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The Tale of Amelia Darvill by LilyFire
Chapter 4 : 04. Riding a Bicycle
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Amelia wanted to see Albus again. She still wanted to win his heart. But she wasn't sure how to deal with the lying and secrets. The best she could come up with was his father was a secret agent for the government, and that had to do with everything in their lives.

It was three days after the pool incident. She hadn't talked to Albus-he had come over yesterday, but she'd said she had plans. She just didn't know what to say to him. She should go talk to him, make up for yesterday. It wasn't his fault if he was sworn to secrecy. Besides, she would win his secret eventually. How could she expect him to trust her when they had only just started talking?

After finding the tank and shorts she wanted to wear, she looked for her flip-flops. She thought she left them in her closet, but the green pair wasn't there. She got to her knees and looked under her bed and dressers, but they weren't there. She groaned and decided that she could just find a different pair. Making sure she looked presentable, she slipped on a pair of while flip-flops, put on her sunglasses, and made sure her phone was in her pocket.

She was just walking out the door when she saw the green flip-flops she had been looking for. But she was ready and didn't feel like changing. She walked over to Albus' house and stood outside the door. She should knock; it was the best way to talk to him. Just standing outside his house and waiting for the door to open would not serve to impress anyone.

Rolling her eyes at herself, she knocked. Lily answered the door. "Oh, hi Amelia. Mom and dad aren't home, so we can't have guest over. Sorry."

"I was hoping Albus was home. I don't have to come in, he can come out," Amelia said.

"Sure," she said with a smile. "Just let me get him for you." She closed the door and walked away. Just a moment later, Albus opened the door.

"Amelia," he said with a smile. "What's up?"

"I wanted to say sorry about yesterday, and I thought maybe you'd like to do something today?" she asked.

"Yeah, just let me get my stuff." He closed the door again-apparently, she wasn't even allowed in the house until Mr. and Mrs. Potter returned. She sighed. She didn't understand what was really happening. It took him over five minutes to return to the door. "Okay, I'm ready. I have mug-er, money for if we go out and do something." He smiled.

"Oh, did you wanna go do something?" she asked as they walked down the street.

He shrugged. "I dunno. I wasn't sure what you had planned."

"I don't have much planned," she said. "Actually, my plan extended to asking if you wanted to hang out and not a bit further."

"Right, then let's go do something," he said. "Town isn't that far, I'll grab my bike, and you can grab yours and we'll go do stuff."

"Umm…one problem. I don't have a bike."

He seemed to blush a little. "Oh, I thought I saw your little sister with one, so I thought you all had one. Sorry. You can use Lily's, I'm sure she wouldn't mind."

Amelia shook her head. "No, it's not that. I can't ride."

Albus just looked at her. "You can't ride a bike. You can't swim. What can you do?" he asked playfully. Even so, it hurt her feeling a bit.

"Stuff," she answered.

"Brilliant. Stuff. So, what sort of stuff?"

"Just…stuff." She was starting to feel annoyed. "It doesn't matter. I was always afraid to learn because when Hayley got her bike, she wrecked and broke her arm. So I gave up my bike. I hadn't made it out of training wheels."

"You know, this seems to be the summer where I teach you."

"What?" she asked, slightly confused.

"I'm going to teach you to ride a bike. Properly, with only two wheels. Stay here," he said and ran back to his house. He came back riding a his bike. He stopped in front of her. "Get on."

"But I'll fall."

"No you won't, just get on."

"I'll fall Albus."

He sighed. "I won't let go, okay. Just get on."

So she did.

Albus put one of his hands next to hers on the handle bars, and reached around her and placed his other hand next to her other hand. Her hearts started beating quicker. His arms were around her. His arms were around her.

"Put your feet on the petals," he instructed, bringing her back to reality. She was nervous, but did it anyway, and smiled when she didn't fall over. "Now, petal slowly and I'll go with you."

It was a slow process, but she eventually got the hang of it, with Albus showing her how to use the hand break, and by the end of the day, she could ride on her own. "

The sun was setting by the time they finished. Both of their parents had arrived home, but the two had enjoyed the day. Albus walked her to her house, dropping his bike near the edge of her yard. She was about to go inside when she stopped.

"I had a great time today, Albus," she said, looking up into his eyes. He looked back into her blue ones.

"I did too."

"Thanks for teaching me, now I have to get mom to get me my own bike."

"Yeah, and maybe we can make the short trip into town soon."

She wasn't sure what to do. She was just smiling, looking at him, and he was doing the same, though all the awkwardness that had been their during their first meeting was gone now. He put his hand on her face, brushing it with his thumb. Her heart rate jumped. Thoughts swirled though her mind. Is he going to kiss me? Ask me out? What's going to happen? He leaned in quickly, placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Amelia Darvill." He smiled and waved as he hopped on his bike and rode to his house.

"You better, Albus Potter," she whispered, her face reflecting his smile as she walked in the door.


She looked at the bike. While it wasn't a thing of great beauty, she couldn't believe she had went so long without owning one. It was green, almost the color of Albus' eyes, and it even had speeds, though she didn't know what they were for, so she wouldn't touch them.

Albus had to be gone today of all days. She had finally gotten her own bike, and he wasn't here to share her joy. Instead, he had to go school shopping and buy school supplies. It was the middle of July, who went school shopping this early?

He had invited her everywhere this summer, so she was surprised when he hadn't invited her to go shopping too. He had told her he would bring her a surprise though.

They had spent nearly every day doing something together, weather it was go to the pool and more swimming lessons (she was getting quite good) or her on Astrid's bike while they rode around the neighborhood. They hadn't gone into town yet, because Albus said she would need a better bike than Astrid's.

There was still the problem with his secrecy. She might say something, or ask something, and he would shut down. She asked him was his favorite subject was in school, and he said that was a breach in their agreement. She didn't understand it.

She was almost never invited into his home. He came over to hers quite often though. And she never saw Mr. Potter leave for work. She didn't understand how they got there, because they only had one car and both of them worked. That was something she knew she couldn't ask Albus though.

She had thought things were changing with them when he kissed her that day, but that had been the only time he had kissed her, and they never brought it up. It killed her. She was growing to like him even more, even if he wasn't completely honest with her.

She was sitting on the steps, waiting for Albus to come home. She felt a little weird, but she wanted to ride over and show off her new bike. So when she saw the car pull onto the street and into their driveway, she rode over.

"Albus! Look at this."

"Yeah, that's awesome. We can so go into town now! Tomorrow even, so long as you have your helmet and pads."

She nodded. "Mom made me get them anyway, so yep, I have them."

"Awesome." He sighed. "Lia, I'm really tired from shopping and stuff, and we have to get this all in. We'll talk tomorrow?"

"Yeah, sure," she said. She got back on her bike and rode to her house. Lia. She snorted. He only used that name when he wanted her to do something. He had decided she needed a nick name when she started calling him Al about a week ago. It had started as Amy, but he said Amy was too common of a nick name for her name.

She went inside and to her room, hoping that tomorrow would be the day things changed.

Sometimes, she would regret that hope.

A/N: I don't know if you noticed the new story summary, but credit for it goes to MrsJaydeMalfoy at the forums :) Anyway, I hope you guys are liking this story. Please tell me if you do, and what you don't like if you don't!


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The Tale of Amelia Darvill: 04. Riding a Bicycle


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