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Between Here and Somewhere by Gryffin_Duck
Chapter 1 : Here
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Note: This has absolutely nothing to do with my Albus series, so please feel free to read even if you have not read my other stories.

September, 1993

She looks just like Adeline,
Remus thought as he watched the girl with long, blonde hair skip into his classroom. He watched as she took a seat at the very front table, paying absolutely no attention to him or anything else except the magazine she was reading. Remus's stomach clenched as he realized that he did not even know if Adeline had a daughter. He knew she married someone; he had seen the announcement in the Prophet, but he could not remember who.

Adeline, Remus thought again. They had lost contact years ago, but Remus now wished he had at least sent her a couple owls, asking about her. Maybe if he had he would know whether this girl in his first class he would teach at Hogwarts was Adeline's daughter. Maybe if he had not been so disengaged from the world all those years ago he would have.

September, 1977

“Moony! Hey, Moony!”

Remus stopped his trolley and and turned to see James Potter running top speed towards him, trolley clanging across the floor. His owl looked absolutely terrified, his cage perched precariously on the top of his trunk. Remus grinned and waited while his friend swerved through groups of parents and crying siblings and excitable first years.

“Prongs, you're going to kill someone,” Remus said once James came to a complete stop in front of him.

“I would never!” James exclaimed. “Anyway, I was just talking to Alice and she told me that Lily is Head Girl.”

“No surprise there,” Remus replied.

“And I'm Head Boy-”

“Which shows that maybe Dumbledore is getting senile.” Remus smirked.

“Shut it,” James said. “The point is that we'll spend more time together and maybe even go on a second date.”

“Unless you kill a first year with your trolley.”

“Who's killing a first year with his trolley?” Sirius Black asked as he joined them. His black hair was windswept and he was dressed in Muggle clothing, which would surely give his mother a heart attack if she happened to spot him while sending Regulus, Sirius's brother, off to school.

“James, if he doesn't calm down,” Remus explained.

“He's just excited to be Head Boy. It's all I've heard about the past month. I've got us a compartment for when you two are done patrolling the train.”

“We'd better get going,” Remus said. “I'm sure Lily will want to start the meeting as soon as the train leaves.”

“See you lot later!” Sirius said before taking off toward the train. “Going to track down Wormtail.”

The Prefects' compartment was already mostly full when Remus and James arrived a few minutes later. Lily was busy scribbling something onto a piece of parchment and everyone else was either talking about their summers or sitting silently. Remus sat down next to Alice, who must have been picked to replace Lily as the other seventh year Prefect. That meant he would patrol with her, which was fine with him. James sat down on Remus's other side and glared at Severus Snape, who was across from him.

“Well, we're all here now,” Lily said as she stood up. “This meeting will be short, but you need to pay attention. Welcome to all the new prefects.” She looked at the group of fifth year prefects and then at Alice. “And James, Head Boy.” Lily looked at James. “I've drawn up patrol schedules for everyone. This one has September, October, and November.” She picked up a stack of parchment and passed it around.

Remus took one and immediately checked to see if he was scheduled during any full moons. Sure enough, he was scheduled to patrol during the October full moon. He had spent the past two years coming up with excuses not to patrol during full moons and luckily no one got suspicious. Although now that James was Head Boy he could get him to cover and it wouldn't be an issue.

Snape was glowering at James, clearly confused as to why he was Head Boy. Remus was fairly certain Snape wasn't the only one confused, but no one else was staring evilly at him. Even Lily kept stealing uneasy glances at Snape as she went over the rules for patrols. Remus leaned back and closed his eyes since he'd heard it all before. The August full moon had been just a few days prior and he was still exhausted from it. Now that he was so used to having his friends with him on full moons during the school year it was worse in the summer when he was alone.

Remus hadn't realized he actually fell asleep until James poked him in the side a little while later. Whether it had been only a few seconds or a few minutes, Remus had no idea. James raised his eyebrows slightly at him and then nodded to Lily. Remus shook his head and then turned to Lily.

“-for more contention between students. The number of attacks in the past few months have increased and all we know for certain is that the attacks are always on Muggles, Muggle borns, and occasionally half-bloods. Someone's behind these attacks, most likely more than one someone, and there's a good chance they have children at Hogwarts. If you see anything suspicious, even if it's only a hunch, report it to either myself, James, or one of the professors. Professor Dumbledore wants us to err on the side of caution with this. If you think some altercation is more than just your average teenage issue, tell someone.” Lily lowered her voice. “Something's happening out there and we don't want it to enter Hogwarts.”

Remus glanced around at his fellow prefects. James looked more serious than Remus had ever seen him look before. Everyone was wearing the same serious expression, although two of the Hufflepuffs and one of the Ravenclaws looked slightly scared. Snape was still glowering at James, and James was glowering back. James and Sirius were both adamant that Snape was involved with the Dark Arts groups behind the attacks. Remus wasn't so sure. But it wasn't Snape's gaze that Remus felt the most uneasy about. It was one of the new Ravenclaw prefects. A girl, with the longest, blondest hair Remus had ever seen in his life, and big, wide, grey eyes that seemed to infiltrate his soul. She was staring at him and he had no idea why. Was it just because he had fallen asleep? Whatever it was, it made him uncomfortable. He turned back to Lily and tried not to make eye contact with her.

