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A Muggle Romance by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6- We Should Talk
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“Isn’t it annoying living without magic?” Ron asked me.

“Don’t you work in a completely different department?” I looked at my work but he just smiled.

“Yeah I do but it’s more interesting in here as of late.”

I sighed, “Well yeah it’s annoying but it’s not that bad.”

“I dunno mate,” Harry came over, “I lived without magic for years before I knew it existed but I don’t think I could do it now; you’ve had magic your entire life it’s gotta be hard.”

“It’s fine really,” I tried to get back to my work but the other two weren’t going away.

“Are you two even together? Or are you just living without magic for shits and giggles?” Ron asked.

“We’re not together,” I was staring at the page on my desk without actually reading it.

“You’re bonkers,” Harry laughed.

“I’m not bonkers,” I replied through gritted teeth.

“Calm down Draco we’re just messing with you.” Harry smiled.

I shook my head, “Can we just leave it alone?”

Harry nodded and Ron got up I assumed to actually go to the department he worked in.

My head was spinning the work in front of me meant nothing I just wanted to go home and see he again. If she wasn’t a muggle I would swear she slipped me a potion or had put a spell on me but I knew better she was just a muggle; but she was a muggle I was developing strong feelings despite the fact I knew she was hiding things from me. I just had to see her so on my lunch I went over to the pub; as always she was staring at the door and smiled when it was me who entered.

“Draco!” she hugged me and a couple guys at the table she had been helping glared.

“How’s work?” she asked.

“It’s a long day,” I replied.

“I know the feeling,” she glanced over at her table again.

“Those blokes bothering you?”

“Kind of they’re just a little wasted no worries,” she smiled.

She showed me to a table and went off to get me a pint and a burger.

“When do you get off?” I asked as she set down my beer.

“Around six,” she rolled her eyes.

I laughed and took a swig, “Kye is gonna pick you up right?”

“Of course.”

She walked back over to the other table and gave them their tab before going to retrieve my burger; the three guys put money on the table before getting up to leave. A dark haired one came over to me and kind of half smiled.

“That your girlfriend?” he asked reeking of booze.

“Yeah,” I lied.

“Shame,” he shook his head and followed his friends out.

Gillian returned with my food, “Everything alright Draco?”

“Yeah fine,” I smiled at her, “He’s just drunk.”

She went over to separate the money for the tab from her tip and I continued with my lunch. She went to the register to put the money in and then she stood behind the bar staring off into space. She pulled out her cell phone which I didn’t see her use much she looked at it a mix of disbelief and fear became etched on her face; then she passed out. I jumped up and rushed over to her the owner was already standing over her applying a cool wash cloth to her head trying to get her off. It was scary how lifeless she look her face drained of color I was terrified.

“Should I take her to the hospital?” I asked.

The owner looked at her and then back to me, “Relax boy just give her a minute, let’s take her out back for some fresh air.”

He hoisted her up with ease I grabbed her phone from the floor then led the way opening the back door he set her down on the asphalt and I pulled my coat off and put it down folded so he could lay her head there.

“I need to get back inside,” the owner said, “I’m coming back in five minutes and if she’s no better you’re gonna need to take her to the hospital.”

I nodded and watched the man walk back inside before sitting next to her. The ground was cold biting at my legs through my slacks but I ignored it and just watched her trying to will her to get up. Suddenly I remembered her phone and I picked it up she had been reading a text from someone named Mike.

I’m sorry Gill he’s coming to London

It was such a short text no names nothing I had no idea why she would faint after seeing this. I went into her text inbox, I was not very grateful she and Harry had taught me how to use one of these, and saw there were quite a few texts from Mike so I opened the full conversation.

The first text in the conversation was from Mike he had sent her; Morning Lassie.

She had replied with a ‘lol’ and ‘Mike you retard that’s Scotland not London.’

The next few texts back and forth seemed to just be two friends joking then I got to one from Mike.

Colin and Pat bought tickets to Europe for next week.

Gill had responded that Europe was a big country no worries, and then Mike had sent the text that made her pass out.  I had never heard her mention a Colin or a Pat so I was thoroughly confused when I looked down at her again I could see her eyes flutter a bit. Thank merlin she was getting up.

“Whoa what happened?” she asked fully opening her eyes staring up at the sky.

“You uh kind of passed out behind the bar.”

“Oh my god,” she went to sit up appeared to get dizzy and laid back down, “Shit he’s gonna be pissed.”

