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Matchmakers by ilovegeorgeweasly101
Chapter 4 : bad dreams and plans gone... well not as originally planned
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“Charlie” Someone was poking me in the side.


“Charlie, you’ve got to get up! It’s the first day of classes!”

Who was this peppy bitch trying to wake me up?

Sleep is good.


“Ugh I’m up! goddamn it why must you yell those things? You know it wakes me up!” I said. Roxie just smiled.

Ugh I was so tired. I kept waking up last night. I was screaming and thrashing around from nightmares and it was hard to fall back asleep knowing I was going back to more visions from my scary past. Luckily I put a silencing charm on my bed so no one hears, but from the look on Rose’s face she must have known.

“Want to talk about it?” She asked. I shook my head and smiled.

“Its okay. They just always act up the first week back at Hogwarts,” I said. I’d ask Madame Patil, the nurse, for a sleeping draught later.

I hopped out of bed and got to my morning routine. Shower, charm hair, put on uniform combat boots get bag ready get wand etc.

I was finishing with my plants when Rose hollered for me to hurry up. I trotted out of the room and went down to breakfast.

When we got to the hall we plopped down at the Gryffindor table. I sat next to my brother and took in the dark under eye circles that I knew I probably had as well.

“Nightmares?” I asked. He nodded and grimly bit into his toast. I squeezed his hand tightly. He smiled and squeezed back.

The brotherly/sisterly love of two emotionally scarred siblings.


We dropped hands and continued eating. Suddenly Al dropped down next
to me. He looked at me with a weird look.

“What?” I said. He was looking at me like…

Well not like I’m his sister.

He smiled. “You look nice today.” He said.

What was that? Oh yes I do believe it was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.

I mean I looked as I normally do. Combat boots, standard issue skirt, hemmed to mid thigh, Hogwarts button up shirt, Gryffindor tie, loose as usual. My hair was out loose and a scarlet bushy mess, held back by two lion hair pins…

I looked like I’ve looked for the past three years, minus the cleavage growing over time and the growth spurt…

“Th-thanks.” I said. My fork was halfway up to my mouth still. I hastily corrected this and took a bite of my pancake.

He turned back to his breakfast, bumping his knee with mine. I mean it was a small space (he sat down VERY close to me).

But his knee didn’t move. It just kept rubbing against mine.
Is Al Potter flirting with me?!

“Charlie why are you blushing?” James asked looking at me.

God damn my redheadness.

“Its just hot in here” I mumbled.

Rose snickered. She was bent over her own breakfast.

This is a very weird day.

“Ah Mr. Rosewood, lets fix your schedule.” Professor Thomas said to my brother. My brother wants to be a healer. I often have to hear Roxie saying the things she’d ask him to “check” when he becomes her doctor.

World, why must you hate me?

As soon was Danny was done with his schedule the Professor turned to me.

“Hello Ms. Rosewood. Pleasant Holiday?” He asked.

“Very.” I replied. I always liked my head of house. He’s a nice man and a killer DADA professor.

“You are all set for Herbology, after what Professor Longbottom says was a killer examination, DADA with very promising results, Potions with an Exceeds exceptions, Care of Magical creatures, Charms and Transfiguration. Tell me, Ms. Rosewood, what would you like to be?” He asked while filling out my schedule.

“Id like to be a Herebolgist, working for the Magical Botany association, or an auror. I’m still making my pro con lists.” I said

“Terrific. I do hope you choose the auror path. But, ah, don’t tell Neville I said that.” He handed me my schedule with a wink.

I love my house.
Precisely seven hours and twenty minutes until my plan begins.


It was my third class of the day: Herbology.

“Dibs on Charlie as my partner!” Al shouted.

Fuck yes.

“Ooh, second dibs!” Roxie yelled.

Yeah sure.

Every year my friends who are in this class with me have to call first and second dibs to see who will be my partner (which means instant A+).

“Oi no fair, she’s a genius!” James complained. Rose, Freddie Danny and Scorp also complained.

“Hey guys, remember what I said? First dibs gets first Charlie. Second dibs gets Charlie’s group.” I said. Rose snorted.

“I’m your brother!”

“I’m your BEST FRIEND!”


“I’m your-“

“ENOUGH” I said. I grabbed Al by the hand and he grabbed Roxie by her bag strap and brought her to a workstation. The feeling of Al’s hand in mine was heaven. Like a perfect fit.

Rose and Scorpius decided to be the one two people group (nice one bro). Then of course Danny James and Freddie decided to pair up, Merlin help them.

Al was still holding my hand.

He squeezed it before letting go.

My hand is now cold.

Five hours forty three seconds until my plan takes place.


