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Bright Young Things by leopard
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7- Detention with Sirius
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OK, First things first:

Number One:
I’m really sorry about the MASSIVE wait for this chapter. My only - very lame- excuse is that I went on holiday, and when I came back I had sort of lost my mojo for this story for a bit and then school started again and well yeah...

But my mojo is back now, so don’t worry!

Number two:
Sorry, again…

P.S. I don’t own anything, it’s all J.K.Rowling’s.

‘I am utterly fucked. Completely and 100% totally screwed.’ I thought as Filch led us away down the passage to what I could only assume was McGonagall’s office, or in other words ‘my utter doom’

What would McGonagall say? Would she take away my Head Girl badge? Would I get suspended?

Ok, ok calm down Lily. They won’t suspend you for just going to the kitchens in the middle of the night; you would have to do something really bad for anything like that to happen.

Like KILL Sirius (which I am extremely close to doing at this point). Damn Sirius! Why did he have to put the map back in his pocket without checking it one last time? Now thanks to him, I’m still hungry and I’m going to get detention.

“I think this might teach you two a lesson about wandering the corridors at night,” wheezed Filch from in front of us. “Back in my day there were proper punishments for crimes like these. You would have found yourself hanging by your thumbs in the dungeons, but now the ministry say we aren’t allowed to use those methods any more. Well I say screw the ministry, the kids need to learn their lessons and nothing teaches them better than a bit of good old fashioned pain…” he trailed off obviously lost in sadistic thoughts of the old punishments.

I glanced at Sirius who didn’t seem to be bothered by any of this, and was merely trying to stifle a yawn. How could he be so blasé about this situation? Need I remind you that this was all his fault! So why is he not acting more concerned?!

It was probably the many detentions that he has had with Potter for being out of bed after hours that have made him so clam. I bet it was Potter that got him into this bad habit, that’s right I’m blaming Potter for this situation. It’s all his fault.

But before I could direct any more of my anger towards Sirius or Potter, Filch came to a halt outside McGonagall’s office. “You two wait out here,” he rasped, knocking on the door.

My breath hitched in my throat as the door creaked open to reveal a very irritable looking Professor McGonagall dressed in a green dressing gown, “Honestly Filch, what is it at this time of night?” she snapped.

“Students out of bed Professor. I thought you could give them the appropriate punishment,” he said.

“Oh, bring them in if you must,” sighed McGonagall leading the way into her office. Filch prodded me in the back and I scuttled in to her dimly lit room after Sirius as Filch closed the door after us.

I had been in this office a couple of times before; ironically it had been mainly as a prefect when I was to hand over students that I had found out in the corridors at night.

Now knowing what it’s like to be on the other end, I suddenly felt a wave of pity for all those poor kids I had turned in.

McGonagall did not turn to look at us immediately, but instead went around to sit behind her desk. No one in the room spoke. McGonagall arranged the papers on her desk; Sirius looked vaguely bored, and I was silently wishing I were anywhere but here.

Eventually, McGonagall peered over the top of her glasses, her lips pursed, to inspect us, “Well Mr. Black, I can’t say I am surprised to see you here, but Miss Evans, I must say I expected better from our Head Girl,” she said looking reproachfully at me.

“Professor, I didn’t want to come I can assure you-” I blurted out, but I was stopped as she held up a hand.

“Miss Evans, it is not a question of whether you wanted to go, it’s the fact that you went. In order to teach you both a lesson for what you‘ve done, I shall give you both…” she paused for what seemed like an eternity.

This was it, I Lily Evans was about to get a detention. I’ve never had detention in my life, and this is all Sirius’s fault. And Potter’s as well.

“Two weeks detention,” she continued.

What?! Two weeks? Oh Merlin, kill me now! I’m Lily Evans, Head Girl, model student, I can’t get detention! “But, but Professor,” I protested, “I can’t get detention!”

“Miss Evans, it won’t kill you. Mr. Black here, has been in detention more times than I can count and he is still very much alive. Now back to your dormitories, both of you before I make it three weeks!”

We hurried out of her office at once. Walking back along the corridors I shot angry glares into the back of Sirius’ head. I didn’t say anything until we reached the entrance to Gryffindor Tower by which time I had cooled off slightly, but was still in no mood to talk to Sirius so I went upstairs to the girls dormitories without saying anything.


I awoke as the morning light filtered through the curtains and dazzled my eyes, but before I even opened them I could immediately tell that something was wrong.

It was quiet. Too quiet.

There were no soft snores from Mollie or the sounds of Amber applying her ritual morning make up. In fact I couldn’t hear anybody.

I opened a bleary eye and glanced at the bedside clock which read 9:02.

“Balls. Shit. Fuckermuffins!” I yelled as I leaped out of bed like some sort of ninja, with bed hair flying everywhere. “I’m late for Defence!”

