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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 12 : Once a parent...
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“Those fools,” hissed Voldemort. He was looking up the street as two of his inner circle fell to the ground bound with magical ropes.

Harry smiled at Voldemort’s reaction. He was getting ready to cross the street to meet Ray. Voldemort though had turned and walked to where the detonaters had exploded. He would need to find another place to cross. He didn’t want to get too close to Voldemort. As Harry was slipping back away from the street, he heard a familiar voice bellow out from the direction of Hogwarts.

“Get out of ‘ere, you slimey gits.”

Thuds could be heard and spells were being cast, but Harry knew they would just bounce off the thick hide of the half-giant, Hagrid. He couldn’t see what destruction was being done by Hagrid, but it seemed that his appearance had caused quite a stir with the Death Eaters in that direction.

“Kill the stupid oaf, you fools,” yelled Voldemort. Several more thuds could be heard of bodies hitting houses, before Voldemort spoke again. “I’ll do it, if you worthless idiots can’t.”

Harry became panicked he couldn’t let his friend die. Reversing his path to go back to the street, he quickly got ready for an open confrontation with Voldemort. He Disillusioned himself while under the cloak and changed his wands. He couldn’t afford to have their wands lock at this time and reveal their brother cores. He slipped his Phoenix feather wand in his left wand holster as he secured the wand. He held the one from the French Auror in his right hand. Pulling off the cloak and stuffing it in his pocket, he saw Voldemort cast the killing curse.

“Aveda Kedavra,” screamed Voldemort. “What?” he shouted in surprise as his hand was knocked to the side by a spell. The curse missed Hagrid and smashed into the side of a building.

Harry watched as Voldemort turned to look at him. He had a feral look on his face like a hungry dog staring down a helpless rabbit.

“You can’t escape now. It is time you fell to the greatest wizard of all time.”

Harry let the Disillusionment spell drop. He stared at his future nemesis. “Albus Dumbledore is the greatest wizard of this time, and Merlin was the greatest of all time.”

“You fool. Crucio.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

James Potter was wedged uncomfortably between Ray and a building, when ten Death Eaters Apparated into the makeshift alley behind the homes lining High Street. To his surprise one appeared inches in front of him. He heard Peter gasp beside him, but grunts and groans of Death Eaters to his right covered up the sound.

James looked through the Disillusioned woman and saw several Death Eaters lying on the ground behind the building next them.

“There are wards on this building,” one of the Death Eaters shouted as they picked themselves up off the ground. The Death Eater standing in front of them walked towards the other building.

James realized that Ray had cast a ward around the other building to divert the Death Eaters. They now stood with their backs to them pointing their wands into the diversionary wards. He could feel Ray turn as though she was pointing her wand at them.

He went to move his wand arm, but was unable to because Ray was in his way. The Death Eaters stood there for a second or two, before one of them shouted.


They fired hexes into the back of the house causing it to explode sending debris everywhere. Ray moved away from him and fired two quick Stunners at the back of the Death Eaters. As they fell to the ground, two others from his group followed her example. Within seconds four of the ten Death Eaters were down, the others realized they had been tricked and turned to fight.

Everyone dropped the Disillusionment spells, and the entire group became visible. James had his wand raised but saw that he would have Hexed Peter if he had cast a spell. He stepped up to fire a spell at a Death Eater, but his spell went a stray as Ray stepped in front of him knocking his arm up into the air.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry dove to the right out of the way of the Cruciatus Curse fired at him by Voldemort. As he moved to the side, he pointed his wand at Voldemort.

“Duro!” he shouted. Voldemort’s robes became stone, making it impossible for him to move. Harry knew it would give him barely a second advantage, so he fired off another one of his dangerous Impedimentia Spells. The silver beam hit Voldemort square in the chest driving him backwards across the street.

Harry stepped out between the buildings to continue the attack when his nerves exploded in pain.

“Crucio,” growled Bellatrix. She stepped out from the front of the house. She had her wand trained on Harry. She cackled as he twisted in pain. “You thought you could best my master. I will make you beg for death. You filthy blood traitor.”

Harry was trying to focus past the pain so he could defend himself. He had done it before a long time ago, but he needed to do that to protect Ginny, Teddy, and Andromeda. Try as he might he couldn’t gain control of his limbs. Suddenly, the pain stopped.

