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Trouble Comes In Three by tragicYETmagic
Chapter 2 : Electric Twist
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DISCLAIMER: Tragic and I own nothing that is familiar to you all, I really wish we did but sadly we don't. The plot however is all ours.

Hermione congratulated herself on the successful dramatic exit from the Slytherin compartment as well as the embarrassment she had caused Blaise with the poetry remark. She reminded herself to tell Fred and George of her further plans to make the Slytherin’s final year uncomfortable as possible. She reasoned that they had tried to make her life as painful as they could in previous years and now that the war was finally over, it was their turn to suffer.

Smiling to herself, she walked towards the Heads compartment while fishing out her Head Girl badge. Fred and George were not pleased when they had learned the news of Hermione becoming the ‘rule  enforcer’ of the school but she put their minds to ease as she told  them that now they could get away with murder, as who would blame the Head Girl if suddenly Pansy Parkinson started to grow several limbs?

Unfortunately her good mood began to fade as she looked through the window of the compartment and saw the familiar face of Draco Malfoy lounging around with a Head Boy badge and his signature smirk on his face.

“This complicates things” she muttered, while quickly moving away to make sure she wasn’t seen by the boy in question.

10 minutes later she strolled into the compartment with a horrible disguise, a fake beard and stolen glasses from a first year walking by, Draco would definitely know it was her but she needed a laugh. Even if he had miraculously become blind and didn’t know it was her, McGonagall would blow her cover eventually so she knew that she was doomed in the long run.

Draco looked up and stared blankly at her for a moment, “Mudblood what the hell are you wearing?” He knew that Granger had changed a lot this year, not knowing why and caring less, but this is just utter stupidity, something he would never thought to call the former, Insufferable know-it-all and Gryffindor princess.

“I have no idea to whom or what you are referring to, My name is....” she looked around the room and panicking she shouted “Chair.. Ch.. Cher, Cher Doors, HA!” she looked smug for a second for coming up with a name in such short notice.

Staring oddly at her for a few moments, he rolled his eyes and replied “Whatever, Granger”

“Who is this Granger you keep talking about, she sounds smart, witty and beautiful if you ask me.”

“No one asked you” he retorted.

A few minutes went by before Hermione removed her disguise and stated “I know you’re not going to believe this but It was actually me Hermione, this whole time” She grinned wickedly and added “Ha ha I tricked you.”

“Listen Granger, I don’t know what is wrong with you and frankly I don’t care, I am as displeased as you are, to find that we’ll be sharing a common room together but if you stay out of my way I’ll stay out of yours, Understand?”

Becoming serious for a moment, she replied “Listen Draco, the war has ended, we both have our scars, let’s just make this whole year easier for the both of us and act civil and maybe even, dare I say it, friendly towards one another”

He looked at her questioningly. It was true the war had ended, but he knew that becoming friends with people he was made to hate all his life would be difficult. Before he could even reply Hermione interrupted him.

“And since we are friends now, I’m just going to let you know that Fred and George are coming round tonight, so play nice.” She smiled innocently.

Draco had made his decision “We are not friends.”

Hermione smirked, “Oh Draco, I must get used to your sarcastic humor seeing as we are friends now”

“No we are not-“

“Yes we are, get over it”

They continued to banter this way until the Hogwarts express screeched with a stop at Hogsmeade station, and students started flowing out of the doors towards the carriages.

Draco started to search for Blaise, looking over the sea of people, while Hermione spotted out the two red heads of Fred and George.

“Want me to save you a seat in my carriage, best friend?” she asked him sweetly.

He glared at her and stalked away before he decided to pull out his wand and hex her to death.

“I guess that’s a no then” she laughed at his retreating figure and then promptly ran through the crowd , grabbed both the twins hands and pushed a few people out of the way to gain their own carriage.

The sound of whispered conversations and laughter echoed throughout the great hall, making Headmaster Dumbledore smile as his stood up to begin his start of term speech. After the students quieted down, he looked at them all with the familiar twinkle in his eyes that Hermione had missed.

“I welcome all new and old students to another year at Hogwarts, I am glad to see that all repairs have been made and that most students have returned to finish their seventh year” He smiled fondly at Harry, Ron and Hermione. “Now that Voldemort’s reign is over I urge to put the past behind us and form new bridges of friendship with former rivals. It is important to stand together and accept others differences. We must learn from mistakes and forgive each other instead of fight.”

Dumbledore paused to let his words of unity sink in to the students.

“Now I want to welcome back Professor Snape who has agreed to take up his prior position as Potions Master as well as Professor Remus Lupin  who will become our permanent Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Whispers echoed around the Great Hall as Dumbledore silenced them with a raised hand. 

“Also Mr. Filch has reminded me to inform you that all Weasley Wizards Wheezes are banned and that dueling in corridors is strictly prohibited. Now I believe I have kept you long enough from your dinner, eat up.”

As the feast appeared, Ron turned to Hermione, face reddened “ What have you been doing with my brothers in the common room exactly?” he looked sickened and shocked, Hermione began to laugh at the sight.

