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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 25 : Complications and The Truth
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Chapter 25

Vivian sat in the heads dorm waiting for Bryan. She was tired, to say the least. She thought that the hardest part of her plan would have been charming that cloak long enough to follow Rose around. She knew that it was crazy and much farther than she had planned on going but she had to have proof that Scorpius and Rose were together and seeing as how they weren’t just going to offer up that information she set herself out to find it… Well she found it alright and it was in that moment that she didn’t know what she was feeling.

It wasn’t just that Scorpius had moved on past her, she had felt that pain when he broke up with her the previous year. This hurt was a different type of hurt, the fact that her place in his life was being replaced by Rose Weasley, someone who Scorpius had told her to hate.

This situation had gone far beyond wanting to be with Scorpius and was at the level of feeling the need to protect him. Now was she pissed that Scorpius had toyed with her emotions the way he had, yes. He protected her so many times from guys who he thought weren’t right for her, and even know he continually gave her crap about Bryan. Which was annoying on so many levels because he kept saying don’t hurt Bryan, yet just that morning as she was walking to her Herbology class he caught up to her and brought up the topic of Bryan.

“Scorpius are we really going to go through this again?” she moaned turning her head to look at him.

“Hey I’m just trying to help you and Bryan.” Scorpius said defensively.

“How by bickering me about it every chance you get.” Vivian looked straight and went back to walking.

“All that I was getting at earlier was that I think you can do better.” He said casually.

Appalled Vivian stopped walking “Don’t you dare say that,” She pointed her finger at Scorpius “Bryan is your best friend and if he is happy then you should be happy for him.” She yelled.

Bryan had seemed happier since him and Vivian had gotten together but that wasn’t the point. “I’m just looking out for you Vivian.”

Taking a harsh breath Vivian cracked “What is it that you want me to do Scorpius?” she yelled louder. “You don’t want me to hurt Bryan, but you don’t want me to be with him, yet you don’t want to be with me, but you don’t want me with anyone else?” It didn’t matter that she wasn’t actually with Bryan she had a valid point.

Scorpius just stared at her shocked that she actually said all of that out loud. Vivian crossed her arms waiting for a response, after waiting a minute longer to see if he would respond she nodded her head “You know what I am tired of this. While you think about what you want me to do I’m going to go to class.” And she walked past him.

Although it had felt good to say all of that Vivian couldn’t help but feel like she had crossed a line in saying those things. It was just common fact that Scorpius’ opinion mattered to her but why was it even now that he was with Rose that he couldn’t leave her alone?

“What are you plotting at?” A smooth seductive voice said into her ear. Vivian could feel Bryan’s cheek pressed against hers as he whispered that.

Turning her head so that her lips were barely skimming his she whispered “Oh you know, the same old things, how to ruin my two best friend’s lives and not be hated during the process.” She said hopefully covering up the fact that Bryan being so close to her was making her extremely uncomfortable.

“That’s lovely,” he said lifting his head up and walking across to the couch opposite to where Vivian sat.

“So where is Stacy tonight?” She asked half-heartedly.

“In the Astronomy tower working on something.” Bryan said becoming more comfortable. Looking at Vivian he noticed as she slightly shrugged her shoulders, there was something else going on. Taking a more serious tone he asked “So what are you really thinking about?”

“Just a conversation that I had with Scorpius this morning.” Vivian said in a soft voice looking around the heads dorm.

Bryan could feel his heart stop at that comment. “What was it about?” he asked hiding his pain.

Shaking her head she said “He drives me mental sometimes and he can never make up his mind on what he wants and I am sick of it.”

“You know Vivian you don’t always have to do what he says.” Bryan looked at Vivian softly.

“Don’t I?” she asked feeling vulnerable. Vivian waited a minute before saying “I am just tired of trying to protect him from getting hurt, because obviously he doesn’t care that he hurts me.” She met Bryan’s eyes.

“He cares,” Bryan reassured.

Thinking she said absent mindedly “Am I honestly the only one who can see that this is going to fall apart?”

Bryan waited a moment attempting to form the words in his mouth “Maybe we should just let it fall apart,” Vivian gave him an odd look, the way that comment came out sounded as if he didn’t give a damn about Scorpius. “I didn’t mean it like that, what I meant was that maybe we could just let it go and then if it does fall apart be there for him then.”

