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Perplexing by Spaz
Chapter 3 : The Announcements
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Nik and I were standing outside of the Malfoy Manor, waiting for Pansy and Draco to answer the door. They had been together for three years, and they lived together, but were nowhere near getting married.

"Spencer?" Nik asked.

"Huh?" I asked turning to him.

"I was thinking that since we're gonna be here with our friends tonight, why wait to tell them about us being engaged? There's no point in making them wait until tommorow, is there?"

I smiled and threw my arms around his neck, kissing him. I was glad he said that, because I wasn't sure how much longer I could keep it from Pansy, Leanne, and Ana.

"I'll take that as a yes." He grinned.

"Yes! That is wonderful!" I said before smirking. "You're just itching to tell somebody, huh?"

He smiled, pulling me back in. "Don't act like you're not." We kissed again, just as the door was opening.

"How many times do I have to tell you two to take care of your sexual needs before you get here?" Pansy asked, her hands on her hips.

"The same amount of times that you told us not to be late." I said as we walked in the door.

We walked into their large dining where everyone was already seated,and as usual waiting for me and Nik to show up.

"Finally!" Draco said. "I'm starving."

"Nice to see you too, mate." Nik joked.

Nik and Draco got on surprisingly well. At first things were tense when Pansy and Draco started dating, but now everything was fine. Nik also got along with Ana and Leanne's boyfriend.

We sat down at our usual spots and started eating.

"So, Spencer, I saw your boys in the Daily Prophet a few days ago. They seem to still be having fun." Ana's boyfriend, Lance Bacy said smirking.

"Oh, bite me, Lance." I snapped.

He shrugged. "Maybe I will."

"Leave my girl alone, Lance." Nik said jokingly. "I haven't quite tamed her yet, she still bites back."

Everyone laughed. "I hate to break the news to you, Nik, but no one can tame Spencer." Ana said smiling at me.

"Don't worry, I will soon, you see-aah." I stamped on his foot under the table.

"Not yet." I whispered.

No one seemed to notice what was happening between us.

"So, how was you guy's anniversary?" Leanne asked.

Nik and I looked at eachother. "Fine." We said at the same time.

"That's it?" Jeff, Leanne's boyfriend asked. "Nothing more, just fine?"

I forced a laugh. "Well, after you've already had five, the sixth one isn't anything too special." I said.

"Yeah, we just went out to dinner, that's it." Nik agreed. I could tell he was just dying to tell them, and I was too, but wanted to wait until after dinner.

I looked down at my left ring finger. I had turned the ring around so that only the plain silver part showed, and the diamond was hidden. It kept poking me.

After dinner, when we were all sitting around in the living room, Nik poked me and gave me a look. I nodded, and we both got up. Nik cleared his throat loudly and everyone looked at us.

"Nik and I have announcement to make..." I looked at him to finish.

"We're getting married." He said beaming.

Everyone's jaw dropped before all talking at once. I turned the ring around and showed them. More exclamations came from that. Nik and I smiled, waiting for them to stop talking. Finally,they stopped.

"Goodness, you guys talk a lot." I said shaking my head. "You girls, will of course be my bridesmaids, along with Nik's sister if she agrees to it. And Pansy, will you be my Maid of Honor?"

Pansy screamed. "YES!!" And jumped up, pulling me in a bonecrushing hug. "Yes, yes, yes!"

"Okay, choking me, can't breathe. Can't get married if I'm dead you know." I managed. She let go of me, smiling brightly.

"And you guys will my...bridesmen, so to speak." Nik said. "Along with Ron. And if my brother denies it, Draco, will you be my Best Man?"

Draco looked taken aback. "Uh,yeah sure." He said, smiling.

"Great. So, tomorrow, at Ron and Hermione's wedding, we're telling everyone. Try to act surprised." I said.

"How long have you two been engaged?" Leanne asked cruriously.

"Since our boring, not too special anniversary." Nik answered.

"What?!" Everyone exclaimed. They again all started talking all at once about how we kept it a secret and how we should have told them sooner.

