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Fortes in Fides by The Mirror of Erised
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: The unlikley uses of a croissant
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Chapter 3: The unlikely uses of a croissant

“That’s twice in one day. Surely she deserves some kind of an award for that?”- Jo Rodgers

“Ready One, Two, Three”


“WHAT THE HELL!” I splay my hands everywhere as I attempt to untangle myself from the death trap called a duvet.  Suddenly I free myself from the tangle and kicked it to the far side of the room just for good measure. I turn to find Rose, Dom and Jo rolling around the floor with laughter. Apparently they thought it would be funny to tip me and my mattress over. Hilarious. I quickly grab the glass of water by my bed side table and tip its contents over the laughing girls.

“AHHHH!” they scream as the icy water seeps into their clothes, and I can’t help but start to laugh.

“Fair play Fides. Fair play” Jo claps before flicking her wand towards my bed. The mattress and duvet hop back onto the bed, perfectly made.

“I can’t wait to get my wand” I sigh as I begin to get dressed. We had updated Jo of my complete ignorance on magic last night so naturally; she added a battered copy of Perfecting Potions to the stack of books that now fill my shelf, whilst Rose and Dom talked about going to some room in search of a book belonging to a half-blood prince. I don’t really get it either.

Once we were all dressed and ready we marched down to breakfast, and despite filling myself up beyond bursting point last night I’m really hungry again. When we arrive at the dining hall we find James, Al and someone I don’t recognise sitting at the table.

“Morning ladies” James smiled.

“Fides is that a bruise on your head?” Al asks.

“I don’t know? Why don’t you ask one of them?”

“We pushed her mattress over this morning” Jo laughed whilst sliding in beside me; the bells in her hair giving soft ring as she did so.

“Classic” James chuckles.

“Somehow, I fail to see the humour in this” I mumble whilst reaching over for a slice of toast.

“Well it’s not like you didn’t then spill Ice cold water all over us!” Rose replies whilst flicking bits of bread at Al’s head.

“I’ll high five that” the boy I don’t recognise leans over and high fives me, “I’m Jo’s brother Bertie by the way, short for Albert not to be mistaken with lovely Albus here” I look up at Jo’s brother and you can tell with one look that they are related. He has the same golden blonde hair as Jo and shimmering grey eyes are close to identical. However, Bertie is dressed with more simplicity than Jo.

“Hey I’m Fides but going from Albert to Bertie is hardly shortening your name is it? I mean it’s still two syllables long” I point out logically.

“Don’t get all logical first thing in the morning Fee. It numbs my brain” Al whines whilst rolling his head dramatically on the table.

“Now you see Fee is a shortening of a name whereas…” I’m interrupted by all six of them throwing bits of bread at me.

“God you’re annoying in the morning” Rose sighs.

“I was merely pointing out…OUCH!” Al had just thrown an entire roll at my head.

“What the…” Al yelps as I throw an apple back in return, “Fides an apple is much harder than a role of bread!”

“Perhaps this will soften the blow” I laugh as I flick some porridge off my spoon and onto his shirt.

“Well now you’re just asking for it” and with that, Al jumped across the table and pushes a fist full of grapes into my mouth. I reach for the croissant on my plate and begin to smack him across the head with it but Al has already started to reload his hands with ammunition. So without thinking (as always) I grab my goblet and empty its contents over his head.

 I suddenly freeze and I am just able to hear Jo whisper “That’s twice in one day. Surely she deserves some kind of an award for that?”

I think I probably took it too far I mean I only just met the guy last night. Al’s green eyes lock on to mine and my heart does a little flip- wait what? Al’s face is twisted with rage and I’m about to spill out a million apologies, when he suddenly smiles dangerously. Oh shit. He raises the metallic jug and pours all the icy water over me.

“FUCK” I yell as the water soaks through my oversized jumper. Al and I stare at each other, eyeing the damage we caused to one another. In a last attempt I hit him over the head with my now soggy croissant and we suddenly fall to the floor laughing. I don’t know how long we’re lying there laughing when we finally look up to see Professor Longbottom.

“Morning all. Hope you’re all having an enjoyable breakfast.” We both nod trying to supress our laughter as we climb on to our seats next to each other. We look up at the others on the table. They’re all silent, their mouths hanging open.

“Well that’s not something you see every morning” Rose states. Suddenly all seven of us burst out laughing, and in the corner of my eye I can just see Professor Longbottom smiling to himself as he takes a sip from his tea. God bless that man.