He looked up and saw Teddy standing over Bellatrix. She was lying on the ground, her wand was out of her hand, and she was staring up at Teddy.

“What are you going to do? Whatever it is do it before you die,” she said haughtily at him.

“I should kill you for everything you have done, you bitch,” he growled. He spoke slowly as if every word was difficult to say.

“Then kill me, I am getting bored.”

“Teddy, think about what you are doing,” begged Harry.

“I am. Don’t you realize why I am doing this?”

“Teddy, please think past your pain,” said Harry.

Teddy seemed to falter as he stared at Belltrix. His wand trembled in his hand. He let out a scream then Disapparated. Bellatrix went to reach for her wand, but Harry Stunned her first. A strange hissing sound made him look towards the other side of the street again.

There stood Voldemort speaking in Parseltongue as a thick white beam weaved away from his wand. Harry cast a Shield before the spell could hit him. It was a slow moving spell, so he was easily able to cast his Shield. When the spell collided with his Shield, it morphed into a snake. It opened its mouth revealing large fangs. As it closed its mouth, it pierced the Shield. Harry fought against it, but his Shield still collapsed.

The snake lunged for his wand hand and closed its mouth around it. Harry was expecting to feel the fangs sink into his flesh, but all he felt was pressure. He couldn’t move his wand or hand. The snaked wrapped around him. He felt it constricting on his ribs. It was slowly crushing him.

As the snake slowly crushed the life out of him, he could hear Voldemort hissing. He must need to say an incantation to maintain the snake. Harry’s left arm was outside of the snake’s coils. Flicking his wrist, his Phoenix feather wand shot out into his hand.

Langlock,” he was able to whisper.

Suddenly the snake was weakening; Harry fired a blasting Curse into the Snakes mouth. The snake exploded into vapor. He pointed his wand at Voldemort and thought, “Levicorpus.”

He was happy when Voldemort flipped upside down. It only lasted a second before he countered the spell. Harry quickly started firing every hex he could think of at the Dark Lord, who countered each spell. All that Harry was able to do was buy some time, before Voldemort would over power him. He was even firing a Confrigo with one hand and the Impedimentia Spell with the other, but Voldemort was stiil moving towards him undeterred. The Dark Lord had that smile on his face that showed he was thinking about killing Harry.

In a desperate attempt of gaining an edge in the battle, Harry set the Dark Lord’s robes on fire. He didn’t get the opportunity to Apparate away before Voldemort cast a spell that drove Harry back into the building behind him. The world blacked out for a second as stars appeared in Harry’s vision. He found himself staring up at Vodemort with Bellatrix standing beside him.

“My Lord,” she said reverently.

“Silence while I finish this pest,” he barked at her.

“But my Lord,” she pleaded.

“Crucio.” Voldemort hit Bellatrix with a Cruciatus Curse driving her to the ground screaming. He stepped past his most faithful follower and towards Harry. “Did you really think you could defeat me? Do you really think that I am less of a wizard than that old fool? I am the greatest wizard of all time. Avada…”

The ground around Voldemort folded up and enclosed him like a Venus flytrap.

“Hello, Tom,” said the Headmaster. “I can take it from here Harry.” He stood with his wand on Voldemort encased inside of the strange enclosure.

Aurors including Alastor Moody ran past the Headmaster and engaged the Death Eaters. Voldemort’s followers quickly started Disapparating taking along one or two bound Death Eaters with them. The enclosure around Voldemort exploded, but he wasn’t there.

“We will finish this at another time, you old fool. Avada Kedavra,” he shouted while standing on a nearby roof top, before Disapparating.

Harry leapt out of the way of the killing curse aimed at him. He looked around and saw that the Death Eaters had all fled, except those that were bound. Alastor Moody was walking towards him and the Headmaster.

“I thought there were Anti-apparation wards on the town,” he said to the Professor Dumbledore.

“There were until Teddy took them down,” stated Harry.

Moody turned and glared at him. “Why would you do such a thing?”

“It helped us gain advantage at first.”

“It did?” questioned the skeptical Auror. “Who exactly is ‘us’?”

“There are three of us, Teddy, Ray, and myself. We were able to subdue the entire first group and the second group, but Voldemort and his inner circle was too much.” Harry was shocked when Moody jumped at Voldemort’s name.

“Don’t say that name. How many total did you subdue?”

“Forty, give or take one or two.”

Moody went slack jawed for a second. “I don’t believe you. Three taking down forty; they weren’t actual Death Eaters.”

