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Honest Intentions by girly1393
Chapter 7 : You Don't Want Torment
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You Don’t Want Torment

It had taken a day and a half for the tree hex to wear off and, three days later, Lily Evans had still not ceased to smirk whenever she saw them. James and Remus had put their heads together, but they still couldn’t figure out when she had done it or what spell she had actually used.

The four humiliated Marauders hunched over their breakfasts, attempting to avoid eye contact with anyone. Each boy handled it differently. Remus used it as an excuse to read more frequently. Peter, bless him, had spent the first four years at school accidentally embarrassing himself with backfiring spells or from bumping into antagonistic older Slytherins. He handled the situation best. James took the opportunity to stare at Lily more often, a look of confusion perched purposefully on his face as though he still contemplated how she managed it, but that was a front; he just liked to stare at her.

Sirius took it the hardest. He had rarely been embarrassed in his life, especially not by girls. Lily had gotten him too many times in his life and this was the final straw. He glowered every time he heard Lily and he flinched whenever he looked at her. James worried he would do something drastic, like throw her off the Astronomy Tower one night.

“We need to get back at her,” Sirius blurted, glancing at his friends quickly but he stared imploringly at James. He sighed; he hated to see his friend so miserable, but Lily would never forgive him. And, right now, he thought he might stand a chance if he asked her to Hogsmeade in a few weeks; messing that up would be the biggest mistake of his life.

“Sirius, think this through,” Remus interjected, saving James from making the decision. “She got us. She got us. And no one saw, no one can prove she did it. She can always prove when it’s us! She’s too good. It would be dumb.”

“Moony, I need to get back at her,” Sirius tried instead. “When we were younger, it was different. But this is our seventh year, I can’t leave this school being known as a “tree boy”. I have to do something bigger than she did.”

It was James who sighed. He knew what had to be done, but he couldn’t let Lily get hurt. If it wasn’t harmful, maybe it wouldn’t compromise his chances in a few weeks. “If she says no when I ask her to Hogsmeade, you are paying for it, you understand?” James said to his best mate. “If this ruins my chance with her, I will personally cut your head mostly off. You and Nick will have to hang out together in the Nearly Headless Club. Do you understand? I. Will. Murder. You.”

Sirius, bursting with glee, nodded as businesslike as he could muster. “I think I’ve got the kind of idea what fits those parameters.” Without remorse, without regret, without regard for their heads, only their friend, Peter, Remus, and James leaned in as he began to explain his plan.

The common room had considerably quieted down. With a glance at the clock, James saw that it was nearly midnight. Remus shook his head when he received a meaningful look from Sirius. Lily was still working by the fireplace.

Each went back to his activity, pretending to consume his time and mind, but each continuously ran through the plan. It wouldn’t be easy, of course, considering that six seventeen-year-old witches would be in very close proximity.

The clock chimed twelve and papers across the room began to ruffle. The lean redhead’s hands floated above her chair and then her whole body appeared. She arched her back and then picked up all of her stuff. When she saw the marauders, she grinned and, instead of heading up the girls’ stairs like a normal witch, she walked over to them and took a seat.

“What are you four up to this late?” she inquired, resting her elbow upon her knee. As she leaned forward to engage in conversation, a trait James found downright sexy, she rested her chin upon her fist. For some reason, this posture made her twice as menacing to the Marauders. “Making up a club name to go along with your silly nicknames?” She arched her eyebrow and each boy shuddered.

There was a definite air of disbelief among them. How did she know they called themselves the marauders? How did she know about Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs? They tried to be careful about it because it was a brotherhood secret, not something to be shared willy-nilly. James wondered how much else she knew and looked to Remus. His sheepish expression let James know that Lily knew about his furry little problem. Hopefully she had remained ignorant about the other three’s secret identities.

When no one answered her, Lily smiled knowingly to the three of them.

“Well, I’m off to bed boys,” Lily casually announced after she yawned and stretched. James tried not to watch her, but found it very difficult. (He watched the way her shirt moved over her body and the curve of her legs out of the corner of his eye.) She patted his head on her way by, a slightly mischievous grin on her mouth.

Damn her, she’ll be the death of me and she knows it.

“Do you think she knew?” Peter whispered confidentially to his friends, checking over his shoulder warily.

“Next time you want to steal my knickers, don’t plan it at breakfast,” Lily called down the stairs.

“Damn!” Sirius cried. “Otherwise my plan was perfect!”

A maniacal chuckle found its way to their ears, causing the four of them to pause as they gathered their things. Maybe they never would get back at Lily...




A/N: I hope you liked this one. I interpreted Lily a little differently for this story and I really enjoyed the minx she played in this chapter.

Thanks for reading and please drop me a review! Have a fantastic day!

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Honest Intentions: You Don't Want Torment


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