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Morph by lanniejo
Chapter 3 : Chasing Tails
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Draco POV:

I remember with clarity the day my children were born.

I had sat in the chair next to Elizabeth’s hospital bed at the young age of twenty three, with a dreadful nervousness. I barely knew my wife because our marriage had been arranged, and we’d only been married a short while before she got pregnant.

Elizabeth was a beautiful woman, and we grew a bond over the years of our marriage that I never thought I’d have, but at the same time I wasn’t sure if we were cut out to be parents.

I knew next to nothing about Elizabeth’s past except that she’d also been recruited as a death eater and had been traumatized by the work the dark lord gave her to do.

My biggest fear was that our child would have to pay for our mistakes like I had done with my own parents.

The second a baby swaddled in pink cloth was shoved into my arms; all these doubts faded away it was as if I had been confunded to love the red faced girl. Her eyes opened to crystal clear blue seas of intelligence.

Another cry pierced my ears, and my head whipped with shock to where the healer was cradling a boy. “Twins?” Came my chocked reply to this new announcement.

Elizabeth’s medicine induced words were whispered so quietly I almost didn’t hear them. “At least we get to keep one of them.” Her words were drowned out by another furious cry from our baby boy.

In the chaos of being new parents I forgot her ominous words, but the second I saw my daughter lying naked in a field with a werewolf bite gauged into her neck they came rushing back with a new feeling; Fury.

Lia POV:

“The Malfoy’s have so generously allowed us to use their land to hunt the muggle way, like you guys have wanted to for so long.”

Teddy’s words caused a ring of approval to wheel around the oval oak table; James and Fred high fived whilst Scorpius and Albus shared a manly slap hug.

The color drained from my face, and I couldn’t meet Teddy’s gaze. He had broken the trust we had worked so hard to build over the past few weeks. Tears burned like fire in my eyes and I couldn’t seem to swallow the lump in my throat.

“Lia...” Teddy asked softly, his voice covered by the men’s commotion.

Feeling the men break away from their cheering to see what had Teddy conflicted, I could not bare their hot stares and I pushed away from the table to leave the room. Once in the living room I sat heavily on the couch, turning my face into the cushions and breathing raggedly.

I had attempted several times to go back into the forest where I’d been attacked, but every time I did the image of a werewolf creeping through the fog and causing me this tragedy stopped me cold in my tracks. Teddy knew this better than anyone seeing as he often accompanied me into the woods to see if I would freeze up again. The last time I morphed we had gone to the empty wing of the Manor and in the attic, I’d rather be chained to a metal bed than to face the place where my live was turned into a horror scape.

Teddy didn’t push the issue, but rather let me come to grips with the transformation and everything it entailed.

At first I was glad for the strong sense of smell, sight and hearing, but when I heard my parents arguing about what to do with me in the other room I started drowning them out with music.

I illegally used magic to configure a muggle music device like the one Al gave Scorpius last year for Christmas, and ever since it’s taken a blow horn to get my attention.

“Lia?” Teddy’s feeble voice asked, I would not look up, no matter how much he pleaded.

Instead I bit down on the cushion and buried my face further down so that he couldn’t see the overwhelming tears running down my face. My emotions were on high because it was near full moon.

“We have to go in sometime. I thought what a better way to do it than with a crowd of people all armed with highly dangerous weapons?” Teddy said wisely from where he knelt next to my head.

‘Why didn’t you tell me that?! A warning might have been nice.’ My thoughts screamed at him, but the pillow blocked sounds, including my pathetic hiccups of fear.

As if by reading my mind Teddy replied; “I knew you would agree to it, if you knew the guys did it on their own accord rather than having me explain the purpose behind this” A gentle hand was placed on my knee, normally I would brush it off not trusting the person to be any kind of intimate, but I trusted Teddy because my life in his hands like a delicate flower.

When I didn’t push Teddy away he took a seat next to me on the couch and pulled me into his embrace, while smoothing my hair down. “Shh.” He soothed, to my utter embarrassment. “I would never let them hurt you.”

Luckily the men had stayed back in the dining room, because Teddy had requested it, and I was able to quickly regain composure.

“I’m going to change.” I told Teddy shortly, in a raw voice, before hastening my steps in the direction of my room.

Albus POV:

Lia and I never really got along well, but I’d heard so much about her from my family. They often talked about how Malfoy had managed to make a good daughter, their surprise was tangible, but once I brought Scorpius to the Burrow for Christmas and they took well to him; they knew that they were nothing like their parents.

Eventually I met Lia myself and she was beautiful.

