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Passionate Kisses And Crashed Wedding Plans by CedervangXD
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4: Confronting Evil
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Disclaimer: I own no characters in this story. The settings are also no art of mine. I did "invent" one spell in this chapter, which basically is the Latin word for the action.




Ginny’s POV




As I arrive at the entrance to Gryffindor Tower, I see a crowd in front of the painting giving access. Wondering why, I push my way to the front. The Fat Lady is, once again, giving the poor students gathered here a first-hand demonstration of her very bad singing-skills.

"Bravida Wicca!" I practically yell, trying to drown the sound of her off-key song.

"No, no. Wait. You should hear this!" She says and continues her singing.

"Please! Everyone in this castle knows that you are a horrible singer! Will you just let us in!? Personally, I don't have time to stand out here! I have a detention later and need to get my homework done before it starts! So PLEASE, BRAVIDA WICCA!" I know I sound harsh and bitchy, but it works, because the Fat Lady swings aside and lets us through.

I almost run to my dorm, get my transfiguration homework, and run back to the common room. There I find Harry staring straight ahead of himself, with a disgusted look on his face.

"Hey, Harry. What's go-" I don't get to finish my sentence, because I follow his line of vision, and see my brother and Hermione snogging heavily on the couch opposite the one we are currently sitting on. I set my homework on the table and just stare at them.

Suddenly I start giggling, and hear Harry do the same. At the sound, Ron and Hermione break apart and looks really embarrassed at being caught, which just makes me laugh even more. Soon both Harry and I are rolling around on the floor laughing hysterically, while clutching our stomach.

As the laughter reduces to chuckles, I sit up and dry away the tears that have rolled down my cheeks.

"Just... get a room!" Harry laughs.

Hermione rolls her eyes. "Oh please. Like you haven't seen us kiss before! Just do your homework, both of you!" she says, in that annoying motherly voice and starts her own homework.

I sit back up on the couch and pull my transfiguration essay towards me. I am nearly done, when my wand starts beeping.

"Please, Ginny! Turn that annoying thing off! I'm trying to concentrate! What is it anyway?" Ron huffs.

"Alright, don't get your, or maybe it's Hermione's, knickers in a twist. I've got a detention tonight. Snape gave it to me this morning, and I don't even know why. Anyway, I'd better go. I don't want to be late."


On my walk to the dungeons, I find it odd that there is no one else in the corridors. It's a Saturday night, and it's not curfew yet. The halls should be brimming with students.

I arrive at the Potions Classroom 5 minutes late. I knock softly on the door, and hearing no reply, I open it. The room is dark, and seemingly empty. I walk into the room and close the door behind me.

"You are 5 minutes late, Miss Weasley. What will Professor Snape say?" The voice is familiar and sounds very close. Lights flicker on and I see Draco standing only a few inches away.

"Draco, what are you doing here? You should leave, before Snape gets here."

"Don't worry about it. He had to go to an urgent meeting in the Ministry, so I'll be your supervisor tonight!" He says this and smiles. Not the cruel version he gives everyone. No, this is the real smile, the one only I get to see.

"How did you get Snape to let you supervise my detention? Is it because you're Head Boy? Is it because you're a Slytherin? Is it because you're Snapes favorite student and top of Potions class? Or did you beg him?!"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out. Yes, yes, yes, yes and maybe. To answer your other questions." He winks at me, and I feel myself blush a little. He is SO hot!

"Maybe you begged him? Can't you answer yes or no? Or is your pea-sized brain fighting with your enormous ego for the right to answer properly?" The last part I say while giggling.

"Hey, hey, no need to insult my brain or my ego, okay? Alright... I did kind of beg Snape to let me supervise your detention. I just wanted to get to spend some time alone with you. Potter, Granger and your brother are always around, and they are so overprotective. I can't even get close to you in the hallways. I miss you, Ginny. I miss talking to you, I miss the feel of your lips on mine, I miss touching you...”

He snakes his arms around my waist and pulls me close. Then he lowers his head and places his lips on mine. It feels so good! The kiss is over too soon.

"Woow. Amazing. I didn't know you missed me that much. But I have this detention. I need to do whatever Snape has ordered for me to do. No matter how much I miss you. I need to do the things written on the blackboard."

"Right. The blackboard. Purgato. There, fixed. Now what do you want to do?" The things listed on the blackboard started doing themselves as he said the spell.

"But won't Snape find out that the things were done by magic?" I'm a little concerned at how careless he is acting.

"Nah... That’s what the supervising is for. To make sure the kid in detention doesn't use magic. And you didn’t so no problem there!" He shrugs.

"Uhm, okay. Maybe we could talk? There are some things I want to ask you about." I ask, unsure about how he'll react.

"Sure, but let's sit first." He takes my hand and leads me to the desks where we sit down.

"How sick were you the other day? And what was wrong with you? Was it really deadly?" I ask, knowing that it's a lot of questions.

"Yeah, it was very deadly. As I said the other day, if I hadn't come to the Hospital Wing when I did, I would have died within a few hours. My father cursed me with dark magic. You know he hits me, I told you about that. Well, this summer it was a bit worse than that. When I did something he didn't approve of, he cut me with a poisoned knife. The poison was created to break down blood cells and DNA. It's been slowly breaking my body down from the inside, and nothing was showing on the outside. It even had a numbing power, so I wouldn't feel pain while it was happening. Luckily for me, Snape knows the antidote for the poison. And the potion that rebuilds what the poison breaks down. Fortunately I was conscious when your brother and Potter got me to the Hospital Wing, so I was able to tell Madame Pomfrey and tell her to get Snape." As he finished talking he looked really sad and angry. He then looked up at me and a small smile formed on his lips.

"You really have an evil father. He tried to kill me when I was a 1st year, with that diary. But that he tried to kill YOU, his only son? He should be in Azkaban, or have his soul sucked out by Dementors." I feel a tear slide down my cheek.

Draco reaches over and rubs it away. He then pulls me in for a gentle kiss that is so sweet it's almost unbearable.

"Let's get out of here, Gin'. We could go to my room. It's just down the hall, and I can think of a few fun things we could do there." He winks at me and I can see the naughty sparkle in his eyes and know what "fun things" he has in mind. Still, I take his hand and we move to the door.

We are walking down the hall, hand in hand, when suddenly Draco stops dead in his tracks. He starts backing up and pushes me behind a tapestry and covers my mouth with his free hand.

In front of the entrance to the Head Boy Quarters stood Lucius Malfoy and yelled for his son to open the damn door.

Apparently Draco’s timing was very good, because only five seconds after the tapestry stopped moving, Lucius walks by, seeming very angry.

After a minute or two, Draco sighs in relief. He steps out from behind the tapestry and is shocked when two strong, pale hands (so very like his own) grabs his throat. He struggles to get free of his father’s grasp.

I gasp aloud when I see Lucius hit Draco in the face. I realize too late what I've done, because Lucius tears the tapestry aside. He sees me standing there, realize who I am and become even angrier than he already was. He grabs a hold of my cloak and lifts me a foot into the air.

For the first time in my life since the Chamber, I am truly afraid. I had never thought one man could scare me this much. Of course Lucius Malfoy isn't just any one man. He is the most feared Death Eater in the world. He is Lord Voldemorts right hand.

I close my eyes, waiting for the hit.

I faint by the force of his fist.


End of Chapter 4.



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