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Ronald Malfoy by bookworm94
Chapter 2 : Diagon Alley
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Narcissa marched purposefully towards Flourish and Blotts. She really did hate shopping in Diagon Alley and especially at this time because it was always buzzing with the atmosphere of excitement when all of the first years were going shopping for their required equipment for Hogwarts. However, she had to come at this time because she had only received the news this morning. She and Lucius had requested an invitation for their sons to attend Durmstrang. However, Karkaroff had refused them a place at his Institution because of a disagreement with Lucius years ago, but Narcissa knew full well that the pathetic coward was just threatened of how well Voldemort had trusted her husband.

Although Narcissa refused to let it show, her stomach had knotted painfully with anxiety and dread at the news that her boys would have to attend Hogwarts. The fear she felt was not directed at her son Draco, for she was well aware that Draco would manage just fine at Hogwarts and become a proper Slytherin due to his superior bloodline. Narcissa would have been rather glad about this as she didn't want her boys moving so far away from home but she couldn't shake her feeling of anxiety of her boys attending Hogwarts. No, it was Ronald who she feared for. She was well aware of the fact that he wasn't really her son but she loved him as equally as Draco. The Malfoys could have returned the child once they became aware of the fact that Voldemort wasn't going to return. However, they didn't. When other death eaters enquired as to why this was, they claimed that it would be disrespectful to the Dark Lord's memory to not follow an order that he had bestowed upon them before his death. The death eaters promptly remained silent on the subject after that (though many had given up on orders that the Dark Lord had given them now that he was dead).

When they had first been bestowed with the burden of the child, Narcissa and Lucius were appalled by the colossal task of raising not one but now two children who were more or less of the same age with only a few months difference. The Malfoys had only been in possession of Ron for a few weeks before it became apparent that Voldemort was definitely not going to return. However, in this time Narcissa had become rather attached to the child and although he wouldn't admit aloud (and struggled to admit it to himself), so did Lucius. Ron was unlike any child that they had encountered before and as much as they loved Draco, Ron was very warm and radiated much more love than Draco did. So as the coldness that they felt for the child shifted into love and protectiveness, they pretended that Ron was Draco's twin and performed a simple transfiguration spell on Ronald's hair but they still couldn't eradicate the fiery red hair completely and so settled for a strawberry-blonde (which they had to update every so often as the hair gradually brightened in colour). They decided to use the name of Lucius' father (in order to make the child seem more legitimate to the Wizarding World) and named him Ronald Abraxus Malfoy. Due to Lucius' connections at the ministry, they were able to create an official birthing parchment that proved Ron to be the twin of Draco and because the Malfoys had maintained a low profile during the time of the Dark Lord's rise to power, barely anybody other than the death eaters were aware that they had a son and so they readily accepted that the Malfoys had twins and weren't challenged on the subject. Most importantly, the Weasleys didn't question this either and had more or less come to the conclusion that Ron had been killed for the actions of the parents. Narcissa did however doubt that the distraught Molly Weasley would ever give up looking for her youngest son.

After the irritated Narcissa had bought their supplies, she headed back to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions where she had reluctantly left Draco and Ron to be fitted for their school robes. She knew that she was being ridiculous, feeling apprehensive about leaving them to be fitted but she had panicked that the Weasleys might just turn up (until she realized that they all wore hand-me-downs and the daughter wasn't starting until next year). Narcissa wasn't worried about the children because she doubted they would remember Ron at all but she didn't want Arthur and Molly showing up unexpectedly. No, the filthy blood-traitors would not take her son away (but it seemed unlikely that they would recognize Ron even if the4y saw him) however, she would much prefer if they didn't run into him, just in case they grew suspicious. Oh, listen to yourself Cissy, you're better than this. Stop being so paranoid. She thought to herself as she felt the tension release from her body when she was close enough to see that her sons were still in the store. She walked elegantly inside looking down her nose at the shabby little store; unfortunately they seemed to be the only ones who sold Hogwarts robes. Narcissa froze for a second when she realized that there was a third person at the back of the store as well but when she looked closer she realized it was only another first year with Raven coloured hair that stuck up in all directions and was wearing glasses far too large for his face. Ugh. And they allow this filth to get their robes fitted in the same store as my precious boys. She approached the back of the store to where they were being fitted and couldn't keep the small smirk forming on her lips as she heard Draco talking to the boy "Well, no one really knows until they get there, do they, but we know we'll be in Slytherin, all our family have been, right Ron? –imagine being in Hufflepuff," at this she heard a chuckle from Ron "I think I'd leave wouldn't you?" Draco asked the boy who looked both uncomfortable and confused.

"Honestly, how long does it take to fit a robe?" Narcissa asked the assistant who looked taken aback by her abrupt manner.

"Well," started the intimidated woman "we have been rather busy today and we are going as fast as we-"but she was cut off.

"You have a wand do you not? Or has the wizarding world sunk so low as to allow squibs to work in places for real witches and wizards" Draco grinned widely at the look of utter shock and disbelief at what his mother had said.

Ten minutes later and with a look of disgust at the other boy from Narcissa and his returned look of relief and the three Malfoys left Madam Malkin's with Ron and Draco's perfectly fitted robes. Narcissa marched on, wanting desperately to get out of this place that she knew was bustling with half breeds and ugh mudbloods. She could hear the boys discussing Hogwarts rather excitedly behind her and slowed her pace somewhat. She knew that she was going to have to tell Lucius the news of their rejection to Durmstrang as he'd been working at the Ministry all day. No, they could perhaps stay in Diagon Alley just a little longer.

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Ronald Malfoy: Diagon Alley


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