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Neon Angel on the Road to Ruin by Joan Jett
Chapter 37 : Practical Jokes
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Harlow sighed as she shut the classroom door behind her, she walked away from Snape's office and towards the Common Room with her head down.

“Woah!” Donnie said as he bumped into Harlow.

'Sorry, Don.' Harlow said.

'What's wrong?' he asked, noticing her absent state.

'Nothing, just had Career's Advice.' Harlow said as she smiled, halfly.

'Oh, that bad?'

'No, it's just, it got me thinking about the future.' Harlow sat down on a bench. 'If he is gaining power, he'll come back, recruit Death Eaters, recruit dad, and there'll probably be no future, no need for a career, no need to, to anything.'

'There will be, there always is. And we don't know for sure if the Dark Lord is back or not. But Harlow, the hardest thing in this world is to live in it.'

'Yeah.' Harlow nodded slowly, looking at the wall ahead of her.

'What career did they think fit you?' Donnie inquired.

'Umbridge praised my Defence work, and a recommendation for Transfiguration Professor came from McGonagall.'

'That's great, Harlow!' Donnie said enthusiastically. 'Anyway, I best be off, I'll talk to you later.'

She watched Donnie walk away and then got up herself.

As soon as she was in the common room, she sat with Draco, Blaise, Katrina, Astoria and Pansy.

'How was Careers Advice?' Blaise asked.

'Peachy.' Harlow said.

'I already know what I'm going to---' Astoria began and Harlow stopped listening, she looked at Pansy who rolled her eyes to herself, she was sick of Astoria spending time with Draco.

Blaise looked at Harlow, 'Fancy a walk?' he asked.

'Sure,' Harlow nodded

They both got up and headed to the door, Draco watched with annoyance, Harlow stepped through the door that Blaise was holding for her, 'Where are we going?'

'I want to show you something.' he said, grabbing Harlow's hand.

They walked all the way to the lake outside, Harlow stood close to the edge, same as Blaise.

'Why're we here?' she asked.

'Look,' Blaise said pointing to the moon. It was fuller than it usually was, beautiful.

'Nice,' Harlow said, clearly unimpressed, Blaise's thing was always Astrology.

Blaise laughed, Harlow looked up to him about to question him before he shoved her into the lake, she gasped.

'Blaise!!' she seethed as she resurfaced.

'I'm sorry,' Blaise laughed, 'I just couldn't help myself.'

'What the hell are you doing?!' Draco said as he stormed up towards the pair.

'Just messing around, mate.' Blaise said.

Draco walked to the edge of the lake and held two arms out to Harlow, who took them gratefully and he pulled her out.

'That wasn't funny, Blaise.' Harlow said, although a little smirk played at her lips.

Draco took off his cloak and wrapped it around Harlow, he then led her back to the castle.

Harlow shivered, which Draco picked up upon due to the fact that his arm was wrapped around her shoulders. 'You're freezing,'

'And I smell of lake water,' Harlow moaned. 'He was just messing around, Draco.'

'Well he should find someone else.' Draco said as he muttered the password to the wall entrance.

As soon as they were in the Common Room, Draco shifted passed everyone to get Harlow to her room unseen, they got to her door before Astoria walked passed.

'Draco!' she said excitedly. 'Care to join me for some fun?'

Astoria looked seductively at Draco and held the door to her room open for him, it was exactly opposite Harlow's. Astoria completely blanked Harlow.

'I'll be there in a bit.' Draco muttered.

'Fine, but the room won't stay empty for long, the other girls will be back in an hour.' Astoria said, her lips pursed and she stepped inside her room, the door slammed.

Draco opened Harlow's door and they both went inside.

Harlow handed the cloak back to Draco and slipped off her Converse. She peeled the cardigan that was sticking to her skin off and undid her shirt, she pulled the vest top she had on underneath and flung it on the bed, completely unaware Draco was watching her in awe. In her eagerness to get the wet, smelly clothes off, she had forgotten about his presence.

His cold hands rested on her sides from behind, his head rested on her shoulder, he whispered. 'I believe you owe me fun, not Astoria.'

He kissed her neck as his hands run higher up her sides, underneath her bra. She moved away from him briskly.

'I need a shower.' she said as she walked into the bathroom, locking the door without even looking at him.

Draco sighed sharply with annoyance and left the room, on to Astoria's.






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