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The Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads by Everlasting Faerie Light
Chapter 24 : Chapter Twenty Three: Giving In...Again
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“Merlin, Elaquay, you’re so fucking loud!”

“Hey, hey, bro. You’re talking louder than I am right now!”

“Wait, why do we need to worry about being loud? We’re outside and underneath the bloody invisibility cloak.”

“You’re the one who went all apeshit on me about being loud. So question yourself, dumbass.”

“Stop PMSing. You look like an angry leprechaun right now. Bloody hell.”

“Oh. OH! So now you’re pulling the leprechaun joke on me? Low hit, dude. Low fucking hit.”

“Shut up, sex hair.”

“Why thank you. My hair is rather sexy isn’t it?”

“Har har.”

“You Brits laugh funny.”

“Your laugh is annoying.”

“Your FACE is annoying.”

“Well…your…erm…HEAD is annoying.”





“It’s an expression that Americans use…um…oh shit. Never mind.”

James stared at me quizzically from underneath the cloak. I must say that we were damn close too. I was pressed up against his side and I felt extremely (and unfortunately) dominated by his height. Oh, and I was also blushing up a shit storm…which caused me to become extremely irritated due to my disconnected thoughts and malfunctioning brain.

Sexy boy…to close….holy shit….BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m surprised that I can even walk straight. Seriously. It’s a fucking miracle.

James smirked at me before turning his head. We continued walking awkwardly under the cloak. The light from the moon filtered through the cloak as we both fumbled forward, the side of my body bumping against James’s arm.

“Ouch! Move your arm!”

“I can’t! Stop walking so close to me!”

“We’re both under a freaking invisibility cloak.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to be pressed up against me like a bloody leech.”


My feet started to ache due to the constant rolling and twisting my ankles have undergone from walking blindly in the dark on the cold crunching snow.

That reminds me…

“Shit, James! We’re leaving footprints!”

“The snow will cover it by tomorrow. Stop worrying so much.”


Our breaths were ragged against the cold air, the heavy cloak increasing the volume of every single shift in movement we both made. This is freaking uncomfortable for me. Especially for the well-being of my hormones. Seriously. Hormones suck. Especially me. We all know that by now. Hormones and Elaquay Smithson just do NOT mix.

“Jesus! I can’t freaking see through this damn cloak! How much longer do we have?”

“We’re almost there. Just shut up. Seriously. Your voice really is annoying.”

“Wow. You’re so charming. Stupid-ass.”

“What is going on with you and your insults? Are you on your period?”

“I just want to get this over with! I’m freezing!”

Finally…FINALLY after what seemed like ENDLESS HOURS of hormonal torture and ludicrous mind-guttered desires (Yes, this is my attempt at being poetic), we reached the Quidditch pitch. I immediately had the instinct to grab a broom and fly up to the sky wielding a huge bat. I just wanted to…hit something. Anything. Don’t you just have those insane needs to just destroy? Mutilate? Scream at the top of your lungs? Do a weird cult-like barbaric chant? No? Well, never mind then.

“Alright, we’ll just slip through the changing rooms…and…” James started, steering us toward the guy’s rooms.

“Hey! Who says I’m going through the guy’s changing room?”

“Bloody hell! Does it really matter right now?” he hissed, obviously fed up with my prissy bitchiness.

Normally, I’m really not this picky, but I’m sort of in a pissy mood right now. I don’t know why, but I just am. So, I’ll act upon this pissy mood. I mean, I do have some sort of point. It’s late at night and I’m freaking exhausted. It’s as cold as frozen shit and I didn’t have the chance to properly dress for sub-zero temperatures. As a result, I am lumbering aimlessly under a cloak in an icy medieval hell when there’s nothing but the dim moonlight to guide the way. Plus, I’m wearing nothing but a pair of striped zebra pajama pants, some torn boots, and a gray sweater.

“Maybe I do care!” I spat at him.

I could literally feel his eye roll as he grasped my wrist and pulled me along with him toward the boy’s changing room. I didn’t even bother to squirm. I was too small anyways.