Lily had moved on to last minute announcements. “If you can't make patrol for whatever reason, let James or I know, preferably at least a week beforehand. James and I will patrol the train first and you can follow the schedule I've put on the back of the September calendar. I've scheduled our next meeting for three weeks from now. It's on the calendar.”

Lily sat down and stuffed the extra parchment back into her bag. Remus yawned and turned his September calendar over. He wasn't due to patrol the train for another two hours. Plenty of time for a nap.

“Was last year's Head Girl this organized?” James asked as he flipped through the parchment.

“Nope. She only gave us patrol schedules for a month at a time and we didn't have a schedule for patrolling the train. Same with the year before that, but the Head Boy organized everything that year.”

“James,” Lily said. “Let's get going.”

James grinned at Remus before jumping up and following Lily out of the compartment. Remus had a feeling he was going to enjoy patrolling a lot more than Lily was.


Remus turned to see Snape standing over him. Remus stood and crossed his arms on his chest. “Something you need, Snape?”

“Just wondering what Dumbledore was thinking, making James Head Boy,” Snape muttered.

“Dumbledore's got his reasons,” Remus answered. “And I don't think he's going to explain them to you.”

“More like he's going soft in the head,” Snape said.

Even though Remus had joked about the exact same thing a mere half hour ago, it was far more offensive coming from Snape since it was clear that he was serious. “I really don't think Dumbledore's choices are any of your business. Now, excuse me.”

Remus slid by Snape and left the now nearly empty compartment. He heard Snape mutter something under his breath that sounded a lot like 'halfbreed' as he left, but didn't acknowledge it. Snape clearly had no idea that Remus's being a 'halfbreed', as he put it, gave him great hearing. He was just glad there was no one else there to hear it.

The train corridor was fairly empty. Most everyone had already found a compartment and there were only the occasional forlorn looking first years and the trolley lady walking around. Remus found Sirius and Peter towards the back of the train. Being seventh years, they had secured a compartment to themselves and Remus was grateful. He wanted that nap even more now that he was forced to speak with Snape.

“Moony!” Sirius exclaimed as Remus entered the compartment. “Glad you're here. Wormtail and I can't agree on who we think this year's defense professor will be. He insists it'll be a vampire-”

“After last year's death no one's going to want the job. Vampires are already dead so there's no reason for one not to take the job,” Peter pointed out. He was referring to the fact that last year's defense professor, Professor Long, had been a victim of one of the mysterious attacks over the summer.

“Which is why he's going to hire a ghost,” Sirius said. “With vampires you run the risk of them sucking students' blood. And Binns is a ghost. He's worked out fine, even though he's boring.”

“Binns wasn't a ghost when Dumbledore hired him,” Peter said. “He died while on the job.”

“You're both wrong. He's not going to hire a vampire because there would be an outcry from parents. It's exactly why I won't have much luck getting a job when I graduate-”

“Moony, don't say that,” Sirius interrupted.

“It doesn't bother me,” Remus lied. “I'm completely expecting it. Anyway, he won't hire a ghost because what ghost is going to want to teach in the afterlife if they never taught while they were living? Ghosts don't need money. I don't even think they can hold it...”

“But still more realistic than a vampire,” Sirius said.

Remus groaned. “Yes, fine, more realistic than a vampire.” He stepped over Sirius's trunk and sat down next to the window. “I'm going to take a nap. Have to patrol the train in two hours.”

When Remus awoke James was in the compartment and strangely enough, so was Lily. Alice was there as well, but she was hovering near the door and was probably only waiting for him so they could patrol.

The shift went quickly and was uneventful. The most he had to do was tell a few first years to stop running up and down the corridor. He and Alice talked about their summers and what classes they were taking this year as they walked. Towards the end of their shift Remus saw the blonde fifth year prefect again. She was in one of the compartments near the front of the train.

“Do you know who that new fifth year Ravenclaw prefect is? The blonde girl?” Remus asked Alice. If anyone knew who she was, it would be Alice. She had an uncanny knowledge of everyone in the castle, students, staff, and ghosts included.

“Adeline Mosley,” Alice said immediately. “She's pretty quiet, but very smart. Why?”

“Just curious,” Remus said. For some reason he couldn't forget her eyes and how they seemed to not just look at him, but read him, as if he were an open book. It was an uneasy feeling, especially since Remus's own friends had told him multiple times that he was incredibly difficult to read.

The rest of the train ride went fast. Remus felt it went faster than in years past and he realized that it was most likely because this was a year of lasts, starting with this train ride. It was his last train ride to Hogwarts (assuming he stayed at Hogwarts for Christmas) and he was about to start his last year.

Remus was quiet as he traveled to the school from Hogsmeade in a thestral pulled carriage with James, Sirius, Peter, Lily, and Alice. His last ride in a thestral pulled carriage. He remembered when he was just starting as a first year and seventh year seemed so far off that he didn't even think about it or what he would do after he graduated until fifth year. That was when he had received career advice from Professor McGonagall. What a disaster that had been. She clearly hadn't wanted to admit that Remus would have few job options available to him and Remus hadn't wanted to think about it. But he had. He had spent the entire summer thinking about it.