“Maybe,” Vivian said.

They both sat in silence for a moment when Bryan finally asked “What exactly did Scorpius say that made you so upset.”

Vivian bit her lip embarrassed about it “He said that I could do better than you.”

Bryan got a huge grin on his face “And you defended me didn’t you?”

“No I didn’t,” Vivian could feel her blushing cheeks giving her away. Bryan still had that grin on his face “Well don’t be so shocked. I protect you just as much as I try to protect Scorpius. And wipe that expression off your face it’s annoying.”

But Bryan couldn’t help but gloat. “I just feel like I should get some sort of celebratory kiss or something,” He joked.

Standing up out of embarrassment Vivian said “Alright I’m leaving if you are going to make fun.”

Before she could walk away Bryan stood up and grabbed her hand. “Wait a second,” He playfully smiled “I’m…”

But whatever he was about to say didn’t matter because Vivian had turned around and kissed him. Pulling apart she looked at Bryan’s face “You said you wanted a celebratory kiss.” She wasn’t sure what compelled her to do it, she just did it.

Bryan didn’t know what to say to this he just looked at Vivian, his heart racing and he could feel his pulse pumping. Quickly he had pulled Vivian’s lips back to his kissing her feverously. He was pushing her backwards, trying not to trip over any furniture as he pinned her to the wall. Feeling as Vivian’s hands raced up and down his chest, tugging at his shirt, un-tucking it.

Out of all the times that he had kissed her for show, none of them compared to this moment. This was the moment where he could feel that she wanted to be kissing him too, the moment he had been hoping to come for years.

Pulling his lips of hers he took a rugged breath, Vivian let her hands stay still on his chest. His arms had her trapped, both of his hands were pressed to the wall caging her in, he leaned his head down to look at her, his chest rising and falling rapidly “Is this fake or real?” he asked curious if this meant anything to her at all.

“I’m not sure,” Vivian said. Catching his eye she asked “But does it matter?” Her own chest was rising and falling out of breath.

Bryan wanted to say yes it did matter but what came out of his mouth was “Not tonight.” And he let Vivian pull him back into a kiss. Shrugging off his robe he fumbled for the door knob to his room, not daring to take his lips off of hers for a second.

Vivian couldn’t tell what was going to happen, whether or not they would go through with this or if she would regret it in the morning, but for once she wasn’t going to overthink it. She was going to live in the moment and see where it took her.



“You know mate you could have told me that you were dating her.” Bryan said turning the corner with Scorpius.

Scorpius only laughed at his friend “And you would have listened? Besides what was I supposed to say I’m dating the world’s biggest bitch, only she’s not a bitch and I fell in love with her?”

“Alright maybe I wouldn’t have listened.” Scorpius gave Bryan a you see look. Thinking for a minute “Maybe if you rephrased it.” He joked.

“Bryan can you please be serious for a moment.” Scorpius said sternly. Looking at his friend he saw a large chipper grin on his face “You’re in a good mood this morning.” He commented.

Attempting to keep pace with Scorpius Bryan smiled “Things have just been going really well with Vivian lately.”

“Speaking of Vivian, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that.” He said calmly.

“Before we get on the subject of my girlfriend lets finish talking about yours.”

“What else is there to talk about?” He asked becoming annoyed that Bryan wouldn’t leave the subject alone.

“So are you two planning on actually telling people.” Bryan asked walking quickly beside Scorpius.

“That’s the plan.” Scorpius said in a toneless voice.

“Assuming that everything works out as planned.” Said a familiar voice “Which at the current moment is not.”

Turning his head Scorpius smiled at Rose, they had come to realize that when in public it didn’t matter if they were seen together people assumed that they were talking about school work. They just couldn’t show any affection towards one another.

“Still haven’t told Albus?” He asked lightly.

“I’m working on it. In fact I just chickened out and I used you as an escape route.” She admitted.

“Rose,” Scorpius laughed.

“Well I saw you two walking by and I figured I could go ahead and give you back your book.” She nervously said pulling out the thick book from her bag and handing it over to Scorpius.

“That’s love right there,” Bryan commented sarcastically.

“Rose you can’t keep avoiding this conversation.” He lectured placing the book into his bag.

“Why don’t you tell your family and get back to me with how easy it is,” She suggested.