Al hangs a muscular arm over my shoulder.

“Croissant?” Al asks waving the one I had used to hit him in across the face.  I smile.

“I’m alright thanks. Gives me a bit of a headache. Perhaps you would like some grapes?” I say offering him a handful.

“I’m okay. Besides grapes are a serious choking hazard” and two of us smirk as we fill our empty goblets with juice.

“Jeez what the hell happened here?” a blonde stranger suddenly appears and sits next to Rose. Wow that blonde hair cannot be natural. It’s just not possible.

“Fides and Al happened that’s what” Dom points towards us and we’re both giggling like idiots.

“By far the best breakfast entertainment EVER. Even beats the time we set Hagrid’s dog lose in first year” James gazed off dreamily. What an odd child. I can’t exactly talk though. I did just beat someone with a croissant.

“Shame I missed out” Man he’s gorgeous, if I find out he’s related to the bloody Weasley/Potters I swear to God I will… “I’m Scorpius Malfoy by the way.” Finally a good looking person who isn’t related to them! “Liking the look” he says whilst eyeing up my wet food splattered clothing. Aren’t I just a beauty?

“Well I thought I would take the whole you are what you eat thing to the extreme.” Scorpius gives a small laugh before turning towards Rose, who appears to be gritting her teeth at the very sight of him.

“My my Miss Rose Weasley you look more radiant than golden Aphrodite herself” he teased, pulling at her lose hair.

“And suddenly I’m not so hungry anymore” she spits bitterly whilst pushing her plate of food away from her. What a waste.

“Still reminiscing over our lovely time spent together last night?” Scorpius batters his long thick lashes which are completely wasted on a boy- unless you’re battering them like he is now. Hum… perhaps they’re not wasted after all.

“Put a sock in it Malfoy or better still” Rose grabs her bread roll from her plate and stuffs it in his mouth.

“brglf” Scorpius splutters.

Rose leans into him “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full.” She gave a satisfied smirk.

“Come on Fides we’re leaving.”

“But I haven’t finished eating…”

“NOW” and she grabs my wrist and drags me out of the hall but, not before I give one last smile to Al.







Before I know it I’m, being pushed through the office door of Professor Longbottom by a ranting Rose (after I had made myself more presentable of course).

“Hey Neville!”  Neville?

“Morning Rose, Fides” Neville Longbottom! Ouch. Clearly his parents just closed their eyes and pointed to a random name in the baby book.

Rose and “Neville” begin to chat happily to one another- no doubt he’s related to her in some way or another just like the rest of the bloody school. Whilst they chat I begin to admire his office that is crammed full of plants which of course, just like everything does in this school, move. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the pink plotted plant beside me is singing. I’m just about to investigate the singing plant further when Neville suddenly asks Rose to wait outside his office.

“Feel free to sit Miss Williams” Neville offers after conjuring a seat with his a wand.

I sit down silently, still eyeing the singing plant.

“I thought we ought to discuss, well you being here I suppose. I must say Fides it’s very odd, almost unheard for a witch or wizard to only begin there magical learning in their sixth form and not when they were in first year.”

“I gathered that much from everyone’s reactions” Professor Longbottom nods.

“So Professor McGonagall and I have thought you should begin by taking lessons with the fourth years and if we see that you’re excelling in these classes then we’ll move you to either Fifth or Sixth year classes. Do you agree with this?”

Errgh this is going to be so humiliating doing lessons with students two years younger and who are probably more advanced than me!

“Yes” I agree reluctantly.

“Good. We’ve spoken to the examiners and they have agreed in letting you proceed straight on to your N.E.W.Ts as soon as you’re ready.” Just smile and nod and he’ll think you know what he is saying to you. “If you work hard I’m sure you’ll be in your regular classes in no time.” I just shrug my shoulders, this news being a real downer on my comical morning. Professor Longbottom suddenly softens, “I doubt this is of any use to you, but when I was a student here I used to be at the bottom of nearly all my classes and now I’m a Professor.” He gives an awkward smile which I return.

“May I advise you find a student to tutor you. Rose perhaps? Right now that we have established the issue of your classes we can talk about your school equipment. The school is aware of your financial situation and have agreed before your arrival to provide you with the money needed for your duration here.”

“What Really?!” I suddenly sit up “You mean it? But…what…err. Thank you so much Professor! I don’t know…” Neville raises his hand to silence me but I continue to grin like a maniac.

