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The Crystal of Sayan by clari_tries_writing
Chapter 1 : Prologue and chapter 1
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'Give me the Crystal Katya'

'No Father'

'Katerina, give me the crystal!'


'Ivan, hold her still'

'Alexander what are you doing?'

'Be quiet Xenia, your daughter needs to know her place'

'Father don't make me do this'

'Katya, just give him the stupid crystal'

'But Ivan, what the crystal does is wrong, we shouldn't use it, it's barbaric, using it to control them like that'

'Katya, just give it to Father'

'Do as he says Katerina'

'Mother, don't tell me that you believe in this too?'

'I'm warning you girl, don't try my patience, one last time; give me the crystal'

'Mother, Father, Katya, Ivan, what's going on? What is all the noise? Why are you all fighting?'

'Just stay out of this Nadia'

'But Father, Katya's crying, Ivan why are hurting her?'

'And if I don't give up the crystal, will you kill me and unclasp the pendent from by dead body?'

'Well isn't that a good idea. Ivan hold your sister still, Xenia, take Nadia away, she shouldn't have to see this'

'You can't kill me father, the crystal won't work without me'

'I'm sure that your sister would be able to use it'

'Don't you see father, Grandmama gave it to me. Only I have the ability to use it. Nadia doesn't have the eyes.'

'Then I'll just have to make you! Imperio!'

'Alexander no! Not on your own daughter!

'Father, why isn't she doing anything?'

'Be quiet Ivan. By Rasputin! Why am I cursed with such an insolent daughter, she's fighting the curse'

'I cannot allow you to take the crystal father'

'Well I'll just have to fight you for it'

'Alexander, be careful you're going to hit Nadia!'

Chapter 1

'I wish you wouldn't work so late' Ginny muttered as her husband crept into their bedroom, peeled off his work robes and the clambered into bed next to her. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist so her back was now pressed against his chest.

'I'm sorry Gin' Harry replied, giving his red haired wife an apologetic squeeze. 'It was a busy day and then Percy called me into his office'

'You just missed the kid's bedtime again and they were really looking forward to hearing the end of the story. They had to settle for Ollie instead'

'Which story did she tell?'

'I can't really remember' Ginny replied 'but it was not up to her normal story telling standards. I think she just did it to make the twins shut up so she could get some peace and quiet, without resorting to hexing them'

'So it was a good day?'

Ginny rolled over to face her husband 'what do you think?' she asked, exhausted from the events of the day. She had no idea how her mother was able to raise seven children and still keep her sanity, while she was being driven to madness by two toddlers and a teenager. 'Ollie disappeared for most of the day to Merlin knows where, I was left to deal with the twins, who just wanted to play with Ollie, because the absolutely adore her, especially Arrie'

'She could help you more'

'Harry, I can't make her and besides she's seventeen. She should be out doing whatever she is doing not babysitting her two year siblings. Ollie does enough babysitting as it is. It would be better is you were able to come home earlier' Ginny said finishing her rant.

'About that' Harry replied 'I was going to be home on time but then Percy wanted to speak with me'

'About what?'

'He wanted to offer me a new position'

'In the Auror Department?'

'Sort of'


'You know McIrish is replacing old Proudfoot as head of Magical Law and Enforcement? Well Tonks has been promoted to the head of the Auror Department'

'That's great news, but how does that affect you' Ginny asked tiredly, wanting to get to the bottom of the matter

'Well, because she is the head of the department she won't be able to go up to Hogwarts every month to teach, since she has other responsibilities now'

'So you'll go and do it instead, since you're the only one in the department who actually has any teaching experience'

'No exactly, McGonagall was also at the meeting. She offered me the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher'

'What?' Ginny said in amazement, rather loudly before realising that she should probably be quiet otherwise she would wake the twins.

'I've been offered the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher' Harry repeated.

'But what happened to Remus?' Ginny asked, trying to take it all in.

'He and Lavender have been asked to do a series of talks around the world as part of the International Wizarding Council's plans to stop the discrimination of werewolves and improve werewolf rights'

'And did you accept?' Ginny asked, wondering how this would affect her family.

'I told them that I was extremely flattered by the offer but that I had to consult you first before I told them my decision. McGonagall added that you would be able to come and live in the castle for the year and hinted that you could use the time to get back into professional quidditch by helping Madame Hooch.'

'Well, I don't know what to think' Ginny replied sleepily 'it's not just us we have to consider but the twins and how the move would affect them and also Ollie, this is her last year'

'Hey don't worry about it now' Harry said, pressing a kiss to Ginny's forehead as she snuggled into him. 'You need some sleep, we'll discuss it in the morning'

Ollie Potter lay sprawled out in the long dry grass, in the field near Potter house. Her long dark curls fanned out in disarray around her head and her broomstick was discarded next to her. She lay on her back, her unusual bright violet eyes staring up at the sky as she watched the clouds move by in the August sun.