“So what did you think of the book?” Scorpius asked quickly changing the subject.

Rose waited a moment before she timidly said “I will admit that my mother can write.”

“See I told you, you would love it.” He grinned.

“I didn’t say that I loved it just that she could write.” Rose argued.

“Wait a second,” Bryan interrupted “You don’t read your mother’s books? That’s a bit harsh.”

“Thank you,” she said sarcastically.

“All I am saying is that even your brother reads your mother’s books.”

“Yes well Hugo is all about pleasing our mother,” Rose said absentmindedly. It took her a moment before she said “Wait a minute how do you know my brother?”

“I see him around ancient runes club. There are only five of us so it’s a close group.” Bryan said casually.

“Once again something else I can add to the list of things I didn’t know about my brother.” Rose mumbled.

“How do you two even know each other?” Scorpius asked confused by the interaction between Bryan and Rose.

“Oh she didn’t tell you, were old friends.” Bryan joked.

Rolling her eye Rose clarified “We got paired up in runes a few weeks ago.”

“You never mentioned that,” Scorpius pointed out, he wasn’t mad just curious as to why she wouldn’t mention it.

“Trust me love it was nothing, we spent maybe twenty minutes together.” Rose slightly altered the truth.

Reaching his classroom Scorpius looked around “I have to go.” Checking to see that no one else but Bryan was around, he bent down and gave Rose the slighted peck on the lips. “I will see you soon,” He reassured her, looking back at Bryan “I still want to talk you about Vivian,” he reminded him walking into the classroom leaving Bryan and Rose alone.

“You going to runes?” Rose asked walking towards the direction of the classroom.

“Why didn’t you tell Scorpius about how I bombarded you that day?” Bryan asked, relieved but confused.

Rose cleared her throat and said honestly “As much as you pissed me off that day, I respected the fact that you had the courage to confront me like that. With that being said I didn’t think that Scorpius needed to know that his best friend went behind his back like that, because that would hurt him.”

“Well thank you.” Bryan said sincerely.

Rose just nodded her head and continued to walk to her class.

“It doesn’t bother you that Scorpius wants to talk to me about Vivian?” He asked making her stop and turn around to look at him. He wasn’t sure why he asked the question but for some reason he couldn’t help but feel that Rose should have been the slightest bit bothered by hearing that.

Rose let the smallest of smiles appear on her face. “I trust Scorpius. So if he wants to talk about Vivian it doesn’t bother me, because I know that he loves me and that is all I need to know.” Turning back towards the direction of her class she continued to walk away.



The day had gone on with Rose continuously attempting to try and tell Albus but when the chance came she never could. She was constantly trying to think about it and figure out how she could say it, what she would say, but there just wasn’t a good way to do it. So after spending all day thinking about she finally decided to go to bed and figure it out tomorrow.



Rose was in the Gryffindor common room. It was early in the morning and she couldn’t sleep she just had so much on her mind.

She thought back to the conversation that she had with Ben yesterday before breakfast. He had caught up to her while she was walking to the great hall.

“Rose when are you going tell him because it has been two weeks.” He asked a little on edge.

“Soon,” She reassured him.

“Rose please I honestly can’t keep this hidden much longer.” Ben pleaded.

Rose thought for a moment feeling bad for making Ben keep this secret. Clearing her throat she said “Today, I will tell Albus today.”

Ben gave her a reassuring look “You are going to do it today, you promise?”

“I promise,” she said happily.

“Thank you,” Ben said turning into the great hall seeing Albus nod his head for them to come and sit down beside him.

Well she had broken her promise, not on purpose she just couldn’t get it out. That morning she had gone down to the common room because it was empty and quiet and she thought that it would help her think. Yet she instead found that it didn’t matter where she was, thinking just wasn’t an option at the moment. She was reading a book when she heard a noise. She checked her watch to see if it was later than she thought it was. No, 5:30 looking up she focused her eyes on the stairway.

Slowly coming down the stairs was Louis Weasley. He was a first year and the youngest of the Weasley clan. His bright red hair was sticking out in a hundred directions he was the only one of Bill and Fleur’s children to inherit the Weasley red hair. Rose always remembered her father describing Louis as an unintended surprise.

Rose smiled at him as he slowly walked down the stairs. “You’re up early,” she commented sweetly as Rose scooted her feet and tucked them close to her making room for Louis to sit.