“You will be excused from your lessons today in order to travel to Diagon Alley and buy your school equipment. Rose will be accompanying you. That will be all Miss Williams.” Professor Longbottom points towards the door. I get up to go still grinning like the bloody Chesha Cat when Neville calls to me from his desk.

“Miss Williams do not be quick to dismiss the friends you’ve made. When you decide to tell them, you’ll be surprised to realise how understanding they will be.” I suddenly freeze and turn to look at him. His face is serious but somehow comforting.

I attempt to dismiss Neville as trying to be all freaky and cryptic and run through his office door.

Rose begins to chat excitedly about being able to leave the school and how Dom will be so jealous but I’m not listening. For some reason I don’t seem able to shake of the feeling that Neville knows everything about me. Things I don’t want anyone to ever know about me.






“Okay all we need to do now is go to Madam Malkin’s to get your robes and Olivander’s to get your wand” Rose cries from behind the bags of quills, books, cauldrons and so on.

“Okay if my feet don’t drop off on the way there.” Rose pulls a face. “What?”

“Just the image of feet dropping off, kind of freaks me out.”

“Oh honestly you read into things way too much! It’s exasperating!” and we continue to trudge through Diagon Alley, its awesomeness is beginning to wear off on me since the hours of shopping. To be honest I’m still trying to recover from the whole floo powdering palaver that I haven’t been as enthusiastic as one ought to be when shopping for cauldrons and admiring brooms that fly. As we enter Madam Malkin’s a small bell rings and a short well-dressed looking women grabs me by the shoulders and places me on a stall. She starts to jab pins and needles in every directions without even asking what we have come in here for. For all she knows I could have come in here thinking it was a carpet shop or public toilet! Maybe I just wanted to admire the mahogany tables! She waves her wand around my robes and they suddenly tighten fitting me perfectly.

“That will be 12 galleons” she states placing her hand in front of Rose.


“What is it?” She taps her foot in frustration.

“Could I possibly have it in a bigger size?”

“What?” both Rose and I’m assuming Madam Malkin snap. I’m not surprised by this reaction seeing as the robes fit perfectly. In fact they’re really flattering for a school uniform. I actually look quite nice in them.

“I just prefer my clothes to be, well baggy and long.” Wow if looks could kill I would have died a million times over.

“Very well” she snaps and begins to adjust my robes to how I asked.

Meanwhile Rose is giving me a very strange looks.

“What?” I sigh.

“Nothing. It’s just odd you know that you would try and hide yourself in your clothes. You’re really pretty.”

“Shut up or I’ll repeat what you did to Scorpius this morning!”

Rose lifts her hands up in surrender.

“I was just saying.”

“Well don’t.” Rose remains silent until we leave the shop with my extra-large robes.

“Okay now all we need to get is your wand.”

“Finally!” I gasp. It’s the only thing I’ve been interested in buying since we got here! I’m practically pushing Rose to make her speed up so she begins to deliberately slow down.

“I swear to God Rose if you don’t speed up now I’ll throw this lovely new cauldron we bought at the pretty little head of yours!” Rose laughs clearly enjoying my frustration but just in case I’m being serious she begins to quicken her pace.

We arrive at an old wood framed building with swirly gold letters that read “Olivander’s”. I’m about to enter when Rose exclaims “Shit, I left my bag in Madam Malkin’s. I’m just going to run and get it, I’ll meet you here.”

Before I can reply she is already hurrying down the crowded cobbled street so I turn and push the stiff door open.

On entering the creaking old shop, I’m greeted by an old musty smell. The shop is crammed full of boxes and the paint is chipping from the walls not to mention the layer of dust which hangs over everything.  Nice.

A man suddenly appears from around the corner and hands me a wand.

“Try it” he instructs. What is up with these people and assuming they know what I came in for? I’m half tempted to say I’m the cleaner they sent for, lord knows they need one.

I give the wand a small wave and nothing happens. Great maybe it was a mistake and I’m not actually a witch. Wow that would be awkward.

The man hands me another wand and I give it another small wave. This time I smash a plant plot. Brilliant, now there’s the chance that I am the worlds clumsiest witch.

The man continues to hand me wands and I continue to smash and shatter things. The man furrows his eyebrows in frustration.

Suddenly he turns and starts to yell at the back of the shop. A sudden sound of shuffling and wheezing resonates around the dusty shop as an ancient looking man appears. He is so pale I could have mistaken him for a ghost (had I never seen one before) and he winces every time he takes a step.

