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The Tale of Amelia Darvill by LilyFire
Chapter 6 : 06. Finding Out
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Why were her parents always at work? She didn't like it right now. She wanted to talk to her mum and ask what she thought. She could talk to Hayley, but her older sister was to focused on her  own life, and she couldn't bother her younger sisters about it.

Albus loved her? How had that even happened? He kept lying to her, telling her he was a wizard! She couldn't believe him, and now he thought he could make up for it? After making her feel the way she did?

She missed him though. She would like one of his hugs, or maybe to go to the pool and just play in the water all day. She just wanted their normal life back. Why had things messed up?

Maybe it was best she didn't tell her mother. After all, her mum would probably ban her from going to his house then.

The four day wait to his house seemed to take forever.

Each day moved so slowly.

Each hour making her full of both dread and hope.

Each minute bringing her closer to the confrontation.

Each second until she could see him again.

Until it was time to go.

She was ready-shoes on, hair thrown into a pony tail, just looking at the door. She had to move. One foot. Then the other. And she was out the door and quickly making her way to Albus'. She barely knocked once when the door flew open and she was inside, the door shut fast behind her.

Mr. Potter peered out of a blind. "I don't think anyone saw you."

What was this? So what if they saw you.

"Ginny's taken James and Lily shopping, so you've timed it well. I have managed to get approval-please don't ask how-for us to tell you. I don't know if it's a good idea, but Al…trust you. I hope that trust is well placed." Mr. Potter looked directly into her eyes, almost as if he could read her mind.

"Of course, you can trust me with anything," Amelia answered.

"Al is in the sitting room," Mr. Potter said, showing her the way.

Albus' smile was tight when she saw him, but he patted the spot next to him on the couch. Amelia got that awkward feeling again-like she was intruding. But she sat, and Mr. Potter sat in the chair across from them. No one spoke. Amelia looked around the room, not really paying attention, but just trying to fill the silence.

Finally, Albus cleared his throat. "This is…weird. I'm sorry. I just don't know how to start. I don't want you angry with me anymore."

She looked at him. "I'm not angry anymore Albus. I just can't take the lies and secrets."

"I wasn't lying though. I'm serious, I'm a wizard."

Thoughts flashed through her mind. Wizard? Like…summoning demons and blood sacrifices? Maybe she didn't want to know after all.

"Show her, Al," Mr. Potter said. He seemed very tense for some reason.

Albus pulled out a stick from between the couch cushions. "This is my wand," he said. "I can do all sorts of things with it. Watch."

He pointed at an empty tea cup on the coffee table and mumbled a few words while waving around the 'wand.' Amelia screamed a little when a rat appeared where the cup had been. "How did you do that?" she asked, her voice a few octaves up. "Get rid of it."

He did. "It's magic, Amelia."

"Magic trick, nice."

"Lia, it's not a magic trick, it's just magic. Merlin! Dad?" He looked desperately to Mr. Potter for help.

Mr. Potter sighed and studied her. "Amelia, I am an Auror. That word means nothing to you, but it's much like the MI-5* for Muggles. On top of that, I'm…the papers like to print stories about me quite a lot because of my high rank in the force, and a few things that happened in the past." He took a deep breath. "Albus, get the Prophet."

When Albus left, Mr. Potter smiled. "He's so nervous about you believing us. But you do already, don't you?"

"How could I not. He turned a tea cup into a rat…" she trailed off.

"I learned I was a wizard when I was eleven. My parents had died due to a war, and I was living with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin who were determined that I not find out. So when Hogwarts-the school Albus, as well as James and Lily, go to every year- they destroyed the letters.

"I eventually got one, but only because the grounds keeper  delivered it personally. I didn't really believe him either, but it was an escape of sorts. It took my Aunt admitting that my mum and dad hadn't really died in a car crash for me to believe it."

"It's just soo…"

"Extraordinary? Not really, to be honest. Most wizards would be lost if they ventured into the Muggle world, with all the computers and technology. We try to keep it balanced, but we don't have cell phones or internet, as I'm sure you've noticed. We just don't need them with the kids gone most of the year."

She nodded. Things did make more sense, if this were all true. And she could see why Albus had kept it a secret. She had screamed at him for lying when he had told the truth.

"Dad, there isn't a bloody paper anywhere!"

"Mum must have thrown them out. She hates it when the just lay about." Mr. Potter shrugged. "I don't think we need one anyway."

Questions came to Amelia, some ridiculous, some she voiced, others she thought would be better suited for later. She asked if certain things could be done, and when the answer was yes, she asked for a demonstration. She was finally feeling more comfortable with the thought that Albus was a wizard when Ginny walked in the front door, accompanied by James, Lily, and several other teens.

"Oh, sorry, we didn't realize-" she started.

"It's okay, she's cool with it," Albus grinned. "This is my family."

"Some of it, anyway," piped up Lily. Then she turned to Albus. "So, now that she knows, am I allowed to talk to her?"

"Yeah," Albus said distractedly, grabbing Amelia's hand, "but not right now." He pulled her up the stairs away from the prying eyes of the family, into what she guessed to be his room, though he left the door open.

She stood, feeling awkward about being a boy's room, alone with him. Albus paced back and forth, turning and opening his mouth, as if he was going to say something, only to shake his head and pace some more. Finally, Amelia had enough.

She moved into his path, causing him to stop. They looked at each other for a moment, trying to figure out what the other was thinking.

Amelia smiled and kissed him. She pressed her lips to his. Soft and lingering, the perfect first kiss.

"I can't say I love you, Albus Potter, but I do like you."

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The Tale of Amelia Darvill: 06. Finding Out


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