“Couldn’t sleep.” he said softly.

Rose nodded her head. Louis had always been quiet and Rose watched as her youngest cousin attempted to smooth out his hair. She was about to start reading when Louis asked “Why are you up?”

Closing her book Rose smiled “I’ve just been preoccupied and sleeping was not an option.” Louis didn’t have much else to say, he just nodded his head as if he understood.

They both sat in silence, Rose attempting to keep her mind off of her current dilemma. She was about to start reading again when she heard another noise come from the stairs. Walking down still in their pajamas was Molly and Lily. Molly seemed to be pretty awake while Lily on the other hand looked like she could have been dead and she looked grumpy. It wasn’t often that you wouldn’t see Lily and Molly together. Rose wrinkled her brow it was odd to have one person to be up with her but three, all members of her family was just weird.

Molly took a seat on the couch across from Rose “Morning,” she said brightly

“Morning,” Rose and Louis muttered without much enthusiasm. Rose watched as Lily laid a pillow in Molly’s lap and placed her head on it as she let the rest of her body stretch on the couch.

“Lily if you didn’t want to get up why did you come down?” Rose asked eyeing her cousin actions.

“The bitch woke me up.” Lily said pointing to Molly “And now I won’t be able to go back to sleep.

Rose placed her book on the table, knowing that she wasn’t going to get another chance to read it. There was silence in the room no one really knowing what to say. Most people would assume that they were all pretty close but with so many cousins it was physically impossible to get close to all of them. It was comfortable silence but silence none the less.

“What the Hell?” a male voice said from the boys dormitory staircase.
All four of the red heads looked over to see Albus walking into the common room. “It’s as if you all woke up to see me.” He joked walking over to them. He stood and looked at the empty chair that was available, shook his head and walked over to where his sisters feet were and slid them off the couch, taking that seat.

“Albus you arse,” Lily said trying to kick her brother

“Someone is cherry in the morning,” he said annoyingly as Lily sat up straight.

Rose laughed, Albus had once told her that it was his duty as the older brother to annoy his sister, a duty that Albus took extremely seriously. “So what are you doing up so early?”

“I had to go convince Professor Hummble to give me extra credit in Herbology. The extra credit was to take care of and watch this stupid weed grow and document it during different times of the day. One of those times being 5:30 a.m.” Albus had an annoyed tone in his voice.

Rose eyed him, she was about to ask if he was going get up to do it but Lily beat her to it “So you came down here to watch a plant? Mum and dad must be so proud.”

“You listen, mum and dad don’t know that I am doing badly in Herbology and they aren’t going to know.” Albus warned.

Lily’s raised her eyebrows “Albus it is as if you don’t even know me,” She said with an evil smirk on her face “My silence comes with a price.”

Looking over to Rose meeting her eyes he said in a serious tone “Have I mentioned how much I hate that little brat, why mum and dad decided to have her never made sense to me. Two kids was enough.”

“Oh Albus you love me and you know it, besides the reason they had me was because they had screwed up so much by having you they felt they needed to balance it out by having one perfect child.” She gloated.

Albus pinched Lily on the arm. “Perfect child my arse,” Lily reacted by backing handing Albus as hard as she could.

“Hey you two better cut it out, we all know what happens if you get into a fight around here.” Molly joked looking over to Rose.

Rose just shook her head “Is this joke ever going to die I mean it happened two years ago.” She argued tired of always having jabs being thrown at her about what happened with Scorpius.

“No,” Albus, Lily, and Molly said in unison. Louis just seemed to be confused.

“Honestly Rose,” Molly continued “You and Malfoy have been fighting so long that, it will never be forgotten not in our family. When our parents,” She motioned her finger around to everyone “Think back on our childhoods they are automatically going to say Rose was the smartest but man she had a temper remember the way her and that Malfoy boy would fight.” She mocked an adult’s voice.

Attempting to defend herself she said “He initiated just as many fights as I did.”

“Yes he may have started just as many fights as you, but you both got hurt in the process.” Albus commented “I mean can you honestly say that either one of you actually ever won one of those duels?”

“You would fight him too.” Rose argued pointing a finger at Albus.

“Yes, but I also saw you duel him a few times and lets face it you two would just beat each other up for no reason Rose.” He countered “The last fight you had why were you two in that room anyways?”

