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The adventures of Lily Luna Potter by Slytherinbabe
Chapter 1 : The Letter
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I woke up to a tapping on my bedroom window. I looked around my purple bedroom until I located the source of the noise. There was an owl tapping on my waiting for me to let it in. I ran to the window and let it in. Immediately, it flew in and dropped three envelopes on my bed and flew back out the window. I looked at the first envelope and saw the Hogwarts school crest was at the front of it. I turned it over to look at the address on the back.




Miss L. Potter,


Medium bedroom,


Potter Manor


Willow Street


Godric’s Hollow




I opened it and read:





Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall

Dear Miss Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Neville Longbottom
Deputy Headmaster


The other two letters were addressed to Albus and James. I ran out of my room and woke up my parents. “Mum, Dad, I got my Hogwarts acceptance letter!” I told them excitedly.




“Congratulations, Lily,” Mum said, smiling, “I’ll owl them now and we’ll go to Diagon Alley after breakfast. So you’d better get changed.”




I went to my bedroom and changed my clothes then looked at myself in the mirror that hung on my bedroom wall. I had flaming red hair and brown eyes. I tied my hair into a pony tail and ran down to breakfast. “Morning guys,” I said happily as James and Al entered the room.




James looked at me with a confused expression on his face. “Why are you so happy?” he asked.




“I got my Hogwarts letter this morning.” I told them as Mum piled eggs and sausages on my plate.




“Good, that means this year you can’t keep pelting me with owls to see what Hogwarts is like.” Al said.




“Oh, and these are yours.” I tossed the other two envelopes to James and Al.


Al opened his and pulled out a piece of folded parchment. “Mum, Dad, can you sign my Hogsmeade slip?” Al asked.




“Sure,” Dad replied.




“Al, will you get me some candy from Honeydukes this year or will I have to sneak into Hogsmeade and get some myself?” I asked.




“Albus Severus Potter, if you and James let your sister sneak into Hogsmeade I will owl Professor McGonagall and tell her that neither of you are allowed to enter Hogsmeade or play Quidditch until Christmas.” Mum said threateningly.




“What kind of candy do you want?” Al asked me quickly.




I grinned. “I want Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Cauldron Cakes, Charm Choc, Chocolate Cauldrons, Chocolate Frogs, Chocolate Wands, Choco-Loco, Droobles Best Blowing Gum, Fizzing Whizzbees, Jelly Slugs, Pixie Puffs, Pumpkin fizz, Salt Water Taffy, Shock-o-Choc, Skeletal Sweets, Sugar Quills, Sugared Butterfly Wings, Toothflossing Stringmints, Treacle fudge and Wizochoc.” I said.




“How am I supposed to remember all that until October?” Al asked.




“I’ll remind you again before your first Hogsmeade trip.” I told him.




“But Lily, don’t eat all that candy at once. You know what happened last time.” Mum told me.




“You have one sugar rush when you were seven and suddenly you’re branded for life.” I muttered.




“Only because you made it snow in July during that one sugar rush.” Mum said.




“And made that poor muggle grow tentacles,” James added.




“I was seven.” I said defensively.




“And now that you’re eleven and you’re about to get a wand, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to the world.” James said.




“That reminds me,” I said. “Can we go to Diagon Alley now?” I asked my parents.




Mum smiled and nodded. “James, Al, go get changed.” She told them.




They ran up the stairs and returned in twenty minutes. We walked over to the fireplace and Mum picked up a nearby box and opened it. I caught a glance of glittery, silver powder before Mum told me. “Lily, you go first.”




I grabbed a handful of powder from the box and tossed it into the fireplace. Immediately, the flames turned emerald green. I stepped into the flames and yelled “Diagon Alley!”


