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In The Friend Zone. by ScarletEye158
Chapter 1 : The Plan.
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Okay, so I got this idea from the show ‘Friend Zone’ on MTV. This is going to be my story about Rose and Scorpius being stuck in the friend zone and how they finally came to realize their love for each other. Without all the terrible acting, of course ;)

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, I own only the plot

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Alright, let’s start with the basics… I’m Scorpius Malfoy, and I’ve liked Rose Weasley ever since I set my eyes on her back in our first year. Okay, that’s definitely more than the basics, but I thought I would just get to the point instead. Anyways, I wouldn’t say Rose and I are the best of friends, considering we disagree on everything and we mess with each other a lot, but she is one of my friends, and I don’t think I’d be able to live a day without her.
She is one of the most stubborn, irritating, annoying, most beautiful girls I have ever met, and I want her to know that I fancy her, but have no idea how to do it. Her cousin Albus (who is also my best friend and dorm-mate in Slytherin) knows how I feel about her and has decided to help me out. They are both extremely close, even closer than they are with their own siblings, so I’m glad he’s agreed to help me because he knows almost everything about her.

He came up with this idea where I ask Rose to help me with this ‘blind date’ that Al has set me up with for our next Hogsmeade trip. The ‘reason’ I am asking her to help me out with this is because she is the only girl I am close with and I really needed her advice on what girls like and how I should act on my date.

The catch is, though, that when she comes with me to give me some last minute advice before the ‘date’ starts, I will confess how I feel about her and tell her that the date is all for her. My hope is that she will accept my offer for the date and that she tells me she likes me too.

 And bloody hell, am I nervous…

Our first bit of business is to figure out when the next Hogsmeade trip is. Al and I hadn’t seen anything posted about it in a while so we went to go find Al’s cousin, Molly, who is the Head Girl at Hogwarts. If anyone could pull some strings at Hogwarts, it was that girl.
We found Molly in the library, studying, but that wasn’t really a surprise. She’s easily the smartest girl in school and could definitely give Rose a run for her money. I looked at Al skeptically, thinking this was never going to work, but we walked over to her table and sat down anyways, waiting for her to look up.
It took about five minutes of pestering her for her to finally look up from her book, but when she did, she gave us the most evil of glares. “What?” she snapped.
“Well, dear old cousin, we’ve got a favor to ask,” said Al. He tried his award winning smile on her, but she was hesitant. Usually anyone Al gives that smile to will do whatever he wants but unfortunately it didn’t seem to work on Molly. She just sighed, closing her eyes tightly behind her square shaped glasses.

“Oh, Merlin. Okay, what is it?” she asked, checking her watch as if she had something better to do.

“Well, first I need you to keep a secret,” he said smirking. He knew this would get her attention.

She perked up a little. “What kind of secret?”
“You do enjoy romance, don’t you, Molly?
“Of course I do, now spit it out, Albus!” she yelled.

Al winced at the use of his full name and Madam Pince, the librarian, looked over at us with her vulture-like eyes, and gave us a warning. (Don’t ask me how she’s still alive, I have no clue) but Molly blushed and whispered instead. 
“Tell me!"
“Scorpius fancies Rose,” he said bluntly.

 Merlin, why am I friends with him? He didn’t have to tell her that easily!

She turned to me with a wide smile on her face. “Oh my god, this is so great!”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said. “And I want to ask her out. But we need your help.”

After we told her the plan, I was feeling more confident than ever. Not only did Molly agree to help me, but she was taking me to Hogsmeade early to plan it all out. (With permission from McGonagall, of course. And again, don’t ask me how she’s still alive either, she could croak at any minute).

The Hogsmeade trip would be held next Saturday, the first weekend in November. Molly and I both have breaks at the end of the day on Friday so it was a perfect opportunity to go to Hogsmeade and set up the date.

Friday came by way too fast. I was quickly losing all my confidence from the week before, because, as I kept planning everything out with Al and Molly, I was feeling more nervous by the second. After my last lesson of the day, I waited for Molly in the Entrance Hall.

I had decided to on The Three Broomsticks for the date. There was no way in hell she would go anywhere near Madam Puddifoot’s, so The Three Broomsticks was really the only sensible option. Molly and I walked in and greeted Madam Rosemerta behind the bar. We told her all about the date I planned, and she promised to reserve a table for us in the back so that no one could disturb us.

“So how are you planning on telling her?” Molly asked ten minutes later as we made our way back to Hogwarts. I bought her a Butterbeer for the way back up and she was sipping it slowly.

“Well, I was thinking of just coming out with it. I know she hates big surprises so I don’t want to make it a huge deal and have her say no.”

Molly looked up at me through her glasses and smiled. “I always knew you fancied her. I could always just tell.”

“Nothing escapes your notice, Molly,” I laughed. I had never really talked to Molly much before. I saw her and her other cousins a lot when I stayed with Al over the holidays but I always thought of her as bossy and annoying because that’s how Rose and Dom made her out to be. She really isn’t that bad, and I felt kind of guilty for not talking to her before now.

We made it back to the school, and when we walked into the Entrance Hall, dinner had obviously begun. “Well, now it’s time to ask Rose to ‘help me’,” I said, putting air quotes around the words and winking. “Wish me luck!”
To my surprise, she hugged me quickly. “I hope it all works out for you,” she said, a bit red in the face.

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. “Me too, Molly… Me too.”

She slipped her hand out of mine quickly and turned towards the Great Hall. I watched her retreating figure for a few seconds, promising to myself that I would try and figure out what happened between her and her cousins and if I could, try and fix it. 

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In The Friend Zone.: The Plan.


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