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Dear Rose by iridescentstarling
Chapter 3 : Young and Foolish
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“We were young, we were foolish, we were arrogant, but we were right.”
-Daniel Ellsberg

“You’re a what?!”

I raised my head slowly to meet the bewildered gaze of Mary Claire Elise. Her eyes roamed my chest until she caught sight of my prefect’s badge. She reached out a delicate hand and tentatively grazed the badge with her fingers, as if that would confirm the undeniable truth. She sucked in a sharp breath and dropped her hand in stunned silence. I felt my cheeks began to burn a deep shade of crimson. A sudden burst of laughter echoed loudly in the grim quiescence. It quickly escalated into a chorus of snickers and shrieks that I’m sure everyone from the conductor to the trolley-lady heard. I took a deep breath and tried to laugh and joke along with them.

“Scorpius, a prefect?!

“I know, I couldn’t believe it either when they sent me the letter.”

“Is that why you were late?”

“Yeah, I had to go to a stupid meeting.”

“Going to like spending the night with Elena Midgen, eh Scorp?”

“Don’t even bloody joke about that.”

The jabs and remarks finally died down a bit after awhile, and I hastily tried to change the subject. “You’re looking as hot as ever.” I said, giving Mary Claire a wink before leaning in for a quick kiss. She giggled into my mouth before pulling away and tossing her shiny dark brown hair behind her shoulder. Alex Song, one of my mates, made a gagging gesture. Jealous bloke.

“So, you two are a thing again?” my mate, Titus Spencer said, gesturing at the pair of us. Mary Claire smiled widely and grabbed my hand. “Scorpius asked me out during the break.” She announced, giving everyone in the compartment a contemptuous look. Titus shot me a glare before running his fingers through his hair sulkily. It was common knowledge (though he refused to admit it) that he had a thing for Mary Claire. His girlfriend, Bella Vancore, cast me a longing look from her spot in Titus’s lap. Bella’s twin, Claire, was sitting beside the window, busy reapplying her twentieth layer of lip gloss.

“I still can’t believe you’re a prefect, Scorp.” Mary Claire frowned at me. “Now you won’t be able to spend as much time with me.”

“Course I will, love.” I said quickly. “I’ll always have time for you.”

She stroked my cheek with a satisfied smile before pulling out a fashion magazine from her purse. My best mate, Dante Zabini, gave me a thumbs up as I threw my arm around her shoulders.

“You’ll never believe what crazy old Professor Pemblerton made the prefects do.” I said with a dramatic sigh. “He assigned us patrol partners from a different House to encourage ‘connections and friendships’ or something.”

Bella rolled her eyes. “Really? That old bat should get a life. Who’s your partner Scorp?”

“Rose Weasley.” I replied, making sure to fill my voice with despair.

Mary Claire lifted her eyes from her magazine and raised her eyebrows. “Rose Weasley? She’s pretty, isn’t she Scorpius?” I knew she was testing me; she did this with every girl I mentioned. “She’s nothing on you, love.” I spoke the practiced words that I had uttered so many times in the past with precision.

She returned her attention to her fashion magazine.

The Hogwarts Express arrived at Hogwarts right as the sun began to go down. I caught sight of Kali Patil chatting animately with Albus Potter as they descended the train steps and couldn’t help but throw a snide remark their way.

“Oi, Patil!”

She turned around and gave me an annoyed look, though I could see a smile threatening to emerge on her face. “What do you want, Malfoy?”
“Did you hit your head over the summer or something? Or have I just overestimated your amount of brain cells?”

She raised her eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

“Only an idiot would be caught dead talking to Potter. Are you really that stupid? Or do you actually want your social life to be contaminated by him?”

Potter looked like he wanted to punch me. “Shut it, Malfoy.”

I heard my mates laughing from behind me, which gave me a renewed feeling of confidence. “Oh I forgot, you’re a sensitive guy aren’t you, Potter? Had fun with your clan of uglies over the break?”

“I said, shut it!” He pulled out his wand. Kali tugged on his arm urgently, but he shrugged her off.

“Oh, you wouldn’t dare hex him.” Mary Claire said with her arms crossed.

“Try me!”

“Get the hell away from my brother, Malfoy.” James Potter appeared next to Albus and laid a hand on his shoulder. The whole Potter and Weasley glared at me before steering a seething Albus away.

I turned to my friends, and we all began laughing loudly. We were still in a fit of chuckles when we approached the school carriages. The carriages had always intrigued and mystified me. What was pulling them along? Alex once claimed that he could see skeleton horses attached to them, but we all scoffed at the idea. He never mentioned it again.

A group of Slytherin girls waved at me as I was getting into the carriage that would take us to the castle and giggled loudly as I smirked back. Mary Claire promptly took a hold of my arm and dragged me into the carriage. The Great Hall was ablaze with excitement when we entered. The enchanted ceiling was a mirror of the glowing sky outside. The Sorting was as dull as usual, though my mates and I did get a laugh when a clumsy first year tripped over her robes and knocked the Sorting Hat right off its stool.