“We’re having troubles finding a wand for this young lady” he shoots me a dirty look. Is he actually blaming me for the fact he can’t find me a wand. Right that’s it the next wand he gives me is going somewhere the sun don’t shine.

“Ah Miss Williams” the old man cries.

How does he know my name?

“You’re a little late for getting your first wand. I thought you might never come.”

Okay he kind of freaks me out. Just a little.

“Move over Dedrick!” the old man shuffles towards a shelf. “I’ve been waiting to give this to you.” I cautiously take the wand from his withered hand.

The moment my hand touches the wand I feel a shock of energy and my body is alive with fire. I can feel the magic from the wand pulsing through my veins, my heart, my body. I’ve had this feeling before but never as powerful as now. It’s like the wand completes me.

The feeling is so overwhelming that I drop the wand and stumble backwards.

“Just as I suspected.” The old man’s wrinkled face splits with his toothy smile. “It appears that unicorn hair runs in the family.”

“Family?” I snap.

The man gives a sly smile. Just as I’m about to demand him what he meant, Rose throws open the door and hurls a bag at my face. When I turn to question the ancient man he’s gone.

I roll the delicate wand in my hand the magic still pulsing between us.

“Let’s have a look” Rose leans over to look at my wand.

 It’s a silvery polished wood (no doubt from a silver birch tree) and a vine of flowers circle up the tip of the wand. It’s beautiful.

“What core does it have?”

“Erm I think it’s unicorn hair” I murmur as I begin to peer around the shop in search of the old man. What did he mean by family? I need to find out.

“You do realise that you have to pay for the wand” Dedrick snaps at me from under the dusty table- because of course the old man will be under there. I thump my head against the splintered wood as I crawl out. Rose and Dedrick are giving me odd looks. I don’t really blame them. Before crawling under the table I had just stuck my head in a plant pot.

“Erm I dropped my contact lens” I murmur which isn’t the best of excuses when you’re wearing a pair of oversized glasses. Rose snorts.

“Right erm… Dedrick it’s been a pleasure” and I practically through the money at him and run out of the shop. Well that wasn’t embarrassing.

Rose rushes after me laughing loudly “you could have at least said you dropped your earing!”

“I panicked” I groan as Rose catches up with me.

“What were you doing under the table anyway and don’t even think about saying you dropped your money.”

“I was looking for the old man”

“You mean Olivander?” I nod, “and he was hiding under the table because…”

“I was never the best at hide and seek” I sigh.

Rose gives a light laugh “but why were you looking for him anyway?”

 “He was being all cryptic to me. It was weird. I’m not sure what he meant though.”

“What did he say” I remain silent. Rose rolls her eyes “I would just ignore what he said, he went a bit funny after being tortured by Voldermort which is fair enough. God bless him for reopening his shop after the Second Wizarding War. You have to admire his love for wands although the same can’t be said for his nephew. Oh well I suppose it’s nice of Dedrick to help his uncle after the traumatic experience he had.”

I raise a quizzical brow. “Merlin you need to read the boy who lived ASAP!”

“Did you just say ASAP?!”

“Oh shut up.”

We have time to spare before we go back to school so Rose takes me into all her favourite shops but I’m not really paying attention. I just don’t seem able to push what Olivander said out of my mind. Family? But who? I don’t have a family at least not anymore. It’s not just Olivander though, it’s Professor Longbottom too. What is up with these people being all cryptic and knowing!

 I decide to take Rose’s advice and forget about what he said. Thinking hurts my head. He’s just an old wheezing man after all. Madge is probably more okay in the head than he is. Wow I can be such a bitch. Thank God no one can read my thoughts.

“We have just enough time to make one last stop.” Rose pauses dramatically, “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.”

“You own a shop?!” I cry exasperated.

“No my uncle George does. He opened it with his twin brother Fred in their seventh year but he died in the wizarding war. That’s why Fred is called Fred. Saying that are family seems to have an obsession with naming their kids after dead people. Bit bleak really.”

“I think it’s sweet.” Rose gives me a look. “What now?” I ask defensively.

“It just doesn’t suit you.”

“What doesn’t suit me?”

“Saying sweet”

“How do you know what does and doesn’t suit me? We only just met yesterday!” I rolled my eyes, “Besides you’re the one saying ASAP! Before you know it you’ll be saying LOL instead of laughing!”