The surprising warmth of the changing room was as satisfying as stepping into a hot tub. I breathed a sigh of relief as the cold bitter air left me, leaving my cold and snow-flecked skin to thaw under the heat. James slipped the cloak off of the two of us. It felt to the ground in a small pile.

James stepped away from me and withdrew his wand.

“Lumos,” he whispered, and his wand tip ignited in a bright white light which enabled me to properly see his face. He had a facial expression that was a strange (yet attractive) mix between serious and devious. His brown eyes twinkled and his characteristic smirk dominated his lips.

My chest constricted and I felt my stomach flip. Dammit! It’s happening again! Okay, Elaquay. Just focus on the task at hand. Just go out there, wave your wand around, and go back to the castle. But…but how is that possible? How is that possible when James Sirius Potter is standing there in front of me, looking more attractive than ever with his slightly damn messy hair, pink cheeks, and ruffled gray sweater?

“Alright, so first we’ll do the basic enchantments. Then, we’ll go to the boathouse and grab the crates…” he started to list off.

“Wait…what the f-crates?”

“Yeah, they’re pretty big. Don’t forget that we have to do the smuggling as well.”

I groaned. This is absolutely ridiculous. I forgot that we actually had to bring the freaking creatures into the pitch as well. Well, fuck you Louis! Fuck you Hugo! Fuck you Finn! Fuck you! Fuck you!! FUCK YOU!!

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I hissed, crossing my arms and clenching my fists.

“No, this is part of the plan. Don’t tell me you’re backing down now,” he mocked, the smirk on his face growing.

“Who said that I was backing down?”

“You sure as hell sound like you are,” he continued in that mocking tone.

“Don’t mock me!” I exclaimed, taking a few steps forward, glaring up at him. It’s really sad how much I have to crane my neck.

He laughed, the dimples near the corners of his mouth prominent. “It’s sort of fun to see you all wound up. Annoying, yes. But, still entertaining.”

“Pshhh. Bastard. Let’s go to the fucking boathouse and just get this over with,” I spat. I instinctively grabbed his hand and started to drag him toward the exit of the changing room, but he protested.

“We have to cast the enchantments first,” he reasoned, that dominant hint of ridicule still present as he spoke. My cheeks started to flame up and I immediately felt like an idiot.

“Um…right!” I said before letting go of his hand and making my way toward the Quidditch pitch instead. James held his wand up so that we could see better. He grabbed the invisibility cloak from the floor, then yanked me by the hood of my sweater toward him, and threw the cloak over both of us.

We ambled awkwardly out onto the field and I was immediately hit with the bitter cold once again. I shivered and glared up at the sky as I fumbled in my pocket for my wand.

I looked up at James and twitched when I saw how perfect his jaw line looked from this angle. I know, pathetic right? Nevertheless, I held my ground.

“So what spells are we casting?” I asked.

“Erm…some shield charms? Just throw out everything we know…well…to an extent. We don’t want to prevent any of the Slytherins from entering the pitch tomorrow. I think it’s mostly to keep out the professors and to keep the creatures under control until at least tomorrow. Then we can lift it and the fun will begin,” he clarified. I could physically feel the devious glint that shined in his eye.

“Okay…fine,” I said. We both started casting various spells, waving our wands around. It was sort of awkward, muttering spells under our breaths under a thick cloak with absolutely no breathing space. Not to mention that I have a hormonal problem with really wanting to kiss the dude.

Once we were finished, we both walked (or waddled) toward the exit of the Quidditch pitch, and down toward the boathouse at the base of the black lake. I tripped like sixteen trillion times, yanking the cloak off of both of us, which resulted in James cussing me out and me snapping right back. And the fucking snow. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. I really do. Just not when it causes you to put in ten times more effort than it usually does to walk a few feet.

Okay, maybe I was being a bit dramatic. I huffed and puffed as I trudged through the snow, giving off the impression that I was in some really bad crappy survivor movie.

And I just generally felt…pissed.

