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Paradox by GirlOnTheSidelines
Chapter 3 : Quidditch
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Chapter Three - Quidditcch



“Earth to Roxanne… You have slept through your first two lessons; if you miss Defence Professor Creevey will go mental.” Urgh, I attempt to bat away the annoying person hovering over my bed to no success. “I said get up!” She snaps and I feel the duvet being pulled off me. Peaking though my heavy eyelids, I can see Rose towering above me, she is a scary sight. 



“I’m awake!” I growl as she pulls out her wand. Lara is giggling behind her – traitor.



“How come you were so late back from detention? I didn’t even hear you come back in.” I shrug and walk into the bathroom to avoid the question.



I hardly pay attention to Professor Creevey as I struggle to keep my eyes open (I’ll just copy the notes from Rose later – the girl is freakishly organised and makes practically perfect notes). Defence passes in a blur, so does Transfiguration and History of Magic, before I know it is dinner time and I am squashed onto the Gryffindor bench between Lara and Max – not a good place to be when you have a headache from lack of sleep. I make my excuses and creep out of the Hall to find somewhere quiet.



The Library is the perfect place to get away, I know it sounds a bit nerdy but it’s true. Wandering between the endless shelves of book, I run my hand across their dusty spines, it is really rather therapeutic. My peace is disturbed by a little cough. I turn slowly, already knowing who I will see. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.



Burning through my veins, my blood boils at the sight of him. I have to clench my jaw to stop myself lashing out, my fists curled by my side.



“What do you want?” I hiss. He cocks his head slightly to the side, making me want to punch him to pulp again. He frowns.



“Uh… Nothing.” He mutters.



“Well why are you standing there?” I glare at him accusingly.



“Because I was looking for a book…?” He seems unsure of himself, like he’s not really sure why he is actually there, he is still frowning – it is infuriating.



“Well go look somewhere else.”



“Uh… I was here first.”



“Does it look like I give a shit?” He tilts his head again before shrugging and walking off; the second he is out of sight I turn and slam my clenched fist into the bookcase, causing it to wobble dangerously.



I continue my random wanderings, letting the repetitive pacing calm me again. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy: the only human being capable of making me see red, seriously, I am pretty laid back person, people come to me for calm advice, for reason and logic, for sensible solutions. I just don’t get why Malfoy makes me so mad.



“Uh…” For Merlin’s sake!



“What do you want now?” The words practically shoot out of my mouth like daggers. All the bastard can do is tilt his head again! I don’t realise what I am doing until his hand is on my arm, refraining it from coming into contact with his face.



“Do you always have to try and hit me…?” His hand is still burning the skin on my forearm as he fends me off with his other hand. “At least last time you sort of had a reason… Although you didn’t seem to mind at first.”



“How- You- I-” I spit in fury. My vision is blurred; I can just feel every inch of my body propelling tself towards Malfoy, wanting to beat him black and blue.



“Seriously… I’m pretty sure you were kissing me back.” He smirks and something snaps inside me. “In fact, I’m sure you were kissing me back.” I freeze, his grip on my arm loosens, I wrench my arm free and land my fist straight into his face… or where his face would have been if he hadn’t ducked. I feel myself fall forward before something grabs me and all of a sudden my back is pressed against the bookshelf and his body is pressed up against me, his lips searching my face, his tongue is sweet as it enters my mouth – demanding but not forceful. What the hell am I doing?



I pull away and try to knee him in the crotch but he is too quick and has already darted to the end of the row of books.



“I’m going to kill you Malfoy!” I scream. “You are playing with fire you- you-”



“Oh but it’s so worth it Roxanne – every kiss from you is worth it a thousand times over. Just face it: you cannot stay away,” he taunts before vanishing around the corner as the librarian comes around the other side, screeching at me to be quiet.



I storm through the corridors, not paying attention to where I’m heading when I find myself in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Great.



“What do you want? Come to make fun of me have you? Like those ugly little Second Years?” she whines, floating out of a cubicle. “It must be so much fun, making fun of a poor, pathetic, dead girl!”



“Actually I came here to think, so I would appreciate some peace and quiet.”