I blinked as everything suddenly was green. I was spinning around really fast and I became dizzy. I closed my eyes and tucked in my elbows before they could crash into something and I end up in a stranger’s fireplace again. Oh yes, this has happened before. Suddenly, I landed face first on the floor of the Leaky Cauldron. I got up and stood next to the fireplace to wait for James, Al and my parents. Al stepped out of the flames first, looking slightly dizzy, followed by James and my parents. How is it that none of them landed on their faces? Anyway, we went behind the pub and Dad pulled out his wand and tapped one of the bricks on the wall in front of us. The bricks started moving until there was a large doorway standing in the place of the wall. I walked through the doorway and looked around. Diagon Alley hasn’t changed at all since I saw it last year. I walked along the cobbled streets and walked until I reached Flourish and Blotts. I pushed the door open and walked in. “Hello, Miss, what do you need?” the manager asked.




I looked at my list. “I need The Standard Book of Spells Grade 1, A History of Magic, Magical Theory, A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration, One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi, Magical Drafts and Potions, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection.” I told the manager.




“Starting your first year at Hogwarts?” he asked.




I nodded. “This way please.” The manager told me.




He walked around pulling the books I need off shelves and handing them to me. “You move really fast when you’re excited.” A voice said in my ear.




I turned around and saw James, Al and my parents standing behind me. “Hello,” the manager went over to Mum and Dad. “What do you need?”




James and Al check their lists. “I need Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles and The Standard Book of Spells Grade 3.” Al told him.




“I still don’t see why you’re taking Muggle Studies.” James muttered to Al as the manager went to get Al’s book. “Aunt Hermione is muggle-born.”




“Here you go,” the manager handed Al his books. “Do you need anything?” he asked James.




“I need The Standard Book of Spells Grade 4.” James said.




The manager walked behind a shelf and emerged holding James’ book.




Mum and Dad paid and we walked out of the shop. “Where should we go next?” Dad asked.




“I need to go to Madam Malkin’s.” I said.




“We want to go to Quality Quidditch Supplies.” James said.




“Fine, you three go to Quality Quidditch Supplies and we’ll meet you there when we’re done.” Mum said.




“See you later,” Dad said.




I waved before turning around walking along the cobbled street with Mum.


“Hello, Mrs. Potter,” Madam Malkin said brightly when we walked in the store. “What do you need today?”




“We need Hogwarts robes for Lily.” Mum told her.




“Are you starting Hogwarts this year?” Madam Malkin asked me kindly.




I nodded. “Well, come here.” Madam Malkin gave me a pair of black robes.


I put them on and she began fixing them.




I pushed open the door to Ollivander’s. Standing behind a desk there was one of the most ancient wizards in the world. “Hello Miss Potter, come to buy your wand at last I see.” Mr. Ollivander smiled.




“Hello Mr. Ollivander.” Mum said.




“Hello Mrs. Potter.” He replied.




 “So, Miss Potter, please stick out you wand arm.” Mr. Ollivander told me.




I stuck out my left arm and Mr. Ollivander began measuring. When he finished measuring he disappeared for a moment and returned with a long, thin box. “Try this Miss Potter, 6 inches, Oak, unicorn tail.”




I gave it a wave and a floorboard shot up into the air. “Definitely not!” exclaimed Mr. Ollivander.




“How about this,” he said, “9 ½ inches, Hawthorn, phoenix feather, rather bendy.”




I waved it and the windows shattered. Mum repaired them with an apologetic glance at Ollivander. “It’s perfectly fine.” He said cheerfully.




I tried many wands until finally I found the right one. “11 ¾ inches, Alder, dragon heartstring, slightly springy,” Mr. Ollivander handed me another wand.




Once the wand was in my hand, I felt sudden warmth spread through my body. “Perfect!” Mr. Ollivander smiled once again. He put my wand back in its box and wrapped it.




“Thanks,” I said.




“Goodbye,” Mum waved at Mr. Ollivander before we walked out.




“Mum,” I said when we were out of the shop. “Are you sure we’ll manage to drag James and Al out of Quality Quidditch Supplies or should I finish everything on my list first?”


Mum laughed. “James and Al need potion ingredients from the Apothecary and it is right next to Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment.” She told me.




“Fine, but if it takes more than half an hour then I’m going to go get the rest of my stuff, alright?” I said.








We walked to Quality Quidditch Supplies, pushed the door open and walked in. I saw Dad and Al looking at miniature Firebolts that fly around the room and James was looking at Chudley Cannons Quidditch robes. “Hi James,” I said.