I love potions. Yeah the teacher, Professor Schmidt is a bitch because she’s a slytherin whore but I like mixing up potions. Especially since Scorpie is my partner!

“Hello there Scorpie.” I said as I sat down next to him.

“Hey Charlie. Look over there.” Scorp said nodding to the slytherin side.

Ah fuck. I new she wouldn’t have gotten run over by the night bus over break.

Hey. One can dream. Plus Ern is the worst driver EVER.

There she was, Sage Zabini. The biggest bitch on the face of the earth.

She is a fierce kind of pretty with ice blue eyes and straight shiny blonde hair and a sharp face. She was also a whore. Her skirt barely covered her arse and her shirt was opened so you could see the blue lace of her bra poking out. She and her best friend, Ameile Goyle, were easy.

She also had a semi creepy crush on my brother. Shudder. She was currently forcing herself all over him, and his potions partner, Roxie in fact, looked ready to murder her.

“Ugh. Oi! Zabini! Get off my poor brother, this isn’t a strip club and he does NOT WANT YOUR BUSINESS.” I said smirking.

Danny looked relieved and Roxie was smirking along with me.

Sage however flipped me off and continued. I shot a jinx at her and she lept off him like he burned.

“You better watch it Rosewood! I can make your life HELL.” She said storming up to me. Scorp snorted.

Please. James Nazi Potter is my Quidditch Captain. He akes us run suicides for an hour before training. You’ve got NOTHING that can scare me after the threat of doing that again.

“Not bloody likely Zabini. There is nothing you could do that would scare me. Except maybe get with my brother but THAT’S never happening” I asked stepping closer. Danny looked like he was ready to start a Charlie Rosewood Holiday.

I’d quite like that actually. There would be balloons and cake and It'd be for me!

“I’ll seduce Albus!” she said triumphantly.

Why is it that when slags threaten people it has to do with hooking up?

I mean I know it wouldn’t happen but it was enough to make my blood boil.

“You son of a-“ I said raising my wand.

“As if I’d ever go for you Zabini.” The boy in question said. He put his hand on my arm and I lowered it.

She looked murderous but was forced to leave by Al’s rejection. She flounced back to Amelie who sent me a glare.

“Come on Charlie, I think I get a little more credit than that. I’d never go for Zabini! she kind of scares me to be honest…” Al said reaching to scratch the back of his neck. I smiled and laughed at how nervous that girl made him.

“To much drive?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Just a little…” He said holding his fingers an inch apart. I laughed again.

“Potter, Rosewood, ten points from Gryffindor for being out of your seats.” Schmidt said walking in.

What a bitch. Al squeezed my hand and went to sit down. I smiled.

“That was impressive.” Scorpius said smirking. I hit him on the head and listened to Schmidt.

“Class for today we are going to do an activity of sorts.”

Bugger. That can’t be good. Activity means that someone is going to be embarrassed within an inch of their life.

I hope its Zabini.

“Take out a quill and parchment and write down the ingredients and effects of Amortentia. then write what you smell when you sniff it, your PERSONAL smell. We will share these with the class.” Schmidt said smirking like the evil twat she was.

“Oh shit.” Scorpius said from next to me, looking at Rose sitting with James.

“Its okay just say that you smell flowers and vanilla.” I said.

Scorpius smells three things in amortentia.

1) Broom polish
2) Vanilla cupcakes that his mum makes
3) And roses. Red roses. Which is the smell of Rose’s favorite perfume her dad buys her.

“What if she asks what kind?” He said spazzing out.

“Lie and say you don’t know! Seriously were you born yesterday?!” I asked.

“Right right.”

I ignored him and scrawled out my answer.

“All right lets start with… Danny Rosewood.” Schmidt said.

“Right. Well um I smell fresh air, like a summer breeze, Mrs. Potter’s roast beef, and this like orange blossom thing, I have no clue how to describe” He said shifting around. I wonder where the orange blossom thing came from.

“Thank you Mr. Rosewood. Ms. Weasley?” She asked.

Roxie smiled and stood. “Well I smell this cool scented glitter my grandmum bought me in second year, chocolate chess pie, and this like musky smell that’s like a forest I guess.” She said.

We went around the class with people describing their smells. We got to Al and Freddie’s table.

Al went first.

“Right. Well I smell snitch polish, which is like an earthy metal smell if that’s understandable, treacle tart which is the most awesome dessert in the world” He said throwing a glance my way. We’ve had a fight for years whats better: treacle tart or tiramisu. Tiramisu FOR THE BLOODY WIN.

“And this like lilac smell. I’m not sure what it is but I smell it almost everyday.” He said turning red.

Lilac… that’s the smell of my favorite lotion. I put that on like every day.

Eh must be a weird coincidence. He does like my lilac plant.