Professor Pemblerton gave his usual start of the term speech that no one ever listened too. All I heard was something about Weasley’s products being banned and how the Forbidden Forest was off limits to students.

I swear he says the same exact thing every year.

The dinner was fantastic as usual, though Mary Claire kept trying to feed me food  off of her fork. I effectively fended her off for a while, but she did manage to stuff a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes into my mouth. Many girls kept coming by our table to say hello to me, which got her into very foul mood indeed. She spent most of the dinner gossiping with Claire and Bella, which was fine with me. Alex, Titus, Dante, and I took turns shooting spit wads at the Gryffindor first years.

After the feast, it was my duty to lead the first years into the Slytherin common room. I grudgingly met up with Elena Midgen, my fellow prefect, who was standing in front of a group of first years outside of the Great Hall. As I carefully picked my way through the crowd towards her, I caught sight of Rose Weasley and Lysander Scamander guiding the Gryffindor first years down a enchanted staircase. Rose was practically bouncing with excitement as she led them down the steps. She was waving her wand around, pointing at various things and occasionally sending some red sparks out of the end of it. I smirked as I felt an ingenious idea flash into my mind. Glancing around quickly, I pulled out my own wand and took careful aim.

“Expelliarmus.” I muttered quietly under my breath.

Weasley’s wand flew out of her hand in a graceful arch and plummeted past several enchanted staircases before getting swallowed into the murky darkness below. I tried not to laugh out loud as I caught sight of the expression on her face. She whirled around and scanned the people around her before turning to address the giggling first years. Lysander mumbled a spell and her wand came shooting back. He caught it and handed it to Rose. She looked a bit flustered, but regained her composure and led the first years away, glancing over her shoulder a couple of times.

I tucked my own wand back into my robes and quickly turned my laughter into a hasty cough as I caught sight of Elena Midgen approaching me. She was followed by a large gang of anxious first years.

“Hello, Scorpius.” she said breathlessly, her eyes widening when she saw me. “Hey.” I said, casting the first years a wary look. “We just take them to the common room, then?”

She nodded vigorously. “Yes, the password’s Belladonna. Oh, and Professor Lorena wanted me to give you this” She handed me a piece of parchment before turning to the group of first years and gesturing towards me. “This is Scorpius Malfoy, the other Slytherin prefect.”

The girls were all gaping at me in awe, their faces shining with adoration. I gave them a half-hearted wave.

“Well come on then,” I said. “We haven’t got all day.”

I set off towards the cellars where the common room was located at a brisk pace. I could hear the first years stumbling after me, struggling to keep up with my long strides. Elena Midgen was right beside me, her pimpled-face glowing with excitement.

“Can you believe we’re prefects, Scorpius? It’s too bad we’re not patrol partners. You’re with Rose Weasley, aren’t you? I’m paired with a Gryffindor as well, Lysander Scamander. He’s a quiet bloke, doesn’t talk much. He’s got a twin, you know? Lorcan. He’s in Ravenclaw and a lot of girls fancy him-”

“Here’s the common room.” I turned to the group of first years, eager to cut off Elena’s ceaseless stream of words. “The password’s Belladonna.” The dungeon wall immediately turned into a passage. I could hear muffled whispers of excitement behind me as we entered the room. The common room was empty, thank Merlin. I didn’t need more people to be staring at my prefect badge. All the other Slytherins were up in their dormitories already, sound asleep while I was slaving away down here with these hopeless youngsters. “The girl’s dormitory is on the right,” Elena said. “And the boys are on the left. Hurry to bed now, you’ll receive more details about your lessons tomorrow.”

They shuffled away up the stairs obediently, leaving me alone with Elena. “That was fun wasn’t it?” she said brightly. “I’m so glad I’m a prefect! I couldn’t believe it when-”

“Yeah, listen Elena,” I cut her off again. “I’m really tired so I’m going to bed now.”

“Oh, alright. Goodnight.”

I opened the door to the dormitory to find my dorm mates Titus and Alex already asleep. Dante was sitting on his bed reading a novel and looked up when I walked in.

“Rough night?” he grinned cheekily.

“The worst.” I replied sourly. I collapsed onto my bed and ran a hand through my blonde hair. “Elena Midgen kept trying to talk to me. It was utterly disgusting.”

“Isn’t she the one with the acne and bad breath?”

“That’s the one.”

Dante laughed and returned to his novel. I patted my robe pockets and withdrew the piece of parchment Elena had given me. I unfolded it and let out a groan.

“I’ve got patrol duty tomorrow and on Wednesday.”

Dante smirked, his eyes glued to a page in his book.

“Have fun with Weasley.”

*A/N- I hope you enjoyed chapter 3! I don’t know why, but I’ve always imagined Scorpius as an arrogant bloke who was insanely good-looking and adored by everyone at Hogwarts. I’ve always thought that he would have a clingy on again, off again girlfriend and a rather large group of mates. Is that how you imagined Scorpius’s personality to be like? How do you like him so far? Reviews are always greatly appreciated! :D

Edit: I've just finished the chapter banner! It took forever to make, and I know it doesn't look too good since it was my first time making an animated graphic. The next chapter is almost finished, it will probably be up sometime this week :)

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