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Beggining by Cyra23
Chapter 1 : 1st year
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Hello lovely readers I decided to start another story on how Buffy and Snape relationship first started. Maybe I should’ve started this one first before my other story but oh well its in now. J Hope you all enjoy this story. The chapter will be short but its just an introduction to the big story. Hope you all enjoy. All characters you recognize from HP world belong to JK rowling and others you don’t recognize well belong to myself. The story starts off during Severus and Lilys sorting ceremony after everyone had already gotten sorted except one young child wearing a long cloak with the hood up…..hmm wonder who that is???



Everyone was whispering wondering who the young child in the cloak was. Severus and Lily looked at one another from across the room with confused expressions on their faces. Who is that person no one recalls from the train? Dumbledore stands besides the young child and has them turn around to face everyone though the face is still covered by the hood. “Students I know this is unusual for all of you but I have an announcement to make about this new student of ours. Her name is Buffy and she is part fairy.” Said Dumbledore. Everyone in the room started whispering even more after learning this. *What is a child from the fairy realm doing here? Some of the Slytherins sneered "Ugh a being not fully wizard how disgusting."*



“Please everyone calm down and listen up. Her story is her own and if she wishes to share it with you she will but what was agreed upon by myself and her mother is part of her past may be told.” Everyone grew very quiet wanting to know the mystery behind the new student. The man who was her father had been poisoned with a very rare potion that contained witches blood and wolfs blood meant to kill him in a slow death. Before the man realized his condition he met a beautiful young woman who happened to be a fairy woman who fell in love with him at first sight. As most of you know fairies only have children with those they love. And so the young child here, due to the fact her father had witches blood and wolfs blood that mingled with her mothers fairy magic and blood she ended up with witches and fairy magic. Also she has some of the wolf in her, now she wont attack you or anything she just has certain characteristics of the wolf which is why she is covered up for now until I finish my speech. Now I want all of you to treat her with respect and to make her feel welcomed to our wonderful school. Buffy may you please take off your cloak.” Asked Dumbledore politely.




The young girl nodded and removed her cloak. Everyone gasped. No one expected to see what they did. The young girl though having the ears and tail of a wolf was simply beautiful beyond compare compared to other children. Even if she was only 11 years old. Everyone could only imagine how beautiful she will look as a grown woman. Her hair was black as midnight and soft as silk, her heart shaped face was soft and unblemished, she had the most greenest eyes anyone had ever seen. She sat upon the chair and Dumbledore placed the hat upon her head. Everyone waited patiently to see what House she would be sorted into. After a couple minutes the hat shouted….Gryffindor!! Everyone from the house clapped and the young girl went and sat next to Lily Evans who smiled at the fairy girl who ended up smiling back. Those little smiles exchanged would end up being turned into a wonderfully strong friendship between the two youngsters. Unknowingly though Buffy started a reaction that would change the course of history for the young girl and her Slytherin best friend Sev….

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Beggining: 1st year


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