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Running Back, Moving Forward by ginerva_molly_weasley
Chapter 1 : Ron's proposal
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 The smell of bacon wafted up the stairs as a brown haired bundle shifted beneath the duvet, thrown untidily on the bed. The smell intensified filtering through the cracks underneath the door, filling the room, causing the inhabitant of the bed to sit bolt upright. She furrowed her brow at the empty space next to her, stroking the outline indented in the mattress, as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

Throwing the duvet off her pyjama clad body; she pushed herself up from the mattress, straight in front of the full length mirror attached to the wall. She touched her hand to her face, with her reflection copying her as a small smile appeared on her face.  The smell of bacon was still evident within the room as she made the three paces towards the huge window opposite the dresser.

Using the full force of her strength, she tried with no avail to push the window open. Sighing, she reached over to her bedside table, picking up a long wooden stick. A wand. As soon as she waved it the window shot open causing a blast of fresh air to rush around the room, letting in the sweet singing of the birds and the smell of freshly mown grass.

The brown haired woman ran her hand through her hair which held an uncanny resemblance to a birds nest but she skipped quite happily to the bathroom anyway, disregarding the brush which lay on the pale purple dressing table. When she pushed the door open into the bathroom, she undressed before stepping into the shower. The hot water washed over her making her feel much more refreshed and her knotted locks, falling back into their slightly curly but normal state. When she felt like she’d fulfilled the criteria of cleaning herself, she stepped back out, throwing a towel over herself before walking back out of the en-suite.

She could hear the whistling of a male echoing up the spiral staircase but just seemed to disregard it as she dried her body with the towel before letting it slip off her. Rushing to the chest of doors next to the dressing table, she pulled out an underwear set before pulling them both on. Moving down to the next drawer, she pulled out a tiny black t-shirt which barely covered her stomach and the tattoo that lay there. ‘Survivor’ was inscribed on her hip bone, identical to the one on the man downstairs and the one on her best friend reminding her of her struggle five years ago. The black trousers that she had pulled out simultaneously slipped on as she followed the sound of whistling and the smell of eggs.

Her grin grew wider as she made her dainty little steps down the staircase, her hand trailing down the bannister. Taking her final silent step down the staircase, she noticed the red-headed man next to the stove. The look on his face was priceless as she snuck behind him and placed her hands around his waist , wrapping herself tightly around him.

The look he gave her was one of longing and love as he caught sight of her cleavage above the tiny top. He turned his head around before brushing his lips against hers. She gave an involuntary moan as he switched their positions, him pulling her in towards him. As his hands grazed her hips, she gave a tinkling laugh before placing both of his hands against his chest, almost pushing him away.

His expression changed to one of hurt before she realised and skipped back to give him a kiss on the cheek, whispering the words ‘too early’ in his ear. His expression immediately softened, responding almost instantaneously to the warmth of her kiss.

Pulling one of the dining table chairs out, she sat down in front of one of the six laid places, whilst her other half removed the frying pan from the stove. As he walked behind her, her expectant smile grew as he approached. She removed her hands from the table in an attempt to let him place food on her plate as she assumed he was going to do however he bent down for a kiss before taking the whole of his food to the place at the opposite end of the table. Her small movement had obviously gone unnoticed and her face appeared crestfallen, however this time her movement was noticed.

‘Mione, what’s wrong?’ came his concerned voice from across the table. She cursed his insensitive and inconsiderate nature as she carefully considered her reply.

‘Nothing.’ Her voice came across sharper than intended but it conveyed the message to him and he knew better than to pursue the subject further. Her anger shone through as she made a show of pushing her chair out so it slid half way across the room and purposely banging as she bustled about the kitchen trying to find some sort of food. Hermione felt a little put out at her boyfriend’s behaviour.

On the one day that they’d both had off for the past six months she’d thought that he could have maybe shown a little more consideration but obviously she was mistaken.  Forcing some toast in the toaster, Hermione placed her hands on the work surface, looking at Ron with a sort of annoyance, but this again went unnoticed. The toast popped causing a break in the silence before she took it back to the table.

Deliberately picking the chair furthest away from her boyfriend, she sat down and began to butter the toast violently allowing the butter to just splatter across the table. She began eating in tiny bites, showing the blatant contrast between their eating habits. She looked at him in disgust as he shovelled the food into his mouth, resembling the eating habits of a ravenous bear rather than a human. He could feel her stare bearing down on him, deliberately avoiding eye contact as he tried to eat his breakfast as quickly as possible to get out of the awkward situation.

‘H-Her-Herm-Mione?’ she lifted her head, just an inch, to see Ron addressing her with his mouth half full. She couldn’t help but feel repulsed as little bits of egg dripped out of his mouth, making their way into his little goatee which she hated so much. After swallowing it down, he tried once again to get her to respond to him.

‘Hermione, do you think we should get married?’ At this her head snapped up. As she looked Ron seemed to have the expression of hopefulness. Hopeful that she might just say yes so he gets out of having to propose properly. He was nervous about asking her but she was more annoyed about the lack of romance within it. First he was being the inconsiderate ass that he always was, then he asks if they should get married, she was infuriated with him. Infuriated with his tactlessness and how he always managed to go one step further to being a twat.

‘Oh erm. Maybe.’ She tried to appear surprised ‘Why don’t we talk about it later? I have work’ With that she quickly hurried off her chair before scuttling off upstairs to grab her wand. Leaving Ron in her wake wondering what he’d done wrong or if he’d completely blown it. As he heard her footsteps coming back down the stairs Ron yelled after her as she darted through the kitchen, now also wearing a set of work robes.

‘Mione, It’s your day off!’ But it was too late. The door had already slammed.


A.N Hey guys, I'm back with another WIP! But I promise I will keep up to date with my others. I first spotted this story months ago in the UFG section posted up by lilypotterfan123 and thought that I just HAD to write it.

I hope you like it and would love your opinion on the story. Just leave a little comment in the review box and I promise I will respond to every review I am lucky enough to get!

Thanks for reading



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