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Working title: Welcome to Snowland by Joda
Chapter 14 : Loss and Gain
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A/N: Ok, Ok... I know I said I wasn’t updating but someone reviewed... that means someone likes my stuff, and I can’t in good conscience deny one person the thrill of reading... as well as any other that may like it... BUT! I expect reviews... I’d really hate to stop writing, as this is a lot of fun... plus I saw a review that I didn’t respond to for another story, I never even noticed it there, s/he really liked my work (or at least said they did) so I figured there’s people out there that deserve to read it, even if people want to ruin for others, so to those that read and don’t review I say this “You can’t win. Even if you choose not to review, you will not ruin it for those who enjoy reading.” for those who do review I say this “Thank you it is because of you that I feel the drive to continue writing, knowing that there are people who enjoy reading this is the inspiration needed to continue.” So that being said, this is a short, but powerful (*I* think), those who will review to this I ask that you be gentle... you’ll find out what I mean when you read this chapter... I only ask that you keep the death threats to a minimum... for your sake as well as mine... umm... yeah.. So I guess that’s about it... as always enjoy and don’t forget to REVIEW.

Chapter 14: Loss and Gain.

John stood there in shock.

‘Dead?’ he thought. He looked at his mother, she was looking at him sympathetically with tears in her eyes.

“Wait a minute. Who’s dead?” he asked hesitantly. He looked over to Dan’s bed and saw that his monitors were still operating, showing his vital signs.

“No.” he looked over to Jack’s bed and saw only a sheet covering Jack’s body. He felt as though a cold bucket of ice water was dropped down his throat, spreading to his lower back and then back up his spine.

“John I’m so sorry.” she said enveloping John in a hug. He absently returned the hug still staring at the bed.

“H... how?” he croaked out.

“We think it had something to do with the staff that hit him. He was conscious one moment, and talking with your mother, then... it was like he became possessed. He screamed something in a weird language that I’ve never heard before then... he just went. I’m sorry, there was nothing I could do.” the healer looked down as though in shame. John turned and stormed out of the infirmary tent ignoring the voices behind him. He burst into the command tent and walked straight to the desk.

“Where is the cult prisoner I brought in earlier?” he demanded. The officer checked a clip board.

“He’s awaiting transfer to a more secure location in the house. But no one can go in there.” John ignored the rest and ran up to the house, pushing the doors open hard enough that they swung into the wall leaving holes. He walked to a room guarded by four Reavers.

“Sir I’m sorry but you cannot go inside.” John paid no attention, pushing aside to of them he pushed through the doors seeing the man who wielded the weapon that killed Jack he burst forward grabbing the man and throwing him on the ground, he whipped out his wand, pointed it at his throat and growled, with his eyes on fire,

“You just killed my best friend, and screwed any chance you ever had of seeing the sun again.” He picked the man up by his collar and threw him into the nearest wall. He was about to swing again when he felt four pairs of arms grabbing him trying to pull him back. He swung off two of them and was ready to curse the third when he heard,

“Expelliarmus! Accio Wand!” he felt his wand leap out of his hand and fly into the hand of another Wizard wearing the clothes of the Reavers.

“Put that man in an interrogation room. I don’t care where, but he does not leave this base until I’m done with him. Understood?” the Reaver nodded and two more hoisted the cultist up and led him out of the room. The Reaver walked forward and gave John his wand.

“Now, are you going to go and kill him?” John said nothing, but the look in his eyes spoke volumes. He took his wand and stormed out of the room following the restrained cultist and his escort. The Reavers put him in a room and stood off to the sides, watching. John walked up to the restrained man and sat down in front if him, he spoke in an eerie, low voice,

“Where is your base located? And don’t even think of saying Spain.”

“You think that you can scare me into revealing where we worship, but I know better. If I resist then you cannot do anything to harm me. They will restrain you.” he replied looking up.

“The only reason they pulled me back was because they didn’t know that Jack was dead.” he spat back, he looked up at the two men.

“Jack is dead?” one asked.

“Yes. Because this filth decided he wanted to try out his toy.” he turned back to the prisoner, “don’t think for a second that if I wanted to kill you right here and now they could do anything to stop me.”

“Or that we would.” the second piped up.

“Could you two do me a favour and leave the room for a moment?” he asked. They obliged and walked out without another word. “Now, you and me are going to have a nice little heart to heart, and if I have to, I will rip your heart out of your chest to get the answers I want. I’m only going to ask for so long before I start taking what I want out of your hide. I’ve been tortured by some of the best... I know how it’s done” the man looked into John’s eyes and saw pure hate and loathing there.

“I do not believe you have what it takes to murder someone in cold blood John Jackson.”

“Try me. Where is your, place of worship?” John pointed his wand at the man, it didn’t shake at all.

“If you kill me-”

“Oh, you’re not getting off that easy. I won’t kill you. And I know it’s a massive cliche, but you’ll wish for death when I get through with you. Now where?” the man took a breath and began to speak.

“There is a place in Egypt where the sand and sun do not harm you. There is water and even fruit, enough for you to live on for many years. It is in this place that you may find what you seek.”

“You’re talking about an Oasis.” John said.

“Yes, but this is not a typical Oasis. In this Oasis you may live for many years, there is also a temple there. Hidden to all except those in possession of the Eye.”