Again, as I stated before, I really don’t know what my problem is. I’m not on my period or anything (though I suspect it may be coming soon), but after James made his oh-so charming declaration of desire for American girls, I just started to be all bitchy. You’d think that I’d be jumping for joy, right? I mean, I am American, am I not? But no. I guess I’m too complicated to work that way. Elaquay Smithson just HAS to make everything difficult, doesn’t she? Well, boys, girls, fairies, warlocks, ghosts, cosplayers…. DEAL WITH IT.

The boathouse was freaking creepy in the dark. I grimaced as we walked into it, the boards under our feet creaking and the lonely boat rocking miserably against the water. Does anyone ever freaking use that boat? I swear, I have never seen it used. Sure, there are the boats that the little munchkin first years ride to get up to the school, but they’re definitely not kept here. I seriously think this boathouse is just here for show…to give Hogwarts an “old rustic, yet badass-esque look.”

“Ahh, how clever, Finn. I always knew that girl knew what she was doing,” James stated from the corner of the boathouse. I spun around to see that he had a small brown sac in his hands. He looked over and smiled at me.

“It’s an extendable charm. The crates are in here,” he stated. I breathed out a sigh of relief. Thank Merlin on high. I really was NOT in the mood to levitate huge crates to the Quidditch pitch. First of all, that would be extremely inconvenient. Second of all, we’d get caught. And thirdly, I’m a fucking lazy ass.

“Alright, let’s go!” he said. He approached me and then threw the cloak over the two of us again. He pocketed the small sac and we started to make another clumsy trip through the snow back to the Quidditch pitch.

“Ouch! That was my foot, asshole!”

“What’s stuck up your arse, Elaquay?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Why are you acting like a complete bitch right now?”

“Aren’t I always a bitch, James?”

“Yes, but not to this extent.”

He was starting to sound genuinely pissed off. I guess I couldn’t blame him, but still. I snuck a glance at him, catching sight of his perfect jaw line before I looked down again. I didn’t answer him. Instead, I just let my mind run.

Maybe…maybe it’s the fact that he hasn’t…done anything? His lack of action is really unnerving. I mean, it’s been two months since I confessed my love for him. And he hasn’t brought it up or done any action to suggest that it ever happened. Yes, it bothered me, but now maybe now it’s starting to really piss me off. I mean, I’m Elaquay Smithson and I expect some sort of answer, whether yes or no, acceptance or rejection. And he’s been silent. Absolutely silent. Maybe it is rejection. I don’t know. But if it is, I’d appreciate it if he let me know that.

And hell no! I’m not going to be the one to bring it up. That’s his fucking job!

We were both in slightly bitter moods by the time we reached the pitch. The tension between us was thick once again. He slid the cloak off of us and I immediately walked away a few steps, my back to him as I stared absent mindedly at the sky. I heard slight shifting movements behind me. We both didn’t say a word for an awkward and painful moment.

I wonder if he’s thinking about it as well.

He finally cleared his throat and said, “E-Erm…alright. We’ll just er…cast a few more spells. When I open the crates, we have to…”

But I cut him off snidely, “Run as fast as we can. Yeah I know. No need to remind me, bud.”

I spun around to look at him. He stood there, staring at me with a hard expression on his face.

I quickly looked down at the ground and shuffled my feet, feeling my cheeks flush, despite the cold weather.

I heard a sigh.


I looked back up at James, who was now running his hand nervously through his hair. He was also staring at the ground with a slightly pained expression on his face.

My heart started to pound against my ribcage at the sound of his voice. My breath hitched and I knew that if I wasn’t careful, I might open my mouth and say something that I’d regret. So I clenched my teeth together.

He opened his mouth again to say something. The air was still. The earth stopped moving. I was frozen in this moment, holding my breath…

But then he closed his mouth, shook his head, and looked back up at me with a closed expression on his face. “Let’s just open these crates and get out of here.”

My insides fell. What the fuck?  I should’ve expected as much. I’m such a mean person and I expect way too much from people. Why should James declare his undying love for me? He has no reason too. I’m not very endearing, am I?