“Well I smell Steak, broom polish and this spicy smell that like rocks my world.” I saw Schmidt roll her eyes at Freddie’s answer. She pointed to Rose and James.

“I smell Charlie’s Rosa belanta, which is a magical Rose that… its hard to describe. It blooms in different colors every month and it smells wonderful” I smiled at Rose.

“I also smell Vanilla custard and a strange musky scent, its like… I’m not sure I think its cologne though. Its like maple or something.” She blushed.

Ahahah that’s Scorpius. I think she just realized that.

“well I smell broom polish, pygmy puff and that like fresh laundry smell that also has a hint of flowers.” James said.

Pygmy puff?

I didn’t want to know and neither did Schmidt.

She continued and let Scorpius pass with just flowers, though she raised her eyebrows.

“And finally, Charlie?” She said smirking.

She hates me for the slytherin prank. Mostly because she obviously hadn’t shaved and was forced into a tutu.

“Well I smell moonlace, my favorite plant, tiramisu, THE BEST DESSERT EVER and this oceany smell. Its slightly salty but mostly like a sea breaze. I actually smell it everyday im not sure why though. Not many oceans around here.” I said. I sat down and for some reason Scorpius had his fist in his mouth trying not to laugh.

“What?” I asked. I flicked a stray curl out of my face in annoyance.

“Nothing.” He said to quickly. I rolled my eyes.


“Malfoy, ten points for laughing. Now Amortentia is designed to smell different to every person. The first smell you smell is the smell of your favorite thing, like a broom stick, a plant or a book. The second smell is a dessert or food that you have a special like for. And the third smell is the smell of your one love, whether you’ve found that special someone or not. I garuntee you, sniff your spouse someday, and unless your doomed to divorce, that is the smell you would get from this potion.” The bell rang as she finished this rather adorable statement.

“Paper on properties affects and your own personal smells of amortentia on my desk next class, foot and a half long.” Schmidt said. I wrote it down on my arm and walked out of the evil woman’s dungeon.

One hour until the plan takes affect. I think I might wet myself in excitement.


“Rose you are smushing my foot” I said.

“Well get your foot out of the way!” Rose said. We were tailing Roxie, as the plan had two minutes until it began. I had already spiked their lunch with veritaserum so it was still working for the next two hours. Roxie was saying goodbye to her uncle Fred and she started moving down the hall.

We silently followed and awaited James with Danny.

“Oi! Roxie!” Danny yelled. He and James had come around the corner.

Phase one complete.

“Hey guys, where are you headed?” Roxie said. They slowed and James made sure it was in the drop zone.

He really is brilliant.

“Well I have to go talk to Minnie about a detention but Danny is headed out to find Charlie.” James said.

“Oh so am I. Well Rose and Charlie but I figure their together.” Roxie said. James said something about them walking together and departed.

“Peeves will be there in a minute.” I said.

“If this works, I will personally pay you 10 galleons.” Rose breathed.

“You are so on Rosie.” I said shaking on t.

“30 seconds” Rose said glaring at her watch. Danny and Roxie were strolling right into the drop sight.


“OH FUCK!” I shouted.

Sage Zabini waltzed right into the drop zone just as Peeves set it off.

“Did we just trap a drugged Roxie and Danny in closed off hallway blocked off by a bunch of rock with SAGE ZABINI?” Rose asked.

I nodded.

The plan is starting a look a little ineffective now.

"How did I do ladies? I got the rocks in place and they wont be able to explode them from the-" Peeves started.

"Yes Peeves you did beautifully." Rose snapped. He poked out his tongue at her and floated away.

"I just hope Zabini comes out alive." I said.


I smacked her and started at the rocks.

Roxie POV

I thought my worst nightmare would be if Freddie got some poor bint pregnant.

But this? THIS is far worse.

I was inexplicably trapped in a closed off hallway with Danny and SAGE BLOODY ZABINI.

Why does merlin hate me?

I bet this was Charlie's idea of getting Danny and I together. I thought Rose would be smart enough NOT TO LISTEN TO HER.

“Rox, are you all right?” Danny asked. I coughed but nodded.

“Ugh all this dust is ruining my hair.” Zabini squealed.

“Put a sock in it Zabini.” I said. I tried to blast my way through the rocks but it was no use. Zabini was throwing herself at Danny but he pushed her off.


Remind me to turn her into an amoeba later. I'd enjoy that.

“This was not an accident.” Danny said pulling me out of my amoeba day dreams. He had tried everything he could think of. I was about to voice my suspicion in my two best friends when I was interrupted.

“Ugh what is TAKING SO LONG?” Zabini asked. She huffed and sat on a rock. She hadnt done ANYTHING to help. Danny rolled his eyes and kicked a rock.