“He’s not mad he’s worried about if you didn’t get up he was gonna make me take you to hospital,” I chuckled.

She sighed, “He’s a good man.”

She rubbed the back of her head and I went over and looked there was a little bit of blood so I asked her to part her hair, “You have a small knick back here you must’ve hit your head on something. It’s not bad thought just be careful in the shower not to open it up once its closed.”

She nodded I looked at her she still looked quite pale.

“Care to tell me why you collapsed like that?” I asked.

“Uh well,” she stammered.

“I read the text I’m sorry but I wanted to know. Who are Colin and Pat?”

If possible more color drained from her face and she stared at her fingers as she wrung her hands together.

“Draco we should talk but not here.” She finally said.

I nodded, “Now let me get you home.”

“But the rest of my shift, and what about your job?” she said frantically.

“Don’t worry about it.”

She got up and we went to talk to the owner he of course said she could leave so I called Kye, she learned to use the blasted house phone quicker than I had, and she immediately came to get us. Once home Gill went to change and I had Kye put on some tea for her. She came into the living room and I sat her on the couch and went and retrieved a comforter and wrapped it around her Kye brought her tea in a short time later and we then sat in silence. I saw it the haunted and pained look in her eyes; suddenly she began to sob violently her entire body was shaking and her face was quickly covered in tears.

I didn’t want to touch her and make it worse I was at a complete loss, “Gill what’s wrong? Please calm down a bit.”

My tone was a begging one because I didn’t know what else to do besides talk to her. She continued to sob for over fifteen minutes before removing her hands from her face and looking at me. Her eyes were red and puffy and long, glistening tear lines stained her pale skin. It broke my heart to see her in that kind of pain and I was helpless to help her unless she wanted to talk to me.

“Gill,” I said tentatively, “Who’s coming here?”

“Colin,” saying the name made her burst into an uncontrollable fit of sobs again.

I decided to be quiet this time not wanting to set her off again. She was mumbling to herself ‘I thought I got away,’ ‘I can’t believe this,’ and other similar things. I just sat quietly although a desperate desire to hug her and comfort her was building in my gut. I was terrified to touch her though, she was already in a state merlin knows what she would’ve done if I even set my hand on her shoulder; so I just watched and ignored the gnawing desire I had to make everything better. The name Colin still meant nothing to me; but he was my enemy. The reaction from her caused an instant fury and hatred for this man I had never met and I wanted to make him disappear so she could be happy again. I wanted to hear her laugh and see that smile that lit up my entire world but I knew that neither would happen for a while now.  Her reaction to a simple text whatever was going on had altered her entire life at this moment and I was worried for her. As I watched her cry I felt a whole in my heart and it grew each time she took in a sputtering breath. She finally seemed to compose herself but I was still afraid to speak to her; so I waited.

“He’s my ex-boyfriend,” she finally said; her voice was small and weak.

I nodded and sat waiting to see if she would elaborate.

“He’s a horrible person who I thought I would never have to see again once I left the States,” she took in a shaky breath and continued, “Apparently I was wrong.”

Again I had the urge to hug her and hold her close; to promise her I could protect her from everything and she would never hurt again but I stayed where I was. She suddenly took in a sharp breath and her small voice sounded again. She began to tell me her entire life story starting with her parents and her siblings and her life when she was younger. She moved into her self mutilation and then into Colin. By the time she was finished talking about him my fists were clenched I wanted more than anything to apparate to where ever he was and Crucio him into insanity. I tried to keep my face blank so she wouldn’t see the rage building as she continued through other ex-boyfriends and finally into her mother’s death and her moving here. She exhaled like a weight had been taken off her shoulders but it had been place on mine; what was I supposed to say or do how was I supposed to react? She hadn’t started to cry again she seemed at peace for a moment like she had wanted to tell someone about her horrible past. I was still hoping my face was blank I didn’t want her to see my shock, my rage, and least of all my disgust; not towards her but towards all the people who had treated her so badly.

She began to speak again, “And now apparently he and his best friend are coming here for vacation.”

I nodded, “London is a big place you probably won’t even see them.”

She groaned in frustration, “You don’t get it Draco he’s NOT actually coming here for vacation he’s coming here to find me I know it.”

“Well he’s not getting anywhere near you I promise.”

Finally she smiled a little but she didn’t show any signs of relief.

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A Muggle Romance: Chapter 6- We Should Talk


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