“They were new recruits, he said.” Harry stated avoiding Voldemort’s name.

“Shaklebolt get over here,” Moody yelled. A young Kingsley Shaklebolt came jogging down the street. He was tall as the one from Harry’s time, but much thinner. He also had a full head of hair, fluffed up like a dome around his head. “Reset the Anti-apparation wards and count up the Death Eaters.”

“I’ll get the wards, and we have already counted twenty Death Eaters, sir,” said Kingsley in his deep voice.

Moody turned to Harry. “They only counted twenty.”

Harry was going to say something when two things happened. The Marauders, Ray, and two people who reminded him of Fred and George stepped out from between two buildings with their hands up. On the Hogwarts side of them a series of Apparation pops were heard. It appeared that another group of Aurors were on their way.

“What are they doing here?” growled Moody.

Harry turned his attention back to Ray and his father. He watched as the twins talked to several of the Aurors. The Aurors lowered their wands. Harry took that as a good sign.

“You were supposed to come in Evergreen Street. Why are you here?” shouted Moody at the approaching Aurors.

“That street is blocked with fire. There must be ten or twelve houses up in flames. Look for yourself.” The lead Auror pointed to where Harry had left his mother. He saw flames licking up above the roof tops. Fear suddenly struck him what if the fire was a trap for her. He turned on the spot, but didn’t move.

“Damn efficient Kingsley,” he cursed as he took off running towards the fire.

He ran up to Ray, but didn’t slow down as he yelled about the fire, while pointing towards it. Ray started to run along beside him. His father also joined in. Harry wasn’t sure, but he must be thinking about Lily Evans being at that end of the street. As they turned the corner at The Three Broomsticks, they saw the fire had cut off the street from that end also. There were women and children standing there watching their homes burn up. A single wizard seemed to be keeping people back from the fire. He was dressed in robes that looked like Hit-Wizard robes.

Ray ran past Harry as did his father. Harry was out of breath and his side hurt from the exertion, but he pushed on. As Ray and his father ran up to the fire, the Hit-wizard held out his hands to stop them. Harry quickly caught up to them. He could see Ray reaching for her wand for some reason. When he got close enough to make out the hit-Wizard’s face, he recognized him as one of the men that Ray suspected to be a Neo-Death Eater.

The man recognized Harry and pulled his wand on his dad. “That is far enough,” he ordered. “I’ll open his neck up before you can stop me.”

A scream could be heard from inside of the inferno.

“Lily!” screamed James Potter. “We must save her!”

“There will be no heroics today,” the wizard said. “I am amazed that you are still here. I must say she is quite resilient to have survived this long in that inferno.”

“You bastard. We must save her,” James screamed again.

“Silence,” shouted the Hit-Wizard. “I am going to enjoy watching you disappear from existence. You thought you captured us all, didn’t you. Well I was one that avoided you. Now I will have my revenge. Soon you will cease to exist and the future will be one of my choosing. I will be the one to stop the great Harry Potter…, Aaaaeeee,” he screamed.

As he spoke a fiery talon reached out from the inferno and grabbed him around the waist. His eyes bulged as the talons burned through his robes and skin. It was picking him up to a fiery dragon head.

“Fiendfyre,” shouted Ray.

Avada Kedavra!” shouted Harry and Ray together.

Their green curses collided with the Fiendfyre’s head. It shuddered for a second then the head and talon vaporized. The Hit-wizard fell to the ground dead. When he hit the ground his left arm was exposed revealing the dark mark.

The fire seemed to twist and turn in response to the dragon being slayed. Another dragon head rose up within the depths of the flames. A scream could again be heard as a large cloud of steam rose from near the dragon head. Harry didn’t hesitate. He Apparated directly into the flames, where the steam had originated from.

Water hit him on the side of the head. He had appeared in front of his mum. She was curled up on the ground pointing her wand at the Dragon Fiendfyre. It was on the other side of Harry. His clothes were starting to smoke. He would have been on fire if it wasn’t for his Mother’s Aguamenti Charm. The water was gushing form her wand saturating him before it turned into steam. Turning in the direction of the Fiendfyre, he fired a Killing curse. It hit the demon fire directly in its mouth. It shuddered for a second before vaporizing.

