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Lessons and Love by itswonderland
Chapter 6 : Embarrassment
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 I’d been doing some thinking and I realised that for Louis to be mine, he and Zoe couldn’t be together. Now I wasn’t going to break them up or anything – I was way too nice for that. But I had to think. By myself, there was no way I could come up with a devious enough plan for that.

I’d have to ask Emily. Usually I would ask Breanne but she was still ignoring me. There didn’t even seem to be a reason why Breanne was avoiding me. She’d always been over dramatic and overreacted about everything but this was taking it to a whole new level.

All I did was say me being knocked out by the whomping willow was my fault – because it was. It was hardly something to hold a grudge over. But that was just Breanne and who was I to question the way her mind worked?

I arose early to see that all my dorm mates were still asleep. It was unusual for me to be up before 8:00 am let alone 7 in the morning. Maybe it had been my anticipation to talk to Emily or maybe the sun was particularly bright that morning.

Either way, I had first pick at breakfast which was all that mattered to me. Whenever I usually went down to breakfast, there was never any apple and blueberry flavoured porridge but not today. Today I would get it before anyone else, fresh from the kitchen.

It was that thought that had me speeding towards the great hall. I didn’t pass anyone on my way there which was always good because I was sure I looked a mess but apple and blueberry porridge called.

Mum had told me I was starting to put on weight with the amount of food I ate but that didn’t bother me too much. I’d never really wanted to be thin which is what I’d always been. Unlike most girls, I’d always aspired to put on weight rather than lose it purely because it was hard for me.

I had mums small genes which made me just that, small.

The doors to the great hall were open and I thought I could almost smell the scent of apple and blueberry wafting towards me – but that could have just been my imagination. Nevertheless this made me go just that little bit faster to take my seat at the Hufflepuff table.

I always sat near to the end. Not right at the end but about three quarters of the way down. I didn’t know why, I just did. Although it could have had something to the choices of food that were placed in that part of the table.

It was Breanne who started sitting here. She sat there because they had tuna steaks which were her strange choice of favourite food. At first I hated sitting here because that brought me away from my beloved jam on toast but then I discovered the porridge and all previous thoughts were forgotten.

I plonked myself down on the bench and began to shovel porridge into my bowl. This earned me a disgusted look from another person a few seats down who I recognised as another Hufflepuff seventh year.

Now I wish I could have said something like: “What are you looking at?” like some of the chavs down my road at home did whenever I walked past them and couldn’t help but stare – because come on, even by my standards their dress sense was appalling.

No, I couldn’t do that nor could I come up with some witty retort. Instead, I did what I did best; I blushed. Gasp! Loria Kent… blushing? What a bloody shock.

I needed a big warning sign floating above me saying: Warning: Infinite blushing, I repeat, infinite blushing. A flashing sign, with sound and everything.

My attention went back to my porridge as I ate it, paying careful attention to not spilling it down me which was a regular occurrence when I ate too fast. My face couldn’t go any redder than it already was.

I looked up from my porridge to see the boy still staring at me. Finding this a bit unnerving, I concentrated on pouring myself a cup of tea. Three sugars, dash of milk. I loved sweet tea more than anything - even apple and blueberry porridge.

The bowl was starting to get emptier and emptier which led me to refill is with more porridge. I knew that, by doing that, I'd be full for the rest of the day but I could still feel the boys gaze in my head and my cheeks were getting gradually redder. People watching me eat made me feel nervous and embarrassed. That wasn't completely abnormal was it? Lots of people don't like it when people watch them eat; I couldn't be the only one.

I was on my third bowl when I felt someone come to sit next to me. I didn't look up like you'd expect, no I kept eating my porridge with my hair covering my tomato-like face. Luckily I had been graced (well, hardly graced. Most of the time it was a pain in the neck) with think hair so I was confident the boy couldn't see my face. He just got a not-so lovely view of my hair.

"Excuse me?"

Slowly, I brought my head up to look at him. He was actually quite good looking - not as much as Louis because no one was as good looking as Louis, he was... well he was perfect - and I cast my eyes downwards to stop myself from ogling him. That would put me in an awkward situation that I could do without.

I busied myself with putting my bowl and spoon to the side and bringing the tea closer, it was still warm and just how I liked it.

"You can look at me, love. I don't bit." I could hear the laugh in his voice but still refused to look at him. I didn't know what it was but I just... couldn't, I couldn't look at him and that was final. Soon enough he'd go away, nobody bothered with someone they didn't know for too long. He'd get bored and leave, I was sure of it.

But he didn't. He sat there and waited. Why was he even up at this time anyway? Most normal teenage boys slept in until the latest possible time they could which made me conclude that this boy wasn't normal. Early risers, in my books, were never normal.

"Come on, your tea can't be that interesting," the boy said.

He was right, of course. The tea was starting to bore me and I was beginning to find the light brown colour of it quite ugly. Merlin, this boy had turned me into a tea hater. Well not really a hater of the actual tea but a hater of the colour. Some Hufflepuff he was. Hufflepuff's did not put other Hufflepuff's off their tea - it was a law. Some legendary Hufflepuff had actually written up a list of rules and permanently stuck them in the common room - the one about tea was one of them. I think it was number three.

Granted, there were only five rules but on the parchment was space to add more. I'll say it again: legend.

Students were starting to file into the hall by now, not many but still more than there was. Although, when I got there, only five students were down. Four Ravenclaws and one Hufflepuff - who just so happened to be the boy pestering me.