She had escaped the madness that was Potter House and had been flying around their make shift quidditch pitch, practising some moves and formations she could use once the quidditch season had started at school. She was the Gryffindor Quidditch captain for the second year and was determined to win the cup this year, especially since they had narrowly missed out to Ravenclaw last year and this was her last year at Hogwarts.

Ollie still was not sure what she wanted to do when she left Hogwarts. She had thought about travelling the world or doing something rewarding like becoming a healer and making people better. However she also knew that is she failed to get a job, she could probably become a full time babysitter. She felt like she and spent most of the summer looking after small children. Not just Nicholas and Ariana, her younger brother and sister, but the rest of the Weasley cousins and Dawn, her Godmother's daughter. She did not mind doing it and appreciated the extra pocket money she gained from it but Ollie could not wait to return to school next week.

She twisted her trusty pendent around her finger aimlessly, the crystal at the centre glinting in the bright sunlight. Ollie could vaguely hear the faint cries of delight and excitement coming from the house and assumed that her Dad had returned from work. She was actually surprised because he had been getting n late recently, missing the twin's bedtime and failing to wish her goodnight.

Ollie stood up slowly, smoothed her hair down and picked up her broom from its place in the grass. On top of this hill, near the old tree, was one of her favourite places in the world, along with her bedroom at her house in Italy. She slung her broom over her shoulder and walked slowly down the hill, across the field, over the gate, around the pond/mini lake and through the open back door into the house.

After her father's renovations it had been transforming into a lovely habitable home. Even though it looked rather grand and imposing from the outside, like Malfoy Manor but not so dark, it was homely and modern inside. She crept through the back door, slipping off her muddy shoes and padded into the living room, where she was greeted by the sight of her father, Ginny and the twins curled up on the sofa, they looked like the perfect little family. Black haired Nicholas was sitting on his mother's lap, his small pudgy hand playing with her hair whilst red haired Arrie was nestled on her father's lap, sucking her thumb contentedly as she listen to the end of her dad's story.

Ollie took a deep calming breath before walking past them through the room, heading towards the stairs and hoping not to disturb them.

'Hey Ollie' he dad said as she made it to the stairs.

'Hey Dad' she replied quickly, before retreating to the comfort of her room at the top of the house. In this large extended family she sometimes felt so alone and out of place. Ollie entered her room, placing her broom next to her school trunk. Her stuff was littler around the room since she had asked Ribbons not to touch anything. The last time she had let Ribbons sort out her room, she had not been able to find things for weeks. Pictures of family and friends were stuck on the walls, alongside quidditch posters and other random things.

'Hey Bell, got anything for me?' Ollie asked her owl, Bluebell, who was perched on top of a pile of school books on her desk, waiting to be packing into her trunk.

The blue eyed owl looked back at Ollie before rocking from side to side on her legs, as if to show Ollie that nothing was attached to them. Ollie sat on her bed, disappointed by the lack of mail. She had hoped to get something from Austin, her boyfriend, or Heather, her best friend, who was currently in New York spending some quality time with her estranged mother.

Ollie looked at her picture of her and Austin taken during a Hogsmeade visit last term. She and Austin had just started going out after Christmas in her 6th year. He was not her first boyfriend but he was her first at Hogwarts. There had been a muggle boy she had met in the summer between her 5th and 6th year when she had been visiting Susan, Dudley and Emmy, but that had not been that and had ended when she had returned to school.

Austin was her other good friend, Phoenix's 2nd cousin and the one they had made fun of for being so geeky during their ancient runes classes back in the 3rd year. However when they had been paired together to work on a project by Professor Slughorn in their NEWT level potions lesson, they had grown closer. Austin was extremely clever and Ollie had found herself wondering why he had been put in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. He was currently in Luxembourg at the Wizarding Youth Parliament and was spending time being mentored by the former minister and now the international British Wizarding Ambassador, Kingsley Shacklebolt. Had promised to write but the letters were now become less and less frequent.

Ollie looked at the calendar which was pinned to her wall, with all the days crossed off as she counted down the days until she returned to Hogwarts. She was meeting Phoenix in Diagon Alley tomorrow so they could do some last minute shopping for school things and to catch up.

'Ollie, dinner's ready' came Ginny's loud voice shouting up the stairs.

'Just coming' she replied, running down the flights of stairs to enter the chaos that was a family meal time.


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