The Great Hall filled up fast. Even Remus cheered up upon seeing its star filled ceiling and the gold, sparkling plates waiting to offer food. He joined his friends at the middle of the Gryffindor table and smiled to himself as Lily chose to sit next to James rather than at least five seats away from him as she had done the previous year. He met Alice's eyes and she giggled as she nodded towards the two of them. Alice was hoping Lily and James would get together as much as Remus was.

Remus glanced up at the staff table and and his eyes rested upon the only unfamiliar face. Obviously the new defense professor, this man gave nothing away about his personality in his appearance. He wore plain black work robes, his hair was grey and thinning, and his face showed little emotion. Nor was he speaking with any of the other professors. Professor Dumbledore, on the other hand, was deep in conversation with Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick.

Soon, Professor McGonagall entered with the new first years. The Sorting Hat sang its usual song and then the first years were sorted into their houses. Remus cheered with the rest of his house at the addition of every new Gryffindor.

Professor Dumbledore stood after the last first year joined the Hufflepuff table. “Welcome students, new and returning. Just a few brief announcements before we begin our magnificent feast. First years should be aware that the Forbidden Forest is indeed, forbidden, as is the Whomping Willow. We have a few openings on all the house Quidditch teams, so please give your name to your head of house if you are interested in trying out.

“Now,” Dumbledore's voice turned far less cheerful, “I am sure most of you are aware of the attacks that have taken place over the summer. I urge you all to keep your eyes open. If you see any suspicious behavior please tell myself or another professor. That said, do not go looking for trouble. Prefects, as well as Head Boy and Girl, I'd like to meet with all of you after you show the first years to their common rooms. It will be held in my study. But let us not dwell on the bad news at the moment. Tuck in!”

The gold plates filled magically with food and Remus, suddenly starving, loaded his plate high. Hogwarts feasts were one thing he would definitely miss after graduation. There was no other place where you could actually eat whatever you wanted every single day.

“Dumbledore's distracted,” James said in between bites of chicken. “He forgot to introduce the new defense against the dark arts professor.”

“He's not even eating,” Lily said as she gestured towards the staff table. Dumbledore was speaking with Flitwick and Sprout again. Only Flitwick was eating out of the three.

“Bet we find out at that meeting tonight,” Remus said. “And I'm sure it has to do with all the attacks.”

“And you'll tell us, right?” Sirius said before taking a large bite of potato.

“Yeah, we're the only ones who aren't prefects,” Peter added.

“For a good reason.” Remus smirked. “But he did make James head boy...”

“More evidence that his mind is on other things.” Alice laughed. “Anyway, did everyone have a good summer? I hardly saw any of you on the train.”

“Best summer I've ever had,” Sirius said. “First summer without seeing my parents at all. What about you? What's Frank up to?”

Frank Longbottom, Alice's boyfriend since fifth year, had graduated Hogwarts last year. “He started Auror training a month ago so I haven't seen him much,” Alice said wistfully. “But he said he'll try to make it to Hogsmeade for the first Hogsmeade weekend.”

“That'll be us in a year,” Sirius said. Sirius, James, and Alice had all decided to become Aurors last year after the attacks started becoming more frequent. Remus wanted to join him, but there was no way the Ministry would accept a werewolf into their Auror training program. His friends were still waiting on their acceptances.

“Hopefully,” Alice said. “None of us have been accepted yet.”

“They'll take us,” James said. “They're going to need people.”

“Frank says Moody is very picky about who he accepts, though,” Alice pointed out.

“Can't blame him, really,” Lily said, lowering her voice when she noticed one of the first years attempting to listen in. “With all these attacks. They've no idea who's behind them. What if they accidentally accepted one of them into the Auror program? They'd have infiltrated the Ministry.”

Sirius stabbed a piece of chicken with an extreme amount of force. “Which is why they might not take me. Wish I could just erase the fact that I'm a Black.”

“They'd be stupid not to take you, Sirius,” James said. “No one hates the Dark Arts more than you. Plus, you don't live with your parents anymore and you haven't spoken to them in over a year.”

“There's no point worrying over it now,” Alice replied. “It's out of our hands.”

Remus agreed with Alice and was happy when the conversation slowly turned to Quidditch. He always felt uneasy when his friends spoke of the future. They had everything planned out and he didn't. It was unnerving.

James and Lily went immediately to Dumbledore's study after the feast was over. Remus and Alice lead the first years up to the common room as fast as they could and then joined them. James was standing outside the stone gargoyle and muttering the password for all the prefects as they entered. Remus ascended to the study with Alice and saw that it was filled with all the professors and most of the prefects. The air was thick and the atmosphere grim. Remus swallowed hard, sat down on a chintz couch next to Lily, and waited for Dumbledore to begin.

A/N: I know, the last thing I need is another novel, but this one just popped into my head the other day and was just begging to be written. I haven't abandoned my other stories; my muse is just preferring this one at the moment. Don't worry, the others will be written, too.

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