Lia’s blonde hair was fair and soft to the touch as it fanned across her sunkissed shoulder blades in shimmering wisps. Her face was heart shaped, wide with innocence and rapture at the world around her. Lia’s turquoise eyes glittered like glass ocean waves and as they met my own, causing me to feel insignificant.

The very first thing out of my mouth was; “Not bad for... a Malfoy.” Of course the filter in my eleven year old mind must have been on vacation, and I realized how cruel these words sounded when Lia flinched and her eyes filled with fat tears.

Lia saw me as prejudice and never spoke to me unless it was something very forced and distant, and I didn’t engage in conversation unless it was the same. I found myself not taking a chance on Lia because I was afraid of breaking an angels spirits.

The only problem with this arrangement was that I fancied the pants off her, and no amount of years would change that.

At every gathering with the ministry officials or Holiday Lia was dragged along to with Scorpius, I practically glowed when she aknowledged my existence. It was rather pathetic, and so the decision was made that I would change this fact one way or another.

These thoughts flitted through my head as I glanced over at a pale looking Lia across the table from me.

“The Malfoy’s have so generously allowed us to use their land to hunt the muggle way, like you guys have wanted to for so long.” Teddy told us, breaking my from my train of thought and causing me to share an excited bloke moment with Scorpius.

No longer was I confused about why Teddy had demanded us to be at the Malfoy Manor, rather I felt an excitement bubbling up in my chest. Scorpius and I had talked quite a bit about this and the resolution of being able to do it on his land while hopefully bonding with Lia,was cause for praise.

This happiness ebbed away though when I broke away Scorpius’s and I’s man hug to see a strucken Lia sprint from the room leaving her chair to clatter dramatically.

Concern flooded me, and it was Teddy’s serious eyes and instructions to stay put that stopped me. For a moment I hesitated at the arched doorway, wanting to so very badly to see what had my angel shaking with fear.

“Al sit down, she obviously needs a moment alone.” James warned, his arms crossed across his chest stiffly.

I appraised his bothered expression, and wondered why his reaction was similar to mine, but dismissed it when Fred did the same. Everyone who had ever met Lia tended to get protective and invested their emotions into her. She had that effect on people.

Once I was sat down in a chair I turned to Scorpius to interrogate him, but his tired expression told me to let it be.

Eventually- after a few minutes of silent brooding- Teddy came back with Lia, whose face was guarded, but as beautiful as ever. We regained a conversation about things that now felt trivial with the news of a troubled Lia, but we carried on talking about the types of guns we’d get to use and what animals there were to be hunted.

James and Fred lead out party outside, letting us be met with a cold burst of air that made Lia shiver unintentionally. I frowned as I was proved once again how fragile Lia was, and mutely offered her my jumper.

I didn’t watch her face this time to see how she reacted, but instead pretended to be more interested in the forest.

In all honesty it was quite entrancing, the foliage was dipped in gold, from dew drops enlightened by sun rays, and the ceiling of wise old trees was twined and so thick that only mere slivers sliced through their branches and was filtered green by the leaves. I could see tiny dust motes floating through the warm sunlight, and noted that a feather drifted on the breeze.

All of this was grand, but with Lia standing near it paled in comparison.

Lia’s hair had grown long over the break and all though she had it in a high ponytail it still flowed well past her shoulders. Her sickly skin was made porcelain by the natural lighting, and it accentuated her shiny rose bud lips that feigned a smile.

I knew better than to think that she was content.

Still we powered on, stepping into the fringe of the forest. I felt Lia seize up beside me, her jaw clenched and her eyes flashing around at the trees; eyes wide with panic. I reached out a hand as her breathing hitched, and she heaved each breath, but was intersected by James.

His hand gripped hers, and he tucked her behind his back and together they crept quietly into the woods.

Fred’s brows knitted together in a flash of puzzlement, but he immediately became disinterested and followed with his gun cocked. Teddy and Scorpius shared a look, but kept their mouths locked shut.

A cold feeling rushed through my veins as I realized what James’s action meant; I wasn’t the only one who was more concerned with Lia’s experience than their own. This, for lack of better words, caused me to surge with jealousy.

Teddy shot me a look of surprise- being able to smell it on me-, but turned away once again leaving me to rage silently.

Authors Note:
Foreshadowing maybe?? *Wink-wink,Nudge-Nudge* And their you have it peeps, keep reading (After you review, obviously :) to find out what happens next!

Side note. So as you may or may not know I have been editing like a madman, and that is do to my lack of skill recently. This is mostly because I am severely tired due to all the running I’ve been forced to suffer. Being an athlete sucks sometimes, but it makes me a fittie so whatever.

Thanks to: Harrysecretcrush, BBwotter, and noor for your reviews. They are deeply appreciated.


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