A few minutes later I screeched into the classroom still pulling my arm through the sleeve of my robes and not having brushed my hair. Professor Byrnes glanced up at me from his diagram of the effects of a curse on the blackboard, his enrapturing eyes sparkling, “glad you could join us Miss Evans, please take a seat.”

I filed into the only spare seat which just my luck happened to not only be right at the front of the classroom so every bodies eyes followed me as I made my way down the suddenly extremely long isle between the desks, but it was also next to Sirius, the only person who was possibly lower than Potter in my bad-books right now.

“Morning sunshine,” he whispered to me as Byrne turned his back on us again. I scowled and started to unpack my bag.

This is not a good day to mess with me Mr. I’m-so-peppy-this-morning-even-though-I-got-you-into-massive-trouble-last-night.

And yes, I am very aware that that was taking extended metaphors to the extreme.

I carried on watching Professor Byrne’s lesson in silence and pointedly ignoring both Sirius and the fact that I had now skipped two meals in a row, seaming as I didn’t have time to eat any breakfast.

“Now class, I would like you to examine the diagram one page 146 and then get into groups to practice its counter curse. Remember: non verbal, no muttering it under your breath” he laughed.

When I looked down at my textbook, I saw that placed on top of it were two chocolate-chip cookies and an apple. Next to me Sirius smiled and winked.

As much as I was trying to ignore him, I couldn‘t ignore this gesture. “Thank you,” I mouthed at him, “how did you do that?”

“I have my ways…” and tapped what must have been the Marauders Map which was in the top pocket of his robes.

Although I am still very cross with him for getting me two weeks detention, I had to admire him. He was not only clever enough to make something as magically advanced as that map, but then was kind enough to sneak away and get me some food. How thoughtful.

Don’t worry though, I am not going soft on Sirius Black… I think.

“Where were you last night?” whispered Mollie a while later, once we were safely away from any prying ears in the corner of the classroom, supposedly practicing our counter curse.

I told them how Sirius took me to the kitchens and how you had to tickle the pear, then it morphed into a door handle, and of all the poor little House Elves scurrying around there. But then how we were caught by Filch and given two weeks detention (neither of them seemed as shocked by that punishment as I was) and right up to just one moment ago when Sirius had given me two chocolate chip cookies and an apple.

“But, what I don’t get is how he knew where the kitchens were” said Charlotte after I had finished my epic tale.

Glancing over my shoulder to where the four boys stood laughing as James with casual ease, did the counter curse to Peter’s rather weak attempt at the spell. In response to her question, I just shrugged my shoulders, I didn’t want to give away their secret when Sirius had been so kind to me. “I suppose they must have just found it… you know how many times they’ve wandered through the castle at night.”

Through the rest of that lesson as Charlotte and Mollie struggled to manage the counter curse, and then not to laugh as their legs turned to jelly when they didn‘t get it right, I quietly watched James, Sirius and the rest of the Marauders.

I suppose that I had to concede the fact that as much as I hated him, and as annoying and as much of a prat that he is, James must have helped to create that map as well; probably more so than Peter at any rate. And for that, I had to admire him… and I suppose forgive him for inadvertently giving me a detention the other night…

I have a feeling that this might just physically kill me, or at least put my back out.

Sirius and I had been forced to scrub the floors of all the classrooms on the second floor without magic, and I had been bent on my hands and knees for the last hour with a sponge and bucket of soap and water next to me.

Up until now I had never appreciated how many bloody classrooms Hogwarts has- I mean we don’t even use half of them!

Sirius and I had now been on good terms for the past two weeks after the night time wanderings incident (I had forgiven him on the premise that he had brought me food- food is the one way to get a girl to forgive you, especially if that said food is chocolate).

So I had begun to hang out a bit more with the Marauders at lunch and in the common room, much to Mollie’s pleasure as it gave her ample time to talk over Quidditch strategies with James.

However, for the first week I had caught the occasional sideways glance from Charlotte. Whenever I sat with the Marauders or just chatted to Sirius in the corridors in between classes, Charlotte would go unnaturally quiet and wouldn’t talk to me for a while afterwards.

I knew what was on her mind, but I wanted to let her confront me about it in her own time, none of us had ever voluntarily hung out with the Marauders before and I suppose that it would take some getting used to.

So I wasn’t surprised to see her ready and waiting for me with a determined look on her face as if nothing would deter her from getting to the bottom of things one Wednesday evening, a week after that Defence Against the Dark Arts Lesson as I came in through the dormitory door having just played a very competitive game of Gobstones with Sirius (I won by the way -mwahaha).

“Do you… do you have…well, you know…?” asked Charlotte sitting crossed legged on her bed the, determined look having vanished from her face. She wasn’t looking directly at me when she spoke, instead she was looking at a spot on the floor just short of where my feet were.

