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Act of Vengeance by accioHPFF
Chapter 2 : Revenge.
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A/N: Chapter Two is here! I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to lilypotterfan123 for your help with this! :)

It had been exactly one year since the Battle of Hogwarts. Rain fell heavily at the Burrow, leaving the house trapped by deep mud and a veil of darkness. That veil was one that hadn’t lifted when the Sun rose the next morning. That veil was one that would linger for a long time. It was the result of evil.


What is darkness, and what does it represent? Darkness is the absence of light, where anything can be concealed. What does it represent? People would typically associate the darkness with evil, and Molly Weasley was no different. As she looked out through her living room window, she saw Bellatrix Lestrange, laughing wickedly as she threatened to kill her children. Tonight was the eve of the first anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts; May 1st, 1999. She had killed the dark witch 364 days ago, yet was still haunted by her every time she dared relax, even for a moment.

There was little reason to be fearful now, nearly all of the Death Eaters had been captured, or recaptured, and thrown into Azkaban. There was the occasional revenge attack, either from a Death Eater still at large, or a family member of one imprisoned. After a year, these were increasingly uncommon; the last attempt was to assassinate the new Minister for Magic on Christmas Eve. The risk was deemed low enough by Easter, that life could begin to get back to normal, or as close to it as circumstances allowed. Molly could go shopping again; Ginny could go and pursue a career in Quidditch- it was even possible for Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes to be reopened, although it had pained George to do it. Yet still Molly worried herself sick, looking over her shoulder wherever she went, and sleeping with one eye open.

But how do you see something in the darkness, when it’s as black as the night itself? As Molly sat down to listen to the memorial service on the radio before she went to bed, she didn’t see the silhouette that crept passed the window. There, visible for only a second, thanks to the crackle of lightning, was the silhouette of her killer.


As she ran towards the obscure house, her boots splashed into the mud, icy water chilling her to the bone. She hissed as she fought to ignore it, and focussed on making it to the house undetected. When she reached the wall, she pressed herself flat against it. Slowly, she began to edge her way around the building, until she neared a window. Stealthily, she peered inside and upon seeing the focus of her hate sat in an armchair, she had to stop herself from jumping through the window to kill her. Suddenly, lightening crackled behind her, and she was forced to jump out of view.

After half a minute lying face down in the mud, she clambered back to her feet and headed for the door, rage fuelling a new sense of urgency.
“Alohamora,” she whispered, and almost instantly, she heard the latch release. After all of the protection placed on the building, she was almost surprised that the door was not more secure. Trying to avoid making the door creak, she tiptoed inside and was stood in what she thought to be the filthiest kitchen she’d ever seen. She was, however, unaccustomed to spending time in the kitchen at home, or indeed anywhere.

A radio was playing. She crept across to the door on the far side of the room, which had been left slightly ajar. Peering through the gap, she could see an armchair facing away from the door, with someone sat inside. She knew it was Molly. She had seen her at the window, and she knew.

She felt that same feeling of rage and anger build up inside her, until the point where she could no longer resist. She drew out her wand, holding by her side as she pushed the door open, which caused a squeak to erupt from the hinges. Molly Weasley instantly snapped around, turning as white as a sheet as she came face to face with the woman in the doorway. She scrambled to remove her wand, and stood clutching it in front of her. She was, however, too slow.

“Expelliarmus!” She flicked her wand, and Molly’s wand flew through the air, landing in her outstretched hand. A small squeal escaped from Molly’s throat as she began to step back, until she reached the back wall.

“How did you get inside?” The sound of desperation and fear in Molly’s voice made the woman smile, who had to fight back a laugh in order to be able to reply.

“I saw you apparate. There may be a fidelius charm on this... place, however, I know what I saw. I saw you leave to go to that shop, well- if you could call it that. You should take more care, Weasley. At least I mean, you should have.” She took a deep breath, slowing her heartbeat and steadying the arm that grasped her wand. She closed her eyes for a moment, memories flooding through her mind. “AVADA KEDAVRA!”


Twenty four hours later, she sat detained in a cell at the Ministry of Magic. Narcissa Malfoy had been caught as she tried to escape the building. She was just preparing to leave, ready to run across the mud bath, until she could apparate away safely. With any luck, Molly Weasley’s lifeless body would not be found until the next morning.

What Narcissa did not account for, however, was Percy Weasley arriving home from work. If Narcissa had seen the clock in the Weasleys’ living room, she would have noticed that one hand was pointing to travelling, with the others pointing to work or school. She would also have noticed that the hand representing Molly had fallen off of the end of the display, just outside the ‘mortil peril’ region of the clock.

He had sensed something was wrong, from the moment he had stepped into the building. Narcissa was absent-mindedly walking out of the living room and towards the door, when she spun around, face to face with him. Within five minutes, Aurors was swarming the Burrow, and Narcissa was being dragged away. When they arrived in the Atrium, photographers from the Daily Prophet all took photos, as news circulated that she had assassinated one of the Wizarding World’s most celebrated war heroes.

A/N: Thanks for reading! Please review and let me know any thoughts that you have! :)

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