Rose thought back to when she was in fifth year, standing in the room of requirements face to face with the one person who she absolutely hated. She could remember his face, the look of absolute hatred that was in his eyes and the disgust that she had felt for him. No matter what had happened in the time since then she would never be able to forget the hatred that she had felt for him. Looking up to Albus she said in a sharp tone “We were in there to fight, no reason behind it, just to fight.”

“Where is the logic in that Rose,” Albus said.

“Well none of that matters now because Malfoy and I haven’t fought in at least two years.” Rose said trying to move off of the subject.

“Yeah, only because you got in trouble, imagine where you two would be now if you hadn’t gotten caught.” Molly said.

Rose didn’t have to imagine where she would be, she knew where she would be. She would still be fighting Malfoy taking out all her rage and frustrations on him because he was the only person that she didn’t have to be perfect for or make like her. She wouldn’t be as happy. Narrowing her eyes she looked at her cousins and said in a stern hard voice “Well none of that matters now, things happen and plans change.” She crossed her arms.

Confused by most of the conversation Louis said softly “I thought Malfoy was nice,”

“How would you know you have never even met him,” Lily said looking at Louis.

“Yes I have. On the first day of school he helped me find my class. All of you were busy and I didn’t want to bother you. He came up to me and said he was a prefect and asked if I need help.” Louis finished. Looking over to Rose he asked raising an eyebrow “Did he hurt you?”
Rose just smiled and gave her youngest cousin a reassuring look “Not lately.”

“Not ever again,” Albus commented looking up to Rose with protective eyes.

Rose softened her stare “He won’t hurt me,” she said quietly.

“I don’t care how well you have gotten to know him this year Rose. I don’t trust him and I won’t trust him.” Albus had a hardness in his voice.

“I don’t think I could trust him either.” Lily added “I remember that first year that you had gone to Hogwarts your mother would come to our house and just cry to our mum. She just couldn’t believe some of the things that you had done and he had done to you. Hermione said that she tried so hard to believe that maybe Scorpius wasn’t like his father but in truth he was worse than his father.”

Rose could feel her heart pounding hard inside her chest; she thought that she was going to be sick because of hearing that. There was so much more here than just hating the Malfoy name. This was about hating Scorpius because he had hurt her, and by hurting one Weasley he was hurting the entire family. Rose was absolutely speechless. For the first time in a while she honestly couldn’t see how she was going to get any member of her family to accept Scorpius for who she saw him as now.

Rose cleared her throat and said, “Well you better learn to trust him because I have it on good authority that he is going to be entering the exact same Auror training program that we are entering Albus.”



“Hey mate,” Ben smiled walking into the green house.

“Hey,” Albus mumbled and shrugged his shoulders in a bizarre way. His head bent down looking at a book that was place on the potting table. For the life of him he could not figure out how his plant had turned orange. He did exactly as he was instructed; set it out in sunlight for exactly thirty-two minutes each morning and evening, then at exactly 12 o’clock noon and midnight feed it ¾ cups of water. After doing this day and night for two weeks his plant still turned orange.

“How are you holding up?” asked Ben knowing that finding out about Rose and Scorpius had to have hurt him.

Albus didn’t respond instead he just reread the last sentence in his book, if plant should turn orange then it has died.

Assuming that Albus just didn’t want to talk about it, he started to walk towards him when the plant that was sitting beside Albus on the table went flying into the air and crashing into the brick pillar.

“Albus,” Ben said quickly rushing over to where Albus was now kneeling picking up the broken pieces. “It honestly isn’t that bad.”

“I know,” Albus said finally coming back into reality. He hadn’t meant to throw the plant into the wall he had just become so frustrated with it.

“Well at least you know now, and I am sure that it is probably better for you and Rose that she told you.” Ben said confidently.

It took Albus a minute to comprehend what Ben had said but when he did he looked up at Ben and said “What does Rose have to do with my plant dyeing?”

Ben’s face went white, what had he just done. “It’s nothing Albus,” He tried to lie.

Albus stood up slowly meeting Ben’s eyes. “What exactly is it that Rose has to tell me?” He asked in a serious tone, while narrowing his eyes.