I knew she wanted to know whether I had feeling for Sirius, “No I don’t. Don’t worry, I would never do that to you.” I said, but she still didn’t look any more relieved.

“Are you sure? I mean you’re talking to him now, and sitting with them at lunch. What’s changed then?”

“We’re just friends that’s all, I promise, on Sir Cushy.”

Sir Cushy was Charlotte’s old teddy bear that she still had up until third year, when she suddenly realised that it probably wasn’t cool to still sleep with a bear at the age of fourteen after Guess Who made a nasty comment about it at the dinner table and most people sitting nearby laughed at her.

“Anyway,” I added, “I doubt that Potter would let Sirius live for more than five minutes if he ever tried anything on.”

She couldn’t argue with this so she brightened up and jumped off the bed to give me a hug, while I stood there awkwardly patting her back.

I was never a very good hugger compared to Charlotte or Mollie who had such bubbly personalities that they would give you a hug for almost any reason, whereas I almost never hugged anybody.

“You’ve been scrubbing the same spot for almost five minutes,” chuckled Sirius, bringing me out of my thoughts, “what are you thinking about, or is that patch just really dirty?”

“Oh, nothing,” I lied quickly and we both went back to our silent contemplations.

- Sirius Black-

Stupid bloody McGonagall giving me stupid bloody detention.

I didn’t even disserve this one! Being out of bed after hours is nothing compared to some of the great Marauder pranks that Prongs and I have done, and fare enough we deserved punishments for those (even though every single one of them was so worth it), but not this one, I mean come on!

Lily looked like she was going to cry when McGonagall told her though, the look on her face was priceless. I had a tough time keeping in the laughter all the way back to the dorm and I could just imagine the death glares that Lily was giving me behind my back which made it all the more funny.

Mind you, Prongs wasn’t so thrilled either when I told him why I was cackling hysterically on the floor when I made it into the dorm.

“Why did you have to get Lily into trouble?! You know she doesn’t like getting into trouble!” he said seeming quite panic stricken.

Yeah, no shit Sherlock, you should have seen the look on her face and plus I swear she has never EVER had a detention in her entire fucking life! (little goody two shoes).

“I was so close to getting her to like me. I think I really have a shot this time!”
he said pacing up and down the dorm his glasses askew, “you have to fix this.”

Yeah that’s what he always says, but I don’t care if he’s self delusional, he’s my best mate and I’ll try and fix it for him because that’s what we Marauders do- we stick up for each other, prank Slytherin’s and get girls. Only don’t tell anyone I’m soft or anything because I’ve got to look macho around school to keep my rep and shit.

But needn’t have worried, I just used some of the old Marauder charm on her the next day and she was golden; although it did take a while for her to warm up to me and at first I was a little scared that I was loosing my touch with the ladies.

But fear not Sirius Black is till number one and can tame even Lily Evans’s wrath with just an ounce of charm and a sprinkle of smoulder. Yeah that’s right. Be jealous.

But now look where it’s got me, two weeks detention scrubbing floors of classrooms no one even uses, great one.

I suppose this experience hasn’t been all that bad though as Lily, Charlotte and Mollie have hung out with us more around school and to be honest I didn’t really think that I would enjoy their company much, but to my surprise (and pleasure) I’ve been proved wrong.

You’d think that being in the same house we’d be around each other a lot more, but the Marauders and Lily move in different circles and I think a lot of the separating was due to Lily hating James. But now I think it’s time for our circles to merge more, like one of those Venn Diagram things. Because Lily is pretty awesome, and funny, in her own nerdy little way- and she’s a mean Gobstones player.

But my newfound friendship with Lily did cause a few rifts as Prongs got all hostile for a while thinking that I fancied Lily, but I told him I didn’t.

I like brunettes, with big blue eyes and she’s beautiful and clever and funny and sexy and her name is just so pretty, I mean say it with me Char… ahem… well, yeah. That’s it. Nothing to see here.

“You know Charlotte?” asked Lily suddenly.

For a hart-stopping split second I thought that I had been talking out loud without realising it, but then I realised that Lily must just be a mind reader.


So I responded very cautiously keeping my thoughts very private, “Yes, I know Charlotte…”

“Well, I was just wondering whether you were going to ask her out at any point? Because she wanted me to tell you that really wants you to,” she said in a manner that was far too blunt for Lily and completely caught me off guard so I gave the only answer I had thought of instead of pretending to be aloof and shit (as it seems to work for guys in the movies).

“I will, after the next Quidditch game.”

Hang on, back track a bit. She really wants me to ask her out?!


Yay for Sirius and Charlotte! :)

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and I will update soon, and this time it’s a promise ! ;)

P.s. It only takes one person to leave a review, and I love reviews, they make me really happy!

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