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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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As I promised next chapter is up



 After a good 20 minutes or so of driving around we finally managed to find a large supermarket. Now the supermarket was only 5 minutes down the road, but due to Malfoys lack of knowing what he was looking out for he directed me down several wrong streets but at least we made it, so we parked up and were ready to go.


"I'm starved" moaned Malfoy as we stepped out of the car


"So am I, but I am not driving around just so you can get us lost again so we can find somewhere to eat, we can get this done then go home" I replied coldly


He was really like a child sometimes, always whingeing, he crossed his arms and began stomped off towards the shop.


I let out a sigh and followed along behind him, once we reached the front of the store I grabbed a large trolley and again tried to catch up with Malfoy who was now standing by the wall of the shop glaring at the large glass automatic doors.


"What's a matter now?" I asked watching him stand there 


"Well the doors shut" He replied as if it was obvious


"That's because it's an automatic door, it will open when you approach it" I replied almost with a laugh, could he really be this dim.


Malfoy gave me a sceptical look and walked towards the glass doors and as he did they shot open, he jumped back looking at the now open door.


"Well done" I grinned as I walked passed him and through the doors pushing my trolley.


Malfoy swiftly walked to keep up with me, you'd think he was scared of such a place, maybe it was the confusion and the extreme differences he was experiencing.


The supermarket was pretty packed with busy muggles, it was a huge bright store, with shelves packed with goodies. 

I was very used to shopping trips like these due to going with my mum, Malfoy on the other hand looked like he'd just entered a mental hospital and stared at each muggle with deep confusion plastered over his pale face.


"Malfoy stop staring" I hissed so only he could hear "We're meant to blend in" I added


Malfoy looked to me and finally composed himself back to his usual arrogant manner


"Fine" He replied coldly and began to strut off ahead of me.


We headed off around the store, I knew what sort of things we could buy, like rice and noodles all the easy to cook things, well with the exception of some meat and veg to prepare real meals. Malfoy however just kept picking things up that I had no chance of knowing how to prepare, I mean how the hell am I meant to know what to do with a butternut squash? uh.


Eventually after a very long and gruelling shopping trip we headed to the check out and placed all the shopping on the belt, Malfoy watched the items move along as I packed them in shopping bags, he really was no use.


After handing over the card and paying we wandered back towards the car


"Right you can bloody help load it in the boot" I ordered pointing to the full trolley


Malfoy grunted at me but actually did what I asked finally we had the shopping packed in the boot of the car and were ready to head home.


The journey home took a lot less time seeing as we didn't get lost this time round, we pulled into the drive and I turned off the engine, Malfoy got out of the car pretty quickly and swaggered off to the house.


"Where do you think you're going?"I questioned as I got out of the car and closed the door, Malfoy stopped on the doorstep, once again he was going to just walk off and not help me


"I'm unlocking the door" he said cooly pushing the door open and then heading back to me, I looked at him in a mingle of shock and appreciation


"Oh" I mumbled opening the boot and picking up a couple bags of shopping


"Go sit down, I'll bring it all inside" he said taking the bags out of my arms


I stared up to his silver eyes, was Draco Malfoy really offering to help me? where the hell has happened to the arrogant, conceited, arsehole gone? I considered questioning him, but he may turn back to his old ways so I allowed him to take the bags.


"Thanks" I replied feeling my cheeks blush as I looked at his perfect pale face.


I quickly turned and entered the perfectly clean house, and headed to the kitchen, at least if he was going to bring the shopping in I could unpack it just to help.


I stepped into the kitchen and on the counter was a large looking book, I headed off to have a closer look


"Cooking for dummies" I read aloud, on top of the book was a small note 'You may need this. Professor Barnes' 


I frowned at the book and note picking it up and moving it over to the dining table. Clearly Barnes is watching us and knows neither of us can cook to save our lives, perhaps tonight would be a good time to practise out meal making skills for the upcoming dinner party we're going to host to a couple of muggles we don't even know yet.


Malfoy entered the kitchen both his arms full of shopping bags, he proceeded to place them on the floor and stand up against the counter casually


"That's all of them" he smirked, I looked up to his pale face in surprise


"All of them?" I questioned feeling shocked, I counted them and yep that was all of them 

"Bloody hell" I muttered under my breath as I began to put the food away


We fell silent for a few minutes as I put all the shopping away I could feel Malfoys gaze on me, why did he always do this now?


"Thanks" I added as I finished putting everything away


"You're welcome" he replied in his charming way taking a seat at the dining table


"So lunch?" I asked, Malfoy smiled and nodded as he leant back onto the back legs of his chair in such a careless way.


I quickly rustled up some sandwiches and laid them on the table then laying down an empty plate for us both.

Malfoy eyed the plate laden with food with a grin


"I'm starved" he exclaimed taking several sandwiches onto his plate


I watched as he ate as though he hadn't done in weeks, I felt a smile creep across my face at the image, thoughts of Lee stuffing his face floating into my mind, maybe Malfoy wasn't such a total arrogant selfish arse, in fact he almost seemed normal.


"What you smiling at?" he barked with his mouth full, I shook my head and sat down opposite him


"Nothing" I mumbled taking a couple of sandwich's and began eating.


The rest of the day flew by quite easily, I busied myself with reading the cookbook Barnes had left while Malfoy watched TV, in all honestly it was a pretty good day.



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