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Abroad by youknowwho013
Chapter 6 : Xandra the Ninja
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Disclaimer: I don't own HP :( sad days...

"Rose!" I whine, "where the hell are we going?"

"Patience Xandra!! Just wait! You did tell your friends to meet by the kitchens, right?" Rose snaps. Hmph. Someone's a grump.

"Yea buuuddy." 

"Ok, almost there. Natasha! Tashy! Move your arse!" Rose snaps again. Goodness, is she in a bad mood or what?!

Hehe. Arse. That's a funny word.

"Calm down Little Red Riding Hood, we aren't gonna get caught, I'm in stealth mode! HYAH!" I then proceed to run down the halls like a ninja, making chopping noises to and fro. 

"Lalalala, dun dun dun dun! Xandra the Ninja, coming to get you! I know karate! You better watch it! Oh yeah! Uh huh!" I sing, somersaulting on the floor, listening to Rose and Tash's laughs behind me.

"Xandra, please get up off the floor. You're  making so much noise!" Rose yells. Psh. Hypocrite. I stand up, and point my newly made finger gun at Rose and Tash. 

"Stop you two! In the name of Mighty 
Merlin himself, you are under arrest! You  have the right to remain silent! And if one of-OOF! Hey! Watch where your going stupid!" I yell. I turn around to rat out the person who I ran into and see...James.

Potter to be exact. Quidditch captain. And older brother to Albus. Huh. What is he doing here? And then I look at his arm around a very pretty girl. Must be his girlfriend Rose told me about. Hannah was it? Haley? 

"Hi Hillary!" Rose pipes in. That's the name! Hillary! Ah hah! 

"Hiya Rose, what are you girls doing out here so late?" Hillary says, in a slight Irish accent. 

"We could ask you the same thing!" Rose retorts. Wow, she is grumpy today. 

"Would you like the details Rose?" Hillary says, her eyebrows raised. Now that I look at them, their hair is slightly ruffled, and their lips swollen.
Ohhhh, they were doing...things. Hopefully not in a broom closet.

"EW! No! Just...leave! Forget I asked!!!" 

Hahaha, Rose is uncomfortable! 

" Ok, bye girls. Oh, and Xandra! Quidditch practice tomorrow at seven! Please don't forget this time!" James yells after me. 

"No problemo Señor!" I tell back. "Come on you guys! Let's go have a slumber party!" 


"Ok,  Hannah, you have more experience at this school than the rest of us, gives us the details!" Sadie screams.   

We are currently having a girls might in this cool place called the Room of Requirement. It was gives us whatever we need, and at the moment, we are in a very comfy room with a bunch of cots arranged in a circle, with pillows of every shape and size. And blankets. Lots of blankets. 

Isobel brought one of her new friends from Ravenclaw, Hannah Thomas. So far she proved to be very sarcastic and cynical. I love her already. 

"Well, Uhh, all Wotters are popular, no question about it. Clarity Charleston is a complete and utter slut. Her cronies are Abha and Adhira Patil. Twins. Both are bitchy and stuck up. Clear stereotypes of Ravenclaw house. Clarity is...well. You actually never really know what her hair color is. She's always dying it. Her face is kind of pointed, and she is really tall and skinny."  she trails off. "Rose, am I forgetting anything?" 

"Rolph Zabini and his friends are complete nutters. Raised to hate muggleborns, all into blood purity and such. Stay away from them. Last year, they beat up a first year because her sister is a squib. A first year!" Rose yells.

Wow. I don't like this Rolph kid.

"That's terrible! Xandra, you better stay away from them! I mean, your whole family is muggle!" Ari says.

"Ya ya ya. Who cares? They are all poops, and if they give me trouble, then I'll just punch him in the face." I say. What? It's true. I have a mean right hook. Who needs magic when you have fists?!

Ok, not really. Magic is much more useful.

"Anyway, on that nice note, let's talk about boys!" Sadie squeals. 

"Yay! Ok, so, I have news people!" Tash yells over us. "I got asked out on a date by Louis Weasley!" Ooh. Good one Tash! A part veela!

"You and Louis? You guys will be so cute!" Rose gushes. Well I guess she approves.

"Has anyone seen Scorpius Malfoy? I think he's pretty hot." Sadie exclaims. I see Rose tense up beside me. See, the blonde boy that Rose was staring at, at Quidditch try-outs was a certain Gryffindor seeker, Scorpius Malfoy. She finally told me how she has had a crush on him for years, but only Al knows. 

"Uhh, ya, I guess he is okay. Moving on!" I spit out. We don't want a cat fight between the two girls...wouldn't be good.

Rose sends me a grateful look. 

"Ok, tell us about you and Albus, Xandra." Iso says, raising her eyebrows up and down. Ugh. Time to tell the story.


"...and that's when he let go of me and ran up the stairs saying he needed to go to the bathroom or something like that." I say, out of breath. 


"Wow Xandra, who would want to kiss you?"

"You can double date with Louis and I!"
Everyone says this at the same time. Sadie, of course, says the second one. Thanks Sadie.

"Thanks Sadie! You really boosted my self esteem!"

"Well, you know I don't like to lie.." she trails off, a smirk on her face. Wow. Since when has she been so mean?

"Sadie! What's wrong with you?" I exclaim.

"I just think this whole thing is stupid."

"Well you seemed to be enjoying it a second ago!"

"I was acting." she says.

"Well, if you hate us so much, then why don't you leave?!"

"Fine." then she just gets up and walks off. 

What just happened?

"What just happened?" I ask.

"Well, I guess our Sadie decided that we weren't cool enough for us." Iso pipes in. 

"Well, that's what happens with Slytherins. They all go bad!" Hannah says.

"Hey! I'll have you know I have a cousin in Slytherin!" Rose says.

"Ok, sorry. Not all of them." 

"Well, whatever. Nothing we can do know. Hey Iso, you have barely said anything all night! Tell us about the cute guys in Ravenclaw!" I say.

Iso laughs, and goes into a story about how a cute boy helped her study for an up coming exam. We stayed like that early into the morning, talking and giggling, no one giving a second thought as to why Sadie suddenly left us.


A/N: why hello there fellow potter heads! How are you all? I like this chapter. It's not amazing, but I liked writing it :) anyway, I know that the whole Sadie thing was really sudden and random, but I had a plan for her to go rogue, and didn't really know how to do it, so I made it kind of sudden. Oh, and I almost forgot! I want to thank Lanniejo, she reviewed on all of my chapters, and they made my day :D so thank you thank you thank you!! Read and Review guys! Even of its a simple message, I would really appreciate it! Okley doke. Adios!

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Abroad: Xandra the Ninja


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