“Is that so? Well I would like to be alive but we can’t all get what we want can we?” I roll my eyes and go over to the sink, a shiver crawls down my spine as my hand reaches to the tap. The silver has dulled over time but the twisted engravings still bear the resemblance of a serpent. Retracting my hand, I move across to another sink. The tap with the serpent has never worked.



The mirror is flecked with small black stains; it too has dulled with time. Staring into my reflection, I notice how my cheeks are still flushed with fury. The imprint of his lips on mine still burns. My reflection blurs and the next thing I feel is the sharp pain of a shard of glass cutting into the palm of my hand. Blinking once again, I see the shattered slithers of the mirror have fallen around me. Had I done that?



“Oh…” Myrtle sounds startled. “There was really no need to do that.”



“Reparo,” I hiss waving my wand in the general direction of the shattered glass. I dive out of the way as the glass comes shooting back up to fit itself back into the mirror frame. Sighing again, I wonder what is happening to me. I never used to be like this.



After composing myself once again, I make my way to the Gryffindor Common Room where the majority of my House is fooling around. I can make out Al and Ned Watts making paper birds attack a bunch of Second Years – I think Rose must have taught them that spell. James is chatting up Martha Finnigan while Anna Thomas and Louis look on with amusement. I swear James is always hitting on someone. Hugo is entertaining a bunch of First Years with fire breathing sweets – the kid is obsessed with anything Dragon related. A large part of our Quidditch Team is huddled in a corner, no doubt discussing tactics for tomorrow’s game. I join them.



“Alright beautiful?” Max asks as I sit down – Max is a Beater, along with Hugo. Now that I think about it, Max is the only full time member of the team who is not related to me. James, Lily and Albus make up our chasers – I know, team practice is so much fun. James is also our Captain. Rose plays Keeper and I’m Seeker. That’s the main team but we have loads of subs, Katherine Wood is our substitute Keeper; Anna Thomas, Lara Coote and Callum Jenkins are our substitute Chasers and Penelope Jordan and Luke Cowls are our substitute Beaters… Unfortunately, we don’t have a substitute Seeker so I always have to play. I don’t normally mind, it’s just I really don’t feel like playing Quidditch at the moment.



James, Al and Hugo make their way over when they see Rose glaring at them. As they sit down, Rose pulls out a large sheet of paper with some game designs on it.



“Steady on Rosie, let’s not forget who’s captain here,” James snorts.



“Do not call me Rosie!” Rose hisses. James just laughs. Bad idea. Water comes shooting out of Rose’s wand straight into James’ face.



“What the-” he splutters. “There is something wrong with you, Rosie-Cakes!” Pulling out his own wand, James sends Rose dancing uncontrollably across the Common Room.



“You are so dead POTTER!” she screeches, her face turning a hideous shade of red as she tries to control her dancing legs. James just laughs while dodging Rose’s poorly aimed jinxes – not that she can really help it. To say James and Rose don’t get on would be a lie – they do, they’re actually very close, but when it comes to Quidditch… let’s just say, Rose can sometimes get a bit too big for her boots.



By now, the rest of the Common Room has stopped what they were doing and is watching the duel between a furious Rose and a hysterical James. Most of them have their wands out, not to try and interfere – that would just be stupid – but to protect themselves. I hear a chuckle from behind me and turn to see Professor Longbottom standing in the portrait hole looking bemused. He lets them finish their duel (which incidentally ended with Rose sitting on James trying to remove his eyebrows), before telling them that if they must duel, could they please do so outside to prevent any damage to the furniture.





“Let the game begin!” Madame Bell shouts as she releases the Quaffle into the air. Lily gets there first and immediately throws it to Albus who shoots down the pitch at break neck speed – seriously, he is the fastest player Hogwarts has ever seen. The Ravenclaw Chasers cannot keep up but their Keeper, Matt Hughes, manages to save Al’s shot. Matt swiftly throws the ball back into play and the Ravenclaw Chasers, Natasha Collins, Mandy Weston and Patricia (or Paddy if you don’t want a bludger to the head) Downside, make a good go of it down towards the Gryffindor goal posts where Rose is furiously shouting at Max and Hugo to ‘do something you effing wankers’ (apologies for the language but the Rose who plays Quidditch is not my best friend - she is a monster). Mandy almost drops the Quaffle as a bludger soars about a foot away from her head and James makes use of the distraction to snatch it off her and throw it back to Al who is already halfway down the pitch by the time Mandy realises what has happened.