“I’m getting the shivers at the very idea of it” Rose laughed (yes she laughed not LOLed. You text speakers make me sick. Not too sure as to who I’m talking to exactly?)

“Err Fides?”

“Oh sorry. Was just erm…” yelling at myself with in my own head.

We reach the end of the cobbled street where a large colourful building loomed. Excited voices could be heard with in the shop along with load bangs and cracks.

This place is just too cool!

Rose marched through the shop until she reached the till.

“Uncle George!” she ran and hugged the man at the till. He’s ginger and is still good looking for his age so of course he is a Weasley. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this family have a seriously good gene pool. Rose and her uncle begin to chat avidly whilst I stare in awe at the shop. I’m just admiring the skiving snack boxes when I can hear Rose calling me.

“Fides this is my Uncle George” Is he missing an ear? Probably a wizard thing.

“Hi. This shop is…. Incredible”

“Thanks! I’m planning on opening one up in Hogsmead sometime soon so I’ll being seeing a lot more of you two.”

“I’m not sure if McGonagall would like that” Rose laughs.

 “Mini loves it secretly- who do you think buys all the dung bombs?”

We carry on talking to George, who is undoubtedly one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met, before we have to floo back to school with the mountains of Weasley products George gave us for free as well as a parcel for Roxanne and Fred.

My arms feel like lead as we dump the bags into our dorm and I still feel queasy from the flooing. I throw myself onto my bed dramatically whilst Rose perches herself comfortably on the edge.

I stare up at Rose who is currently munching loudly on the sugared quills she had bought earlier. Her face is small and delicate with a handful of golden freckles sprinkled lightly on her nose. Her hair is a bright glossy red which cascades down her back and her eyes are a sky blue that light up her entire face. Her face is make up less and judging from this morning the only pampering she does is using a hair potion that stops it from going to its natural frizzy state. Rose is obviously not one to obsess over looks and she has a clear tom boyish streak.


“Mmh” I murmur.

“How comes you’ve only just found out you’re a witch?” She asks bluntly and I have a feeling she has been dying to know this entire time.

I start to put away the shopping in order to post pone my answerbut Rose continues to stare at me from my bed waiting.

“I’m not really sure why” I mutter whilst staring down at my feet. “It’s weird.”

My eyes fluttered open and I saw a pair of florescent yellow eyes stare down at me. My breath danced in swirls from the cold and I suddenly sat up straight as the yellow eyes suddenly came towards me. I let out a little scream as the owl dropped a fat cream letter at my feet, and with that he flew away leaving me behind mouth gaping. I picked up the envelope cautiously eyeing the green swirls that spelt out my name.  It wasn’t until I turned the envelope over and saw the crimson wax crest that I suddenly remembered it. I had gotten this letter before when I was eleven. In fact I got several times before but I never read one. They used to arrive every day for about a month until they just stopped coming. I never thought of them again until now. My hands were shaking for some reason as I broke the wax seal ready to read the letter I had never opened.

“I just got the letter one day and a week later this witch came and dropped me off at Kings Cross. And that was it really.”

“Your right that is weird” Rose’s face was furrowed with confusion. When I had put the last of my shiny new items away she jumped from the bed and said, “I’m Hungry.”

“You just ate your entire body weight in Sugared Quills how could you possibly be hungry?”

Rose simply shrugged “Come on lets go. Dom and Jo are probably already stuffing their faces.”

I follow Rose out of the dorm towards the Great hall my mind occupied with Rose’s question. The truth is until now I never really thought about why I only just found out I was a witch despite receiving the exact same letter when I was eleven. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why would the letters have stopped sending suddenly appear again several years later? My mind is starting to go numb from all the confusion churning in my mind.

The thing that is getting at me the most however, is how I forgot about all the previous letters I had received until last week. I mean who forgets a constant stream of owls sending you letters?! It’s hardly normal.

I just can’t shake off the feeling that the letters aren’t the only thing I have forgotten.






A/N Hello people I love for reading this still. So this chapter is a bit more eventful than the last but fear not the pace should be picking up fairly shortly so just bear with me. I just want to say to you all thanks for giving this story a chance and I love you all madly. Please, please review because A REVIEW TO AN AUTHOR IS LIKE THE WAND TO A WIZARD. Mmmm how poetic. Love you guys x


Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and anything you don't recognise. I’m not J.K Rowling however much I might wish I was!



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