“No,” James said without turning around.




“I didn’t even say anything yet.” I told him.




“You want me and Al to leave Quality Quidditch Supplies and go get our stuff from Apothecary while you get the rest of the stuff on your list.” James said.




“How’d you know I was going to say that?” I asked.




James turned around and grinned mischievously. “I have my ways.” He said.




“So are you going to come?” I asked him.




“No,” James turned back to the Quidditch robes.




“Fine, then I’ll go call Mum to get you out of here.” I said.




James turned around quickly. “Let’s go.” He told me before grabbing my hand and dragging me over to Dad, Mum and Al.



“That was fast.” Mum said.




“What did you threaten to do if he didn’t come with you?” Dad asked.




“I threatened to call Mum and have her drag him out of here.” I said.




“Good idea,” Al said.




“Before we go, can I have a broomstick?” I asked Mum and Dad.




 “I thought first years weren’t allowed to bring broomsticks to Hogwarts.” James said.




I glared at him. “That doesn’t mean I can’t have one at home.” I said. “We always have the Weasley Family Quidditch matches this year I want to play in them.”




“Sorry, Lily, but you have to take flying lessons first.” Mum told me gently.




“But we’ll get you and owl instead and then after your flying lessons we will get you a broomstick.” Dad told me.




“Ok,” I said.




“Shall we leave now?” Mum asked.




Al nodded. We walked out of Quality Quidditch Supplies and down the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley.




We pushed open the door and walked into Eeylops Owl Emporium. “Harry Potter!” someone said.




I closed my eyes and internally groaned. I knew it was too good to last. Going the entire day with no one but Mr. Ollivander recognizing who we were could never happen.




“Harry Potter and his family!” the person said excitedly.




I opened my eyes slowly and saw one of the assistants of the shop practically running towards us. “How may I help you?” He asked when he finally reached us.




“I need an owl.” I told him.




“Of course,” the assistant said. “Which one do you want?”




 I looked around at all the owls until my eyes rested on a beautiful grey owl. “I want that one, please.” I said.




He called the owl down and handed her to me. “Thank you.” I told him.




“Not at all, Miss Potter” He said.




I stroked my owl’s feathers while Mum and Dad paid for her. “Goodbye,” the assistant called as we walked out of the store.




I turned to him and smiled. “Goodbye,” I said before walking out of the store.




“What are you going to call her?” Dad asked me as we made our way back to the Leaky Cauldron.




I looked at the grey owl perched on my arm. “I’m going to call her Skyler.” I said.




“Why?” James asked.




“Because I like the name,” I replied.




We went home by Floo powder (I landed face down on the floor again) and ate lunch.


After lunch, Mum and Dad went out somewhere leaving me, James and Al alone in the house. “I’m going to take a nap.” Al said.




“Me too,” James said as Al went upstairs. “Try not to break anything or set the house on fire, Lily.”




“You’re just like Crookshanks,” I told him. “You spend most of your life sleeping.”




James shook his head before following Al up the stairs.


I waited until I heard two doors slam shut before going to the back door, opening it quietly and walking out. I walked across the garden and stopped in front of the broomstick shed. I opened it and pulled James’ broomstick out. I shut the door and walked to the middle of the garden. I swung my leg over the broom and kicked off the ground. I wobbled slightly as I rose up into the air but steadied myself quickly.


I took a few, slow rounds around the garden before landing again. I ran to the broom shed and pulled the door open. But it didn’t open. I pulled harder and still nothing. I knew James would wake up soon so I just ran to the house – still holding the broomstick – and pulled the door open. I ran into the house quietly, up the stairs and went into my room. I shut the door quickly and shoved the broomstick under my bed. Just then, I heard James’ bedroom door open. He started doing the same thing he did every time he woke up: he went to the bathroom then went to check on his broomstick. Apparently James managed to open the door because he ran up the stairs and began walking in and out of rooms. I knew it was only a matter of time before James walked into my room so I took the broomstick from under my bed, locked it in my closet and lied down on my bed, pretending to be asleep. Sometime after that I actually did fall asleep and stayed that way till morning.



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