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Hoqwarts according to Florrie. by Dragonbogies45
Chapter 3 : Breakdowns and Pink hedgehog pajamas
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As you may have guessed there were a lot questions. Mainly from ol’ skull crusher but I managed to not answer them by shovelling steak and kidney pudding into my mouth every time she opened hers. It worked really well and in the end she got bored and went to go and pester James. Poor child.

“Do you think we should rescue James?” I asked Al who was playing footsie under the table with grace. Well if it was on top of the table that would be disturbing and unhygienic. Sorry back on topic. Al is now watching the scene between Rose and James unfold with an amused expression on his face. It is quite funny actually James looks so helpless. Oh dear rose is pointing at me and they are all looking at me. And do you know what I did next? I waved. Why do you hate me Merlin?
“That’s right Florrie just draw more attention to yourself.”Al laughed from behind me. I stuck my tongue out at him and turned back to my food which had disappeared because pudding had arrived. Yay!
After eating my weight in chocolate cake, the house elves have really out done themselves this year, I turned to talk to Bella who was looking at her treacle tart like it had murdered somebody and was stabbing it with her fork. Good for nothing...arsehole...git-face” she punctuated each insult with a vicious stab. I think I should intervene.
“Um Bella...” good start Florrie really articulate. “ Bella what did your pudding ever do to you?” I ask trying to sound cheerful. Bella looks up at me, her fork still clenched in her fist. Her knuckles are turning white thats not a good sign. Then she drops her fork and gives me what she thinks is an innocent smile.
“Oh nothing Florrie don’t worry about it.” she says brightly. I raise my eyebrows at her and her smile slips.
“Its Jordan he’s got a new girlfriend already and I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that he cheated on me” her voice is shaking now. I think I should probably explain what’s going on as you are new to all this.

Last year Bella had a boyfriend his name was Jordan Adams. He is now no longer Bella’s boyfriend after I found him in a broom cupboard with Giselle Darcy slytherins resident tart. I would like to point out I don’t go round looking in broom cupboards, it’s part of my job as a prefect to look for snoggers who are breaking curfew. The most common spots are the astronomy tower (I don’t really know why it’s cold up there), broom cupboards on the sixth floor and in the basement near the Hufflepuff common room. Any way back to the story, I was checking broom cupboards on the second floor (we have to check every floor) and I opened one and immediately regretted it because Jordan was topless and Giselle was pushed up against the wall with her legs around Jordan’s waist. My innocence was gone forever. I cleared my throat and they separated. At first I couldn’t see who the boy was but when he turned around I got the shock of my life and he didn’t look too pleased to see me either. He tried to use emotional blackmail to keep me quiet you know like “Bella would hate you forever if you told her about this”. I didn’t give in though because I knew Bella had a right to know what he had done so I turned and ran as fast as I could to Gryffindor tower Jordan right behind me. It’s a good thing Eric makes us do laps of the quidditch pitch before training, it may not sound a lot but the pitch is bloody huge. Anyway he chased me all the way to the common room were I practically yelled the password at the fat lady(she looked mortally offended but still let me through) and ran into the common room towards were Bella, rose and grace were sat. Everyone looked up when I made my entrance. I stopped in front of Bella and Jordan caught up with me breathing heavily shaking his head at me violently.

“Either you tell her or I will. Your choice Adams.” I say folding my arms.
Bella frowned at us both and said “tell me what?” her voice deathly calm.
“Nothing Bells don’t worry” I glared at him and he stepped backwards slightly.
“I warned you Adams” I said turning to Bella “i just caught him in a broom cupboard with Giselle Darcy” Bella looked stunned then her expression turned murderous as she rounded on Jordan. He looked like he was going to wet himself.
“How could you! And with her the girl tormented me all the way through my third year. You Arsehole!” Bella’s screaming subsided and she burst into tears. I rushed forwards and wrapped my arms around her and she buried her face in my cardigan which quickly became soggy. Rose on the other hand had rushed towards Adams and was now punching every inch of him she could reach. I am pleased to inform you he ended up with a black eye and a swollen lip. It wasn’t attractive.

Any way back to the present day Bella has gone back to mutilating her treacle tart which no longer resembles said tart. I put my hand on her arm and she immediately stops her hands are shaking and Al and grace have stopped flirting long enough to notice something is up. Grace shoots me a worried look and I mouth “I’ll tell you later” she nods and shakes her head at Al’s quizzical look. All too quickly dinner is over and we turn to professor Gilder our headmistress. Some people don’t really like her because she seems too young to be a headmistress but anyone would be young compared to Dumbledore. Anyway I like her. She reminds me of my aunt Kate, my dad’s sister, she has the same warm friendliness and her hair is the same colour (bright red, its genetic). Also she is very nice to all of us but she was a Hufflepuff and they are by definition completely awesome (my mum was a Hufflepuff and so were two of my uncles) but the famous phrase still stands “Hufflepuffs: the nice ones til you piss us off” you really don’t want to be on the receiving end of Hufflepuff pride they are very protective of their house. Just ask the Slytherins.
Anyway professor Gilder’s speech was generally the same as it usually is. Start of term notices, the care taker’s reminder’s about magic in the corridor, a reminder to all students that the forest is still forbidden (she looked towards Chris, James, Luke and Eric who waved at her) and how portable swamps are banned in school and if any are found they will be confiscated and the culprits will receive a month’s detention.

After the speech Bella got up and practically ran out of the hall I sprinted after her ignoring Masterson yelling at me to help him with the ‘Ickle firsties’. Wow Bella can really run. I finally catch up with her outside the portrait hole. Tears are streaming down her face and she is shaking. It’s lucky I live with Morag otherwise breakdowns would be a lot more alien. I love my sister but she is slightly unstable in the brain department. I sat outside the portrait hole with Bella cradled in my arms. James is no longer my second least favourite person his spot has been filled by Masterson because ladles and jelly spoons we have a new winner. He really is a prat and a half. People are starting to make their way up from dinner. I can hear them.

I haul myself up from the floor and offer Bella my hand she smiles weakly at me and takes it pulling herself up. I say the password (ironically it’s Alohamora) and we go up to the dormitory. I stayed until Bella had gone to sleep then went downstairs and was faced by the Gryffindor inquisition who bombarded me with questions. When all of them had finished al looked murderous but we persuaded him not to beat him to a pulp because he was already terrified of Rose because she gave him a black eye so if he saw Al coming he might poo himself. Anyway...after that delightful conversation me, Rose and Grace decided it was beddy byes time and we bade the boys goodnight some of us more passionately than others. I said goodnight to Chris and we went to bed.
“What no goodnight for me?” I swear I will kill James one of these days. But being the nice person I am and I don’t want to get hugged again I said “goodnight James” then added “and Luke and Eric” James looked slightly crest fallen but then he grinned at me and blew a kiss at me earning a smack on the back of the head from both Chris and Luke. Laughing I turned around to find Rose looking at me with an eyebrow raised.

“Oh shut up ginge” she laughed at me this time. I know what you’re thinking ‘but Florrie you too are an owner of hair with a tinge of la ginge’ but dear listener this is what we in the business call an "inside joke". Rose calls me ginge as well it’s our thing.
We finally made it upstairs, changed into our PJs mine are pink with hedgehogs on in case you were wondering. I fell asleep almost immediately but not before I heard rose’s gentle snores echo round the room.
Why hello there my lovelys Dragonbogies45 here but you can call me bogie. please Review. favourite quotes, what you think might happen next and anything else you wish to tel me.

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