I just nodded as James used his wand to summon the crates out of the bag.


How the freaking HELL did a few a scrawny underlings like Louis, Hugo, and Finn manage to get this shit? Not only that, but I could hear them! The sound of barbaric yells and pounding and squeaking and all sorts of other shit came from the huge brown crates. They shook and moved and the noise was earsplitting and it would be sure to wake up the whole damn castle…

“Silencio!” James cried out, pointing his wand at the crates. The unbearable noises stopped, leaving an odd scene of the vibrating and jerking crates.

“Okay…on the count of three…”


“Elaquay, stop squirming!” Rose snapped as she dabbed some more ointment on my large cuts.

“But it fucking hurts!” I exclaimed, whimpering in pain. I winced as she gently placed another band aid on my arm.

“There…you’re done. I’ve used a lot of spells to close up the gashes on your face, but some of them are pretty nasty so I didn’t want to risk it. Merlin, how the hell did this happen?” Rose asked with a bewildered expression on her tired face.

It was about six in the morning, so I don’t blame her for being a bit pissed at me for clambering into the room moaning and limping in pain.

Obviously…James and I didn’t run fast enough when we opened the crates. I’m telling you, those red caps are fucking vicious. It also doesn’t help that they carry around wooden contraptions that look suspiciously like swords. Also, those fairies were a bit…um…yeah. Sexually confused fairies are surprisingly violent. Like really violent. I don’t know how that really makes sense, but I guess that’s just the way the world works.

So by the time we escaped, James and I had the shit beaten out of us and we trudged back to the castle under the security of the cloak, limping and wincing. Hopefully we didn’t leave a trail of blood behind us on the snow. Yes, it was that bad.

But it’s not like we could just show up at the hospital wing. That would be extremely suspicious…so we went to the next reliable sources…Rose Weasley and Lily Potter. Rose threw a freaking temper tantrum when she saw us and Lily just looked at us and cussed us out in her “sophisticated” manner for waking her up so early. Nevertheless, she took her brother and tended to him.

“Ummm….well…the red caps are fucking mean, you see, so they decided to batter us down with wooden swords…” I started, but I trailed off at the look on Rose’s face. She shook her head and sighed.

“You are impossible. I can’t believe you and James actually went through with this plan…”

“I am going to kill Louis, Hugo, and Finn. Stupid little bitches they are…” I muttered, trying to shift my arm, but cringing at the aching and stinging sensation.

“God, it’s already starting to bruise,” Rose stated as she stared at my arm, which was indeed coated with in a lovely shade of purple.

“Great. Battle scars are badass,” I stated with a bitter smile. But it quickly fell from my face. Despite the very epic showdown that James and I had with the red caps and fairies, my mind was dominated by something else.

Of course…being the frilly teenage girl that I am, I’m obviously obsessing over what James was going to say to me before he opened the crates. Was he going to bring up two months ago? Finally give me a fucking answer?

I’m so tired of this neutral silence. It’s eating me alive. I don’t know why it’s hitting me now…maybe it’s the fact that he told me that he found American girls to be a turn on in that very VERY sexy voice of his. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just sick of feeling like my brain’s going to melt when I get to close to him…so close, yet I can’t do anything about it. I’m not supposed to kiss him, tackle him, or glomp him. I could punch him if I wanted to, but I don’t think that would really help my cause.

“Elaquay, I know that face,” Rose stated with a sad smile.

“Huh?” I asked oh-so intelligently.

“You’re thinking about James.

How the fuck does she do that?

I stared at her open-mouthed. She just kept staring at me, her blue eyes shining knowingly.


“I know, Els. If I were you, I’d be a bit angry too. He’s a git, isn’t he? He shouldn’t just leave a girl hanging like that, especially after two months.”

“What should I even do about it? Should I confront him about it?” I asked a bit hopelessly. I tried to move my arm to a more comfortable position, but I winced again as it started to throb. Fucking red caps. I think that I will formally write a petition for their extermination. Seriously, what do they do for this world? All they ever do is linger around places there’s been bloodshed, jump up and down, whacking people with huge sword-sticks, and scream at the top of their lungs.