"Laura... that's your name right? I think I've heard people call you it before..." the boy trailed off, seemingly in thought.

"Loria," I mumbled, barely audible due to the fact that my hair was still concealing my face from his view.

"What was that?"

I looked up, lightly to the right of his face but I didn't think he noticed that. "Loria," I said a tiny bit louder.

My face was like an oven at that point, so hot and so red. Red - if I wasn't so shy I could have been a Gryffindor and shown house pride with the usual colour of my face.

Louis was a Gryffindor.

I hadn't thought about Louis for a while - a new personal record for me. But now I had I couldn't stop. Suddenly all I could see was his lovely face and hear him saying my name - as cheesy as that was. But he had finally learnt it! I'd been waiting for this for ages. No more 'Lola' or 'Lorna'. Now I was Loria to him and it was great.

I became aware of some clicking and waving going on in front of my face making me come back to the present - and mysterious Hufflepuff boy.

"I'm Alfie," he introduced himself. "Alfie Markson."

"Er... nice to meet you?" It came out as more as a question than a sincere greeting. It wasn't a sincere greeting in the first place but neither was it a question so.

Alfie just grinned, taking no note.

"So Loria, what brings you down to breakfast at this time?" Alfie asked. "I've never seen you down here before."

He'd probably never bothered to look for me down here.

"I, er, I woke up, er, early," I stuttered.

"Ah, makes sense." Alfie nodded.

We sat in silence for a while, something I was glad of. Alfie wasn't the type of person I felt comfortable around and I'd rather not have to converse with him during my early breakfast alone time. Alone time was usually quite rare for me so I welcomed it with open arms. It was the only time where I didn't have people trying to include me in their conversations and it was the only time I didn't embarrass myself.

Because you couldn't embarrass yourself in front of yourself.

I was surprised at how little time had passed, it must have only been around half 7 which was the time Emily and Breanne got up so they wouldn’t have been down for some time. At least, Emily wouldn’t. Breanne hadn’t – as far as I knew – made an appearance in the dorm last night. My bet was that she had spent the night with Liam… not in that way. I hope.

But as far as I knew Breanne had morals so no matter how much boys wanted to, she wouldn’t do it. That was how Breanne rolled and it had never been a problem in the past so I didn’t see how it would change because of some argument – if you could call it an argument, to be honest I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.

Unless Breanne had been lying to me about all her morals and stuff all that time. But I didn’t think she had, she just wasn’t like that.

I kept glancing up at the doors hoping to see Emily.

Alfie noticed this. “Who you waiting for, your boyfriend?”

Blushing I replied, “Um, no… I’m, er, waiting for my friend.”

“Who’s your friend?” Apparently Alfie only spoke in questions.


“Emily Savage?”
I nodded, Alfie let out a low whistle.

“You’re friends with Emily Savage?” he asked disbelievingly.

“Yes…” I answered.

“Wow, that girl is well, she’s… something.” Alfie nodded approvingly.

As if I didn’t know that. There was a reason Breanne was friends with Emily in the first place and it wasn’t for personality. Because, and I hate to say this, Breanne was shallow. I wasn’t her friend because of my personality – in fact Breanne had told me countless times how much she hated my personality. I was her friend because, unlike a lot of people, I listened to her – too much of a push over not to. She had an image, one that she needed to keep.

Obviously over time Breanne had grown to become fond of me, if a little over protective. But without me she would be nothing. Nobody knew me but if she didn’t have me to rant at and let out her anger with, everyone would become sick of her.

Popular girls led a hard life.

And that was my first attempt at sarcasm, go Loria.


I turned my head to see Emily jogging towards me with a bright smile on her face. A smile which was gone as soon as it came when she saw Alfie.

“Why are you sitting with him?” she asked looking confused.

I felt the same, Ems, I did.

“Because little Loria here was lonely.” Alfie smiled his charming smile at Emily and was that... did Emily Savage blush?

No, I must have imagined it but there was indeed a faint pink tinge to her cheeks.

“Well… thanks,” she finally said lamely.

“No problem.” Before he left, Alfie winked at Emily – completely ignoring me – and walked away.

I faced Emily. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“What was all that about?”

Emily went back to buttering her toast. “Nothing.”

I raised both my eyebrows at her – I didn’t possess the skill to raise just one.

“He’s good looking is all.”

There was more to it than that but I didn’t pressure her any further. If Emily was going to tell me then would in her own time

“I have a sort of… dilemma,” I said to Emily as we left the great hall. There was still no sign of Breanne.

“What sort of dilemma?” asked Emily.

“Last night I was thinking about what you said about me and Louis and well… it will sound really harsh but I need a way to split them up but naturally, not manipulatively. Like, I want them to both want to split up, not be made to, you know? And obviously I can’t come up with a plan for that but I thought you could so what do you think? Because I’ve fancied Louis since first year, surely I deserve a chance.” It all came out in one long drabble but I could tell Emily understood.

Her brow creased in thought for a moment before she turned to me with the biggest smile on her face.

“I know exactly what we need to do.”

A/N: I feel like I'm on a roll with this updating thing. 3 chapters in one (ish) week is pretty good I think. Yes, I do believe I wrote a whole chapter on just the morning and all in one scene! hehe. Sadly no Louis in this chapter but there should be plenty of him in the next. Anyway, I would carry on with this but I have a feeling I'll start ramblind so tell me what you thought! :D

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Lessons and Love: Embarrassment


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