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A Happy Ending Wedding by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 1 : The Wedding.
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It was a warm summers day at the burrow as its residents were currently busy gathering and preparing for what would be a joyous day. The wind was lofting lazily through the garden and around a beautifully placed marquee, much like the one that had stood in place there for previous Weasley family weddings. Elegant decorations were being placed strategically throughout the white chairs that lined the aisle. Splashes of color green, silver, crimson and gold were on the lining of the marquee to mark the joining of the unity to take place that day.

Up in her Aunt Ginny’s old bedroom, Rose was getting ready for her big day. Her dress hung in the corner of the dressing cabinet, a vase with flowers was aglow on the dressing table as she looked into the mirror and began to put make up on. She heard a small knock on the door and called a soft “enter” as she continued with the eye liner. She looked up as the door opened to find her mum and soon to be Mother-in-law came through the door. She smiled at them, mirroring the looks on their faces. Hermione walked over to her daughter and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“You look beautiful, Rose,” Saying this as swift as possible as tears began to well in her eyes.

“Mum, you don’t have to cry,” Rose offered back to her mum and handed her a tissue.

“I know,” Hermione replied. “I am just so happy for you and proud of you for following your heart no matter what.”

Rose smiled. She knew exactly what her mother had meant by this. For the man she was going to marry was someone who no one thought that she would end up with. They had hated one another ever since they first met on the Hogwarts Express their first year. That hate had then softend in their fifth year when they were both made prefects and it turned to love during seventh year when they were both made Head Girl and Head Boy. The biggest hurdle they had to jump was telling their parents.

Astoria smiled at Rose as she continued to reflect on the long path that led her and her son to this day, this wonderful moment in time. Rose was shaken from her reverie when she was handed a simple looking box. Rose looked up, confused.

“It’s something borrowed,” Astoria smiled.

Rose stood up and walked to the bed and sat between Hermione and Astoria with the small box in her hands. Her face lit up when she opened it to reveal a remarkable emerald and diamond necklace. Rose’s face broke into a huge grin.

“Thank you, Astoria!” She exclaimed excitedly. “It’s Scorpius's favorite color.”

“Your welcome, dear,” She choked back tears. “I know how much you wanted to integrate muggle tradition into your wedding and apparently they let the bride borrow something. I remembered this at home and thought of you.”

Hermione’s eyebrows rose. She was shocked. This relationship still surprised her at times, yet in the wizarding world nothing should surpirse her anymore. Astoria and Rose both looked at Hermione curiously.

Hermione smiled at them both.

“It means a lot that you're trying to integrate muggle tradition into this,” She said sheepishly to them both. “Forgive me, but I would have never imagined a Malfoy doing anything like this and it still surprises me.”

“I understand,” Astoria replied simply. “Draco and I are very grateful for having the chance to prove ourselves to the wizarding world after everything that happened during the war.”

Rose looked at both of them and smiled as a reddish hue creeped up on her cheeks. She had heard her parents talk about the war many times and of course by now she knew what their involvement was along with that of her famous Uncle Harry. Here in front of her, the two women talked on about the war as Rose was again lost in her own thoughts.

If it hadn’t been for Uncle Harry, Mum, Dad, the Order and all of those who resisted Voldemort, she, Rose Nymphadora Weasley wouldn’t be here. In an even stranger twist of fate Scorpius' grandmum, Narcissa had lied to Voldemort to save her Uncle Harry’s life for information on her son Draco. For which they wouldn’t have been here either if she wouldn’t have done that for Uncle Harry.

There was a soft knock at the door, and all three women were quieted and brought back to the moment.

“Hermione?” the voice called. It was Ron.

She got up from the bed and walked to the door, opening it carefully.

“Yes?” she asked cautiously.

“Is Rose ready? The ceremony is going to start in ten minutes,” He supplied to her questioning look.

“Oh!” she squeeked as Astoria jumped off of the bed and Rose began running around the room. Ron chuckled softly.

A second later Lily and Dom came rushing into the room to fuss over Rose getting ready as Astoria politely excused herself.






Ten minutes earlier, Scorpius was just finishing putting on his dark green dress robes as his father walked into the room.

“Are you ready for this?” Draco asked his son.

“Yes I am.”

“I am proud of you, Scorpius.”

“Thanks, Father,” He smiled.

Draco smiled back and put his hand on his son's shoulder as Ron walked into the room with Hugo and Albus. They nodded to one another, still working on overcoming their differences for the sake of their children. Albus walked over to Scorpius and placed a single flower, a red rose, to his dress robes, pinning it there. It matched well with his dark green robes, and he noticed that Al and Hugo were each wearing flowers on their robes as well.