"You are so annoying Zabini." Danny said. As soon as he said it he looked confused.

It was usually me who was rude to Zabini. He usually kept it to himself.

“These rocks didn’t come from the walls, these were conjured here.” I said changing the subject. Danny nodded.

"In the mean time, why dont we do something to pass the time?" Danny said.

"Like what?" I said.

"Play twenty questions?" He said.

Before I could answer ZAbini cut across me.

“I have a question. Why do you hate me so much Weasley?” Zabini asked.

Before I could stop myself, the truth came stumbling out.

“Because you keep making a move on Danny!” I screamed then clapped my hand over my mouth.

“What?” Danny asked looking gob smacked.


“I didn’t mean to say that!”

Then it clicked. How I hadn’t been able to lie since lunch. I had had to admit to Schmidt that I set off the firecracker in the slytherin dorm! AND i hadnt been able to stop myself from telling Uncle Fred that I dad's new product!

Someone spiked me with veritaserum.

“Danny, where are you ticklish?” I asked. He always refuses to tell me.

“In my armits.” He struggled to hold it back but couldn’t.

“I’M GOING TO KILL CHARLIE AND ROSE!” I bellowed. Danny looked in shock.

“They spiked us with veritaserum and set this whole thing up! Why would they do that?!” Danny asked.

Before I could stop it I said “Because of the plan.”

Fuck my life.

“What plan?” Danny asked. Zabini also looked curious.

“The plan to set you and I up!” I stumbled out. Zabini laughed.

“As if Danny would ever want YOU. You’re a loud mouthed tom boy with a flat chest!” Zabini said. I lunged at her.

"YOu stupid BINT! AS if danny would ever want YOU, your an easy prostitute LLAMA!" i screamed.

Prostitute llama? Wow I say weird things when drugged

“Roxie get off her she’s not worth it!” Danny said as he yanked me off a screaming Zabini.

"NOw what is this about a plan? Tell me EVERYTHING Roxie." Danny said.

I couldn't even hold back the awkward comments.

"Well in the beginning of the year Rose Charlie and I made a pact that we would help each other get the guys we liked and MY name came out of the hat first so I'm guessing Rose let Charlie make up a ridiculous crazy plan that is probably this because I recognize those rocks as something we used to block the slytherins in last year-"

"That was YOU?" ZAbini asked out raged. I winked and continued.

"So they obviously trapped us in here, though I doubt Zabini was supposed to be here." I said.

"You like me?" DAnny said.

"Well actually, I'm kind of in love with you." I said.

I looked into his eyes, somehow not even afraid of rejection.

With out a word, he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me.

My heart fricking exploded. ZAbini started forward by I stunned her.

Ah there we go.


Ten minutes later, Charlie’s POV.

I finally blasted the last Rock out of the way to see Danny and Roxie making out passionately and Zabini crying and sporting a black eye.

I think I’m going to hurl.

"Oi! Stop macking my best friend Danny!" I yelled covering my eyes. I felt Rose pat my shoulder.

“Oi! You two drugged us!” Danny yelled, looking up from Roxie. HIs lips were swollen, his tie off andbrown hair mussed up. ROxie had her shirt partially open and her hair was EVERYWHERE.

"Well it WORKED." Rose said.

"Yeah, pay up!" I said. She sighed and pulled ten galleons from her robes.

"ahahaha see my plans aren't crazy!" I said.

"I beg to bloody differ!" Roxie said. She started towards me.

"Oi Roxie! Want to go to hogsmeade friday?" Danny asked catching her hand.


"Yeah." She said smiling.

"And their making out again." Rose said throwing her hands up. ROxie shot her the finger.

"Come on Rosie. Lets go get some food." I said.


"Oi, Rose get your arse out here so we can pick the next name!" Roxie shouted from her bed. I was sprawled at the foot of it and she was sitting on her pillow.

"I'm coming, merlin!" She said. she plopped herself on ROxie's bed and sighed.

"So are you glad my BRILLIANT plan worked?" I asked.

Roxie glared but said yes.

I dont know why she was so angry at me. Its not like I intended for Zabini to get into the drop zone.

"WHo wants to pick the next name?" Rose asked.

"OOOOh me!" ROxie said. she plunged her hand into the hat and puled out a scrap of paper.

"And the next name is..."


A&N: Yes I know I'm evil. I'm sorry about this chapter, I'm not especially happy with it. But it did it's purpose. I tried to do Roxie's mind justice, though some scary shit goes on in there. I hope you guys review because they make my day! Favorite quotes, things jokes.

Who do you think the next name will be? oh and what's up with Al?

Clea ;)

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Matchmakers: bad dreams and plans gone... well not as originally planned


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