes slowly opened, my eyes staring into his for a moment as I took in how truly breathtaking they were. 

I stood up and walked towards the door as Malfoy stretched and rose out of his sofa


"Good nap?" I grinned


"mmm" he said yawning.


We walked back to the kitchen where the smell of the food truly hit us, and it smelt amazing.


"This looks great" he exclaimed looking slightly shocked as he walked towards the dining table 


"I know, I'm a master chef really" I joked sitting down at the table, Malfoy lingered by the door


"Drink?" he asked heading to the fridge and opening it, he pulled out a bottle of red wine and placed it in the centre of the table, he headed over to one of the cupboard and placed two wine glasses down


"I didn't even see that in the fridge?" I frowned eyeing the large bottle full of red liquid


"I snuck it in the trolley when you weren't looking then snuck it in the house, there's a couple more over there too" he smirked pointing to a wine rack that was hidden by one of the counters


"Sneaky little git" I said with a small chuckle


Malfoy puffed out his chest proudly heading back to the dining table and sitting back down


"If I'm old enough to try muggle alcohol I'm going to try it, I need to make some good out of this muggle task" he huffed popping the lid off the bottle and pouring it into his and my glass.


Malfoy handed the glass to me which I took hesitantly, he held his glass with a smile playing on the corners of his pink lips.


"Well, to a lovely meal" he toasted with a bit too much enthusiasm, I nodded and took a sip of my drink, the warmth of the strong drink burning my throat as I swallowed.


I'm not much of a wine drinker, during the holidays I'd normally have a few drinks, seeing as you only have to be 18 to drink, my mum is quite a wine-oholic and enjoys having a couple glasses with me, I have a pretty good tolerance and it take a lot for me to get drunk.


We began to eat our food, Malfoys face lit up as he tucked in, I assume that meant it was good, we sat talking about nothing important while eating and drinking.


We soon finished the meal and headed to the living room already finished one bottle of wine and now on our second. 

The evening grew into the night and the second bottle turned into the third and before we knew it it was 2 in the morning and I was feeling a little tipsy. 


Me and Malfoy were perched on the floor of the living room and we seemed to talk for hours and for once I didn't want to beat him over the head after everything he said.


"What about that Lee kid?" asked Malfoy curiously


"What about him?" I replied frowning trying to understand what he meant


"Well I've always assumed he's your boyfriend, well everyone thinks he is" he said seriously trying to concentrate his silver eyes on my expression.

I burst out laughing, how could anyone think that? Lee is like my brother, he's my best friend and nothing more.


"Lee? really?" I laughed even more 

"He's like my brother, he always has been and nothing will ever change that, even the idea of anything more is just wrong" I grimaced, Malfoy smiled at my reaction


"Oh I just thought because you're always together" He muttered rubbing his hand on his neck.


"You shouldn't think too much you might injure your delicate blonde self" I joked, Malfoy shot me an evil look but grinned after.


I'd never seen this playful side to him, he was like a different person.


"I think I'm going to head to bed, I'm pretty tired" I yawned getting up, I was thankful I didn't feel too drunk, maybe a bit tipsy but that was all.


"I think I need to head to sleep to" he added standing up too.


I smiled at him and swayed on the spot and began to fall towards him. 

His arms reached out and caught me, I looked up into his pale face, we were just mere centimetres apart, I could easily have counted his eyelashes, my breath caught in my throat as I stared from his lips to his silver eyes my heart beating so hard and fast I swear he could hear it, I quickly turned away from him and looked to the floor


"Maybe I'll help you to bed first" he said frowning


"I'm capable" I exclaimed breaking from his grip and staggering into the door frame


"Clearly" he laughed grabbing my arm around his neck and frog marching me up the stairs towards the bedroom.


We entered the bedroom and I quickly evaded his grip and stomped towards the wardrobe, I didn't need help, It was only a few glasses of wine, so what if I was tipsy.

I heard the door click shut I assumed Malfoy had left the room to let me to go to bed. 

I pulled off my clothes and threw them into the hamper then took a fleeting look into the mirror at the shape standing in just her black underwear, I sighed and walked towards the bed feeling so tired, it had been a long day.


I pulled the sheets back and fell into the warm comfy bed, this was what I needed a nice long sleep in this comfy king size bed, I snuggled down into the sheets and let the warmth wrap itself around me.


"Night then" came a voice


I jolted up in the bed the sheets falling off my body as I tried to focus my vision through the darkness to the shape standing by the closed door.


"I thought you left?" I mumbled


Malfoy didn't speak he just walked towards the bed, I noticed he was just in his white boxers, I could make out the lines of his chest.


"Can I stay here tonight?" he questioned standing by the bed, my eyes dancing over his perfect toned torso, how could I say no when he looks like that? not to mention the alcohol clouded judgement.


"Oh ok, just keep to your side of the bed" I muttered laying back down facing towards where he was now going to lay.


Malfoy climbed in bed next to me, his body warmth heating up the bed, his arm grazed mine as he laid down under the sheets next to me. 


My body went into a spasm of nerves and my heart beat thumping rapidly in my chest, just knowing he was laying there half naked next to me was sending me crazy, part of me wanted to just roll on top of him and kiss him while the other half of me wanted to kick his beautiful arse out of the bed.


We laid silently for a while, I was so tired and yet now I couldn't settle at all.

My eyes just staring through the darkness until finally they rested on Malfoy.


I looked to Malfoy through the darkness, his body facing mine, his silver eyes opened suddenly looking deep into my brown ones, I couldn't work him out, why would he want to be here with me?


Several minutes passed as we just laid looking at each other, my heart beat was still going through an uneven spasm and my breathing going crazy.

Maloy slowly lifted his hand to my face brushing a lock of red hair of my face, goosebumps shot over my entire body at his touch.

our faces were so close our noses almost touching, I placed my hand gently on his, I could see his lips form a smile.


Somehow our faces were getting even closer, Malfoys head lifted towards mine and his eyes closed.

I didn't back away as his soft lips met mine with intense passion, I moved my hand to his hair running my fingers through his soft blonde locks, his hand skimming down my face and neck, his fingertips lightly caressing the back of my neck.


I kissed him back my lips parting to allow his tongue to enter my mouth, his tongue fighting against mine.

Malfoys hand held my head not letting me go, I kissed him back with as much passion as possible.

My heartbeat was thumping so hard he could surely hear it, my body felt so alive I never wanted this to end.


We laid in a tangled mass for several minutes when we finally broke apart, Malfoys silver eyes meeting mine again, I gave him a shy smile feeling my cheeks blush.


Malfoy dropped his hand to hold my waist pulling me tightly against his body as I nestled into his chest, I felt safe in his warm arms.


Neither of us spoke a word as we drifted off to sleep.







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