Al and Hugo sat and waited until it was time for the ceremony to start as they were avoiding Grandmum Molly as she was in a right state about putting people to do chores until the last minute. They were very thankful to be part of the wedding ceremony. Scorpius went and sat down besides them as Ron paced the room and Draco leaned against the mantle looking into the fire intently, all of them lost in their own thoughts.

Ron was livid when he found out about Rose and Scorpius. How could his only daughter, his little angel, turn on him like this? Was he that horrible of a dad? Didn’t she see how much it hurt him? When Rose came home for Easter break, she wrote home to ask if she could bring her boyfriend with her. Hermione and Ron argued, and of course with Hermione winning. As they went to pick up Hugo, Rose, and her boyfriend at Platform 9 ¾’s, they were shocked when they saw Scorpius. As time went on and Ron realised slower than Hermione that Rose was NOT going to give Malfoy up no matter the protests, he caved. He finally started to let his guard down and open his heart and home to him, even though he still disliked Draco, he had to admit that Scorpius wasn't the same man as his father had been.

Draco reminised about the war in his thoughts and of how he owed it to his son to be open minded about his relationship even if she was a Weasley. Suddenly the flames in the fire turned green and out came Harry Potter. He looked around the room and asked if he was too late.

“Late?” Ron looked at Harry, confused, “What are you talking about, Harry?”

“Well,” he said looking down at his watch that he recieved from his in-laws when he was seventeen and was finally able to read “My watch says 2 PM. Isn’t that when the wedding starts?”

Ron looked down at his own coming of age watch and cried, “Blimey! We’ve only got ten minutes. I’d better go and check on Rose!” He jumped from his seat and ran up the stairs.

Harry looked around the room and nodded at Draco and simply said, “I think we should head out to the garden now.”

Draco grunted in agreement and he looked back to find that Scorpius was calm and ready. Al and Hugo led the way out to the marquee in the garden where the Minister of Magic was waiting to perform the ceremony. Scorpius, Al and Hugo took their places at the front as Draco found his seat as his wife came walking down the aisle to sit next to him. Harry quickly took his seat next to Ginny. All of the relatives had been seated and waited with bated breath for a glimpse of the bride.






With only ten minutes till two Rose, Lily, Dom and Hermione were rushing around getting her ready for her walk down the aisle. Lily helped her with her hair, Hermione helped her with her dress, and Dom helped her with her make up. With only a few minutes to spare, Hermione took Astoria’s necklace and placed it around Rose’s tanned neck. Then she grabbed the veil and placed it on her daughters head and fastened it in her hair as Lily and Dom left the room to head down the stairs to wait. Hermione lifted the veil over Rose’s head as Ron walked into the room with a smile tugging at the sides of his mouth and said with a pang in his heart, “It’s time.”

Hermione picked up Rose’s bouqet and walked behind her down the stairs helping her with her dress, and as they turned the corner they, stopped. Hermione kissed Ron on the cheek and handed Rose her bouqet of daisies and miniture red roses.

Hermione walked down the aisle, taking her seat next to Molly and Arthur Weasley just as the music started. Lily walked down the aisle first, smiling playfully, followed by Dom who glowed with her veela heritage. The small tune that played stopped and the Minister of Magic rose from his seat as everyone else in the audiance coppied him as a new song started to play, a muggle song. Ron looked to Rose who was beaming with a mega watt smile at the man waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Then slowly they began to walk down the aisle, and as they approached the end, they halted as the music stopped. In the backround there was an enormous blowing-your-nose-into- a-hanky-noise. As Ron leaned into Rose and chuckled, “Hagrid.” Rose smiled at her father and giggled in return.

The Minister of Magic magically magnified his voice and spoke clearly. “Who gives this woman in holy matrimony?”

Ron looked at him hesitantly, “Her...Her Mother, and I.”

He turned to Rose lifted her veil, kissed her cheek and gave her right hand to Scorpius. He then made his way to his seat next to Hermione where flashes of his little girl ran through his mind. The day she was born, the first day she did magic, when she fell and got hurt and wanted nobody in this world but Daddy. A small smile crept to his face as a small tear escaped his eye. Those days were gone. They were only memories and something he would hold onto forever, but she was all grown up now. She had to go and make memories with someone else.

“Do you, Rose Nymphadora Weasley, take Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do,” Rose said smiling.

“Do you, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, take Rose Nymphadora Weasley to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.” He grinned.

Draco held Astoria’s hand as he felt her weap beside him. He too felt saddend that his only child was now all grown and becoming a man. He realised that his son was the person that he, himself had struggled to become after the war. Yeah, he’d been a Death Eater, but he changed his mind and that had to account for something. He realised that he instilled in Scorpius what it was to be a Malfoy: proud and honorable. That’s what’s in a name, he thought.

“Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

Scorpius leaned in to kiss Rose for the first time. The intensity of the kiss was more than either of them expected. Rose’s lips tingled as if shocked by electricity and Scorpius felt it too. They broke apart and looked at eachother in amazement.

“It is my pleasure to introduce to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Scorpius Malfoy.”

Cheers erupted around the couple as George’s fireworks added to the din. This time instead of a giant “W” for Weasley Wizard Wheezes George pulled out all the stops to turn the “W” into an “M” in honor of and as a gift to his niece and her new husband. After all of the “ooo’s” and "ahhh’s" from the crowd, Arthur Weasley stood up and magically magnified his voice to be heard over the last of the roars of the fireworks as they died peacefully in the background, “If everyone could stand up please.”

As everyone stood the marquee disappeared and small tables and the chairs were dispersed around a large emerald colored tent. A dance floor sprang up as if it grew from the dirt. The food sprang onto the tables charmed as if it were like they were at Hogwarts except without the House Elves. The cake sat in the corner with a couple dressed in Quiddicth gear on brooms. Music floated through the tent and glasses filled with drinks all around.






As everyone entered the tent, they all waited for Rose and Scorpius to enter and share their first dance together. As a muggle tune played, the crowd cheered, clapped and a couple even wolf whistled. Scorpius led Rose out onto the dance floor where they gracefully waltzed together and then were joined shortly afterwards by their parents. After their dance, they shared a passionate kiss and walked hand in hand to the head table for the toasts to begin.

Albus stood up nervously “uh...hem.” Everyone quieted down. “I just wanted to say that I am proud of my dear cousin and my best friend. Even though our whole family has made this relationship difficult for the pair of them, I am glad to see them both together,” He held up his glass. “To Rose and Scorpius.”

“Rose and Scorpius” echoed around the tent.

Dom stood up next, still glowing and cleared her throat.

“I am so happy to be here tonight to celebrate my cousin's wedding to a wonderful man that we have all come to know well. On behalf of the Weasley and Potter clan, I would like to welcome the Malfoy’s into our family. I wish you both nothing but the best of wishes for a wonderful future together.”

After the toasts from the best man and the maid of honor it was time to eat. Rose and Scorpius took this time to talk to one another for the first time today aside from saying their vows.

Rose looked to Scorpius, who was smiling at her, and she felt herself blush as if it was the first time seeing one another in a romantic way all over again.

“You look so beautiful, Rosie,” he grinned mischiviously while his eyes looked her over.

“Thanks, Scorp. You look so handsome in green.”

She felt goosebumps on her arms as he looked at her, and she knew she was thinking the same thing as him. The reception was half way over and tonight was their wedding night. She had no idea where they were going. She had promised him that she would leave that up to him, since she was the one planning the wedding and allowed him to not have to partake in all the grueling details.

After they ate dinner, the music started again and they moved out onto the dance floor to share a dance her with her father, him with his mother. After the song ended they switched, she danced with his father and he danced with her mother. Rose went out onto the dance floor to toss the bouqet, which was caught by Lily. Scorpius tossed the garter which was in turn caught by Lorcan Scamander. They cut their cake, and as soon as the first slice was made the Quidditch pair were off flying around the rest of the cake. Guests laughed and cheered as Rose and Scorpius smashed cake into one another's faces. It was bliss as the reception was coming to an end and they started to say goodbye to guests. At the end of the line were Ron, Hermione, Draco and Astoria. They beamed at Rose and Scorpius. They hugged their parents and promised to write. As they were just about ready to leave, Draco said, “Scorpius!”

Scorpius turned around and looked at his father. Draco smiled, “You forgot this.” He handed him a key. Rose looked from Scorpius to Draco in pure confusion. Scorpius just smiled. As they began to leave, their family lined the path to the garden gate to toss confetti in the shape of stars at the happy couple. They ran to the gate turn on the spot with a loud Crack! The noise was gone and they were alone.






Scorpius had been in charge of the honeymoon, so Rose let him lead her when they apperated because of that she had no idea where they were. Scorpius turned to her as she looked around a vast room that over looked the ocean. The ocean? That meant that it was warm, but where were they? She turned to look at Scorpius who obviously knew she wanted an answer.

“Italy,” he replied to her questioning look. “That is why Father gave me a key. We own a small property here.”

“W-We?!” Rose stuttered.

“We. Mrs. Malfoy, own this small property. I bought it with some of my inheritance, and my father and mother helped me. I wanted to make sure that it was completely perfect before bringing you here.”

“It’s amazing!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

She took his hand and guided him into their bedroom grinning.

“Well, Mr. Malfoy, I love it!”

That spark that they felt when they kissed after becoming husband and wife was stronger than ever. She sat down on the bed, and he closed the door. As the night unfolded, they learned what it meant to become one.

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