After this morning Rose wasn’t sure if she could ever tell Albus about Scorpius, she tried she honestly did but the fact was there was no way she could tell him that wouldn’t hurt him or make him angrier. She knew that she had to tell him but she just needed a little more time. According to Albus he was going to be in green house seven most of the day so she wouldn’t have to worry about Ben just yet.

Rose was so lost in her train of thought that she didn’t even notice when Jill said “Hey” and took the seat right across from her. It took

It took Rose a minute to see the girl waving her hand in front of her face “Hey,” she finally said looking at Jill.

“Are you alright?” Jill asked with a concerned look on her face.

“I’m fine,” She forced a smile, opening her bag and pulling out a scroll of parchment. She was so sick with nerves and stress that she couldn’t bear the thought of having to actually eat something.

Jill was about to push for what was really wrong when suddenly a loud commotion came from across the room. Rose quickly looked up and watched as Albus came bursting into the great hall, with Ben rushing behind him.

Albus looked furious with a look on his face that could only show hatred. “Malfoy, you son of a bitch.” He screamed walking directly over to where Scorpius was sitting and grabbing ahold of his collar, forcing him to stand up.

“Shit,” Rose mumbled quickly standing up, rushing over to where Scorpius and Albus were. “Albus,” She yelled loudly.

“How could you,” He screamed letting go of Scorpius who looked shocked but ready to fight if pushed.

Rose could only look at Albus’ eyes, his face said that he was angry and pissed, but his eyes said hurt. “I…” she tried at a loss for words.

“What could you possibly have to say,” He yelled even louder bringing the entire rooms attention on them.

“It just happened Albus,” She tried to argue.

“It just sort of happened?” He raised an eyebrow in bewilderment. “After everything that he has done to you, after what he has done to our family, and you are dating him.” He screamed pointing a finger at her.

Scorpius bent his head down in shame, hearing what Albus thought of him was something that he didn’t want to hear, because it meant that all of his subconscious concerns were real. He looked over to Vivian who he was sitting beside and she didn’t look upset or even shocked, she only gave a look of compassion because she understood how bad hearing those words come out of Albus Potter’s had hurt him.

Looking back up he watched as Rose yelled “And this is why I didn’t tell you about him because I knew you would react like this.”

“Don’t even go there Rose, you didn’t tell anyone because you’re ashamed of him.” Albus spat.

“That is not true, I love him.” She pointed her finger at Scorpius.

Albus shook his head “You love him,” He repeated with a sarcastic tone in his voice “Seriously Rose have you lost your fucking mind?” Albus looked at Rose with a venomous expression.

“Hey,” Scorpius said pushing passed Albus and over to stand beside Rose whose expression was unreadable. “Don’t you dare say that to her!” Scorpius yelled.

“You stay out of this!” Albus took a step closer to them “This has nothing to do with you, this is between me and my cousin.”

Scorpius sternly “This has everything to do with me. She is my girlfriend and if I want to get in the middle of this I bloody hell will.”

That was the breaking point for Albus. Lunging forward he tackled Scorpius taking him down to the ground. And then it was as if time slowed down.

Scorpius pushed Rose out of the way causing her to trip and fall hitting the back of her head on a table as she fell, while Albus took the first punch. The entire room watched and egged on the fight as Albus and Scorpius proceeded to beat the crap out of each other. Rose watched as her brother came rushing towards her helping her up, while everyone else closed in on Scorpius and Albus.

“Let’s get you to the hospital wing,” Hugo urged, pulling Rose behind him. Rose could only look back at the crowed of people surrounding the fight. It wasn’t until Hugo asked if she was alright did she even feel the pain coming from the back of her head. Raising her hand up through her hair she felt the dampness of her hair from wet sticky blood. She didn’t even have to guess where it was coming from. Moving her hand a few inches over to where her head had crashed into the mirror she felt as her scar had been reopened. Bringing her hand down Rose’s stomach went weak by how much blood was covering her hand. “Hugo,” She said weakly.

Rose watched as Hugo’s face went white, his expression a mixture of shock and fear. She began to feel her knees go weak and her mind fog over as she fainted in Hugo’s arms.



A/N: Alright so this chapter was longer than normal and a lot more happened in it. At least I think so. I mean there was Vivian and Bryan, the family, Albus finding out, that’s a lot to me. Anyways I hope you like it and please review. Sorry that it took me so long to update. Like I said this chapter was long and it took a while to write. So please review and Thank you for reading :)

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