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The Shadow by IloveNeville
Chapter 2 : Detention
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Sirius woke with a start. He looked around the room, remembering where he was. He was in his bed in Gryffindor Tower, not running down a deserted corridor, not watching the tired blonde sob and certainly not falling. Though it was a strangely real dream, Sirius put it out of his mind and looked at the surrounding beds. It seemed that James and Remus had both returned and were now sound asleep. However when Sirius looked to Peter’s bed, he found it remained empty. 'Probably got trapped in a toilet cubicle again.' Sirius thought to himself, as he looked out on the frosty grounds. He believed that in his entire time at Hogwarts, this was probably the earliest he had woken. Rising from his bed, he grabbed some clothes from his trunk before strolling into the bathroom for a shower. When he looked at himself in the mirror, he saw that same attractive face staring back at him. Sirius gave himself a wink.                              
  “Morning Handsome.” He grinned. After he had showered, Sirius pulled on his jeans and his t-shirt and walked down into the common room where he saw several people chatting quietly. Many turned and looked at him, a few of them waving. He sat down with his Quidditch team mates Elias Beery and Tom Moran to discuss their upcoming match against Ravenclaw. After several minutes of arguing about tactics, the conversation was disturbed.

  “What are you doing up, mate?” James said, as he sat down on the arm of Sirius’ chair. 

  “Just couldn’t sleep. Hey, where did you get to last night?” Sirius asked. James was embarrassed but he knew that if he could trust anyone, it would be Sirius Black. 

   “I...err. I was upset about Lily,” He said, avoiding Sirius’ gaze. He didn’t want to see the disappointment or pity in his best friend’s eyes. He wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

  “Mate, not again,” Sirius said, patting his friend on the back. “Don’t worry, she’ll come around.” He hoped that this was true. He hated seeing his friend upset. Suddenly, as if hearing her name, Evans walked through the portrait hole, closely followed by Glossin.

  “You should really go back. She’ll go nuts when she realizes you're gone,” She nagged, before her eyes met James’ and her smile instantly changed to a scowl. Quickly, she stormed up the stairs to the girls’ dormitories. Glossin simply sighed before trailing after her. James now sat silently, his eyes resting on the place where Lily had disappeared. 

  “Anyhow-” Sirius said, breaking the silence. “The Hogsmeade trip is today and I think that it’s a perfect chance to mess with Snivellus, what do you reckon?” James’ eyes flicked mischievously to Sirius.

 “Agreed.” He grinned. 


Later that day the boys were walking through Hogsmeade when they saw Severus Snape sitting alone on a bench. He had ice-cream sitting on the tip of his long hooked nose. James pulled out something from one of his many Zonko’s Wizarding Joke Shop bags. He opened his hand to Sirius and they both nodded as James opened the small package. 

  “Wingardium Leviosa,” he whispered, levitating it towards Snape’s head. Suddenly Professor McGonagall stepped out in front of the levitating Zonko’s Mighty Itching Powder. James tried to send the powder flying around her, but the damage was done. She was hit right in the chest and instantly started scratching all over, her hair falling out of its tightly fixed bun. Sirius found this quite a sight and could not contain his laughter. That was until McGonagall advanced on the two boys.               

That night Sirius ventured off to the Transfiguration classroom for his first detention of the three he had been given. In addition to this, forty house points had been deducted from Gryffindor. James had been sent to clean the corridors with the caretaker. The teachers always separated them, Merlin knew why. That's why Sirius always carried his Two Way Mirror to detentions. He just hoped that McGonagall would leave him to do his detention alone so that he could use it to talk to his friend. As Sirius entered the room, he saw a girl sitting on a table chatting with the teacher.

  “Oh Mr. Black, kind of you to join us,” McGonagall said, sternly. “Miss Glossin here will be joining you for your detention.”

Sirius looked up and saw the blonde Gryffindor girl look around at him. Her lip had swelled up and was beginning to bruise, but nevertheless she gave him a reluctant smile and slide graciously off of the table. Sirius felt his stomach drop; he wasn't going to be able to use his Two-Way Mirror whilst Glossin was around.

Professor McGonagall had arranged for the two to clean the Trophy Room. After a while, she left them alone to finish. Jane was silently cleaning an award for someone called Tom Riddle for Special Services to the School when she heard a noise behind her and turned to see Sirius clutching his pocket. The Two-Way Mirror was now shifting around inside. Jane couldn’t know about the mirror so he kept it hidden. She looked up at him. 

  “Are you okay?” She asked, concern on her face. 

  “Yeah I’m fine,” he muttered irritably. Jane wasn’t so sure but decided to continue with her cleaning. The two worked in silence for several more minutes, until Jane spoke. 

  “Tell me, did you really hit McGonagall with Itching Powder?” She asked, imagining the scene of the stern, uptight Transfiguration teacher jumping about frantically. 

  “Yeah. We weren’t aiming for her though.” Jane stood up, now intrigued. “We were aiming for Snape but she got in the way,” He added.

