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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six
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The next morning I woke up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all. My body ached and my head was throbbing. Needless to say, I’ve felt much better in my life before.


When I open my eyes I notice Andi is still in bed with me and her arm is wrapped around my waist. I look at her for a few seconds and can’t help but feel envious because she looks so pretty even though I can only imagine that she feels as awful as I do.


“It’s hard to sleep when someone won’t stop staring at you,” Andi mumbles and slowly opens her eyes.


“It is also hard to sleep when someone is trying to spoon with you against your will,” I reply and motion to her arm around me.


Andi giggles and then grabs her head and moans, “Please tell me it is normal to feel like you’ve been repeatedly ran over by the Hogwarts Express after drinking firewhisky.”


“I hope so, otherwise we are probably dying, and my mom would murder me if I didn’t at least finish school first,” I joke.


“Roxanne that makes no sense,” Andi laughs again and winces, “and stop making me laugh!”


I notice a piece of parchment is taped to my bedroom door and reluctantly climb out of bed to go retrieve it. I’m not one hundred percent sure where I left my wand last night. When I reach the door I immediately notice Lucy’s handwriting.



Good morning! Lils was in a hurry to get back to the castle this morning and I have loads of homework to finish, so we took off early. I would have woken you to tell you, but you and Andi looked so peaceful. Did you know that you were holding hands while you were asleep? Don’t worry, I won’t tell Lysander. Though I did think of taking a photo because it would have been excellent black mail. If you’re feeling a little under the weather I left some hang over potion in the kitchen. I’ll see you at school, if you ever decide to get your lazy arse out of bed. Anyways, Lily is scowling at me because I am apparently taking too long to write this letter to you.


Your favorite cousin



I finish reading the letter and laugh. I toss it to Andi when she asks me what’s so funny and head to the kitchen for the potion. I chug the first one I see and instantly my headache disappears and I feel completely normal again, actually I feel better than normal. Silently reminding myself to thank Lucy for being a genius I return to the bedroom to give Andi her bottle.


“I will never get tired of being a witch,” she says after she drinks her potion.


“I will never get tired of Lucy being my cousin.”


Although Lucy can be a pain in the arse most of the time, there is no denying that she is a brilliant witch. Almost as great as my cousin Rose. Almost. Unfortunately for Lucy, there is just no way she can compete with the Granger brains Rose seemed to inherit from her mum.


“Sorry for holding your hand and spooning with you against your will all night,” Andi jokes.


“Actually I think I was the one who held your hand, but I forgive you for the forceful spooning.”


“Next time I’ll make sure to get your consent.”


“Do you plan on sleeping in my bed often?”


“Merlin knows I’m probably the only one who has had the privilege of sharing your bed before. I would be honored if you let me do so again,” she teases.


She actually has a good point. Lysander has definitely never slept with me before and I usually don’t share my sleeping places with anyone. I guess girlfriends are different though. Not like girlfriend-girlfriend though, just a friend who is a girl. I’ve never had a girlfriend. Only one boyfriend. Not that there is anything wrong with someone if they had a girlfriend, just that I don’t. Just girls who are my friends. Ugh, you get what I’m saying right?


“We will just have to see, I’m not making any promises.” I joke.


“Do you want to get some breakfast with me?” she asks.




“Yes, I’m starving!”




Andi laughed, “Lysander wasn’t kidding when he said you say that a lot.”




“Hey, blame my genes not me. If you think I’m bad you should see the rest of my family,” I reply. “Especially at family dinners, my nana has to make so much food you would think she was trying to feed a starving country.”




“Do you have family dinners often?”




“Every Sunday when we are on Holiday. We all try to make that but Freddie and James travel a lot because of their Quidditch schedules, so they aren’t always there.”




“Are you close to all of your family?” Andi asks.




“Sort of, well not all of them. When my brother and cousins were all here too we were a lot closer, but we sort of grew apart when everyone grew up.  I don’t like Lucy’s parents, or her sister really, but everyone else seems to get along for the most part. What about you? Do you have a big family too?” I ask.




“Oh no, it’s just my parents, brother and sister. Neither of my parents have siblings and all my grandparents passed away when I was young. We’re all very close though. My family is everything to me.”




Oddly enough we hardly ever talk about our families, so I don’t know too much about Andi’s home life.


“So when you found out you and Lane are magical did they accept it right away?” I ask.


I was right, Andi’s parents are both muggles. She also has a twin brother and a little sister. Her brother was sent to Drumstrang this year. Apprarently, Andi and her brother were pretty big trouble makers so her parents decided to split them up this year and send them abroad.


“Yeah they did, I think they were relieved to tell you the truth. Lane and I were always doing weird things, so they were glad to be able to explain it.” She laughed.


“Is it hard being away from him? My father was a twin and he says him and my uncle were attached at the hip, they even started Weasley Wizard Wheezes together when they were still at school.”


“He was a twin? Is he not anymore?”