“Whatever are you trying to imply Ron?” she knew that Parkinson would spread the former comments of the twins like wildfire so she was half expecting this.

“I just heard that you were.. “ he was cut off

“Ron, they are just rumors made by the Slytherin’s, there is no way I would do anything like that especially with Fred and George.”

“I resent that!” cried Fred outraged, “I’ll have you know that George and I are sought out by many women.”

“Yeah plus now that we are war heroes, I’m sure the ladies will be lining up for some of this” He pointed towards himself and Fred.

Harry and Hermione started laughing, while Ron turned a little green. “I’d prefer if you didn’t talk about your love life while I’m eating, thanks”

“Oh Ronnykins, you need to accept the fact that we are indeed Sex Gods” George and Fred simultaneously stuck a god like pose, tensing their muscles and sticking out their chests.

“Ron if you’re lucky, we will teach you our ways” Fred winked at him

Ron on the other hand said “I rather you didn’t”

“On that note, Hermione, I heard Malfoy is Head Boy, are you gonna be okay sharing a common room with him?” Harry said brotherly, he took a look at the said Slytherin, who was staring curiously and somewhat darkly at Hermione.

He turned to peer at her as well.

She had in fact transformed this year the most. Her once book worm agenda had been changed completely. Her unruly hair now was tamed into long golden brown curls descending down her back, she had started to wear makeup, eyeliner and mascara made her honey coloured eyes prominent, while her natural rosy lips gave her face a natural glow. As attractive as she was, Harry could never see her in that way, still being like a sister to him and his best friend all the same.

Hermione felt his gaze and smiled reassuringly “Don’t worry Harry, Draco and I are friends now” she turned around and waved at the Slytherin who gave her an outraged look and turned around to face Pansy.

“Yes, I can tell you two are close” Harry said sarcasm dripping from his remark

Ron suggested “He does anything though Mione, you know Harry and I can take him any day”

Thanks Ron but I think I can handle the big boys by myself “ she grinned wickedly

“Boy do we know it, I still remember him crying in third year when you slapped him” Harry smiled as he reminisced.

“Best day of my life, your hand print was on his face for a week” Ron said with a mouthful of food

“A mere token of what I am capable of” Hermione said rather smugly.

When the feast was over and the students began to make their way back to their dorms, Hermione said goodbye to Harry and Ron while reminding the twins to come by later. She walked over towards Professor McGonagall and they both waited until Draco was able to remove Pansy off his arm.

“Now that you are both here” She gave a pointed look at Draco and continued. “As Head Girl and Boy I am sure you both understand the duties that you must take on and the responsibilities that have been assigned to you for the year”

With swift nods from both parties to confirm this, she continued “In addition to these duties you are required to organize four celebration balls of your choice, as well as assigning each day of the month that is appropriate for Hogsmeade outings for third to seventh years, Now the both of you must be very tired, I will now show you to the heads common room entrance”

It was general knowledge that the Heads Common room was situated somewhere on the 2nd floor but both Hermione and Draco were astonished to see McGonagall push back a drapery, where a dim lit cobble stoned court yard came to view and at the very back wall, a large statue of a girl and a boy stood, holding hands.

“This is the entrance to your new rooms; you will find that the statue will come to life when saying the password, which is Phoenix.” McGonagall informed them. “I would also like to mention that the statue is of the very first Head Boy and Girl who coincidentally were both Gryffindor and Slytherin.” She bade them goodnight and left them standing near the bronze statue.

“Well this is cozy” Hermione grinned towards Draco, “This Courtyard is perfect for Best friend activities.”

“Such as?” Draco asked, wide eyed.

“You know, Picnics, jogging, Frisbee, Skipping perhaps?”

“I will never do any of those things with you.”

“You’ll come begging to play Frisbee with me, and at that time I might decline your invitation.”

“Phoenix” Draco growled at the statue, getting quite annoyed at Hermione’s antics.

As the statue of both Hogwarts first Head Boy and Girl spray to life and let them past with a smile, Draco and Hermione stopped to look at the where they would be spending their entire year.

The dancing embers of a newly lit fire gave the room a bright glow; it was a vast round room that had brown velvet couches with plump pillows in non matching colours, and fur blanket hung over the back gently touching the floor. A Persian carpet centered the room leaving the outskirts contrasting with its dark mahogany floor boards. Stain glass lamps stood around the edges of the room, and a coffee table made of silver sat in the middle. A dining table and chairs, set for four was situated in the corner, a few unlit candles were placed in the middle. Perfect for late night studying, as a book shelf was right next to it, but Hermione thought it was even better for late night planning with Fred and George.

“This is going to be a hell of a year to remember” Hermione smiled wickedly up at the Slytherin who saw an unfamiliar expression in her eyes.


Magic: Do you guys like this chapter?


Magic: Don't worry though, we will never abandon this story.

Tragic: Yeah, it's our baby.

Magic: Please review we need to know if our writing is actually okay

Tragic: It might even give us a kick to write faster ;) 

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