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Lily's Daughter? by ginnytwin95
Chapter 10 : The Test
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This is just a really short chapter. And then hopefully I'll get the next one up soon.

It was the first Saturday of term, and I seemed to be the first one up in Gryffindor Tower. I chuckled as I walked out of the portrait hole in a pair of skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, and rocking my turquoise converse. I mean seriously it was 8:15, not 5:00 a.m. But as I walked towards the Great Hall, bag swung over my shoulder, the castle was uncharacteristically silent.

When I walked into the hall both the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables were completely empty, there were four older Ravenclaws sitting huddled together over cups of tea, and I smiled when I looked to the Hufflepuff table there were a few older students grouped close together and Susan was sitting quietly at one end by herself. I quickly sat down next to Susan, and easily started talking to her, not even noticing the stares I got from the other students. Susan and I enjoyed our breakfast and had an easy conversation, discussing how we were liking Hogwarts. But soon it was nearing 9:00, and I told Susan that I had to go to see McGonagall, and that I would talk to her later.

As I stepped up from my seat and walked out of the hall, whispers in the now much more occupied Great Hall sprung up. Apparently I had broken some unspoken taboo by sitting at the Hufflepuff table, but I didn't care at all really. Susan was my friend I wasn't going to not be her friend simply because she wasn't in my house.

I quickly made my way to Professor McGonagall's office and knocked on the door, and from within came a polite but slightly distracted, "Come in."

I quickly opened the door and seeing McGonagall bent of a pile of papers simply said, "Good morning, Professor."

She looked up and said, "Oh, hello Ashley. I trust you are enjoying Hogwarts" I nodded enthusiastically and she smiled just slightly saying, "We'll be going up to see the Headmaster in just a moment."

And so a few minutes later we were walking through the halls and arrived at a stone gargoyle which asked for a password. McGonagall, with a slight eye roll, said, "Chocolate Frogs," and the statue moved aside to reveal a moving staircase. Which I followed McGonagall onto as it twirled upwards. We walked across a small hall to a large wooden door, but before McGonagall could knock the door swung open to reveal a cheery and elaborately decorated office.

McGonagall ushered me in, closing the door behind her. I looked around the office, which I assumed to be Professor Dumbledore's, however I didn't see him. But my assessments stopped short when I saw a flash of red a gold. I heard a soft twill of sound, that automatically registered as a greeting in my mind and wasn't at all surprised when a large red and gold bird the size of a swan landed on my shoulder.

As the Headmaster came down a set of stairs in the back corner of the office surprise flashed onto his face. And he and McGonagall looked at each other with a bit of awe as the bird let out another twill, and I let out my own Phoenix like twill without even realizing it.

Two hours, and several dozen languages later, Dumbledore said, "Ashley, you seem to have a rare gift. It is known as being a Polygloti--"

Quickly interrupting him I said, "Polygloti? Does that have anything to do with the medieval Latin polyglottus, meaning many-tongued, or the English polyglot meaning a person who speaks, writes, or reads a number of languages?"

The two professors glanced at each other once again with my odd knowledge of infrequently used words but both nodded as Dumbledore said, "Yes. To be a Polygloti is a rare gift in the wizarding world, in which without any training a person is able to speak and read atleast ten human languages and ten non-human languages. It has only been seen a few times in all of wizarding history, and I expect that you are destined to do great things..." I blushed at that as he continued, "however, if you wish to be able to write the languages you will have to learn them the old-fashioned way."

I nodded and thanked the Headmaster as Professor McGonagall led me back down the stairs and towards her office.

When we entered she steered me towards one of the two chairs in front of her desk and then she sat down behind it, and proceeded to stare at me, as if trying to read my mind.

After a few moments she broke the silence by asking, "What was your disagreement with Mr. Malfoy about?"

I let a sound that clearly said "of course" out before responding, "Oh, nothing really. He was just being annoying and childish."

She quirked an eyebrow up and said, "Really? Usually when people annoy me I don't disarm them."

I blushed slightly, clearly she knew more about the spat than she had originally let on, but I continued never-the-less, "Well, he said some really insulting things, and I lost control of my temper for a moment."

She nodded in understanding, before her eyes went a bit sharp and she asked, "What exactly did he say Ashley?"

I bit my lip in a nervous habit before saying, "Well, the first things he said I didn't originally know what they meant, until Ron and Neville told me later, and then I was really mad about it because he'd insulted my friends, I mean I knew they were derogatory at the time but I didn't know just how cruel and bigoted they were, and then he insulted my parents, which is when I lost my temper."

I blushed as I realized I had been rambling, but she looked amused at that before her voice turned again and she asked, "What exactly did he call you and your friends?"

Knowing they were cruel and petty words I simply said, "He called Ron a blood traitor, Neville a squib, he called me a mudblood, several times, and then he insinuated that my parents weren't as good as him simply because they weren't magical." I had seen her face become more angry at each phrase, and she had seen my eyes become less like sapphires and more like stormy seas as I recounted the event.

McGonagall gathered herself before saying, "I hope you know that was completely inappropriate, but unfortunately you are likely to encounter people with the same ideas in the wizarding world," I nodded, clearly understanding (I was used to people who acted like that) and she continued, "I hope you won't let people like Mr. Malfoy bother you, you are dismissed."

I stood and headed out the door, but just before I left I turned back with a gleam of mischief and revenge in my eyes, "Or I'll just have to prove them wrong." I smiled and left, leaving the Professor once again pondering her new student.

Hope you liked it. And if anyone is confused leave your questions in the comments and I'll try to answer them.


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