Rose just sighed. “At this point, I don’t know, Els. I can’t give you advice anymore. You have to make the calls here. If you feel the need to talk to him about it, by all means confront him. If you want to wait it out a bit longer, then don’t do anything. James has had his fair share of girlfriends before and normally when he avoids the actual topic of romance, or pretends that nothing happened, then he’s not interested.”

…Fucking hell.

“But…I think this is different. You’re his best friend and I personally think that he fancies you. And when you kissed him…”

“Hey! He fucking kissed me!!! Three times!! Okay…I instigated the third one, but still!” I exclaimed defensively.

“Okay, whatever. When he kissed you, I personally think he went into shock and he was overwhelmed…so he’s still trying to really think about what the hell is going on.”

I scoffed. “What’s going on? Seriously? It’s not that hard. He knows that I have a huge ass crush on him. I told him straight up and then ran away. He didn’t even acknowledge that fact the next day.”

Rose stared at me for a few seconds before she smiled, reached over, and ruffled my hair. I recoiled slightly. “You really do have sex hair,” she said.

“Um…thanks for the observations…though I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not…” I responded, frowning at her. I made the mistake putting too much weight on my arm again.

“Shit!” I exclaimed.

“You can take it either way, really. I know that James finds it endearing. He once stated specifically a few years ago that he liked the way a girl’s hair right when she’d done playing Quidditch. Well, your hair always looks like that doesn’t it? Add the fact that you have red hair…well…that’s just twice the benefit. Just thought I’d throw that out there,” Rose stated with a smile.


“Just thought I’d give you some motivation,” she responded.

Before I could say anything else, the door burst open, revealing a breathless Finn. Her brown hair was almost as bad as mine and her cheeks were pink as she heaved.

Wait…how the fuck did she get in here? Stupid Ravenclaws and their smartness…

“H-Hey! Guess what! The Sly…” she trailed off aimlessly, staring at me with a confused expression on her face.

I glared at the kid.

“What in Merlin’s name happened to you?” she asked.

“Apparently sexually confused fairies are rather…um…violent. You also forgot to mention that the red caps had wooden swords and all that shit,” I snapped.

Finn stared blankly at me for a few more minutes before tossing her head back and laughing.

“Anyway…” she continued after she was done laughing at my torturous pain. “The Slytherins have an early morning practice and they should be heading down to the pitch in about ten minutes. I don’t want to miss it. Oh, and Hugo added sound magnifying charms all around the pitch, so the ruckus should wake the whole school up.”

She smirked deviously as she rubbed her hands together, cackling. She actually looked kinda scary…

“Hehehe. I can’t wait to see their faces when they all get beaten mercilessly by rampaging red caps. And the fairies are horny as hell as well…”

“Those fairies….were horny?” I deadpanned. Well dear sweet baby Jesus. If that was horny for fairies…than I don’t want to know what angry is.

After a few more minutes of moaning and groaning about my awful life and painful bruises and cuts, I forced my ass off the bed and managed to drag Rose down with me. She insisted that she wanted no part in this and that she didn’t find any pleasure in seeing poor fellow students tortured by magical creatures, but I knew better. I saw that devious look on dear ol’ Rosie’s eyes. I know that she wants to see Scorpius Malfoy suffer just as much as I do.

Not that I have a problem with him or anything. I just like to see people getting pranked. Really. That’s it.

The common room was surprisingly full, but then again, there are a lot of people in on this whole joke. And they’re all Weasley-Potters, with the exception of Finn and I of course. Lily stood there, her usually flowing red hair up in a messy bun, her face absent of any makeup. She wore a thick hoodie that I’m sure belonged to one of her brothers and pajama pants. I couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of her. She looked so innocent and cute like this. She looked fourteen.

Next to her stood James, who was covered in bandages and bruises. His hair was disheveled (as per usual), and he looked exhausted, but happy all the same. My heart swelled at the sight of him and I couldn’t help but blush. Dammit. Here I go again. Well then…moving on.