Andy and Eddy Entwhistle (yes, they are twins) swing their bats menacingly as a bludger flies towards them. Andy… or it could be Eddy… sends it flying straight at Al who dodges it nicely before making the first goal of the game. The Gryffindor stalls go crazy. 



That’s when I spot Bella Corner. Despite being a Fourth Year and only having joined the team last year, she is extremely good. Almost as good as me… Almost, but not quite.



The Ravenclaws go wild as Paddy scores a goal, followed by the cheers of the Gryffindors as Lily answers will another goal. The Entwhistle twins are batting bludgers at the Potter siblings while Max and Hugo try and intervene. Several goals are scored within the first ten minutes and Ned Watts, the commentator, is trying hard to supress his favouritism.



Bella dives.



I follow.



Before I reach the ground, I see it, to my left, a flicker of gold. I turn. She follows. It’s gone.



“And that’s another ten points to Gryffindor…” Ned shouts over the cheering crowd. “That makes the score 180 – 30 to Gryffindor… the only way Ravenclaw is going to win this is if Corner – who is looking might fine I might add – catches the snitch before our beautiful Roxanne!” Nice save moron.



This time, I see it first. I hover, checking to see if Bella has seen it too. She hasn’t. Slowly drifting towards it so as not to attract attention, I fix my eyes on Bella. In the blink of an eye I change focus to the glittering golden ball just as Bella spots it too; the stalls pass by in blur; a sea of green; a glimmer of white-blonde hair; a tilt of the head; a graze on the knee; a cheer from the Gryffindors; a cheer from the Ravenclaws.



“Whoa, whoa, what just happened?” Ned yells from the commentating box. “James just scored another goal making it 190 – 30 to Gryffindor but did he score on time because I believe Corner has the Snitch! Was that a win for Gryffindor or a disappointing draw?” Ned looks lost as he glances around him for someone to help him out. I have slowed right down, my heart beat racing… faster than it should be after such a sort chase. Someone is whispering in Ned’s ear and he turns back to the audience. “AND IT’S A GRYFFINDOR WIN!” he bellows to the answering screams from the Gryffindor stalls. Phew.



I slow down completely and dismount, on the other side of the pitch Rose and James are having a shouting match while Lily and Hugo are helping Max off the pitch with what appears to be a sprained ankle.



“Congratulations,” Bella says from behind me.



“You caught the snitch,” I point out.



“Yeah… still not sure how, you were in front when we went passed the Slytherin stalls, it was like you got distracted.”



“Uh… I caught my knee,” I say weakly, knowing that was only part of the truth. I had been distracted. It had almost cost us the match. “But well done anyway.” I smile, she smiles back in return before going to join her team mates and be congratulated more heartily on her catch.



Running up to my dorm before the crowds make the Common Room impossible to get through, I strip down and climb in the shower, letting the warm water relax me. I cannot believe I almost lost us the game. All because of the insufferable, arrogant, obnoxious, loathsome, little jerk!



Outside, I hear the door slam.



“Stupid. Arrogant. Toe-rag!” Rose shouts as she hits something against the door of the bathroom.



“Rose?” I ask, peeping my head around the door of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around me and another one around my head. “Are you okay?”



“Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.”



“Rose! What’s wrong?”



“Bloody James is what’s wrong!” she screeches. “Thinking he knows best!” I roll my eyes and pull on clean robes. Despite James being our Captain, Rose seems to think it is her job to tell our team what to do and it annoys the crap out of James, which is fair enough. Leaving Rose to rant by herself, I make my way down to the Common Room.



“Alright, Roxie?” James pounces on me. I nod. “What happened there at the end? I didn’t see but they say you were in the lead.”



“Dunno, caught my knee I think,” I lie.



“Right, well don’t worry about it, we won anyway,” he grins, ruffling my hair.



“Rose isn’t too happy with you,” he rolls his eyes and we both giggle – Rose is never happy with James when it comes to Quidditch. I shove all thoughts of white-blonde hair and tilting heads to the back of my mind and go down to enjoy the celebrations.





Thanks for reading, please let me know what you think.




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