It's going to be a long night.

"Come on, baby, we can't be late!" Nik called as I pulled on my shoes.

"I'm coming, right now!" I called back while searching for the necklace Nik gave me two years ago. I found it and quickly put it on.

"Don't forget the camera!" He said. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the camera. Why did we have to take pictures of their stupid wedding?

I stepped into the room. Nik looked so handsome in his suit. Nik smiled as he looked at me, until he saw my shoes. "Spencer, you can't wear Converse to a wedding!"

I groaned. "Why not? They go with my dress, don't they?"

"Yes, they do, and you look amazing, but you know Hermione will have a heart attack." He said. "And before you say anything, yes, that would be a bad thing."

I sighed. "Fine, I'll go put on some stupid heels for Granger." I grumbled. Instead of wearing my red hightops with my strapless black dress, I put on red heels.

"There, is that better?" I asked.

"Spencer, you know how great I think you look in Converse, so, no. But for the wedding yes." Nik said.

"Let's just get this over with." I said holding out my hand so we could Apparate together.

Weasley and Granger were having an outside wedding. It was beautifully decorated with twinkling lights. I started thinking of what mine and Nik's wedding would look like. Way better than Granger's that's for sure.

We were led to our seats and sat down. "You rushed me for no reason, it hasn't even started yet." I whispered to Nik.

"Well, I thought we were running late." Nik said.

"Weddings never start on time, common knowledge." I said.

"What about ours?" He asked smiling. "Is it going to start on time?"

"Well, weddings tend to start late, because the bride is having second thoughts about getting married, so...ours is going to be right on time, because I have no second thoughts."

Nik kissed me. "I can't wait to marry you." He said.

"You say that now. When it happens, you'll be begging me for a divorce." I joked.

Before he could respond, the music started playing and we all watched as the Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, Bridesmen (Nik would have been one, but Weasley's got like ten brothers) and Bridesmaids walked down the aisle. Finally, Granger was coming, with her Father.

She looked good for being, well her. Her dress was form fitting and very big. The straps were very thin, and her hair was in tight neat curls, as opposed to it's usual bushiness. I was almost happy for her.

That was until I noticed that her eyes would wander over to Nik instead of Weasley the whole service. And when the preacher said "Speak now of forever hold your peace." I could have sworn she glanced at Nik to see if he would. Honestly, I was right there with her. I even grabbed his hand, to remind him he was with me.

But, Nik didn't even flinch when that was said. I let out a quiet sigh of relief. Finally the ceremony was over, and Weasley and Granger kissed. The party started immediately after.

Nik and I sat at a table with our friends, just laughing, and occasionally whispering about our engagement. The food was quite good, and I was actually having fun. When Granger came over and talked to us, I was very polite and congratulated her on getting married. She was polite too, but we both knew we still hated eachother.

The time for toasts came, and after sitting through four of the most boring speeches by Mr. Weasley, Harry Potter, Mr. Granger, and Weasley himself, Nik was tapping his spoon to his glass and standing up.

"Hi, everyone." He said. "I'm Nikolas, if you don't know. I'm very close friends with both the bride and the groom, and I'm so happy for them. I wish them the best in their marriage. And what a beautiful wedding this huh? They sure know how to throw a party."

There was laughter throughout the room. "And since we're on this subject of weddings and marriage, I have an announcement. You all know the beautiful, stunning girl next to me, Spencer. We've been together for six years, and we're...engaged to be married."

I stood up, and Nik planted a kiss on my lips. The room was filled with talking and exclamations, but none louder than the "What?!" heard from Granger. She took the news quite well.

People continued talking. Why did everyone feel the need to talk all at once when they heard big news? The paparazzi were snapping pictures of me and Nik. I showed everyone the ring. Instead of talking, there was gasping.

"This is insane!" Nik whispered.

"Wait until our families find out." I whispered.

Nik looked at me as though he had just remembered them. We were in for an interesting talk with our families, that's for sure.

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Perplexing: The Announcements


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