“Look, I don’t want to play your stupid fucking head games right now. You just killed my best friend. Tell me what I want, NOW!”he shouted grabbing the man by the collar again and lifting him out of the chair. He jammed his wand into the man’s neck so hard it was actually pushing in, as well as giving off a couple sparks. For the first time the mans eyes showed a flicker of fear. John dropped him into the chair and sat down taking a breath.

“The Eye of Third.”


“You must seek the Eye of the Third. That is what we devote out lives to.”

“What the hell is the Eye of the Third?” John asked,

“It was said that there would be a war followed by another. The end of the first war would bring about a hero who would vanquish the dark shadow. Following the first war would be a time of restless peace, for people would still fear the nameless shadow. It was said the shadow would rise again he would be met by an equally strong presence of light, who was destined to destroy this shadow. This light would be the same light that had stopped the darkness in the first war. However unknown to both would be a third force of neither light nor darkness who would wait until the battle forces had subsided then step in to declare its intentions. This third presence however is an unknown. It is an empty being, merely a carrier, an amplifier of power so to speak. It has no allegiance and when the wars subside it would simply sit until someone could take the power and use it to their wishes be they light or dark. It was said that this power if introduced into the fold early could change the destiny of all and tip the balance of power to whoever wielded it. That is the is Third Eye.”

“You’re saying someone else could tip the balance of power in the war against Voldemort.”

“Yes. The Temple is the Temple of the Third, it was built in it’s honour by an ancient and forgotten people to appease it. They believed that if they angered it, it would destroy them. They built the Temple is the greatest Oasis, in the greatest desert.”

“And the Eye is there. In the Temple.”

“We do not know. We worship it’s power in the hope that one of us will be chosen to wield it. We use the staves to send the souls to the Temple to sacrifice to it.”

“What? What do you mean ‘send the souls’? You sent Jack’s soul to a temple sitting in the middle of a desert?!” he asked, feeling his temper rise close to his boiling point.

“Yes. He is not dead so much as he is no longer living in our plain of existence. He lives. But you cannot save him. He will be released within three days time.” John ran out of the room as fast as he could running down to the command tent.

“Give me something I can use for a Portkey. Thanks.” he said as he grabbed a pencil of the desk and said ‘Portus’ watching it glow blue and shake he waited until it stopped.

“Tell my mother and brother that I had to go back to England.” he said quickly, as soon as he was done he was whisked away. He landed in the lobby for the Ministry of Magic and ran to the elevator. He got in a hit the button leading to the second floor which held the Auror headquarters. When the elevator finally reached it’s destination he ran to the offices and barged into Kingsley’s office.

“John? What are doing here?”

“Jack’s dead... well kinda.” he said, half out of breath.

“What? Dead? Kinda? What are you talking about?”

“He was hit by some staff. This cultist guy told me. Apparently a bunch of people in Egypt worship this Third thing, and Jack’s soul is trapped in a... well... I don’t really know what he’s in, or where the Temple is, but I need to go there and figure out what the deal is.”

“Ok hold on for a minute. Jack was hit by a staff, his soul is trapped in a Temple, and people are worshiping a Third. Third what?”

“Some power that could turn the tide of the war or something...”

“What? What do you mean?” John proceeded to tell Shacklebolt everything that the Cultist had told him.

“Ok, I need to get this to Dumbledore.” he said quietly, “go tell Tonks to meet me at Grimmauld in one hour, you should be there too.” John nodded and Shacklebolt ran down a hall. John walked to Tonks’ office still trying to comprehend everything that had happened these past few hours. It was only that morning that he had arrived at the house, then mere hours later Jack had been hit by a curse, or something, now only hours after that, he was dead. Or trapped or whatever. And he didn’t know who or what was in that Temple. He reached Tonks’ office and poked his head in. She was alone, her hair was green and down to her waist, her nose was long and warty. She looked perfectly like a muggle version of a witch from a horrible B movie. She had her feet up on her desk and was writing with a blue quill.

“Tonks?” she looked up in surprise,

“John? How are you?”

“I’ve been better, Shacklebolt want’s you to go to Grimmauld in an hour.”

“Ok. What’s wrong?”

“I’ll explain everything when I see you later. Speaking of which... I’ll uh, see you later.”

“Sure John, later.” he walked out of the offices, back to the elevator. While he was waiting his thoughts again went to Jack and what happened. The cultist said he was not dead, but he wasn’t alive... something about a different plain of existence. John stepped into the elevator and rode back down to the atrium. When it reached it’s destination he walked to the apparation points and apparated to his apartment. He pulled off his robes and threw them in the laundry hamper. He walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower and sat, letting the steam from the shower fill the bathroom like a sauna. This was his favorite way to think, without the trappings of the rest of the world to cloud his mind. After his shower he donned fresh robes and wrote a quick letter to Carly who was still in Nunavut and probably didn’t know what was happening. He tied the letter to the leg of Maple Leaf, his owl. He chuckled at the thought of the owl’s name, it was the name of his favorite Hockey team, a Muggle sport played on a sheet of ice. He enjoyed watching it whenever he could. Finally, feeling civilized he apparated to the square across from Grimmauld Place. He walked along the sidewalk until he was relatively between number 11 and 13 thinking,

‘The headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix can be located at Number 12 Grimmauld Place’ he watched as the house sprang into existence, he walked up to the door, took a breath and walked inside.

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