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Lily's Eyes by SweetLittleLily
Chapter 1 : Lily's Eyes
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I can still remember the last time I saw her. Her voice, her face...they haunt me...especially her emerald  eyes.

I remember them perfectly.The most brilliant shade of green.They were a bright, brilliant, true green.A color that surpassed even the finest of emeralds.

It was those emerald eyes that made me love her.Oh how I loved her.Her and her emerald eyes.

When I close my eyes it is her emerald green eyes that I see.

I used to drown in her eyes.I could stare into them for hours.

The first time I saw those eyes I was ruined.In those eyes I saw her innocence and love.Every time I spoke to Lily harshly, and everytime I saw her eyes I would feel such guilt.I hated seeing hurt and sadness in her eyes.

Longing for those soul capturing emerald eyes is always on my mind.

Those eyes that I first loved so.Those eyes that closed and left me all alone.Those eyes I feel wherever I go.Those eyes that loved James Potter not me.

I longed for the day that she'd turn and see me standing there.

I remember how they twinkle when she laughs,how they're serious when she's sad, how they sparkle in the sun,how they're so deep when in thought.They sparkled when she was intently listening in a lesson.

Everytime I look at them my heart wrenches.Her green eyes were always dull when Slughorn made us partners and would always shine when she looked at that git that she called a boyfriend.

I remember how they once shone with love for me.I wish those eyes would smile with her rose lips and she would laugh.

No matter how long she's gone I'll always dream of being hers.Belonging to those eyes.The ones that Harry hides behind.The ones that caused me all the pain.The ones that bring all the memories.

And I can't bear to look at him because then all the pain returns.She's not mine and she never will be.

No matter how much I tried to hate Harry I couldn't.Harry had Lily's brilliant, innocent eyes and I couldn't hate those eyes.His mother's striking green eyes that had governed my every thought.

Seeing Harry everyday is the most difficult thing for me.He reminded me of what I used to feel and what I wanted all along.

I would look into Harry's eyes and saw Lily asking me to be nice to her son.

His eyes are the only part of Lily left.I still see my princess in those eyes.

Lily had never even noticed me and my love for her.That git Potter took her from him.He reduced my contact with her eyes.The eyes she had handed down to her son.The eyes that would always be my downfall.

I only wanted to become lost in her eyes but it's too late now.



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Lily's Eyes: Lily's Eyes


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