Louis and Hugo stood with Finn, all of their faces maniac and slightly frightening. Those grins added extra effect. Then, there stood Albus, looking sleepy, but determined as well. His hair was like his brother’s, disheveled and all over the place.

“Hey, I’m not late am I?”

All of us swiveled our heads to see Sarah emerge from upstairs. She wore a thick coat and thick pajama pants. Her blonde hair was tied back in a bun similar to Lily’s and her huge eyes were wide open. She was definitely awake and her smile was also a bit devious.

“You know about this?” Rose asked, crinkling her eyebrows.

Albus just smiled and responded, “Nope. Just in time.”

After a minute or two of making pointless small talk, we headed toward the pitch. My breath was taken away by the cold air and the surprising brightness of the sky almost blinded me. Yet, the sight was beautiful. The white snow was everywhere, filling in every inch of space there was, and the distant white sun seemed to be reflected by a shard of glass. It was distant, yet distinct all at the same time.

“Shit!” Al exclaimed. We turned our heads to see the Slytherins all clambering toward the pitch, their green robes billowing in the slight breeze.

And they were really close to us.

I felt someone grab my hand and yank me away, causing me to stumble. All of us clambered into a huge clump of shrubs. Of course…we just have to force ourselves into a group of rather thorny shrubs. I almost squealed in pain as the prickly branches tore my cuts open again and made new ones.

However, with a heart-thrumming realization, I saw that the person who had pulled me was James. Now I was squashed against him in the most awkward position possible. I was literally on top of him.

I don’t understand how we end up in these situations, but I guess Merlin almighty, God, Buddha, or whatever entity is ruling this damned universe likes to mess with me.

And you know what? You know what?

His face is really pretty. Really really pretty. Especially when I’m close enough to face to count every one of his eyelashes, to notice the very faint pink in his cheeks, to see the swirls of amber in his burning eyes…

I gulped as the air around me became static electricity. The space between our lips was literally swirling furiously, drawing me in…in…in….

Shit. Fuck. Damn. Hell. Crap.

I could feel his body pressed against mine, and even through our rather thick layer of clothing…I could still feel his enrapturing body heat. It was closing in on me.

And then…he did the worst thing possible. His lips tilted up into an oh-so-beautiful smirk. His eyes glittered as he said in a soft voice, “A little close, aren’t we?”

Nnnghhhhhhhhh…..FUCK!!! NOSEBLEED!!!!

I started to tremble.

No, Elaquay! No. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NOOOOOO!!!!

You are not doing this again to yourself! You are not going to kiss him. Bad girl, Elaquay!

Think of your sanity!

Fuck sanity!

What about your will? Your dignity?

Hahahahaha. Dignity? I lost that a long time ago, bitch.

But…but…what if he doesn’t like you?

Pshhhh. PULEEZZEE. He’s the one who kissed me if I remember correctly.

You know that he’s just going to probably be a pansy about this later and try and avoid the subject.

Sigh. I know. But I really want to do it.

You’re unbelievable.

“M-Maybe…not close e-enough…” I choked out.

Oh any supreme/entity with any amount of supernatural power…did you just tolerate me saying that? What the fuck was that? What kind of line is that?

Maybe not close enough.

Seriously right now? I think even Satan cringed at that one.

But it still didn’t kill the mood, so I guess it was okay.

Why was the air so hot…oh God…my whole body feels on fire again…

James’s smirk further widened. “What was that?”


Error: Brain malfunction alert. Crash! Burn! BOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!

Before I knew what was happening, I found my lips on his again and everything was in motion…yet at the same time…absolutely still.




A/N: I'm sorry for not updating for a while. I just want to let you know that I'll be taking a lot longer with updating my stories on this site. But never fear! I will still be updating! This chapter isn't as long as the others and it's kind of a filler, but don't worry! There's still some awesome Elaquay/James drama to come. The next chapter will be the start of the infamous and long awaited trip to Oregon. Enjoy!!! Please read and review and keep those reviews 12+!!!!

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