  “Ha Snape! Well good on you. Someone needs to teach that boy a lesson. I don’t know why Lily put up with him for so long.” A thought came across Sirius’ mind. 

  “Hey why are you here, anyhow? I never would have expected the quiet, studious, goody-two shoes friend of Lily Evans to be in detention. Doing it for extra credit or something?” 

  “I resent that.” Jane smirked. “Well actually I kind of snuck out of the hospital wing and long story short, I ended up jinxing a few Slytherins. I've got detention every night for an entire week,” she sighed. "But while we're making shocking assumptions about each other, why don't I give it a shot?" Sirius stopped polishing the trophy he was holding and looked at Jane attentively. "Let me see." She clapped her hands together, pacing back and forth. "You grew up in upper class London, the perfect pompous son, no doubt loved by everyone and when you came to Hogwarts nothing changed. Still popular, still extremely self-assured, still loved by everyone. Hogwarts would probably shut down if you stopped showing up.” Sirius laughed at how wrong she was. 

 “Glossin, you've got it completely wrong. Hogwarts wouldn't shut down without me. Gryffindor Tower, perhaps.” He smirked.


The two talked all night, doing some cleaning here and there. When they were finally dismissed they walked up to the common room together, talking about anything and everything. Jane told Sirius the entire traumatic story of her swollen lip and he soon found out that she loved Quidditch and that they barracked for the same team. The Puddlemere United. 

  “A lot of the girls say I shouldn’t care about playing Quidditch. Apparently the only value of a broomstick is to check out the guys riding them,” Jane said, rolling her eyes as they walked into the portrait hole. “Quidditch is for boys,” She imitated her classmate Paloma Stoles' high whiny voice. Sirius laughed. It did sound remarkably like that Stoles girl. 

  “You don't like checking out boys on brooms?” Sirius said jokingly. Jane laughed, making him feel a strange warmth inside. 

  “As long as I’m sitting on my own broom when I do it then I’m happy.’ She smiled. 

  “What kind of broom have you got?” 

  “Just a Shooting Star,” Jane said, quietly. 

  “Well, they’re pretty good,” Sirius said just as quietly. 

  “Don’t mock me, Black,” Jane said darkly. Sirius laughed. 

  “Okay, they’re awful broomsticks. I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you borrow my Nimbus 1001 on the odd occasion. How about that?” 

  "Wow, you have a Nimbus 1001? I am so jealous. Don’t be surprised if you come back to your dormitory one day and find your broomstick has mysteriously disappeared.” Jane smiled. Sirius just laughed again. “Really, I’d be sleeping with one eye open if I were you. Oh wow, look at the time. I’d better get to bed or Lily will send out a search party.” They smiled at each other. “Goodnight.” 

  “Night Glossin.” She walked up the stairs and out of sight. When Sirius heard the door shut behind her, he let out a sigh.                                                                                  
Jane tiptoed across the floor of her dormitory. She did not want Lily to catch her sneaking to bed so late. As Jane pulled on her flannelette pajamas, her hopes were smashed by the muttering of four little words. 

  “Where have you been?” Jane collapsed on to her bed. 

  “Detention. Don’t you remember me saying ‘Lily, I’m off to detention now. Don’t wait up.’”

  “Don’t you be cute with me, Miss Glossin. I also recall you saying you’d be back by ten o’clock.”

 “Lils you know I love you, but you need a life.” Lily remained silent. “Oh don’t act like you’re upset. I’m not going to fall for it.” Lily did not say a word. Several moments passed before Lily heard scuffling across the carpet, the sound of her curtain being pulled and felt a weight land at her feet. “You suck, you know that?” Jane said. Lily just laughed. “If you really want to know, Sirius and I were chatting.” At this moment Lily sat up.

  “Black? Why were you chatting-” Lily put emphasis on the word. “-with Black?”

  “He was in detention, and-”

  “Well that doesn’t surprise me,” Lily interrupted. It was Jane’s turn to use the silent treatment. “I’m sorry. Continue,” Lily said, reluctantly. 

  “Sirius and I were in detention together and we discovered that we have a lot in common,” Jane said. “That’s all.”

  “A lot in common? With Black?”

  “His name’s Sirius.” 

  “His name’s Satan.” 

  “What’s your problem with Sirius, anyway?”

  “He’s arrogant, he’s cruel, he’s annoying. Need I go on?”

  “They’re the exact same words you use for James.”

  “Those Marauders are all the same!” Lily shouted, a bit too loud. There was a groan as the other girls in the dormitory stirred. She lessened her voice to a whisper. “They’re all the same.”

  “You like Remus,” Jane objected.

  “He’s the exception,” Lily muttered. 

  “Lily, you see only what you want to see,” Jane said, lifting herself off Lily’s bed and climbing into her own. Rolling on to her side, she thought about the night’s events. She had actually had a friendly conversation with Sirius Black. Closing her eyes, she dozed off, dreaming of trophies and zooming broomsticks. 

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