Harry turned to grab his mum. She had her eyes closed and was still shooting a torrent of water out of her wand. Harry was about to pick her up when a movement caught his eye. There was another dragon moving towards him. He had never heard of multiple demons of the same type with a Fiendfyre. It was usually multiple demon types or just one. When two other dragon heads appeared, he realized that it was one demon. It was a Hydra.

“Mum we need to go,” he grabbed her shoulder. She went into a panic. She was terrified beyond reason. He regretted doing it but he had to get her out of here. “Stupify.”

He grabbed his unconscious mother and pulled her up on his shoulder. He was about to Apparate, when one of the heads snapped at him. He hit it with a killing curse. It vaporized also, but the others were now coming after him. He aimed lower where the necks connected. He fired a curse into its body. All the heads let out a roar and twisted among themselves. Harry took the opportunity and Apparated out of the fire with his Stunned mother.

He appeared beside Ray and his father. His was holding his mum so her arms and head were dangling over his left shoulder. He didn’t think of her as he shouted for everyone to move back away from the fire. He had just shouted, when the flames shifted and the burning form of a Hydra appeared.

People grabbed their children and ran away as fast as possible. He saw Moody and the other Aurors’ stare gap-mouthed at the scene. Professor Dumbledore made grand broad strokes with his wand as he chanted an incantation. Wind rushed down from the sky and back up at the Fiendfyre. The wall of wind barely deterred the terrible demon.

Harry was backing away from it beside Ray. He didn’t want to turn his back on it, because he was afraid of those long necks.

“What do we do, sir?” asked Ray. Her voice was quivering with fear.

“Aim at its chest,” he said. He looked at it without fire covering its lower body. It not only had several heads, but each head and neck had a corresponding leg. He wasn’t sure where it might have a heart.

“Where?” asked Ray.

“Anywhere between the legs,” he shouted back.

“Avada Kedavra,” they shouted together. They each hit the place where two legs joined together. The entire beast shuddered and flame erupted from its form like a flaring corona. The Headmaster was still maintaining his wall of wind. The Hydra showed to be visibly weakened.

“Should we try another spot?” Ray asked.


Avada Kedavra!” they shouted again. Their killing curses found different locations. The beast again flared and it also seemed to stumble.

“Again,” yelled Harry.

Avada Kedavra!”

The Fiendfyre flared and visibly shuddered before being torn apart by the Headmaster’s wall of wind. The fire now seemed to being dying down. The destruction was total. No building stood and even their foundations appeared to be smashed to dust under the Fiendfyre’s feet.

Harry relaxed and realized that he had been carrying his mum around partially draped over his shoulder like a life sized doll. He found a grassy place in front of a house and gently lowered her down on the ground. After laying her down, he stared at her. She had been burnt on her face and hands, but it didn’t look very severe, only blisters. Somehow she survived in there, he marveled that she survived. He lifted his wand to revive her. He was afraid that she would think she was still inside of that hellish inferno, but he needed to do it.


She screamed and started to thrash her hands around her as though she could beat the flames away. Harry grabbed her arms and tried to keep her from slapping him. He couldn’t stop her from kicking him.

“Miss Evans, you are safe. Miss Evans, you are not in the fire,” he said firmly to her.

She stopped thrashing about and stared at him. He saw total fear in her eyes. The next second she crashed into his chest clutching at his robes holding onto to him as if her life depended on it. He could feel her trembling. He no longer looked at her as his strong and defiant mother. She was now a scared and frightened little girl. She reminded him of his Lily Luna when she was only five.

Lily Luna had always been terrified by spiders. She was as bad as her Uncle Ron. One day after hearing his Uncle George talk about how he and his twin had frightened Ron by turning his stuffed bear into a spider, James Sirius stole his mum’s wand and tried to do the same to Lily Luna. Except it was her blanket he Transfigured.

She awoke encircled in the legs of a three foot wide spider. By the time Harry had reached her, she was in hysterics. He held her and reassured her that nothing was going to hurt her. It took nearly an hour to calm her down.

For the next month James Sirius became the Potter family House Elf. He scrubbed and cleaned everything in the house at least twice, before Ginny would forgive him.

Harry again held the frightened girl in his arms. It was like he was a father again taking away the fears of his girl. He sat down on the ground and held her as he gently rocked her, while whispering to her. “It will be all right, Lily. You are all right. Nothing is going to hurt you now.”

Just like he did with Lily Luna, he leaned his head down and gently kissed the top of her head trying to comfort her.

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