“No, my Uncle Fred was killed during the last battle of the War. At Hogwarts actually. That’s who Freddie was named after, and I’ve even heard that my mother was my Uncle Fred’s girlfriend before he passed away” I explained.


“I’m really sorry to hear that,” She looked genuinely upset. “I would be lost without Lane. He is my other half. People always say were the exact same person, just different body parts.  Although sometimes I think he was supposed to me the girl and me the guy.” She laughed. “Even more so now that he starting dating a boy from his school.”


“Seriously?” I ask.


I’ve never known anyone that was gay before. Sure there have occasionally been same sex couples at Hogwarts, but nobody I knew. For some reason I found it intriguing.


“Yes, he has always been into guys but nobody really returned the feelings, if you know what I mean.” She tells me. “I guess that all changed when he got to Drumstrang though.”


“That’s interesting.  Are your parent’s um okay with that?”


“Of course, I mean I’m sure they hope he eventually will end up with a girl someday, but they are so supportive, they want us to feel like were normal. Whatever that is. Do you think your parents wouldn’t be understanding if you fell for a girl?” she asks.


“I don’t know,” I say truthfully “I’ve never really thought of it, I guess. I’ve never really thought of being with anyone but Lysander to tell you the truth. “


Like I said before, I’ve been in love with Lysander since I was a little girl. I never really gave anyone else the time of day. I think I liked Lysander so much because I knew it would make my mum happy if we were together. I always knew I wouldn’t be the daughter she wanted me to be, so I thought as long as she was happy with my choice for a boyfriend I was doing okay.


“There is a lot of fish in the sea you know.”


“I know, but why go fishing when you’ve got yourself a prized fish already hooked on your pole?” I joke.


“You do have a point I suppose,” Andi says.


The rest of the morning went by rather quickly. We ate breakfast at the Three Broomsticks and did some more shopping around Hogsmead before Andi insisted on going back to the shop to see if my dad was in yet. It surprised me how much Andi liked being around my dad. She usually always came with me when I had free time to see him and never complained about it once.


We stayed at Weasley Wizard Wheezes for so long that we ended up eating lunch with my dad. It was the first time we were able to have lunch together since school started and I found myself being extremely thankful that Andi didn’t seem to mind how much I needed my dad in my life.


Reluctantly, we headed back to Hogwarts after we finished eating because we both have an essay for potions that we needed to finish writing. Hopefully Lucy has finished hers by now and we can use hers as a guideline. I like to think of that as tutoring, not cheating.


Unfortunately when we get to the Gryffindor common room Lucy is not there. Andi runs up stairs to get our school bags while I find two chairs for us close to the fireplace. Even though it is only the beginning of October, it is starting to get rather cold in the castle.


“Okay, I say we compare essays. One of us was bound to put something the other forgot. We finish this stupid essay in record time and then get down to the quidditch pitch before it gets dark so we can get in a little flying before we go stuff our faces at dinner. What do you say?” Andi asks me as she drops our bags on the table in front of us.


“You had me at quidditch pitch.” I reply enthusiastically.


We spend the next thirty minutes working on our essays together and finish feeling quite proud of ourselves. It turns out two minds are much better than one when it comes to doing homework.


Everybody else seems to be too busy with homework to be anywhere but their common rooms or the library so we have the entire quidditch pitch to ourselves. After spending a few hours going over moves Lily insisted on us learning, we spend the rest of the night playing silly flying games like tag, catch, and chicken (we learned to play this one closer to the ground because neither of us would change our paths and we crashed numerous times).


“Let’s have a race!” Andi exclaims, “And the loser had to give the winner a piggy back ride all the way back to the castle.”


“I hope I’m not too heavy, cause you’re going to be carrying me to dinner.” I reply.


“A bit cocky are we?” Andi asks.


“Just confident.”


“Well then, when I win I would like for you to carry me to my seat at dinner and inform my fellow students that the Quidditch Queen has arrived for a hearty feast,” she jokes.


I accept her terms and we set ground rules for the race. No cutting through the quidditch pitch, no trying to knock the other person of her broom (were racing not trying to kill each other), and no sore losers.


I feel extremely confident as I kick off from the ground. Having a brother who is an international Quidditch player means you get good deals on flying equipment, so I have an incredible broom. Plus, I’ve been flying since I was old enough to walk.


Andi is an excellent flyer as well though. I’m not sure there is anything that she isn’t good at. All I know is that this was the best weekend I have had in months, even considering my fight with Lysander and Lily’s confession. Suddenly I don’t feel so sad that Lysander has been too busy to spend a lot of time with me. Andi is just as much fun to be around, probably even more so. I laugh to myself when I think about how I almost wish she was a guy because I have a feeling she would be my soul mate if she were.

A/N: Are you proud of how fast I updated this time? :) Nothing to exciting happened in this chapter, it was sort of a filler but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. I wanted to focus on Roxanne and Andi after having Lily drop her bomb on you guys in the last chapter. Let me know what you think. Any suggestions? Questions? Thanks for reading. :D

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